Spiritual Dangers of Involvement With Fortune Tellers or Psychics

The Widespread Belief in Fortune Tellers

Many people today believe in and go to fortune-tellers, who are people who are involved in the practice of predicting information about a person’s life. One source reads “….(41 percent) believe in psychics…. while 29 percent believe in astrology”.

The number of people who see a psychic is a lot more than probably many people think. The psychic industry is huge “… the IBISWorld report analyzes it as such and notes those in the industry — including people involved in palmistry, cartomancy, mediumship, aura readings, and astrology — have about $2 billion in revenue a year. Roughly 85,000 people work in psychic services and make about $1.5 billion in total wages a year” [source].


It is not just in America many people are visiting psychics, “In South Korea, fortune-telling is a 3.8 billion dollar industry. There are an estimated 300,000 fortune-tellers in the country, and 150,000 shamans, many of whom provide clairvoyance” [source].


In the UK, “sales of tarot cards, in general, are reportedly at their highest level for 50 years.” An “occult bookshop in Bloomsbury, has seen a 50 percent increase in just the past two years and around half of the store’s customers are under 30 — compared with just 25 percent in 2010” . In Russia, opinion polls estimate that a fifth of Russians have visited a psychic [source].


However, most or some fortune-telling can be regarded as a matter of fraud, fake, and of course the making of money. Of course, fortune-telling is dismissed by the scientific community and skeptics as being based on quaint superstition. But there really is genuine fortune-telling that is dependent on extrasensory powers. What does the Bible – God’s Word – say about this? While prophecy is inspired by the Holy Spirit and is of God; genuine fortune-telling is inspired by the spirit of Satan and is of the devil, and that is the case whether they know it or not. The Bible gives examples of this. The Book of Acts Ch. 21 exposes a spirit behind fortune-telling. A girl in Philippi was possessed with the spirit of divination (or Python spirit). The Apostle Paul expelled the spirit out of her by the authority of Jesus Christ, and she consequently lost her ability. On the other hand, there was the prophet Agabus in Acts Ch. 21 who prophesied by the Holy Spirit.


The late theologian, Kurt Koch, who had extensive experience with dealing with the occultly oppressed, wrote: “On being questioned, a fortune-teller said that while she was actually in the process of fortune-telling, she was controlled by a strange power. This spirit would come over her and she was then forced to say things of which she had no previous knowledge. It was feeling as if she was possessed, but after the fortune-telling she was completely normal again.

This example is close to that which is described in Acts 16:6-18. Paul was on a missionary journey at Philippi. A girl with the spirit of divination followed daily. She was continually crying out, ‘These men are servants of the Most High God, who proclaim to you the way of salvation.’ Why was Paul unhappy with this statement? Why did he restrain her? The answer is that the apostle saw immediately that the power of fortune-telling at work in the girl was not of God. He turned on the girl and commanded, ‘In the name of Jesus Christ, come out of her.’ Immediately the girl was freed of her powers of divination and fortune-telling. This incident in the early missionary work of the Church is very enlightening.” (Between Christ and Satan, 21)

Dangers of Getting Involved With Fortune Telling


As with all forms of occult or sorcery involvement, it opens the doors wide open for the enemy to come into a person’s life. Whether the fortune-telling is done through palm-reading, tea-leaf reading, card laying (or tarot cards), crystal gazing, astrological forecast, throwing the bones, Magic 8-Ball, etc., it all can leave a person demonically afflicted or infested.


Koch wrote, “…any person who has resorted to fortune-telling, or magic, or spiritism in his life, will find it very difficult to turn to Christ at a later date. He will be unable to obtain any assurance of salvation or peace with God. And if perchance he has already become a Christian, he will find that a coldness and a kind of ban will descend upon his Christian life. He will lose his desire to pray and to read the Bible, and will become lukewarm and sluggish in his faith. Or, on the other hand, he may become hypocritical and selfrighteous and Pharisaical as a result of his contact with occultism” (Occult Bondage, 34).


Christian author Merrill Unger wrote: “Whoever resorts to fortune-telling in any form runs the risk of becoming occultly subjected and oppressed. Christian counseling has revealed disturbance to body, soul, and spirit among those who are engaged or connected with any type of divination. The irreligious person who engages in this forbidden art shows extreme callousness and resistance toward spiritual truths. The pious religionist who dabbles in the occult displays spiritual pride, self-righteous pharisaism, opposition to pure doctrine of the Word, and a condition of insulation against the Holy Spirit.

Many weaknesses and vices often go hand in hand with fortune-telling. A very high tendency to addictions (drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or sexual excesses) and to general immorality are present. From the medical and psychiatric standpoint, families bound by fortune-telling show a remarkably high incidence of nervous disorders, mental illnesses, mediumistic psychoses, and many psychosomatic disorders.” (Demons in the World Today, 96-97)

I can attest to this. I have come across people who became heavily demonized when involving oneself with psychics. No doubt about it, getting involved with psychics opens the doors wide open for the enemy to come into one’s life, even demonized. Moreover, once that door is opened the demon(s) can have a person addicted to going to psychics.

Getting involved with divination can also affect a person’s descendants. With families of those involved in fortune-telling is the prevalence of such things as nervous disturbances, hysteric symptoms, Sydenham’s chorea (St. Vitus’ Dance), symptoms of paralysis, epileptics, deaf-mutes, mediumistic psychosis, and a general propensity towards emotional and mental illnesses, etc. (Between Christ and Satan, 49-50).

Why God Forbids Fortune Telling?

355e1192-3723-48af-b090-375ede7828c0 (1).jpeg

Well, for one it is forbidden is because it is a form of idolatry. One scripture reads (Isaiah 8:19): “And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead?” The Bible reads God is a jealous God (Exodus 20:5) and He would rather have people seek Him for counsel instead of psychics.

Christian author Merrill Unger echoed something similar: “Because all forms of fortunetelling promote superstition and idolatry, divination of any sort is condemned and rigidly banned for God’s people by the Word of God. Spiritistic fortune-tellers and clairvoyants were subject to the death penalty in Israel (Leviticus 19:31; 20:6, 27). Anyone who used ‘divination’ or was a ‘soothsayer, or an augur [fortuneteller], or a sorcerer, or a [magic] charmer, or a medium, or a wizard [clairvoyant], or a necromancer [one who communicated with the spirit-world]’ was outlawed from the community of the Lord’s people (Deuteronomy 18:10-11). The same stringent prohibition runs throughout Scripture (1 Chronicles 10:13; Isaiah 8:19; 44:25; Jeremiah 29:8; Ezekiel 21:21; Micah 3:6-7; Zechariah 10:2). The New Testament takes the same firm stand (Acts 16:16-18; Galatians 5:20)” (Demons in the World Today, 96).


You have to ask yourself who do you trust, the living God or fallen spirits?

Koch wrote: “It is also easy to understand that people are afraid of the future and its threatening events. But we must take this fear and anxiety to the right place, to the One who said: “Neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand” (John 10:28). It is Jesus Christ who has given us the promise: Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world” (Matthew 28:20. The Bible contains thousands of promises to encourage us, promises which are strong to take away all our fear. The Psalms, in particular, are a great treasure house from which we can daily take all that we need. Think of the most well known psalm, Psalm 23: “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” Or consider Psalm 37:5, “Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.” Read through the Psalms with a red pencil in your hand, underlining all the verses which give courage and strength or which offer protection concerning the unanswered questions of life” (Occult ABC, 74).

Examples of the Consequences Getting Involved With A Fortune Teller


“A minister who saw his mission as fighting superstition had a horoscope cast for the sake of study. He wanted to prove that horoscope casting was just superstition and deceit. He had to pay a large fee because a detailed horoscope was cast for him. He now waited confidently, believing that the horoscope would not fulfill itself. But he was amazed to see that the prophecies were fulfilled. For eight years he observed that all the predictions came true, even to the smallest details. He grew uneasy at this and reflected on the problem. It had indeed been his preconceived idea that it was all based on suggestion and superstition. Yet he knew that as a Christian he had not been the victim of suggestion. Finally he saw no other way of escape than to repent and to ask God for His protection. The thought came to him that he had sinned through this experiment, and had placed himself under the influence of the powers of darkness. After his repentance he discovered to his surprise that his horoscope was now no longer correct. Through this experience the minister clearly understood that demonic powers can be active in astrology. The person who exposes himself to this danger can perish by it” (Between Christ and Satan, 18).

“During a counselling session a student confessed that she had several psychic disturbances. She suffered from a fear of examinations, had symptoms of paralysis and no powers of concentration. It appeared as if her intellectual and emotional faculties were completely divided. On being questioned she admitted that she had often had her fortune told from cards. Her parents and grandparents had also sought the advice of fortune-tellers” (Between Christ and Satan, 22).

“For many years a Christian university graduate practised card-laying for himself, his family, and for fellow members of his church. After his death his wife became an alcoholic. Her whole pension was used on drink. Her house was decorated by a host of bottles. In addition to this the woman started to engage in white magic and thus continued in the occult tradition of her husband. The daughter in turn followed in the footsteps of her parents. She too was caught up in the superstitious customs of her mother. When the girl was seventeen years old, she became mentally ill and was committed to an asylum. Magic and superstition had destroyed the whole family” (Between Christ and Satan, 22-23).

“There was a woman who was a fortune-teller, and rejected everything to do with the idea of God. One day a Christian girl was introduced to her. When the girl heard about the woman’s strange business of fortune-telling, as a joke she held out her hand. She thought that there was nothing in it. The woman read her palm. The girl laughed and could not stop herself making a facetious remark. However, afterwards the Christian girl suffered from depressions and lost her faith. The fortune-teller’s children also exhibited the typical effects. They were ill neurotics, living immoral lives. As I said, here we see the typical characteristics of the effects: depression and loss of moral inhibition” (Between Christ and Satan, 29-30).

“For many years a man was actively engaged in palmistry. In addition to this he practised mesmerism. Over the years he was himself able to feel the destructive influence of his dubious occupation. He later wanted to become a Christian and for several months forced himself to read the Bible, although he felt a strong inner resistance to this. Every time he faced up to the things of God he felt this strange inward defensiveness and resisting pressure on himself.

A new aspect comes to light in this example. Fortune-telling develops the phenomenon of a resistance and an inner defensiveness towards anything to do with God and His Spirit. When a person who has engaged in fortune-telling wants to come to Christ, he finds the way very difficult. Violent and sinister defensive forces appear, which attempt to prevent a decision for Christ. The person who has been infected and ‘immunized’ by fortune-telling is almost insensitive to the Holy Spirit. Such people find it very difficult to become Christians” (Between Christ and Satan, 31).

“A 42-year-old woman had often consulted astrologers and had horoscopes cast for herself in her lifetime. She finally became very depressed and tried to commit suicide twice by taking sleeping pills. She was also plagued by sudden fits of anger. During the course of being counselled she confessed the things of her past life but was still unable to really believe. She had to struggle for months in order to get peace and an assurance of salvation” (The Devil’s Alphabet, 57).

“A woman often visited a fortune-teller and she was also in the habit of consulting a pendulum practitioner. Since she had begun doing this it was as if her house had become haunted. She heard scratching and knocking, and saw shadowy ghostly figures. These experiences were a cause of fear to her and so she sought the advice and help of a minister who was able to lead her to Christ. On becoming a Christian the haunting ceased” (Between Christ and Satan, 51).

“The malicious power of superstition can also be seen in the experience of a minister who, before the last war, became famous for his article against Rosenberg’s book, Myth of the 20th Century. In what he preached and what he taught he was violently opposed to all forms of superstitious and occult customs. One day he decided to get some convincing evidence with which to refute fortune-telling. He had a very careful and detailed horoscope cast for himself, and thereby hoped to prove that this superstitious idea was invalid through watching the prophecies remain unfulfilled over the subsequent years. However, it did not turn out as he had expected. As time went on he had the unnerving experience of watching the horoscope begin to be fulfilled. And this continued for all of eight years. In the end he realised that he had placed himself under the ban of superstition. He thus repented and once more placed his life in the hands of Jesus Christ. Only now did the horoscope fail in its fulfillment. His life at once altered from the course predicted by the ‘cosmobiogram’ or horoscope. Had he previously been the victim of suggestion? Had he subconsciously believed in the horoscope? Had he fallen victim to a fulfillment compulsion? Or had the minister been caught within the claws of a demonic form of astrology? It is impossible to say. But whatever the case, Christ proved Himself to be the great Deliverer. The ever tightening net of superstition had been broken, a feat impossible in one’s own strength, as the man’s previous eight years’ experience had shown” (The Devil’s Alphabet, 135-136).

“A young lady desired to know at the beginning of the war whether her finacé would return home from the field. She went to a card layer, who told her that her wish would be granted. He did in fact return home safe and sound. But from the day of her visit to the fortune-teller, the girl suffered from moods of depression, and ennui. After her fiancé had returned, she one day cut her wrist and elbow veins. Fortunately her life was saved.

…. The girl came from a healthy, solid, Christian family. Nor is there anything of particular interest from the psychical point of view. On the pastoral level we have here the same typical pattern of occult involvement and its effects.” (Christian Counselling and Occultism, 82)

The very early church insisted that those who sought baptism completely renounce all occultic practices. This was important for “….. a magician, an enchanter, an astrologer, a diviner, an user of magic verses, a juggler [trickster], a mounteback [dealer in spiritistic medicines], one that makes amulets, a charmer, a soothsayer, a fortune-teller, an observer of palmistry” (Apostolic Constitutions 8.32). The early church had the assumption that anyone engaging in these sorts of practices may be demonized: “if anyone has a demon, let him indeed be taught piety, but not received into communion before he be cleansed; yet if death be near, let him be received” (Apostolic Constitutions 8.32).

If you have been involved with fortune-telling or a psychic and feel demonically oppressed, then feel free to contact me for prayer, given that you have repented and turned to the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you can receive Him into your heart, and He can deliver you from darkness and sin and have your name written in His Book of Life.

If you are sincere you can say this simple prayer to the Father (it doesn’t have to be word for word):

“God, I recognize that I have not lived my life for You up until now. I have been living for myself and that is wrong. Please forgive me of all of my sins just as I forgive others. I need You in my life; I want You in my life. I acknowledge the completed work of Your only begotten Son Jesus Christ in giving His life for me on the cross, I believe in my heart Jesus is Lord and was raised from the dead and I long to receive the forgiveness you have made freely available to me through this sacrifice. Come into my life now, Lord. Take up residence in my heart and be my king, my Lord, and my Savior. From this day forward, I will no longer be controlled by sin, or the desire to please myself, but I will follow You all the days of my life. Those days are in Your hands. I ask this in the Lord and GOD Jesus’ precious and holy name. Amen.”

4 thoughts on “Spiritual Dangers of Involvement With Fortune Tellers or Psychics

  1. Actually, I don’t really get how you can let someone cast a horoscope for you when you are a minister, someone who should know best not only what GOD said, but also that GOD wants obedience.
    When GOD said stay away from it, you stay away from it.
    GOD has already proven everything that needs proof.
    HE has said everything about it.
    Why would you do any more research as a human being, even if you are a pastor?
    Why would you question that it has a negative result to get involved in these things?
    Why would you waste 8 years of your relationship with YOUR FATHER by letting the occult powers in these things defile you (and your walk with HIM)?
    Are you trying to prove the word of GOD?
    Are you trying to make a point HE has already made?
    I mean, this is exactly why and how everybody who is dabbling in the occult gets into trouble. The devil doesn’t care WHY you let someone cast a horoscope for you, neither does GOD! As soon as you do, the devil has a right to haunt you.
    It’s in the book!
    Why would you not get into trouble – just because you are a minister?
    Did GOD say stay away from it, everybody, except the ministers, who should explore and examine these things and experiment with them?
    If HE has, I have never seen this scripture… and someone who is a minister should know the scriptures better than me.
    Perhaps this minister has found it – I haven’t.
    I have only ever seen scriptures which say that everybody getting involved in the occult will get into serious trouble.
    Regardless of their earthly professions.
    After all, we are all priests according to GOD, aren’t we.
    And to be ordained or certified by an earthly institution like a university, I don’t even know if GOD accepts these titles, probably not, but how can I know…?
    All I know is what HE said that we should and should not do.
    And most certainly, I fail HIM a lot, but not intentionally and deliberately and by doing explicitly what I know HE said I should not do on purpose!
    And if I ever came to a church where the minister was trying to “play GOD” by these or any other things, I would leave immediately… in fact, I’ve done it many times!
    Sometimes, I am really troubled to see how many ministers are truly in satan’s hands and in how many ways he gets them all the time, right in front of our very eyes, in the churches!
    Thank GOD there’s places where the truth is taught (online and offline) and where GOD is being truly honored and worshipped and thank GOD there are places like your blog where people can come and learn the difference between GOD’s truth and the devil’s lies!
    GOD bless you, you are doing so much for HIM and HIS kingdom and HE will surely reward you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. MsEspy

    Wow! I’m speechless. I grew up in the church and was on fire for the Lord. In 2021 I did a year of consecration to seek the Lord’s face and not his hand. I abstained from premarital sex, clubbing, drunkenness and committed to tithing regularly. I used to get psychic readings regularly but had stopped for almost a year. Then I decided to get a reading, for entertainment purposes. I now get between $100-$300 dollars of readings, spells, cleansings MONTHLY. I have a tarot deck, a tea leaf deck and angel oracle cards. I check my horoscope perfusely. I kept saying that fortune telling was innocuous but based on this article I now see that a demon has me ADDICTED to getting readings and dabbling in the spiritually esoteric/occult. Also, this article states that one can become addicted to substances. I am almost 39 years old and have been a non smoker my entire life but NOW I smoke 5 or more black and milds DAILY. I kept wondering where did this addiction to nicotine come from?! Also, I take Adderall and by reading another article on this site, leading to a video, I now see why I journal for hours having heightened knowledge, genius level thoughts and seemingly enter into a mild psychosis/trance. I have become addicted to the Adderall as well. I kept hearing that tarot is demonic but I couldn’t find any websites with PROOF to back it up. All the websites kept saying don’t open that door and quoting Old Testament scriptures. I keep saying to God this is totally innocuous and for fun but your website has opened my eyes. Also the quote by Kurt Koch is ABSOLUTELY ACCURATE! I now have a disdain for the Word. It feels like a chore opening my Bible. I now have the inability to connect with God and believe anything that the Word says. I have an overwhelming apathy towards the things of the Lord. He’s right children of God! Something very defiant DOES well up inside of you regarding Christianity, prayer, Bible reading and obedience. He’s also right about having a Pharasee mindset. I think that’s what was written. Don’t want to scroll up and lose my comment. Every day I HAUGHTILY ask why do “I “ have to be a slave to righteousness and a slave to God? Why should “I “ slavishly worship and obey a God to keep me from the hell HE created?! Why did God even create a devil? I also had a HUGE fight with my sibling 6 months ago and he refuses to reconcile.
    I’m ashamed to admit this but, I truly do find myself looking down my nose at christians often wondering what benefits could “they” possibly get from being Christian? God DESPISES a haughty look. Not only am I living in outright rebellion, I am willfully exhibiting behaviors and a character that the Lord despises! I kept saying that I didn’t want to get too close to God because that’s when all hell breaks loose, am I’m tested and tempted. I kept telling myself, DECEIVING myself, that Satan is waiting to attack me upon my obedience to God’s word and His commands not knowing that I am already under attack! He’s stolen my zeal for Christ, he’s killed my relationship with the Father, and He’s destroyed what was supposed to be my victorious testimony after my consecration. Y’all he’s completely stolen, killed, and destroyed any desire I had for kingdom business. I’m now in bondage to getting readings/cleanses/rituals/spells so I’m NOT living life abundantly because this money could have been saved!

    Brother Jamaal THANK YOU THANK YOU for opening my eyes with sources and examples. Other websites talk about symptoms you may experience while being under demonic oppresSion but they’re very general. I mean the stuff they list is truly things that everyone goes through.
    I now live to smoke, pop Addys, and dabble in the occult. My God! Who have I become? I don’t know if I’m in too deeply or if I repent can I, in my own strength, starve my newfound fleshly addictions and desires?
    I’m supposed to attend a psychic reading tomorrow. I literally find pleasure in the, I guess (???), “occultic lifestyle”
    The Bible is true and inerrant. Our God is a jealous God. He’s jealous FOR us because he knows that ANYTHING we place above Him WILL BETRAY us. It’s meant to. We will NEVER find ETERNAL joy, peace, love and freedom in the things if the world.
    Had I stayed in Christ, I could live and move and have my purpose and freedom! I don’t know what the future holds for me, if I’ll be able to break free instantly or if it’ll be an uphill battle but I need to repent and KNOW that I’m MORE THAN a conqueror. GREATER is he that lives in me than this other spirit I’m feeding daily. It started off sooooo fun. It felt soooo easy and innocuous. But I had a lamp at my two feet guiding me daily step by step day by day. I had enough light for MY path, with goodness and mercy behind me, God holding my right hand, on a faith walk, walking in the pleasant ways of wisdom and love. But that wasn’t good enough. I wanted to know more, see more and I was lured off of my path. I was headed to a future of PEACE and NO calamity. God rewards the consistent and persistent pursuit of Him but I was hasty I couldn’t wait for those rewards. I have no patience because I have no desire for Love Himself. I can’t stop with the fortune telling because the fruit of the Spirit, self control, wasn’t allowed to fully develop

    Brother Jamaal, you are a TRUE man of God! Thank you for your labor of LOVE

    Liked by 1 person

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