Why Does Deliverance, in Some Instances, Take So Long?

Many people may ask why , in some instances, it takes a long time to realize complete deliverance.

One woman who was a veteran in this type of ministry said “I know the Lord could cast them all out at once. But I do not believe that is His will. These people grow in the Lord, as they take His victory day by day. They recognize the heinousness of sin, face the powers of the enemy, realize that they themselves cannot fight the battle. Through this they really learn to cry in faith to the Lord in their dire need. They learn the necessity of constantly abiding in Christ and living on His every word. By the time deliverance is completed, they are walking steadily in victory, fully desiring to serve the Lord faithfully.” (Merrill Unger, What Demons Can Do To Saints, pgs. 164-165)


Often deliverance from demonization is such a protracted struggle that many fainthearted believers become discouraged. I have been praying deliverance for a certain individual for months and he is still receiving deliverance. Many demons have been expelled out of him and he is in much better condition than he was when he first contacted me but more prayer is needed. It can be very tiresome for both I and the person I am praying for. I think of battling against the enemy not as a street fight where sometimes it only takes a few blows for a person to be knocked out, but instead as a wrestling match. When a person wrestles it can take quite some time until the opponent is subdued. Indeed, Paul uses the word “wrestle” in Ephesians 6:12 in regards to our battle with satan’s kingdom.

The following is a testimony that may give some encouragement who are going through this:

Although the testimony which I want to share is not as dramatic as some, I am writing to you because of the specific nature of it.

The details leading up to my regeneration are too time-consuming to relate, but after many years of hearing the Gospel, living under a false sense of security in believing that I had received Christ, I was driven by a shocking and unexpected chain of events to think that I had committed the unpardonable sin.

I acquired the name of Mrs. FM. She explained the true gospel to me, and the Lord showed me that I had never seen myself worthy of hell, that I had sinned primarily against God, that I had a sorrow for sin which was not true repentance, that old things never had passed away, that I was dead in trespasses and sins, and that the Lord Jesus Christ’s substitutionary death on the cross was my only hope, by faith, of salvation.

The Lord mercifully saved me, and from that point showed me that I needed deliverance from demons. During the past two and one half years this process has continued. In the initial stages I expected total deliverance at each session. After several months, however, I began to realize that I was not strong enough in the Lord, schooled in His Word, nor grounded and settled in the faith to be able to stand “strong in the Lord and in the power of his might” against such powerful opposition of demonic forces. I read Exodus 23:28-30: “And I will send hornets before thee, which shall drive out the Hittite, the Canaanite, and the Hittite, from before thee. I will not drive them out from before thee in one year; lest the land become desolate, and the beast of the field multiply against thee. By little and little I will drive them out from before thee, until thou be increased, and inherit the land.” This passage often has spoken to and comforted my heart.

Had I been delivered without knowing how to recognize and refuse the lies to which I had been enslaved for years, I believe I soon would have been re-invaded. Also, I would not have learned from any early deliverance the extent of my bondage and how far down the Lord had to reach bring me up from the horrible pit, the miry clay, nor would i have been as aware as I now am of the rebellion of my own natural heart and the venom of all satanic forces against God.

These are a few of the reasons why I believe a prolonged deliverance process has been necessary for and beneficial to me-not that I’m grateful for demons for I despise them and long to be like Christ-but I marvel at the sovereign purposes of God in His dealings with me, and I praise Him with all my heart for His mercy, love, and grace toward me” (Merrill F. Unger, What Demons Can Do To Saints, pgs. 165-166)

Full deliverance may take weeks, months, or sometimes years; or it may require only minutes to a few hours. It is all up to God’s choice.


Never give up in prayer for full deliverance. Jesus commanded that one should persist in prayer until God answers (Luke 11:5-10; Luke 18:1-8).