Is Tourette Syndrome Demonic?


I can’t say for certain every person that has been diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome are dealing with an underlying demonic issue behind it, but there is a case where a person was delivered from the condition by the power of Jesus which suggests that it is possible (more on that later).

What is Tourette Syndrome (TS)? It is a disorder that causes people to have “tics”. Some people who have it will sometimes blurt out highly inappropriate or offensive comments. These comments may be blasphemous, racist, or full of profanities.

What are tics? They are sudden twitches, movements, or sounds that people do repeatedly. People who have tics are unable to stop their body from doing these things. For instance, a person might keep blinking over and over again. Or, a person might make a grunting sound unwillingly.

Of course, scientists have no idea what causes it:

Doctors and scientists do not know the exact cause of TS. Research suggests that it is an inherited genetic condition. That means it is passed on from parent to child through genes.

It is a condition that is not so uncommon among children and teenagers:

In the United States, 1 of every 360 children 6 through 17 years of age have been diagnosed with TS. Other studies that also included children with undiagnosed TS have estimated that 1 of every 162 children have TS. This suggests that about half of children with TS are not diagnosed.

TS can affect people of all racial and ethnic groups. Boys are affected three to five times more often than girls.


It’s interesting that some people with TS uncontrollably utter blasphemy. What is the source of evil thoughts and blasphemy? Some people with TS will also uncontrollably hit themselves and others. What is the source of such violent behavior?

In the Bible, there was a demoniac who would continually cry out and cut himself (Mark 5:2-5). There was also a case where a child was thrown into the fire or water in an attempt to destroy him, but the cause was an unclean spirit (deaf or mute spirit) which Jesus expelled out of him (Mark 9:22-25).

In the following snippet video, a woman uncontrollably blurts out “hail lucifer” and “‘F’ the Jews” out of all the millions of things she could have blurted out as opposed to blurting out something positive or edifying:

With years of dealing with many people with demonic issues, I can attest I have come across several people that had symptoms that the medical establishment would probably diagnose as TS. Undoubtedly, their issue was demonic.


The following testimony is from the book Demon Possession & the Christian by C. Fred Dickason (pg. 284):

The parents of an eight-year-old brought her to me. They were very concerned for her, since she had Tourette’s Syndrome. This malady is evidenced by tics, vocal or physical repetitions such as grunts, hissing, swearing, blasphemy, and jerking of part of the body. Some noticed that the tics became worse when passing a church, attending a church function, or when trying to read the Bible and pray. She had been to reputable medical men. There seemed little solution. The parents thought it might possibly be demonic in origin. They had beautifully prepared the little girl for my pastoral approach to counseling the demonic. She was a precocious young lady. We explained to her what we were about to do and that the Lord Jesus would take care of her because He was powerful and loved her so much. She and the parents renounced all ancestral background in the demonic, took their stand against the enemy, and prayed with me that “the Lord would tell any of the devil’s helpers inside Becky [name changed] to leave and go to where Jesus sends them.” I followed that with a direct command to any wicked spirits that they should leave. I pressed the authority of Jesus Christ and His claims upon her life, since she was a believer. We finished with some sense of accomplishment. Later I heard from the parents that things had greatly improved and that the tics have disappeared.

Praise God. He truly is the Healer and Deliverer.

If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you can receive Him into your heart, and He can deliver you from darkness and sin and have your name written in His Book of Life.

If you are sincere, you can say this simple prayer to the Father (it doesn’t have to be word for word):

“God, I recognize that I have not lived my life for You up until now. I have been living for myself and that is wrong. Please forgive me of all of my sins, just as I forgive others. I need You in my life; I want You in my life. I acknowledge the completed work of Your only-begotten Son Jesus Christ in giving His life for me on the cross, I believe in my heart Jesus is Lord and was raised from the dead and I long to receive the forgiveness you have made freely available to me through this sacrifice. Come into my life now, Lord. Take up residence in my heart and be my king, my Lord, and my Savior. From this day forward, I will no longer be controlled by sin, or the desire to please myself, but I will follow You all the days of my life. Those days are in Your hands. I repent of my sins and turn to you. I ask this in the Lord and GOD Jesus’ precious and holy name. Amen.”

15 thoughts on “Is Tourette Syndrome Demonic?

  1. I absolutely agree with this. There are lots of people struggling with demonic issues and have no clue that there are demons behind it. If only people, even Christians believed what the bible says about demons and if they considered why the Lord Jesus spent so much time casting out demons of people of God. Unfortunately, now, churches and Christians believe that demons were like dinosaurs, they just vanished and are no more. It’s such a shame as this attitude helps the satanic army to torment people unaware that they have a vicious, invisible enemy. Millions upon millions of people are being tormented in several ways, while demons should be cast out in the name of Jesus and people set free.

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    1. Fonda

      I believe all sicknesses are the curse that was brought thru Adam and Eve’s trangression. Sin brought the curse of the flesh,and that results in physical death. It also brought thru the disobedience spiritual death. Separation from God. Jesus came to restore us back to God by the redemptive plan of salvation.Satan desires to destroy. God’s desire is to deliver and save. Demons are real!

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    2. Atlas

      I disagree with you. as a sufferer of TS AND a former Catholic, it is incredibly irresponsible of you to chalk up a disorder that affects people to a demon sent by satan. It is irresponsible to dismiss all the troubles that people with TS have suffered by saying it’ll go away by believing in god. It is irresponsible to propose that this is the only right answer. It is irresponsible to refuse scientific evidence on a disorder that been studied since 1825 and only rely on the bible. It is irresponsible to tell me my TS would he gone away if I believed in god because I begged him for YEARS to take it away. He did not. It is irresponsible to have a confirmation bias. It irresponsible to chalk mental issues up to disbelief in you god when then are more than 400 religions in the world.


      1. I strongly recommend you to get interested in deliverance, in the bible and to become a born-again Christian, which requires total devotion and seeking the Lord in every free minute. Your comments show no respect for the only true God, whose name should be written with a capital letter. Your response also shows that you do not have any knowledge of demonic torment and of how the devil works to destroy people and not only people. To be delivered from serious demonic torment which is your problem, you need to be truly humble and trust God like a little child. In order to get more understanding I would strongly recommend you get the book by Nicky Cruz titled: “Devil on the run”. Nicky describes how his parents being witches and shamans had great success healing sick people from all diseases and problems. It will give you a good understanding of how evil, invisible, spiritual powers act with utter hatred to destroy God’s creation. But also, how they cause healing by removing demons of sicknesses. It is a book worth reading, very old but very important. There is a lot to learn, devote your time to get to know the only True God. Ask Him for the Holy Spirit to fill you and guide you. God does not grant deliverance or healing to every person who asks for it, you need to be humble and trust in Him absolutely. You need to love Him. Get the Bible and start reading, the book of John, first.


  2. John Paul Quigg

    In the above example, how can the Almighty Holy Spirit co-exist inside this young believer alongside a devil? Surely she was not a believer with a demon inside her? Theologically that is unsound..


    1. Rhee Dixon

      Not necessarily the order possession.. If satan slips in and as time passes , he is joined by more.. In the climate of the world/ unbelief, it’s sad that more Pastors and Christians that believe in divine healing aren’t sought out to help. If it were my child, I would try this well before physiatrist….


      1. Anonymous

        Dear Rhee,
        As a Christian of 44 years, I have seen it all. As a psychiatric clinician we have a better understanding of the physiology of the brain then ever.

        Two alleged factors in touretts are genetic and/or damage to the amygdala. Cursing and blasphemy on occurs in 10 or less of touretts sufferers.

        While in an ideal world as Christians we wish people would seek us as Christians for the prayer and laying on of hands.

        Anointing with oil and praying for the sick is for those in the church…Is any sick among you….Meaning….the Church.

        Jesus said in the gospels we had to lay hands upon the sinners and pray….no where did Jesus say anything in the Gospels about anointing sinners with oil first.

        The benefit of seeking medical and psychiatric help is two-fold. Hopefully you end up with a firm diagnosis of the issue.

        Then when Jesus heals that person, that medical practicioner (s) will have received an undeniable witness, giving you the opportunity to present the Gospel in love and humility.

        I know….”Much learning hath made thee mad”? However the “Knowledge of the truth will set you free”! The greater your knowledge of truth becomes, the greater your freedom becomes.

        Last I asked the Lord in prayer “What is wisdom…here is His answer…
        “When your desire to serve me….
        is matched by your abilities to serve me”! Abilities Plural?


    2. Anonymous

      The writer said that the prayer was that she was a believer. The writer was telling Satan that he had no authority over her. The child can believe and still be afflicted. Even Satan believes. The writer did not say the child was filled with the Holy Spirit. There is a difference.


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  4. Caleb

    First of all, god isn’t real, second of all, you clearly don’t know what tourrette’s is. It isn’t something you want to do, it just happens. When the woman yelled out “F the Jews” and “All hail Lucifer” it was involentary. Sometimes they are volentary, but it’s kinda like an itch, and it feels like you have to do it or it gets stronger and stronger. It’s typically with stuff you don’t wanna do. (I have Tourrette’s so don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about)


    1. No Tourette’s does not “just happen”. A little child does not utter vulgarities she or he has never heard before. You are believing lies of the devil that you have a medical condition.


  5. Ang

    I had a dream about 11 years ago. In the dream I was in a room full of children. They were chirping like birds, barking like dogs, roaring like lions, making all kinds of animal sounds. I then realized all of these children had Tourette’s Syndrome. I then was told the same spirit that is in the charismatic church is in these children. And I had a knowing in my spirit that God did not want this to be so. When I awoke I immediately thought back to the many pastors in Charismatic error who had so called Holy Spirit manifestations in there meetings where people acted like and sounded like animals, their body and head jerked in weird ways and they blurted out words all completely out of their control. I began to research Tourette’s extensively and saw how some who had it spoke perverse, profane words and phrases and blasphemy as well. A chemical imbalance cannot form perverse and profane speech and blasphemous phrases on its own and make an otherwise innocent child speak such things and most of the kids have no idea the full profane meaning of what they are saying. It would take a sinister evil being oppressing them to do that. I strongly feel real deliverance ministry in this world is greatly lacking today. Demons stay hidden because they are medically certified and people believe doctors and scientists over Christian’s. Most Christians don’t even believe in the spiritual battle we are in. They are deceived, blind and asleep. I do believe by all the many things God has shown me over the past 18 years that God is about to send his people out into the world to bring truth and deliverance to many. I feel I have been in major spiritual training all these years for that very purpose. So yes I do 100 percent believe Tourette’s Syndrome is absolutely demonic.

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    1. This is a perfect response to the above comments. People, in this case, even Christians, have no idea about demons and spiritual attacks on them. Those who oppose deliverance ministry are the greatest victims of the devil, as they surely struggle with many issues but they will never admit they need deliverance. Ignorance is not bliss. I personally know devoted Christians who are very busy in the church but made that massive mistake to get involved in gross sin and now are demonically tormented. They will never reach for deliverance, too proud or too ignorant. Who said, that Christians cannot have demons? It is a lie straight from the pits of hell. If Christians do not walk in holiness but in sin, they can have myriads of demons.

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