About this blog:

Welcome to this strange little part of the internet. This blog will be exposing the reality of demons and how they operate and gain access to individuals. Here you will find resources on how to resist, fight against, and overcome the enemy by the power and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. This blog was made also to expose the works, lies, and deceptions of satan, for he is the one who deceives the whole world (Rev. 12:9). Here we expose it “in order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes” (2 Cor. 2:11). Therefore, “Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil” (Eph. 6:11). Amen.

The Bible is clear in Ephesians 6:12 as it reads, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

May this blog bless you in the mighty name of Jesus.

A little about myself:

I am a born-again Christian who has been through many fiery trials and attacks from the enemy. I have experienced from sleep paralysis attacks to a demon trying to enter my body. But by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, I have been able to overcome them and exercise the authority God gives believers. I have now become much wiser and stronger in regard to spiritual warfare after the devil sifted me for many years.

By God’s grace, may this blog be a useful resource for exposing the enemy and providing effective ways to receive deliverance in the authority and mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

You can read my experiences with “wrestling” with the enemy here.

Need prayer?


If you have issues such as hearing evil voices, addictions or strongholds that you can’t break, feel like something foreign is in your body, etc., you may have demons, and may need deliverance in the name and authority of the Lord and God Jesus Christ of Nazareth. You may want to check out the list for more common symptoms of demonization.

If you believe you have demonic issues and want prayer for deliverance, prayer for something else, or have any questions, then feel free to contact me. Please let me know the details of the nature of the demonic attacks if you want prayer for deliverance. My email is Jamaalw27@gmail.com and my name on Skype is jamaalw27 (yes, deliverance prayers can work over a video call). Or feel free to call me at +1 (626) 622-8337 (I’m also on WhatsApp).

Please note: Message or text me first to see if I am available at the moment if you want to call (I am in the Pacific Time Zone); and I am unable to phone text internationally.

All of this is done for no charge, as Jesus and His apostles prayed for others for free (Matt. 10:8). The only requirements are for you to truly and sincerely repent of your sins (or at least hate the sin or sins you are bound with that you believe to be demonic), and submit completely to the Lord Jesus Christ. Otherwise, the deliverance prayer can be in vain.

— Jamaal Williams

Share Your Testimony

I love reading or hearing testimonies of the grace, mercy, love, and power of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you think you have an inspiring, edifying, hopeful testimony, and would want it posted on this blog, then please feel free to contact me to tell me about it. I am also willing to do an interview with you to share on my YouTube channel. Don’t be timid about sharing what great things God has done for you. I’m sure it can bless someone.

Statement of Faith


The Bible is God’s word: I believe the Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit, completely true, without error in the original canon of 66 books, which makes up the Old and New Testaments. I wholeheartedly believe the Bible is the revelation of God’s will for salvation, and the divine and final authority for Christian faith and life. The words in the Bible are the very words God wanted to be recorded (2 Timothy 3:15-17; 2 Peter 1:20-21; Exodus 34:27). I do NOT believe any of the apocryphal or pseudepigrapha texts are inspired by God, as it doesn’t line up with 66 books of the Bible.

The Trinity: There is one God, eternally existent in three distinct, co-equal Persons: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit (Gen. 1:26; Matt. 28:19). 


Jesus Christ: I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ, The only-begotten Son of God, Begotten of Him before all ages, God of God, Light of Light, Very God of Very God, Begotten, not made, Being of one substance with the Father, By whom all things were made. I emphatically affirm the deity of Jesus Christ—that He is Almighty God who existed from eternity past. I also affirm His humanity, virgin birth, His sinless life, His miracles, His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood on the cross, His physical bodily resurrection, His ascension to the right hand of the Father, His personal return in power and glory, and Judgment of all mankind. I believe Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation (John 10:9; 14:6; Acts 14:12), and all other ways lead to the broad road to destruction (Matt. 7:13-14).

Salvation by grace: Salvation of lost and sinful man and woman is by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (Eph. 2:8-9; John 3:16). I also believe one must repent as God commands (Matt. 3:2; Matt. 5:29-30; Matt. 18:8-9; Luke 13:3; Luke 24:47; Acts 3:19). Regeneration by the Holy Spirit is essential (John 3:6; Titus 3:5-6).

Gifts of the Holy Spirit: I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord (2 Cor. 3:17), the giver of life (John 6:63), who proceeds from the Father and the Son (John 15:26). I believe the body of Christ was always meant to operate in ALL the gifts of the Spirit listed in Scripture, and are meant to bring the body of Christ into greater unity and fullness of the faith (Eph. 4; 1 Cor. 12-14). I believe in, as I have done numerous times, the expelling of demons by the authority of Jesus (Luke 10:19), and I believe it is possible Christians can be indwelt with demons. I also believe in the healing of the sick (Matt. 10:18; James 5:14) among other spiritual gifts mentioned in the New Testament.

Free Bible

If you need a Bible, I will gladly send one to you for free (while supplies last). Just email me to let me know the address to send it.


To send a donation, please go to www.paypal.me/JTDMinistry. Other options are https://venmo.com/JTDMinistry, https://cash.app/$JTDMinistry, and GoFundMe.

Thank you and God bless you.

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          1. Anonymous

            Are you saying that Roman Catholicism is a false doctrine, what about wearing a brown scapular? I’d like your feedback. I read your message on false teachers


          2. Anonymous

            I believe you to be the false prophet, people of “the spirit” have the “Helper” in their soul and have our Lord to guide us towards the Truth.


        1. 2winwar

          You do not know this person. I do know, as a person who was sexually sacrificed(around 6 on fathers day weekend in watrous sask in 1992)(- at least this is where i was chosen to be raped by they say 15to30 adults but i say 30 to 40) as a child and then my father most likely killed himself because of this. Then again after he died I was again sexually sacrificed by a different sector of the same satanist occult group of around 40 to 50 men the second time(13-i was 13) this time though the royal canadian mounted police freemasonic lodge (until 1995)located on 1900 block of Lorme street in regina sask. (Apparently they went underground in 2013) a block or so away from a bar I had vip at but that’s because this even took place at that bar) . No one in their right human worldly life would speak against masturbation unless they were a follower of Jesus Christ. That was is something very hard but i have not surrendered because i believe it is beyond demonic. Its not holy thats for sure. This writer is certainly a man who is a believer. I can tell by the sincerely written posts.


      1. Karen Pelizzari

        Hi Jamaal, my name is Karen Pelizzari. My husband and I pastor a church in Belton Texas, right in the middle of Texas. I also have a very large Bible College. I deal mostly with the prison system.
        Though my husband is very knowledgable and has written many books on the same subjects you have mentioned in your website, I cannot get him to help me take my son [blended family] through deliverance. He is very supportive in every other way, but he has been through so much with my son. So it is totaly understandable. My son is bi-polar and schizophrenic, hears voices, yet continually seeks God’s help. My mother was into every demonic thing around, tarrot cards, transendental, astroprojection, etc. And I have no one in our church mature enough to help with deliverance. His name is John Michael, When I prayed for him one time, the spirit came out of him and brought a fearful force that tried to push meback. he didn’t do a thing just that spirit came after me. I just need a second person to stand with me, and pray with mefor him. Thanks in advance. Karen [ I have been a spirit filled tongue talking believer who was raised under Lester Sumrall for over 40 years, and I am on YouTube so you can see some of my preaching if you want to know about me or my beliefs]

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      2. Austin Creed

        Can demons fake a Deliverance like pretend they are leaving by making the meds gestations go away and thin pretend like they’re gone to hide from being cast out


    1. nicolehotmess

      Please pray for me. The devil has been ruthlessly attacking me day by day through sleep paralysis. And please pray that my Faith in the Lord shall grow stronger.

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      1. Anonymous

        I’ll pray for you to Nicole . Also side note not judging – but have you thought of changing your username : instead of”hotmess”. Not to be legalistic but a better name

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    2. Heather Smith

      You people are crazy are you listening to urself how could you say a child of sexual abuse may have or be a demon. How can you say people which medical conditions or disabilitys it comes from demonic you people need to get it minds together and watch what you say about certain things of life. This is the most manipulative crap I have ever heard in my life


          1. Aracelis J.Mujica

            I have read your article, the lord lead me to read it my son is going through sleep paralysis, I didn’t understand what was happening to him, now I understand what is happening after I read your article. Is there anyway that I could contact you, please let me know. I thank God for leading me to you.


      1. Anonymyous

        Heather… Of all the things that is known on earth and yet to be discovered, how can you know or say it is as you say?
        And does everyone agree on your thoughts in other areas, where you are sure of being right?
        It’s like choosing a doctor or a builder, you go to what you have faith for, or think will help. Let people make their own choices, and quit calling what you don’t like manipulative, when you might discover a day, that what you believe in might be the things that has manipulated you.

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    3. Joyce de beer

      Please pray for my daughter Christine de beer for deliverance. She been through so much abuse. Fear and not be herself and fear ruled her life. This relationship she is in now I am also worried about, she us not herself.

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  1. Marliah

    I’m glad to read about your experience,went though the similar experience,praise jesus for setting
    me free from this evil attack.During that time i didn’t know it’s called “sleep paralysis”.Your experience have many similarity with mine.All my life i lived in fear,until 2003 when i was born again.Glory to HIS name,name above all names.Jesus Christ.I don’t share share my experience to so called christian anymore,after the reaction of unbelief when i told my experience.Somehow
    it terrified them.

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    1. Tammy

      Hi my name is Tammy. I have enjoyed reading your information and truth about the daemonic and send. I suffer from sleep paralysis since I was a child. I have had demons attack me try to strangle me and stab me and hump me like a dog. Recently the Lord has led me through the Bible verses where he cast out demons. I also have been listening to Derrick Prince for about a year. I also have suffered with many illnesses since I was a child and they progressively got worse and I am now 49. Unexplained neuropathy, body pains, Accidents, surgeries and my husband has encouraged me in all of the alternative medicines which I now understand are demonic. I have tormenting thoughts especially at night and dreams that are dark and wake up with anxiety. Both of my parents smoked cigarettes and I continually have panic attacks every time I try to quit smoking. Asking for your prayers and advice. When I am fast and pray and get in the word I get attacked even more also from my husband. I have also not understood since I was a child I can be in a conversation and all the sudden I will just lie. And after the conversation I think why did that come out or why did I say that I just don’t understand what that is. I know that my father lied a lot

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  2. bohemianwriter1

    I’m in the middle of a Kundalini awakening.
    Want to meet in person to tell me what is really bothering you?
    I am open to debate in person any anti-kundalini voice out there…
    I’ll find the experience amusing.. But you would have to come to me….

    How you make all your biblical vitriol and hate be about Kundalini is well beyond my limited comprehension of the so called advanced Christian mind who reads the bible at face value when it fits their agenda. And that agenda I know something about.
    Those are agendas I would like to bring up in the face of any Christian fundamentalist who dares facing my challenge.
    Well, that and my challenge to check if they actually understand the concept of Christ… Something tells me they don’t. Neither does this poster.


  3. Miguel

    I started praying everyday, and see green and purple light. I feel a pressure on my forehead and nose. I get headaches and get nauseous because colors move around constantly. I only prayed to Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. Is this demonic? If so, should I stop praying? Thanks


      1. Anonymous

        Or it could be a sinus infection, or a neurological disorder.

        Beware false prophets who make promises in the name of God. They lead the righteous to gates of hell while singing His praise


        1. controversialchristian1

          It could be anything. But if you’re a practising Christian you’ll know there is a demonic realm. Many health conditions which seemingly have no cause or cure could very well be spiritual assault, particularly neurological conditions. I struggle with chronic fatigue syndrome. I know that it is spiritual assault and not some natural illness.


          1. Anonymous

            Yes, it could be anything. It could be God afflicting the wicked, it could be Satan testing the righteous, it could be a natural illness or it could be someone having a laugh. To prescribe false hope in the form of demonic literature without truly understanding the root cause makes one either the heretic subverting God’s will, a saint having recognized Evil, a harmer of man by preventing worldly remedy or one who brings disrepute to the Faith by professing Possessions when one never occurred.

            Perhaps it would have been more pragmatic to recommend the poster visit a medical professional first. Instead, if the poster has been harmed by poor advice then it would be we of errant faith who have maybe unwittingly enabled the Devils plan to succeed.

            In all earnestness, I pray you feel better soon and that your fatigue is swept away like the morning fog but we must all reconsider that “could very well” does not mean certainty of bellevolent or malevolent forces.

            Hope is the most important thing of all but in the same vein false hope is the most vile.


          2. controversialchristian1

            In Christ, there is no false hope. It can be said that many illnesses are natural, but whatever their cause there is always hope of healing.

            So many people come to this website and seem angered by the message it gives, yet like moths to a flame they are drawn. I’ve experienced poltergeist activity, seen ghosts, and know that there is a negative spiritual realm. The Bible talks earnestly and honestly about this. I’ve also experienced God in my life, too.

            I cannot speak for anyone else, I can only give you my testimony of the things I have seen and experienced. We can play at words all day long. If we are indeed nutbars or offering false hope, or there is indeed no God, then people will eventually drift elsewhere. But in my experience of ‘drifting elsewhere’ I found truth in God. Whether all in the head or spiritual assault, the Lord Jesus Christ is perfectly capable of healing any of us of all diseases.

            God bless you. Truly.


  4. Anonymous

    Hi, you, just wanted to let you know that lately something is not working as usual… following your blog, so I get an email every time you publish a new article…but when I clicked on the one earlier today and on the one before, it said the page wasn’t found… just thought you may not know and may want to check this… GOD bless you!


      1. MR

        Thank you for your sharing. I’ve been having sleep paralysis since a child and because I grew up in a Christian family, I would always call on the name of Jesus and it would leave me.

        At one time I was confused whether it was my body being sensitive to either a demonic presence or Angelic one. The reason I was confused is because those men who stood in Angelic presence or even Gods presence described their encounter with “falling Prostrate before the Lord” or “falling into deep sleep” until they were given strength. My experiences were a bit similar where I felt I was being forced into a deep sleep or felt paralyzed. But I knew it was demonic because my spirit kept fighting it off and I felt I didn’t want to remain in that state.

        Thanks for clarifying that these are demonic attacks. Your blog really spelt it out for me.


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      2. Anonymyous

        Asher, be careful posting your e-mail add in “remove this before mailing” or such in the address, so you don’t end up with unwanted mail or spam. 🙂


  5. Elsie

    Please pray for me, my mentors have the kundalini spirit. I left them for a couple of weeks now but I do need help in prayer.

    Thank you



  6. Sybil

    Hi, with my experience I don’t use the name “sleep paralysis”, but ” spiritual warfare”. Scientists don’t have the solution but Jesus does.

    I have attacks at once a week and with my experience I don’t need deliverance.

    I often have attacks when I have changed someone’s life to Christ or delivered someone, or if I have a spiritual task that’s coming.

    These demons go to an extent of talking, words like “why did you set them free”, don’t call the name of Jesus”.

    At one stage as I was going to sleep and this day was Thursday. Immediately I went to sleep then the demon was suppressing me, n then two demons came on the left n right side of my bed. I opened my eyes so wide as I was saying to myself this is real. They were blowing two horns in my ears. No matter how hard I tried to call the name of Jesus, it was sound proof. I couldn’t be heard. After I managed to wake up, I chased them out in prayer n my 5 year old some came running to my room saying he saw the ghost and then I was sure it was real. As I asked the Holy Spirit to intervene, He said pray for the kids n I prayed for the two of them.

    On Friday they went to my mom and on Sunday I went to prison to pray, and my mom called saying I must come back as my son had red rash and hot all over his body.

    I told her I will go to pray first and attend him after I believe God will take care of him as I take care of His sheep.
    When I was done sitting on the bench waiting for others, then there was noise in my ears like those horns, and then I said oh devil you wanted to confuse me n my son is not really sick.

    When I took him to the doctor he said, my son doesn’t have measles and showed me the other boy with measles.

    I came back joyful and said I will never be scared of such attacks ever again as the devil is fighting. No need for me to be delivered as this has to do with discernment.

    My advise to anyone, get closer to God and you will hear clearly, they can talk – real demons.

    Pastor Sybil


      1. Chris

        I am 46 and was saved at an early age of 9. At 13 I started sleeping 20 hours a day, started collapsing from extreme anger or laughter and began having demonic sleep paralysis dreams. I was diagnosed with narcolepsy and have been living with it ever since.

        From time to time I have sleep paralysis (that is what the medical “experts” call it) but I say they are demonic attacks. I was taught as a teenager to boldly verbally to call out Jesus’s name during those attacks and say “by the power and the blood of Jesus I command all demons to flee this bed, this room, this house and return to the abyss they came from”. THIS WORKS

        I am happily married to a very powerful Christian woman who is just starting to learn more about deliverance prayers. She is convinced I can be healed of my narcolepsy (I am not so sure). But now she is having the same demonic attacks at night. She will start moaning in her sleep and each time I wake her up and pray different variations of what I mentioned above. These attacks are real and it is a blessing reading the truths you tell about these demons unlike most any doctor or scientist.


        Now back to my 2 biggest issues. . . Lust/masterbation and lying.

        Lust – I have been watching porn for my entire adult life yet each time I pray it seems to do no good. I hate it, this sin sickens me. The guilt and dirtiness I feel afterwards is horrible yet I can’t seem to get rid of it?

        Lying – I will lie some times uncontrollably for no reason except to give myself gratification. I hate this part of me but it happens almost daily and again me praying about it confessing my sin to God doesn’t remove me from continually doing it over and over again (same for lust).

        How can I get healing from this?

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  7. vijay pasch

    Dear brother, I’m VIJAY PASCH since
    from my childhood, I have come
    > up only from painful memories of my life,
    my father nor mother didn’t
    > show love on me,but tortured me, in every
    way, my parents loved only my younger
    brothers because they were
    fair, i was black in colour,since i was very
    young i used cry in agony
    seeing the passing clouds above thinking will
    any body really love
    me,some times even people also did not like
    me l think it should be
    because of my appearance my mother was
    very bad
    > woman. now I’m 41 yrs I last my parents,
    Dear brother,for several years
    > I suffered with out a suitable job,for many
    years, financial
    > breakthrough, no peace of mind, due to
    depression I became a chain
    > smoker, recently in the month of may a
    swelling occurred in my left
    > side of my throat, Doctors advised for
    thyroid scan,results proved the
    > left Submandibular gland appears to be
    enlarged, due to glandular
    > inflammation, cervical group of lymph
    nodes, Dear brother now I’m
    > deeply troubled and worried, thinking it
    might be some cancer or any
    > other incurable diseases, the swelling
    remains for 3 days and
    > disappears, and again on 5th day it bulges
    out, it’s painful. Dear
    > brother I have 2 children to take care even
    my children fall ill every often,my wife
    is also suffers from
    > wheezing problems, Dear brother I’m a
    sinner, I never did what GOD
    > required. but did what SATAN wants,always
    I had lot of
    enemies because for being good. I don’t know
    I’m not worthy, but I
    > humbly ask you all to pray,only my personal
    prayer alone is not
    > enough, I seek intercession of others,who
    have the gift of healing,
    > because GOD has given some, the gift of
    healing. Dear brother,I kindly
    > request to you all to pray for me daily, that I
    should be completely
    > healed. please reply Dear brother THANKS

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  8. temesgen elias

    This work is from god Almaty because devil is the place wher we are captivated and god delver as by this per yer.temesgen elias from ethiopya adissabeba


  9. Grace

    Hi Jamaal,
    Thank you for reaching out to help people who are in demonic oppression, I have just sent you an email requesting prayer for my brothers.


  10. Zachary

    Im trying to find help or something, i dont even know to be honest. But i do know that im probably not going to get any answers in my own Christian Community. Latley ive turned away from alot of wickedness and have been closer to Christ than ever. Im 35 and have never had this kind or any experience close to this level until last night. To keep it short and to the point, i woke up in a way, atleast i was fully aware of what was going on by instantly being violently attacked by something bigger than me, completely black with horns 2-6 inches long. I was on my side and just remember locking my arms around its neck fearing it was actually trying to get inside of me. My chest was burning, like it was actually on fire, and all i could was like my whole body being stabbed with needles. All i knew was that it was Demonic and that i needed to call on Jesus, but it knew that and it wasn’t letting me speak and i was in such a struggle that i was short of breath. Finally i was able, to get out, “Jesus is Lord” i said, then it stopped and just like that it was gone, then i really opened my eyes and kept saying “Jesus is Lord”. Up unto this point i had thought ive had real experience during sleep, but i knew the difference instantly when this happened. But before i had went to sleep, i had prayed and in prayer i had made my commitment to Christ that i was a Soldier of Gods Army and that nothing would get in the way of that. My feeling is that my commitment had something to do with the attack. Just looking for comfort or guidance i guess.
    Christ Bless, Zachary


    1. Hey Zachary,

      If you are turning away from sin and turning to Jesus then the enemy is going to try to discourage you. Don’t let anyone or anything from pursuing from Christ. I went through a lot of demonic attacks when I pursued Christ. You can read about it in my sleep paralysis post.

      May God keep you in your journey.

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  12. Nathan

    Ever since I wanted to leave behind my life of heroin addiction and prison and live got jesus I have experienced all this I am being tortured day and night I have reached out only to be made fun of I mean this is something only in movies right no…it is very real I am desperate and need help I ha e tried fasting praying is where to go please any suggestions help where I will get in my car and travel anywhere I just need help where do I go??? I have one pastor try to help but she has no awnser any suggestions please..if not I understand then prayers would be appreciated thanks…my name is Nathan I don’t ha e email number is 9108334713 and I live in nc, usa


    1. J R

      Nathan, have you reached out to Derek prince ministries? They might have a resource for you. He also has a lot of videos online on YouTube on deliverance and spirits etc.

      First of all I want to say congratulations on getting out and wanting better for yourself. I have a loved one that’s incarcerated because of drug addiction. It’s no easy feat to be by yourself. Humble yourself before God and keep crying out to him and petitioning him for help. Keep reading scripture and praying. Each time you have a craving bind up that spirit and read your Bible and pray. I’ve done this with my loved one. He got saved while he was in jail. And got deliverance from a lot of demonic spirits. Many which had to do with torment and drug addiction.

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  13. Jenn

    I found this website and I have some problems. Since a teenager I’ve had sleep paralysis. I also have a problem with black shadows and black smoky shadows hovering over me when I sleep. They have been seen by my partner. I believe in Jesus and I repented again last night. We all fall short. I’ve been to several Churches and preachers and they don’t believe me or can’t help me. I really don’t know if something is attached to me. My partner saw the other night smoky black shadows over my head and chest and when he turned on the light they vanished. Months ago he saw a tall black Shadow hovering over me while I was sleeping. It took his energy away and he fell asleep. What does it want? Why can’t anyone help me. I did open doors in my life and asked God to close them. When I’m alone if I try to sleep I’ll have sleep paralysis. I don’t feel fear bc I’m used to it. I’m afraid to go to a church most of them teach new age stuff. I do pray and watch pastors preach on YouTube. What is happening to me I know it’s demonic. Can you tell me what I need to do. I’m at some comfort knowing that I’m not alone in these experiences. Preachers have said I’m having bad dreams and nothing more. I feel helpess.

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  14. I am a born again Christian. I love Jesus Christ. That being said – recently I’ve had 3 strange “dreams” which are troubling me which started about a month ago. The first experience was I knew an evil being was touching me while I slept and it woke me. It simply had his hand on my butt while I lay on my side. I swear I woke, cried out to Jesus and it immediately stopped. (BTW, I am divorced from an abusive husband, so I am alone at night. That is a whole other story – I am a victim of domestic violence from a man who I think might have been possessed-was married 20 years.). I really didn’t feel like I was dreaming – it felt real. Since then I’ve had a couple nightmares about demons – never had this experience before and I’m 57 years old. Last night’s dream was that I was in my old house (where I grew up) and was sleeping and a young, girl demon with mid-length black hair jumped on me while I was laying down and began attacking me – I pushed on her chest to throw her off of me and called “Jesus” immediately the dream ended.
    Here is my current situation. My mother died in 1997 and left our childhood home to my sister. House was built in 1955 and my parents are the original owners. My sister got into Wicca and she would not allow me or my other siblings to come to the home after my mother passed away. This past June – my sister informed me she is going to California and is giving me the house (which is in New Jersey). I am renting and currently live an hour from the house. The catch is – the house is a mess. She is a hoarder and she left almost all her possessions behind. I’m talking there was only pathways through the house. Boxes, papers, trash, many, many various items I’ve been sorting through. I have been going there regularly to clean it out. The house and the yard have fallen into a state of disrepair as well. I have found many pentagrams and witchy items. I have thrown out many of these items – there could be more of them that I am unaware of. I have erased pentagrams from walls and the garage. I have brought some of her possessions to my current home – just regular items I am currently trying to sell, clean, etc. I have read some of her writings in her journals she left in the home and she wrote some mean things about me. I don’t even want to talk to her because I am hurt, but also because she has unclean spirits attached to her. I do pray for her regularly. My main problem is I am forced to move into the home soon in order to have the money to repair it. I want to sell it in the next 2-3 years because it is in a city, which I moved out of 25 years ago. It is hard at my age to return to my childhood home as a divorced woman. Not to mention the fact that I feel the home is spiritually violated. My main concern is that I now feel I am being attacked spiritually. Since I began working on that house in June I’ve gotten bit by a spider and then a tick and contracted Lyme disease. I’ve also fallen a couple times (which isn’t normal for me) and gotten pretty banged up. My oldest son also tried to commit suicide this past fall (thank God he wasn’t successful) and my daughter suffers from depression and cannot get out of bed most days – she just stays on her cell phone non-stop. Not sure if this is just a coincidence or not – but it sure seems odd when you add it all up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    1. Hello and welcome.

      I don’t think it is a coincidence all those bad things have happened to you and your children. If your sister was involved in Wicca living in that house then I have no doubt that house is demonically infested. I would get rid of everything associated with your sister. I would also fast and pray in every single room casting out every unclean spirit. Pray that the shed blood of Jesus Christ cover the house and proclaim the home for the Lord.

      You may want to check out this page https://jesustruthdeliverance.com/demonic-doorways-and-signs-of-demonization/

      God bless.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Anonymous

      I am a Pastor from Cambridge UK, I saw the comments you left on a website concerning a teaching by Dr Leslie McFall, Leslie was a friend of mine. I want to encourage you regarding your decision not to remarry; Leslie’s teaching is on point.
      I also pray for people to break free from spiritual oppression if I can help in anyway do let me know. God bless and be with you. James

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Bobby Spicer SR

    I am in great need of prayers I have had this enemy in trap me since I was a child continuously pulling closer at first I thought I might have found God but rather way this entity took over all contact I may have had its constantly putting me down and telling me it’s going to end my life prematurely. I really could use the prayers lately its causing me a lot of pain. Thx


  16. Erin Morano

    I have strong evidence that I have been possessed and am currently being tormented my a demon or perhaps many. They say they are 9. Could me a lie or could not be. I need help non the less.


  17. Grace


    I’m 16 and struggling with really bad OCD. It’s gone away some this past week probably because I’m thinking about getting medicine for it, but there has to be a better way to treat this. I was beginning to wonder if it was all spiritual. (I bring up OCD because I read in your posts that it can be a sign of something demonic.) I read these things and thought I was going crazy until I read a comment about someone else’s experience with satanic symbols. I thought Christians couldn’t be attacked, but obviously we can. A few times when I’ve been deeply depressed I’ve felt like there was something ”foreign” in me like a demon, but that was a long time ago so I haven’t given it much thought. Recently I had an experience with satanic symbols, but it’s probably nothing. I know that one of the weapons Satan uses is getting us to believe that he and his demons aren’t real or doing anything destructive in our lives. I also know that demons are real, I just feel like the assumption that there’s demonic activity going on in my life is too spiritual, as many Christians tend to ”spiritualize” things that can be explained medically like OCD. I have a few questions about all this, and one of them is could you please pray for me? Also, please email me. My email is muellergrace3@gmail.com




    1. Anonymyous

      Grace, be careful about posting your e-mail in comment fields, add “remove this before mailing” into the address so you avoid getting spam and unwanted mail. 🙂


    2. Mary

      Grace, I used to have OCD that controlled my life. After analyzing, I realized that due to a turbulant childhood it was caused by not feeling safe and not trusting myself. I called on Archangel Michael and Jesus Christ to watch over me and my actions. Example: when turning off the stove, and my OSD kicked in, I would bind the demons and ask Michael to make sure I turned the stove off while looking at the stove buttons confirming they were off. Each day my OSD lessened, it takes a while to regain trust in yourself. It took me several years of working at it. Now my OSD does not control my life. It is about changing the way your thought processes work and not allowing darkness to have the upper hand. You can do this. There is an old book called pyschocybernetics that teaches positive thinking. It is easy to get in a habit of thinking negative when we live in this fallen world. Do not be hard on yourself.


  18. Elyse

    I am learned about Christ and accepted him 4 years but didn’t start following him until 2 years ago and I still don’t feel that full joy in Jesus I haven’t been able to laugh in almost 6 years in January and Im only 21 .


  19. leopardjuicetitan26747

    Hello Sir, I Need Your Help In prayers…I Read Your blog About Masturbation, Honestly I’ve Tried And Tried To Be Free From It. But The Devil Is Keeping It In My Mind All The Time.
    I’ve A Special gift From God, But satan And His Demons Are Keeping Me Out From God’s Presence.

    Any Time Something Good Is About To Come, Satan Will trick My Mind To Have The urge For Masturbation And I’ll Find Myself Doing It And After That Problems Of Problems Start To Come.
    I Know That Masturbation Is A Spirit From Satan And I Can Not Fight It With Man Power Or Man Abilities. But With The Help Of God I Can Overcome It.

    Right Now I’m Living In Despression And Total Hatred For Myself.
    I Feel NoLonger To Live, But To Kill Myself. But That Is Not A Good Option To Take.
    I Think That Jesus Hates Me…Calling Him To Help Me Out From My Problems And sickness, But Couldn’t Help Me Out.
    Sir I Need Your Prayers. As It sounds That I Can’t State My Problems.

    My Real Name Is Jephthah…Ask God To Help Me Out From My Troubles And Pains.


  20. I have a witch living above me. That haunts me every night. I rebuke in the name of Jesus and by the blood of Jesus. It does not help. I have anointed my place with oil and prayer. The next day I found a puddle of the anointing oil on the floor of my kitchen by the door. I need strength, support, and prayer. I also have fasted.


  21. jo

    Satan is the “accuser of the brethren” (Rev. 12:10, Job 1:6; Zech. 3:1), as seeking to uphold his influence among men by bringing false charges against Christians, with the aim of weakening their strengrh and injuring their hope and faith. He was regarded by the Jews as the accuser “of men before God, laying to their charge the violations of the law of which they were guilty, and demanding their punishment”.

    The same Greek word, “accuser” is found in (John 8:10, Acts 23:30) in all of which places it is used of one who brings a charge against another. This is what your whole website is about! Accussing everyone from Christian demominations to actual occult groups.

    All I see here is accussation after accusation against all sorts of practices, religions, sicknesses etc that I wonder if the author of this site has a more diabolical mission than they are fronting. If the idea is to put people off Christianity and the word of God, J Williams I must admit you are doing an awesome job. Satan, the original accusser would be proud! For example, a reply to one of your reader in the “masturbation is demonic” post (lol).

    “Welcome. The Lord Jesus Christ loves you and wants to save your wicked, wretched soul from your sins. Repent and turn to Him and He can cleanse you from all of your sins. Otherwise, the wrath of God abides on you.”

    Who are you to judge others as “wicked, wretched soul”? Are you really a true Christian J Williams, cause all I see in your responses to most of your readers here is a dismissive kind of “repent or burn” spitefulness that has nothing to do with the values Jesus Christ embodied?

    “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? Matthew 7:3


  22. jo

    Whatever the case (over-judgemental christian fanatic who genuinely means well or diabolical accuser), I’ll be praying for you J Williams, and I don’t even pray that often!!


  23. Michael foster

    My name is Michael foster please pray that all sings attacks against my life weather be witchcraft or Jezebel are stopped and that god gives me strong guidance


  24. Anonymous

    My name is Ashley. If you could pray for me that would be great. I try to be a good person but I hear voices that are mean to me every day and night. Something also touches me during the day and at night and has actually hurt me several times in the past (in a private area of my body). I have something or someone without a body that yells at me a lot and sometimes it’s voice sounds familiar. Sometimes i hear voices of deceased people and living people but no one is there (mediumship?). The voices try to turn me against all the family I have and any friendly people I have ever known. I ask Jesus and AAM for help but I am really tired of them not coming through for me. I’ve been to an exorcist and shamans out of desperation. My family is really fed up with me talking about the mean voices and I’ve spoken to other people with psychic abilities who all seem scared of the spirits too. I hear my living family members making fun of me a lot as well as people I know. Thanks for your help.



  25. Elliot

    Hi, Mr. Williams. It’s Elliot. We exchanged several emails over the past few days.

    Is it possible we could talk on Skype sometime? I have a list of questions about the history of Christianity and faith that I’d like to hear from a Christian perspective.

    I apologize for being so nosy but I am urgently looking for someone to share this with and I am experiencing a bit of a crisis in faith.


  26. Esther

    Hello there,
    I found this website while looking up reasons for my twitching hand as I found it to be an odd occurrence. I understand that human doctors only know so much, so I thank God for all this information here. Some info. about my past includes being delivered from pornography/masturbation addiction, I used to also watch horoscope/zodiac videos, as well as practice yoga, I am from a country founded on voodoo. If you feel so led to, please pray for me. Thank you for reading


  27. AWaywardShepherd

    I have a long, strange story that I would appreciate prayer for as you have time. I do not see a way of emailing you though? Could you point it out to me please?


    1. Hi, it’s Karen Pelizzari. You emailed me. My husband and I are Pastors of a spirit filled church. My husband just wrote a study guide over demons, devils and unclean spirits. When Jesus was talking about them He mentioned all 3, if they were all one He wouldn’t have taken the time to list them separately. Demonic spirits are legalistic, if you don’t say their name exactly they won’t go but if you say Anti-Christ spirits and the Name of Jesus as you tell them to go they must leave. I can send you a copy of the study guide if you want it, no charge. I don’t want any one to suffer.
      If you contact me at karenpelizzari@yahoo.com we will get your address and mail it to you. I also have a Bible College named Agape Bible College in Belton Texas, you can look us up and take some of the courses on line, if you like it we can chat on the phone.


  28. Autumn Vaughn

    “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!”

    The Holy Spirit led me here today and I’m so grateful! I needed this confirmation that has brought peace in my spirit. I’ve got new age spirit/Kundalini spirit lodged in my spine…I need deliverance…please help me pray for this brother and sisters in Christ Jesus. Love everyone.


    Liked by 1 person

  29. Bill

    About twenty five years ago as I was being drawn to the Lord, (I woke up to whether dream or vision, I’m still not sure) to a dark shadow standing on the left side of my bed. The fear and evil that was emanating from that image was indescribable. As I barried my head in my pillow, I cried out “ Lord help me” over and over and over again. I was locked in fear and paralyzed to move into any other position and fearful to see the image again. Eventually I was able to move to a knelling position on my bed and the image had moved back some away from me and I began to speak out against it in prayer. The only problem was my words were unintelligible and sounded like jibberish. Eventually they started to clear up and they started to make sense. At this point an authority began to accompany the prayer and I began moving toward the image as it was now in the very corner of my bedroom and more translucent/see through. I eventually walked right into it while praying and it dissipated completely. That was over twenty years ago, this past year I have been battling fear to the point, we’re I can barely function and care for my family. I’m hypersensitive, irritable, insecure and paranoid/fearful around my wife of almost twenty years. Sometimes I think I’m going crazy, and I’ll never come out of this, then I remember that dream/vision. Mabey it was a prophetic dream of an attack that would come against me, but one that I would eventually over come. To have suicidal thoughts as much as I have this past year, takes a lot of energy out of you and brings even more fear. I have been anointed with oil, and my wife and I are trying to engaging the lies when they come, but please pray for victory, I just want to have an intimacy with the Holy Spirit that I am unmovable and full of joy.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. jimmy carnes

    Masturbation , porn, exposed as child , also abuse physically sexually , shame ,guilt ,grief ,disgust, Seizures now ! doorway ? have had 8 aprox one every one to two months !And my wife does not take care of her self ,Not looking for perfect just take care of self ! I seek total deliverance weather she does anything or not ! She is a wonderful wife , none better! So victory over porn ,masturbation ,seizures ,Over any open door to the demonic !Feed on the word ,prayer regular and consistent ,Tired of the battle

    Liked by 2 people

  31. J R

    Hi J. Williams

    I would like some advice and wisdom regarding this whole situation that I’m going to share with you in this comment. how do you supposed to see my older sister that I haven’t really spoken to a whole lot except for over email in the last few years. The reason for the distance is because she and her husband have continually been verbally abusive towards me.
    I’ve dealt with a lot abuse and trauma in my lifetime. I have two sisters. I am the middle one. The one I’m supposed to see you soon before she leaves and moves to Texas mid November.… She is my older sister. I lived with her for a few years several years ago. After I got out of a bad situation unhealthy relationship home life with my biological mother. My biological mother was abusive towards me Verbally and did her best to isolate me. I got out of that situation. And was hoping for the best when I moved in with to my older sisters with my younger sister. But that didn’t last very long. Until she and her husband became verbally abusive and very critical and incredibly judge mental towards me.

    I believe that they’re Christians and that they mean well and that they are good people by human standards and definitely by other Christian standards as well. But I believe they have a lack of understanding and compassion and maturity in certain areas. And I believe we probably probably both both parties have a spiritual issues we need to get dealt with that react to each other to some extent.

    I Was dealing with abuse all types of use from my ex fiancé at the last time that I was living with them. I acted out on some ways it wasn’t OK… Which was still me holding back as much as possible and out. I have apologized. I also have forgiven them. But my continued Experiences with them have proven that I can’t trust them. I hope that that will be different. But I’m fearful of seeing them and feeling like a little child again.

    I don’t want my sister to have my number or know where I live because of how she’s reacted and how her husband has responded to me as well. Time and time again. I told her that if she wanted my number if she would need to agree to respect my boundaries about not asking questions over and over again when I say I don’t feel comfortable talking about it and also that I don’t want her to keep asking questions when I have not responded to them in the first place. And that I also expect the same thing in person. And if she does respect that but I will give her my number then. But until then I won’t.

    I don’t feel comfortable having her at my place in her family or going to her place. I wanted to go to a neutral place like a restaurant or something in her town because she will be I guess the family her family will be traveling that weekend and so I’m OK with going somewhere neutral like a restaurant or a bowling alley to meet with them.

    Is there any advice you would give me?

    I’m kind of at a loss right now because I’m getting quite emotional. And of course getting a bit fearful because how she completely ignored the whole respect and boundaries thing in the email.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. controversialchristian1

      First off, spend some time in prayer. You can pray for them too, but it does not mean you have to put up with them or be a doormat!

      Ironically, when Christians or supposed Christians act horribly, the best real answer is merely to be like Jesus, and forgive. This isn’t always easy of course.

      In every difficult situation in our lives, God gives us the opportunity to pray, grow, study scripture and be transformed. I know some circumstances can be or seem beyond bearable, they are not neatly summed up nor can be easily dealt, and they may go on for years or have gone on for years. But in every event, call on the Lord for help, grace, advice and the character to go on.

      We will indeed be more than conquerors thru Him who can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine!

      God bless you.


    2. Hello JR,

      My apologies for not replying sooner.

      I am sorry about your situation. If I was so uncomfortable and communicating with being with my sister and her husband, then I would just avoid them. I don’t like to have anxiety being around toxic people.

      What’s compelling you to stay in close contact with her? Why do you feel obligated to talk to her? You shouldn’t feel bound in that way.

      Another option is to tell her how you feel. Let everything off your chest via phone or email. But I would take it up with prayer on what decision to make.

      By the way, it’s wonderful that you forgave. That is very important.

      God bless.

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  32. Natalia

    Please pray for Alejandro. He started having sessions with psychodelic ayahuasca tea. It made him violent and dangerous to himself and his mother and relatives. He has already attempted self-harm and more….He was never physically violent this way before…

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Kaylee Suitors

    Hi, I came across your website while searching for information on Santa Muerte. I had no idea what this was until my 14 year old son asked me to buy him this book for Christmas. My son is currently in Juvenile Detention after two years of running away from home, skipping school, doing all kinds of drugs, breaking into vehicles, stealing etc. I have had suspicions over the years that he is under demonic oppression. He is very rebellious and hates anything to do with Christianity or God, even though he was raised in a Christian home. He really needs prayer and deliverance. Please help, this has been the most challenging thing I have ever been through as his parent.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. controversialchristian1

      I experienced sleep paralysis for years, but haven’t since I became a practising Christian. I’m convinced, like Jamaal, that many such things are spiritual assault or demonic attacks and although this can be scary, if you simply ask Jesus Christ into the situation, you will find help.

      Pray regularly, get a Bible, try to find a decent Bible believing Christ centred church. Use discernment too. Don’t just believe anyone on this subject, pray about it first. Don’t worry, milions suffer such things but we can overcome with Jesus.

      God bless.


  34. Kevin Whittaker

    Please Pray For Me That I will Be Able To Be Retaining My Deliverance Forevermore In Jesus Christ Holy Precious name amen Thank You For Praying For Me.


  35. Peachy Keen

    Hello – I’m so grateful I was led to this page. I have been battling demons my whole life. Everytime I try to draw closer to the Lord, I quickly get knocked back down. There’s some major demons surrounding my family and I’ve been personally afflicted by them since age 3. So much abuse, addictions, etc. The list goes on and on. I’ve been fasting and trying to seek the Lord, praying for deliverance, reading the bible and the attacks just don’t stop. 😓🙏 I can’t seem to break free. Now I’m experiencing paralysis in my dreams and I’m rebuking in the name of Jesus in my dreams and the paralysis finally stopped after rebuking in the name of Jesus multiple times. But since then I’ve lost my desire for reading the bible, fasting, praying etc- that dream has caused a block somehow and I don’t understand why. I still suffer with a cigarette addiction and have chronic pain from nerve damage – I never want to leave my house and my mobility is very limited. My husband is a Catholic and wants nothing to do with growing closer to God, through Jesus Christ – I just feel stuck and can really use some help/guidance. My children are also suffering through different demonic attacks (that’s what I believe anyways). They are all very worldly minded and me being the only believer in my home, is really causing some major problems. I don’t know if I should have posted all of this here, or should have emailed instead 😬 I will just post this comment and possibly send again through email.. I do thank you for this information. I’m going to try and do the deliverance prayer you posted- I’m new to the deliverance side of Jesus and fasting, but have been trying to learn as much as possible the last few months. So Thank you again. I apologize for the lengthy message. God bless you, in Jesus name 🙏🛡️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Peachy Keen

        I’m still struggling through- My husband is now deployed and I’m battling this cigarette addiction and this cigarette demon has a strong hold on me. I’ve been praying and fasting and reading the Bible but the spiritual warfare, blockages and hindrance is intense! I’m honestly not very knowledgeable in spiritual warfare- I know a little bit here and there but not enough to fully battle through it. Also with smoking still, I know I don’t have full authority through Jesus Christ yet 😔🙏 As I’m still in a battle with my flesh. My children are very much bringing alot of worldly music, movies etc into the home- so it’s just been a constant struggle. I’m not giving up though- but I do fear I’m running against a clock and the fear of the Lord is very much a true fear for me…. 😰🙏

        Liked by 1 person

        1. controversialchristian1

          I and my friend are also suffering with various demonic attacks and persecutions including ill health, depression, hearing voices and many other things. These things are not very nice at all for anyone but at least for the Christian believer we know we are not just nuts.

          I believe we absolutely need to dig deep into our faith. It may be that God is allowing this persecution for a reason. There’s always a reason. It’s not random. I suggest a number of things as much as is humanly possible. Pray regularly, openly and honestly. Ask the Lord why. Pray psalms, especially 41, 51, 91 then also 56 and 57. There are others. Read the Bible regularly even if you absolutely do not want to. Get into a Bible believing Christ centred church. You may already be doing all these things, then keep doing them but do not be afraid to ask God totally honest questions about why you are being persecuted so. It may feel like everything is caving in, lost and hopeless but the Lord won’t abandon you. Trust Him, but spend time in His presence.

          I’m just an ordinary guy but I will pray for you. Don’t despair. It’s very tough but the Lord will uphold you. But call on Him from the heart.


  36. Dalton

    Hello, I am shocked at the number of people here which have either the same or similar issues that I have. I thought this was a secular thing. I stopped reading then resumed after reading this…. “There are instances where demons will project a blasphemous thought into a person’s head and have the person think it was their own thoughts making the person be guilt-ridden.” For the last while my mind has been plagued with thoughts, not from me, but an outside voice projecting in my mind. It tries to blaspheme. I can feel something at my throat like a full feeling trying to escape when this happens. I have prayed repeatedly for God to take this away. I am a Christian. I do not want this plaguing me. My thoughts are disrupted. It is playing games on my nerves and life as a whole. At first I thought is was coming from me. I got scared, thinking that I was doing this garbage. I then realized that it is not me. Not my voice and that this thing doing it is trying to make me openly curse God. I refuse. Please, if you will, ask God in Jesus name to break these chains. I need full and total deliverance from Satan’s torment. Temptation is one thing. Satanic and repeated harassments and abuse like this is something else. It seems the closer I try to get to God, the worse and more frequent it is. Thank you and God bless.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. controversialchristian1

      If God is allowing this kind of demonic persecution in your life, there is a reason for it. Do not despair, many people suffer with this. Pray each day for healing, ask God why He allows it, pray psalms each day, get into a Christ focussed Bible believing church (and I mean focussed on Christ, not money, the pastor, doctrines etc) and ask God is there any sin or specifically anything in your life which needs repentance of.

      God bless.


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