Why Do I Keep Seeing The Same Numbers?

This is probably going to sound very bizarre to a lot of people. But as I have been involved in deliverance ministry, I have come across people who keep seeing the same number groupings over and over again, whether the numbers are on a digital clock or elsewhere. From my observation, every person who suffered from this were involved with the occult or New Age. I surmised that it was just demons, that they opened a door to by their sin, drawing their attention to certain numbers to mess with their head.

Here is a testimony of an ex-occultist who confirms that it is demons causing certain people to be attentive to certain numbers:


There shall be not found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch. Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord: and because of these abominations the Lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee”. – Deuteronomy 18:10-12

Do you keep seeing repetitive groupings of numbers such as 222, 333, or 444? You may see them on a clock, a license plate, a road sign, or just about anywhere at any given time. At first, you may not notice it manifesting repeatedly. Then when you do notice, it may seem coincidental. As time passes, you then begin thinking there must be more to it. This must mean something.

If you are a follower of Christ, your instinctual first thoughts may be that it must be a sign from the Almighty. After all, God speaks to His people through a variety of ways. Am I on the right path here? If so, keep reading because I am about to expose one of the sneakiest avenues the enemy attempts to come into our lives to bring destruction.

Let me share a bit of my experience with this during the last nine to twelve months. My observation has been with the number 4, specifically 444. Almost every time I check the time on a digital clock, it shows the time 4:44p.m. Whether in my car, my home, or mainly on my cell phone, these same numbers were on the screen. This began occurring several times a week and sometimes daily. To clarify, the time 4:44 was already there and did not turn as I watched the clock. Initially I did not pay much mind to it. When I finally realized this was happening so often, I became curious. One day while seeing these numbers as I drove, I softly said, “Lord, do You want to show me something”?

Admittedly, I did not begin intently praying about this. But, just last week as it happened twice within three days, I found myselffilled with frustration. Wanting their opinions, I then decided to email my team about it. As Believers, their conclusions were just as I imagined (and hoped); God was likely trying to speak to me. Their suggestions ranged from the numbers 4 and 44 in representing God’s judgement, to thoughts in which pointed to the possible time at hand being so short.

Folks, let us not criticize as we have ALL prematurely jumped the gun on assuming the Lord is trying to speak to us. If you have not, then you are definitely a monument unto yourself! We are His children, and as His children we tend to focus most of what comes our way as God communicating. If you know anything about the way our God communicates, then you know He does not bring frustration or confusion. He does not need to use these emotions in order to get our attention. God is not about playing games.

A simple Google search on the number 444 completely blew my mind. There are hundreds of sites all dedicated to this number. In a matter of seconds, it became clear the stench of the occult was involved. It encompasses areas of paranormal activity, witchcraft, New Age, and astrology to say the LEAST. Surprisingly, mixedinto that search were the many sites proclaiming to be “Christian” and deceiving others into believing this was from God.

You may be thinking, “But Brook, you are a Christian. Surely it would be the Lord attempting to send you a message and not the enemy”. Well, this is precisely how too many Believers think, and because of it, multitudes are falling for this deception and allowing it to inundate their lives. More about this topic later.

Many of God’s people do not understand how the kingdom of darkness operates, as they have not spent ample time studying it. Even worse, all too many have some false notion that they do not or should not engage in deep study on this topic. One big misconception is that we should not spend our time focused on the enemy.

Instead, many think that the Lord would not support this idea because it gives Him “no glory”. If this were true, why did the authors of the Bible through inspiration of the Holy Spirit find it necessary to write about the enemy and his kingdom on so many occasions? Why did Jesus Himself instruct us on how to go about taking authority over this great thief?

Yes, the Devil has a kingdom. It consists of a very intricate network roaming the earth with one goal in mind – to devour YOU. If your mind is set on not studying his tactics in order to understand how he works, he will undoubtedly eat your lunch. You likely have the slightest clue of the areas in your life you have given him the legal right to operate. This includes the lives of everyone living in your home. The key word here isunderstanding:

Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore, get wisdom: and with ALL thy getting get understanding”. (Proverbs 4:7, KJV).

Recall I mentioned that when I explained my experience with 444 to the team that our minds immediately focused on God. As children who deeply love Him, why would our thoughts notdirectly veer in that direction? It is who we are as we put Him first in our lives. However, without hesitation I began searching how the numbers 4 and 44 related to God’s judgement. I was quickly able to produce significant information on this topic.

Nevertheless, that was the problem. I began to lean upon my own understanding in seeking those answers. It was not material the Lord gave instruction on. The danger was that I was solely relying on self, which in turn caused me to miss what was truly happening initially. Do you see how easy it is to take anything, use the Bible in finding an answer, then convince yourself God gave you the answer“Lean not unto your own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5), or you will deceive yourself and possibly others into believing it was from the Lord.

In researching the number 444 in relation to God and the spiritual, I discovered it stems from occult numerology. According to my search, the number 444 is called an “Angel Number”. The title in itself misleads the reader into believing it is of a Godly nature. This number is said to be conclusive to archangels:

  • “444 is a sign that your angels are with you. It is a call to pay attention and to become aware of the many signs and signals illustrating that there are indeed angels in your presence. The angel number 444 is a powerful sign…It not only means you’re in the presence of angels, but that the angelic realms are supporting you, guiding you and assisting you with unconditional love and frequency” (Source: askangels.com).

Throughout this study, words such as “energy” and “frequency” filled the pages. This is New Age vocabulary and NOT of God. The Lord is not going to show you groupings of numbers for weeks on end, only to leave you guessing what this may entail. There is no such thing as “Angel Numbers”. If you have experienced this, studied it, or believe that your angels are near, protecting and guiding you because of the number 444, you have been greatly deceived.

You may be wondering what the big deal may be of some seemingly “harmless” spirit that comes to distract you by seeing groups of numbers; why not just continue to ignore it if it is not hurting anyone? By doing nothing, you are unwillingly giving it power and legal right into your life and home. In essence, you are blindly in agreement with it. A legal right is something that gives demonic entities an opening to enter and/or harass you, or when attempting to cast them out gives them a right to remain.

Once you have given it legal right, it then has the power and authority to invite a host of other evil spirits to join in. Unknowingly, you have also freely given them access to every member within your household. What kind of spirits do you assume it will petition to join in? Think again if you presume they will have the same nature.

Its “friends” will likely not keep you as oblivious to their presence. Suddenly, strife may rise between siblings as well as with your spouse. Rebellion can come in and open up a host of troubles for you and your children. Health issues may then arise which then leads to financial difficulty due to the need for Doctor visits and medication; the list is never ending.

Different spirits operate in different manners. They are not always easily recognized. The spirits of oppression and depression are ones we feel. They produce changes in our emotions making them easier to recognize. What about the spirits that are not “in our face” obvious that cause a person to see repetitive numbers? This spirit is a trespasser.

One definition of a trespasser that grabbed my attention reads:

  • To intrude; to go too far; to put to inconvenience by demand or importunity; as to “trespass” upon the time or patience of another. (Source: Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary).

I underlined key words as they imply to this spirit. This trespassing spirit works to attract attention and bring distraction. This spirit will trespass on your time and patience as well. This definition is right on target as to the increased frustration it caused me. It is by all sense of the word an intruder. It will unlawfully continue trying to enter our lives. It is sneaky and attempts to hide itself. Its character displays a strong-willed nature in its relentless endeavor to present itself as good rather than evil.

Some spirits are so cunningly misguiding that they will use a person to speak the things of God’s kingdom. A good example is found in Acts 16 when a woman [damsel] with a spirit of divination began following Paul and the other disciples for many days crying out, “These men are the servants of themost high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation” (Acts 16:16-23).

Luke goes on to write that Paul became grieved with this spirit, which according to one definition in Thayer’s Greek Lexicon means “to be troubled, displeased, offended, pained, to be worked up”. Paul was not grieved in the sense of crying. He wasfrustrated because it continued to harass them. Paul then commanded that spirit to come out of her and in that very hour, it left.

How much understanding of demonic spirits do you think you would need if you were in Paul’s position? It takes great understanding and discernment to pick up on some of these spirits. If you continue reading the story, Paul and Silas were whipped and thrown into prison once Paul casts that spirit out. In the same way, a spirit may become enraged when you expose it and drive it out of your life and home.

It may attempt to find another opening. This is why it is critical to have a life of constant prayer as Paul and to be in communion with our God on a continual basis. Paul was able to recognize the spirt immediately. We must strive to do the same in order to resist it and remove it right away so it will not take permanent residence in our lives.

An important truth to remember is that Satan is the great counterfeit. He is no creator and has no imagination aside from copying God. Because He once walked with God as the only angel God called anointed, covering God’s throne, he has understanding of the Father. We must not underestimate his ability to fool us using supernatural measures that only look like or evenseem like our God’s character.

Satan also uses counterfeits. He will replace something true and genuine with such a similar imitation that we may be fooled unless we check it against scripture:

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good” (1 Thessalonians 5:21, KJV).

I hope you now have a greater understanding of how the enemy works. The only spirit that is harmless is the Spirit of God. If you begin seeing any kind of ongoing pattern, promptly take it to the Lord and do not put off as I did. Get before Him in prayer and seek His counsel. He will reveal when a different spirit other than His own is in play. Test every spirt just as is commanded in 1 John 4:1; “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God”.

Make your goal to be as Paul and have the kind of discernment that you will not even have to spend time asking in prayer – you will just know the spirit when it shows itself. As adopted heirs, seated on the right hand of the Father with Jesus, we can achieve the same understanding into the enemy’s strategies and learn to distinguish God’s presence from that of the enemy. However, in order to attain this, you must be dedicated, diligent, and committed to a life of prayer.

In a later article, I will review examples of legal rights and will focus on deliverance. Those of you who have been around the block once or twice, you know that once these trespassing spirits are recognized and identified, you must waste no time taking steps to take authority and take back your territory by the name of Jesus Christ.

If you have had a similar experience in seeing 444 or any grouped numbers for a long period of time, it is vital to anoint your house with oil and take action to cast out this harassing spirt from your life, your home, and the lives of your family members. (More on this in my next article).

Keep in mind that demons hate us. They seek to consume us and spit us up. They will steal, kill, and destroy you if any weakness to be found within you. Demons have an insatiable appetite for destruction – no matter how subtle they may present themselves. Satan is a master of disguise. “And no marvel;for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14,KJV). He may roam around LIKE a lion, but our Chief in Command, kinsman Redeemer, Son of the Living God, Jesus the Christ, IS A LION!


**Note – I would like to add that the above article by no intent is insinuating that God cannot speak to His people using numbers. God is the author of numbers and used them multiple time throughout scripture. However, you will find that His use of numbers always preceded great ACTS OF GOD!! He did not play games and bring frustration, confusion or any negative emotion attached. He is clear cut in revealing why He may use a number.  This article is specific to the enemy and his ongoing attempts to counterfeit our great God and to expose trespassing spirits. Thank you


If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you can receive Him into your heart and He can deliver you from darkness and sin and have your name written in His Book of Life.

If you are sincere you can say this simple prayer to the Father (it doesn’t have to be word for word):

“God, I recognize that I have not lived my life for You up until now. I have been living for myself and that is wrong. Please forgive me of all of my sins just as I forgive others. I need You in my life; I want You in my life. I acknowledge the completed work of Your only begotten Son Jesus Christ in giving His life for me on the cross, I believe in my heart Jesus is Lord and was raised from the dead and I long to receive the forgiveness you have made freely available to me through this sacrifice. Come into my life now, Lord. Take up residence in my heart and be my king, my Lord, and my Savior. From this day forward, I will no longer be controlled by sin, or the desire to please myself, but I will follow You all the days of my life. Those days are in Your hands. I ask this in the Lord and GOD Jesus’ precious and holy name. Amen.”

60 thoughts on “Why Do I Keep Seeing The Same Numbers?

  1. According to a former demon possessed woman who received complete deliverance, one of the main demons is Numeral. Yes, that is it’s name. Numeral. It has to do with many of the things you’ve mentioned.

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      1. By the way, what would you say about a Christian woman married to an unsaved man who is retired now and is constantly saying no one cares about him, that she doesn’t do anything for him, that he wants a divorce, (but doesn’t leave). He gets out his gun and says he’s gonna kill himself, and she’s gonna have to watch. It sounds like manipulation to me, when he says no one cares about him, and then she says, “We all love him”. I think she’s trying to pacify the demons in him. She forgets we wrestle not with flesh and blood. This has been going on for years…I think she should be able to take authority and call out these demons and cast them out of him once and for all.


      2. Elizabeth

        I am so confused, the day my husband and I got married we saw many back to back numerical sequences on the way to the courthouse to file our marriage license. We are now separated and I’ve had no contact with him. At the time I thought the many numbers we a sign of celebration. Even the pastors phone number had the sequence of 333. I’m not sure what was going on now.


  2. Tashalee Tanori

    I have been seeing repeated numbers does this mean I’m in trouble? I also have been going very close to the LORD. I use these numbers as scriptures. For example 33 to me reminds me of Psalm 3:3 God is a sheild around me he is my glory he holds my head up high. I get good feelings when I ask him to allow me to feel his Holy Spirit. I need serious guidance. I have fell deeply in love with the Lord and cry out to him with tears in my eyes. I crave talking to him always in my head.


    1. Hello Tashalee. Sorry for the late response. I just saw your post.

      In your case it doesn’t seem like it is coming from the enemy. But I don’t know for sure.

      I am curious, were you ever involved in the occult?


    2. Elizabeth

      I am so confused, the day my husband and I got married we saw many back to back numerical sequences on the way to the courthouse to file our marriage license. We are now separated and I’ve had no contact with him. At the time I thought the many numbers we a sign of celebration. Even the pastors phone number had the sequence of 333. I’m not sure what was going on now.


  3. Anonymous

    Thank you for your article, I was seeing the number sequences and unfortunatly I was under the impression that these were signs from God. I was practicing various things and became apart of the new age movement. It wasn’t until I asked God to give me wisodm and I came accross a video of a girl talking about how she left the new age movement and went to Christ. Thank you for including the oil as a way to permanently get rid of them. I saw that you can cast them out by usung Jesus’s name and I have done that and I will also get some anoited oil for my home.


    1. Natia Shim

      I been seeing 1014 up until September 2019 i kept seeing 1013 AND all the way up til today AND im glad i found this cause 1013 every thing bad was happening it was a horrible year for me. I seen it tonight and i said not in 2020 i won’t keep dealing with this evil stop that keep happening looked this up AND everything you said about these EVIL angle numbers summed it up for me. Thank you and o rebuke this EVIL in the blood of Jesus. Pray for me.


  4. Anonymous

    Someone told me that I was going to start seeing them and, prior to me speaking with this person I had no knowledge about “Angel Numbers”, the 3rd eye or anything related to the new age. During the conversation they told me I was decalcifying my pineal and pituitary gland and that I would begin to see these numbers. And like they said I started to see them. I thought they were good and was telling the person about them however, after I found out they weren’t, I no longer spoke with them and deleted their number. I remember them once telling me that they did a ritual on someone and I wonder if they did one on me because I have still been seeing the numbers after I spoke against them in Jesus’s name. Now that I found out that the numbers are not from Jesus, I stopped talking to her and I wander if she tried any magic/ritual on me to try to keep me in the new age. If so how can I get rid of it to get rid of any attachment to the new age?


    1. Tasha

      Same has happened to me but i have learned to turn this around so to speak. All bn it has proved to me was God used these numbers for me to remember scripture. Psalm 3:3 But you, O Lord , are a shield around me; you are my glory, the one who holds my head high.
      John 3:3Jesus replied, “I tell you the truth, unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God.”
      Also the number 13 keeped coming up but i belive God was showing me 1 Corinthians 13:13
      Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.
      1 Corinthians 4:4 My conscience is clear, but that doesn’t prove I’m right. It is the Lord himself who will examine me and decide.
      The world we live in is full of evil but what attempted to be used for bad God turns in to good for his glory. These numbers seem to help me remember key verses i want to live by. Take hold of this one Jeremiah 32:27 “I am the Lord , the God of all the peoples of the world. Is anything too hard for me?
      I work at a store that number is 3132. I see 32 a lot and it reminds me of this verse. How good and loving God is to his children and he will never leave them nor forsake them. Psalm 91:11 For je orders his Angels to protect you wherever you go.
      Hope this helps

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    2. Liss

      I am not involved in the occult and never have been. I am a God fearing Christian and have done NOTHING to open a door to demons yet I see these numbers sometimes too. Sp it’s not just limited to those involved in the occult.


    3. buck

      God just set me free of the numbers demon. God did it christmas eve going into christmas day! i had been following numbers for about a year thinking the numbers were from God. i felt like God sort of said King Herod who in the christmas story in the bible is like the spirit behind numbers? its like herod said to the wise men, point jesus out when you find him so that i can also worship him, but really herod wanted to assassinate jesus. so this spirit of numbers would seem to exactly line up with Gods will, but at the last moment it would strike with a number to try and prevent some wonderful blessing. the numbers were 3 digit and meant things like ” i concur”, “you’re pleasing the devil”, “thats an idol”, “you need to give that up”, “satanic attack”. so they were very religious spirit oriented. in the end my life was just sitting in the cold house alone constantly suffering at work and home. i am so happy God helped me. i couldn’t tell what was going on.


  5. Sarah

    Thanks for this article! I have never been involved in the occult and wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole, nor have I ever had any personal experience with demons or ever seen or heard any in my presence, but I started seeing repeating numbers about 2 1/2 months ago. It started with seeing 1111 two nights in a row as the last time I saw at night before glancing at the time on my phone before going to sleep, and it also started two nights before a new job interview. I thought maybe God was trying to tell me something, and I even looked up the chapter and verse of the current book I was reading in the Bible, Hebrews. Not only was it a verse about someone with my name, but it also seemed to apply to my situation (though I thought it applied to me starting a new career, and the new job actually turned out not to be for me).

    I continue to see 1111, and now I am seeing repeating numbers. To be safe, I am praying the blood of Jesus over myself and telling any evil spirits that could be around to flee in the name of Jesus and never return. Even though new agers talk about repeating numbers, I don’t take that as meaning that all repeating numbers must necessarily be new age, just as all rainbows do you not symbolize homosexuality, even though rainbows can be a symbol for homosexuality. I am open to the idea that God could be giving me signs through numbers. However, I will definitely be cautious, and I appreciate this blog post and the warnings it contains! 🙂

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  6. Nick

    I have been seeing the number 101 ALL THE TIME! And I can relate to the persons story that I am too starting to feel frustrated. I randomly look at my phone it’s 101 pm. I look at the digital clock it’s 10:01. I grab my phone in the middle of the night it’s 101 am. I’ve prayed to Jesus and told the spirit to leave me alone and to leave but I still see keep seeing 101. I’m commenting now because I just seen 101 about half hour ago and found this article. I know the new age is deceptive and I was headed down that rabbit hole before I was a believer in Jesus eating mushrooms smoking dmt and smoking a lot of weed. I won’t lie, still struggle with the weed part I’m not perfect! It makes sense to me when I read that the spirit may be very angry about exposing darkness which I have done on the internet through Facebook and once even experienced “sleep paralysis” after exposing Satan and his demons but when I said the name of Jesus in the middle of my attack, I felt the evil spirit leave and it never happened again and I did pray around all my doors and widows because I knew it wasn’t a game after that horrifying experience, they really want to kill us! That was nearly 4 years ago and didn’t experience seeing repeated numbers until about a year ago. If you’re reading this please pray for me. I too at first thought it was God trying to tell me something but I also know all too well that Satan is the conterdeit of Christ and will do whatever he can in his power to deceive all flesh/nations into the lake of fire. I just want it to stop! 😪 I’m thinking about praying around all windows and doorways like I’ve down when I experienced a demonic attack aka “sleep paralysis”. God be with you to who is always experiencing this twilight zone reality!


    1. Don Sage

      Take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. Resist the devil and he will flee. Many other scriptures like the ones above will cause the foul ones to leave. Renounce them in agreement with God by his Word. You’ll be fine in no time at all.

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      1. Anonymous

        Been waking up to 4:44 on the clock especially after a bad dream in which am being pursued. I am a conspiracy theorist who uses Facebook a lot to share truths. I had a spiritual touch on the very day before the eclipse of 2016 and I had changed ever since. I believe God wants to use me but am still wallowing in sin. I always find myself praying whenever I have a nightmare, yet I find it difficult to pray on my own. I had realised that my dreams always comes true and I feel like a weirdo.


    2. Don Sage

      Also have been there and done that. The enemy’s name is also Beelzebub, ie., Lord of the flies. He is a pesky sort and like a fly keeps returning. Use the fly swatter against him, Viz., the Word.


  7. Anonymous

    I also have the same experience. Thanks to this articles, I agree that the numbers that keep showing aren’t from God. I’m feeling so frustrated. Please pray for me.


  8. I’m not involved in the occult and NEVER have been. I am a God-fearing Christian and this happens to me almost daily. Could it be that SOMEONE ELSE who IS in the occult or who
    DOES practice witchcraft is trying to attack certain Saints of God they don’t like for exposing them in some way? For me it began after I called out a lady on YouTube named Renee Roland who is a false teacher.

    However, the word of God says concerning those of us who have made The Most High our habitation(I do this continually) that ‘There shall NO EVIL befall us, neither shall ANY PLAGUE come nigh our dwelling.’ I take NO ACCOUNTABILITY for SOMEONE ELSE’S witchcraft and my God WILL NOT allow ME or any other Saint to be done in. Either believe the word of God or don’t.

    Psalms 121:7 “The Lord shall PRESERVE thee from ALL evil. He shall preserve thy SOUL.”

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      1. kekegene

        I DO know about that. Renee is false because she tells people that repentance is unnecessary and they can still practice sin and get into heaven. This is very unbiblical. Do you read the bible at all? She is also OBVIOUSLY a witch and into witchcraft. If you can’t see that you’re blind.


    1. Smiso

      Thank you so much Keke. As long as i know that i am covered by the blood, if these messages are from the devil; i have no worries because they DO NOT prosper. Christians today are so satan concious, rather than God concious. His power His strength His might and protection cannot be compared to what the devil does.

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      1. kekegene

        Amen. No problem. This article is nothing more than a scare tactic. Shame that Christians are now the ones fearmongering one another as you said.


  9. D

    I see repeating numbers all the time sometimes as much as 10 times a day weather it be 111 222 333 ect nearly everyday. Christ is my LORD and savior,friend,teacher,master. He has restored the veil for me. However I see these numbers. Admittedly for a period of many years I had been involved in the occult. And am able to automatic write,but I choose not to use this ability as I am unsure as to where it comes from… It seems to me that most of the evidence I have found on this subject threw christen sources point to demons.and I am well aware of the days in which we are living. So with that thought in mind. Let us humble ourselves before our LORD and pray for his guidance in these matters.. And not give way to vanity and self aggrandizement. But TRUST in our LORD Christ Jesus so if you are seeing these numbers as I do everyday let us not turn our attention to google search for answers.But let it be a reminder of the world in which we live for the moment. And turn this guile of the evil one back against it and when ever we see these numbers let it be a reminder to us all what our LORD has done for us and seek Christ for he answers all if ye seek with a true heart


  10. Smiso

    I DO NOT beleive that seeing repeated numbers is from the devil. One thing people forget is that the devil is not a creator or originator, but a copier. So just because he copies what God does, does not mean that when we experience things, they are from him. We need to learn to discern what is from God and what is not. God is the originator of numbers; He created them. Obviously there will be counterfiets like ‘angel numbers’ etc. But you as a child of God should know that as you are in Christ and He in you, the devil really cant send a message to you and win. That is why we should always be lead by the spirit. I always see repeated numbers i know theyre from God because He LEADS me and my life. The devil DOES NOT have the power over my life. Stop making the devil so powerful. WE WERE GIVEN THE POWER AND AUTHORITY, NOT HIM. So by you saying its from the devil, you will therefore get the results thereof.


  11. Chantel

    How can one banish evil spirits from the home…. if you may have lead them in through belief that the numbers were from God. Please help guide me, many good things and strifeful things have happened since connecting with the numbers, it easy to place blame or power into anyone and anything … I don’t want to do that, but I also don’t want to be allowing demons in my home unbeknownst to me.. I need to protect my children.


    1. Jj

      Aprox 5yrs ago, and please don’t laugh, I was woken up by a sound outside my home. It sounded as something flying really fast. The sound was if 3 beings, vehicles or whatever, moving extremely fast , one at a time, like phewm,phewm, phewm! Immediately after, every dog barked in the neighborhood for almost a half an hour. It was if they were spooked by something. I picked up my phone to see the time and it was 444 am. Ever since that night I had been seeing this number on the back of trucks, receipts, clocks and many other signs. The number then decreased to 44, especially when looking at the clock. It would happen not when I would look but as if something wanted me to look. I have prayed about this and asked the lord to show me. I saw somewhere that it could be spiritual warfare. Whatever flew down the street that night has puzzled me for years and this number thing is more than meets the eye.


  12. Heather Rushing

    I came across this blog and then this particular topic about numbers caught my attention. I was researching craniosacral therapy because I have been going for this therapy because of back pain. I can’t say it hasn’t worked and I can”t say it has. I thought since it wasn’t Reiki that it was okay but now after reading up more I think I had better cancel my future appointments.
    So, I said that this article caught my eye. My daughter who will be 14 March 3rd, told me more than a year ago that she kept seeing groups of numbers. At first she asked me what it meant and I was immediately suspicious and I told her not to read too much meaning into it etc. She thought it was “cool” . She loves to look things up and she has told me 222 ( what she kept seeing ) meant that she had an “angel” watching out for her. I thought it was not an angel but demon. reading this , I see that I was right. I have not argued the matter with her because she has become very rebellious and belligerent against God. My husband is better at talking over things with her . Last year she told us she has decided she is transgender and since has told us she is also a homosexual. Last spring I had a heart attack – a kind that is considered rare – Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection or SCAD. Everything you described about homes where this is present is true of ours. However we have also been dealing with two other children who have autism spectrum disorders. I don’t really attribute their diagnosis to demonic activity, though it doesn’t make it any better. No, all the harder to deal with. My husband has also battled depression and anxiety for years. I have reached menopause in the last month and have had a really hard time with terrible anxiety and panic attacks since the heart attack , my daughter’s rebellion and all ( I am grateful God to say those are under control – – with, yes, medication and lots of prayer !) I believe that while menopause can be a really hard time because of hormones , our enemy loves to take advantage of our weaknesses. He has used all these circumstances to get a foothold. I feel like I am not wording all this very well… I want to ask you how we should handle this since this is my rebellious daughter who would not be willing to submit to laying on of hands and anointing . I pray all the time for God to break through to her heart. Lord, save my baby ! In Jesus’ name Amen!


    1. Hello Heather. You made the right choice to stay away from Craniosacral Therapy. I believe it is demonic and can be spiritually dangerous to get involved in it. I have been praying for a woman who received an unclean spirit or unclean spirits after receiving it from a woman. When you look up the origins of Craniosacral Therapy you will find that the originator of it seemed to be involved with the occult. That alone should raise red flags. A post exposing it should be coming up soon.


  13. Jj

    Hello Heather, everthing from the autism to depression to menopause I can relate. Even the other issues u mentioned. My teen is rebellious as well and I have a son who needs guidance as well. My grandson who was born with crystal meth in his system may be autistic. The repetitive numbers That had been popping up on clocks phones etc, I now believe is spiritual warfare. That angel number is the occult. They’re angel numbers alright, fallen angels. Just beware and pray to the Lord who will fight your battles and heal your infirmities.


  14. Anonimous

    I’ve been seeing number patterns for a while. I honestly think they are from god, but after reading this, i don’t really know. What are your thoughts about 144000 prophercy? That us who see these number patterns are chosen 144000 people (lightworkees) to bring light to this world? I saw many number patterns like 44, 444, 4444, 22, 222, 2222, 33, 333 etc. Also number 333 written in red and white apeard in my dream, and number 222 or 2222 appeard in my dream. About lightworkers… I read some things that resambles to me. I was poor my whole life, no matter how much my parrents tried (and they did, believe me) we were always poor. Now, i’m almost 30 years old, and how hard i’m trying i cannot get up on my feet. When i was a kid, i was always picked on, other kid always always fight me. Same thing when i was a teenager. Now not so much, because i’m kinda huge, so not many dares. Also, for my whole life people kinda hated me… No reason, they just ignored me, spread rumors about me etc. And for my whole life i just forgive them. Forgive everybody, even if they did me wrong many times… I wanted to be angry at them and to hate them but i just couldn’t. If i did, i would become just like them. And in my soul, i know i am different. And i read somewhere that life of a lightworker will be tough. But it will all be worth it in the end. So, what you think about all that? Sorry for my english and Thank you in advance 🙂


  15. Lucy

    I have been following number patterns, I thought they were from Jesus to guide my path but lately they have been very confusing and stressful leading me to question what was going on. Thankyou for your article, I think you are right. God would not lead me to stress and confusion. Before I became a Christian, one of the calling cards God used for me was waking in the night looking at my clock and seeing 333. It led me to him. However, Satan knows this too, and now I believe he is using number symbols to confuse me… Also on the path that led me to Christianity was a brief encounter with the new age spirituality where numbers are used quite a lot to access spiritual information. Satan knows this as well.

    Again thank-you for the article. I know where my prayers are needed now.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Miriam

    I would love to take this opportunity to thank God through you i have found out the truth regarding repeated numbers.
    It all started way back in 2011 when i realized i had repeated numbers like 11;11 10;10, 12;12,10;01, 5;5 ,8;8 , etc. even after receiving jesus christ as my personal saviour and even praying and speaking in tongues nothing seemed to work in my life .definitely I knew something was wrong in life i seem not get a breakthrough in my life no job ,no marriage nothing seems to work in my favour and most of the time i stay with relatives because I can’t afford anything but I kept asking myself if this repeated numbers where angels numbers why is it that I am living this kind of life full of frustration ?
    Thank you .


  17. Elijah

    It is still a bit strange for me, I have been seeing these numbers from 1:11, 2:11, 3:11 right up to 11:11 for about 2 years now. It started out when I was going through tough time with my Job, School and Relationship. Seems as if everything was going wrong, I was also fighting to grow my relationship with the LORD. I kept seeing 911 and when I looked it up it meant something like change or warning. Things got a bit better and generally started to see other numbers like the ones mentioned above. I was very skeptical and was just doing research on these things.

    Let Me just say this.
    one dangerous tool the enemy can use are lies mixed with truth. Deception
    I kept coming across sites about angel numbers and many related them to GOD.
    I found it very strange. Even some churches seem to adopt it. Maybe New Age.

    I see the dangers now. One night I saw the number 8:11 and fell asleep. I had a dream of a star falling from the sky upon the waters, people were burning and dying from the poisoned water, I asked in the dream what is this, then I had a “hunch” and looked at Revelations 8:11. I got the answer! Now this is the dangerous part, because I was looking for what the meanings of the numbers were and somehow getting the answer right after made me looked to these numbers more, not the word of GOD. I was not forcibly seeking them, they started to appear more & more sometimes 5x per day. My Spirit was not settled.

    What I love about the Holy Spirt, he is a helper. I got fed up of seeing these numbers and asked the LORD for an answer, came across this article. Thank You Sir.

    I was struggling with a lot of things and a particular addiction and these numbers made me lose focus or intensify my thoughts on certain things. I often have biblical dreams, I hope I can get some help with this as well. The dreams and short description are as follows.

    Blood Moon – 24 doves on a wall
    A great earthquake split the earth and Tsunami
    Locust filled the earth.
    Hot oil and blood raining from the sky burning men
    The huge Rock falling from the sky into the sea

    These dreams occur when I am mostly fasting and praying,

    I believe I see the numbers less during this time…..I would admit my relationship with GOD needs to improve as of late due to past situations in my life. I grew up in church at a very young age, as a musician as well. Read the word of GOD Regularly, Saved at a young age, I believe that Jesus Christ is my LORD and savior and try to do his will. What did happen, at the time as well life was a bit tough for me and it was a training and learning period, just wanted an answer from GOD and felt he just was not listening, but he is! in my weakest moments was when these things started to occur and slowly drifted away from the LORD.

    I do believe the LORD can speak through many ways numbers included, but using it as an observer of time is wrong and a form of occult practice. It feels as though a weight have been lifted and a LIGHT has been turned on! The LORD is speaking to us, but the enemy can use many things to distract us! The LORD is strong and Mighty. He sees everything hidden and those in darkness.

    THIS IS A WAR & WE WERE TOLD TO Ephesians 6:11-12


    1. Zackary

      Elijah I definitely think you right I am 15 and usually when I need information I look it up on google which I am gonna stop it all started when one night about a month ago I woke up at 3:33 am and I was scared I searched up and saw angel numbers on YouTube and google and the people on YouTube who were talking about angel numbers seemed so calm and they were saying that I was going through a spiritual awakening after I believed it that’s when the numbers started to flow 222,333,444,555, 11:11, I saw 666 once but that was it this led me to great confusion cause on google there are many different meanings for These numbers and at first a person on YouTube said oh angels use numbers because there energy and frequency is so high that they cannot really talk to us but then yesterday I was on in the care with my dad as I am spending a week with him and I asked him about angel numbers he is a preacher and a strong Christian and he says that well whenever the Bible involves numbers it is usually never good and that satan is smart so he will use anything to deceived you and I am young and usually to be honest easily believe things and my dad said that god would not lead to confusion and make you have to search for something for like a month and that if the lord wanted to tell you something he would tell you now and let you know the message as years ago god wanted to let him tell a church sister something and one morning he heard. Voice telling him to tel her something but he didn’t believe then the next morning the same thing and he still doubted and the third morNing the same thing occurred and he told her so I used to go to church a lot and use to love it i was baptized like when I was 12 and I really did fall and Although I use to love church all of sudden I don’t want to go to church and don’t want to read the Bible because on YouTube these so call spiritual people will say oh you should not go to church and after speaking with my dad I didn’t know who to believe and then I met up on this article I am now gonna get back my Life as a Christian I pray to god for his protection and take steps in leading my life in the right direction


  18. DWT

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and thier own truth. I suggest instead of living in fear and making assumptions. Take the time to pick truths that resonate with you. My truth is these messages are from angels, And my life has seriously changed for the better since listening to them. The meaning of these numbers come with a message of love. Because they come from god’s messengers, the angels.
    The number 444 is a sign that angels are with me. I feel this is truth because it makes me feel love and God is love. I noticed the term “god fearing” on this blog. Please be open to the concept that god is loving and non judgemental and see how that resonates with you.


      1. DWT

        333 is the number of Christ and the other ascended masters. When you see this I believe they are with you. I believe God does not judge as he gives all free will.


      2. Yeah, you are being deceived. What you said is not biblical. Ascended masters are really demons masquerading. Please study the Bible.

        God does judge. He even has appointed a day called Judgment Day.

        In Revelation 20:11-15 it reads:

        “11 And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.

        12 And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

        13 And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.

        14 And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

        15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.”

        The Lord and God Jesus Himself said in Matthew 12:36:

        “36 But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.”


  19. Chris

    I seen 1111 for ten years, daily for about five years. Been seeing 717 off and on for the past five years, and more frequent in the past few months. I’ve also been repenting of porn and sexual sins recently, I think of Romans 7:17 every time I see those numbers on a clock. I really wanna be free of those past sins I’ve been feeling like I am dying inside the past couple months.


  20. Anonymous

    OK I’m not new age and I’m a Christian that goes to church but my past isn’t so great. Anyway I’ve been logging seeing numbers for literally years. Mostly see 222 and 1111. I have been awoken out of dead sleep many many times to look at a clock and see 2:22. I’ve been awoken to 1:11am, back to sleep, awoken to 2:22am, back to sleep to be awoken 3rd time to 3:33am !!! When I cranked up my tablet it was 11:11pm ! I’ve thought it was God, angels, relatives and worse ! This article blew my mind to say the least !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alex250

      I don’t remember exactly, but I would say that it started 4 years ago. It was 11:11 and then “all the other” repeating numbers. When I look back, I can say that at that time I stepped in hell. Of course, I was not aware of it at that time, it went step by step. I was happy at that time, full of energy, full of hopes, … I thought I am special – God himself speaks to me, … Today, after 4 years, I am ruined! – in all possible ways. So, I strongly beleive that repeating numbers are demonic. Internet is full of texts, describing such experience, therefore we are not talking about 144000 people, but about milions.
      As (at least) most of you are coming from the area were “black magic” is not known or at leas not being taken seriously (i will write more about it later). It is true, a good Christian is safe, but only if the demons are not “in him” already. In such case praying, going to church, … will prevent further or fatal damage, but it will not excorcise the demons. In such case you need professional help. The Church has professionals who deal with such cases, but I am affraid that they take into the consideraton only people who are deeply possesed (most of people die before become deepls possesed). The most common way to “invite” demons into your body/soul is thru new age practitioners. You can hear them often say that they will open the channels. And they do it. Usually “their patients” feel much better, because they actually received something positive, but after sometime this picture turns upside down. The demons which entered thru “open channels” start to take control.
      Another very common way (in last decades this becomes more and more common in Western World, where such practices were not part of “the tradition” as it was and it is the case in Balkans, Ukraine, Africa, South America, …) is to send the demons to the targeted person or gruop of people with a help of so called black magic. People (and businesses!) use it to win the cases on Court of Law, to “catch” a husband or wife, to make their child the best in school, … You can “buy” the cast in the internet! For example, the psychologists in Italy recognized “obsession with a devil” as a official disease! Official (Church) excorcists in Italy have more and more cases each year … But please don’t be affraid, Jesus is our savior, he will show us the way.
      Once again, not 144000, but at least milions of people see repeating numbers. I am well aware that my experince is only mine and it could be just the coincidence that repeating numbers and a lot of bad things in my life started at the same time (today I have the proof that the demons are in me and in my mother). But I would never beleive that God would address milions of people, waking us up constantly in the middle of the night, just to tell us that he is sending angles to protect us and to guide us. We dont need that information, as we know that our Lord in Heaven, almighty God, is with us all the time – each second, each breath we take, each move we make. To be honest, the fact that milions of people are attacked, is quite shocking for me. I hope it will soon show up where this is coming from and what is the agenda.


  21. Alex250

    Brittany …
    Unfortunatelly it didnt stop. It is a bit better know, but it is a ongoing project for me. As I focused my mind on the numbers in past, I need to “teach” my mind how to “react” when I see such numbers. For, example, if I see such number, I say to myself – it is just a number. And I see it gets better. In the past I was seeing repeating numbers all the time. 5:55, 10:10, 14:14, 15:15 … 11:11 (of course 🙂 ), 22:22, 23:23 – practically all the day long, almost all repeating numbers (also 13:33, 14:44, …)
    I believe that with my beleive in God, God’s help and my willpower, I will get rid of the demonic entities and then it will stop soon.
    What do I mean by the Church? You can find a lot of people, saying they are excorcists, but they don’t have much (or nothing) to do with the Church. Catholic Church names excorcists and only they are officially recognized by the Church as excorcists. According to the Church no one else has the God’s consent to perform excorsim.


    1. Anonymous

      I suppose I need to pray off the numbers.
      Mine are 77 or 777 everyday, all day long and happening for at least a year. I’ve had no clear evidence or answers from these numbers. That to me is confusion.


  22. Thank God for this site. I told my wife something isn’t right, That God donot communicate like this. here is my story. I was 17 years old. I was in school everyday I would take a nap and wake up at 2:22. Years later after I Gave my Life to Christ. it was impossible to avoid double and triple numbers. I can pause a video and it will be at the 1:11 mark my phone will have a notification and it will be 3:33. I would have 111 emails. license plates will have 222 or 333. ill wake up at 333, ill randomly look at a clock at work and catch 10:10 2:22 3:33 4:44. I remember talking to God one Sabbath and I said let me go to bed I pulled out my phone it was 1:11 in the morning. I went to the room talked with my wife for a bit who was breastfeeding my son, put my phone on the charger the phone lit up and said 2:22.. I was talking to my mother and we hung up the phone at 10:10 minute and second mark. It was driving me crazy every website was a physic page I instantly got off. I thought it would be useful if I recorded what was happening in a note book. I instantly filled the pages. I said to myself the demons are harassing me. its impossible to avoid, if I don’t look at the time it will appear somewhere else like facebook. A friends page randomly popped up and it said we had 111 mutual friends. this has been going on everyday for 13 years. it even started happening to my wife.. My family has ties with the occult, my granddad was a 33 degree mason, my mother decline an offer from the elite, they sent her letter in the mail I saw it and read it . even though she decline the offer she has since a child been able to see spirits. like how we see each other. to think about I did join a street gang at that age before it all took place. my sister claimed that she has been experiencing the same with numbers after she join Eastern Star. I told her they were demons after she tried telling me it could be God because he use numbers..she said it led her to speaking with a witch. and I told her she fell for the trap. just yesterday I was writing to tell her the dangers of getting her children involved, I looked at the time because I was at work and it was 4:44. I even saw triple digits on a clock that had the wrong time smh..its very annoying.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Alex250

    This is interesting. It looks like it is going on for you for ages. Have you ever tried to do something against it?
    I think that Masons are much more dangerous than the occult? Have you ever tried to research how the Masonic “procedures” could harm you and your family? Is anything else wrong in your life or is it just about “these anoying numbers”. Just a thought … I talked with Chatolic excorsist years ago (he was really special man, he had stigmatas, he faced a few appereances of Mary – recognized by the Church officials) and he told me that the biggest pressure to the Church and believers comes from Free Masons. So … if you would like to discover what is hidden from you, it could be that practices of your grandfather could tell you a lot about your problem.


  24. Anonymous


    I have suffered from anxiety and depression for years. I started meditating a few years ago and that helped me to keep my anxiety at bay without using meditation. I watched a video recently of a woman who spoke about how meditation had summoned demons into her life. Along with prayer, what can I do to manage my anxiety that doesn’t open up the door to evil spirits and sin?


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