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Testimony of a Former Spiritualist

Laura Maxwell’s Story. ‘What New Age Spiritualism Means To Me Now.’ Supernatural phenomena interested me since childhood. I loved reading children’s books containing ‘ghost stories’, or watching TV programs about ‘ghosts’. If Harry Potter had been written then, I’m sure… Read More ›

Automatic Writing Exposed

Automatic writing comes from channeling a (demonic) spirit. Channeling includes different forms. For example, one form brings complete loss of consciousness, while another involves partial loss of consciousness. Thus, there is full trance possession with a total loss of consciousness,… Read More ›

Reiki Exposed

Interview with a former Reiki practitioner:   A brochure advertising Reiki, an energy healing technique, translates the word “Reiki” as “guided Universal Life Force Energy,” (Ana Jones, certified Reiki Master-Teacher, Professional Intuitive, and Interfaith Minister, in her flyer, Reiki, Natural… Read More ›