Opening the “Third Eye” is a Mechanism For Demons to Come in

“The 3rd or Inner Eye  – A metaphysical opening that leads to higher consciousness. A new age symbol of enlightenment. Third Eye is a psychic ability connected to the occult.  The main way that one opens himself up to the spirit realm, is through meditation.  It is through meditation that one achieves an altered state of consciousness. Constantly you will find that meditation, or the emptying of one’s mind(contemplative prayer),  is the doorway to all metaphysical activity. Certain techniques are used to “see” and direct the serpent power up the spine (kundalini) through the chakras (nerve centers/wheels). Here is another description.  The kundalini rises and then goes into the brain and then down into the pituitary gland which awakens the pineal gland. When they meet there is union.
The third eye is also known as:
The middle eye of Shiva in Buddhism. In Egypt it is known as The Eye of Horus or the Eye of Osiris. In Freemasonry, it is the All Seeing Eye. In India, it is known as the third eye chakra. Bindu(red dot) is the point or dot around which the mandala is created, representing the universe. Bindi, is known as the third eye chakra, has historical and cultural presence in the region of Greater India. The same one that is found on our one dollar bill. This All Seeing Eye is surrounded by light. In New Age spirituality, the third eye often symbolizes a state of enlightenment or the evocation of mental images having deeply personal spiritual or psychological significance. The third eye is often associated with religious visions, clairvoyance, the ability to observe chakras and auras, precognition, and out-of-body experiences. People who are claimed to have the capacity to utilize their third eyes are sometimes known as seers.
So for today…opening yourself up or opening your third eye is the same.  It is opening a gate between two worlds.  Meditation is a sure way of accomplishing this opening up of yourself especially through Contemplative prayer.  This is simply meditation masked with Christian terminology. The fear that accompanies entrance into deep meditative levels is there for a reason…it is a warning from God. Pray daily that the Lord will give you discernment in these last days of great deception. Discern the light of the world, Jesus, from the counterfeit light of Satan’s enlightenment. Many caught up in this spiritual deception and false system are experiencing the darkest time in their lives. #SHARE #THIRDEYE #INNEREYE #YOGA #KUNDALINI #CONTEMPLATIVEPRAYER #NEWAGE
2 Corinthians 11:14  And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.” – Yasmeen Suri

If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you can receive Him into your heart and He can deliver you from darkness and sin and have your name written in His Book of Life.

If you are sincere you can say this simple prayer to the Father (it doesn’t have to be word for word):

“God, I recognize that I have not lived my life for You up until now. I have been living for myself and that is wrong. Please forgive me of all of my sins just as I forgive others. I need You in my life; I want You in my life. I acknowledge the completed work of Your only begotten Son Jesus Christ in giving His life for me on the cross, I believe in my heart Jesus is Lord and was raised from the dead and I long to receive the forgiveness you have made freely available to me through this sacrifice. Come into my life now, Lord. Take up residence in my heart and be my king, my Lord, and my Savior. From this day forward, I will no longer be controlled by sin, or the desire to please myself, but I will follow You all the days of my life. Those days are in Your hands. I ask this in the Lord and GOD Jesus’ precious and holy name. Amen.”

46 thoughts on “Opening the “Third Eye” is a Mechanism For Demons to Come in

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  2. bullshit article, have u even opened your third eye and tested your hypothesis ? stupid religions have nothing to do with this and satan does not even exist not even god it’s all just an ideology and demons might exist but that’s just like saying a bad person that’s homicidal, but at the end of the day demons cant do shit to u unless you let them in by doing what they ask or something like that, your body has a spirit and only if u let them in they can kick yours out and possess your body ? do u even know how long it takes to open the third eye ?


    1. I have expelled demons out of people by the power and authority of Jesus who have opened the third eye. If you have done it I have no doubt you have demons. Repent and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and then hit me up and I will expel those demons out of you.

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      1. bohemianwriter1

        I’m trying to open mine…
        But there seems to be some blockages in my heart chakra coming in the way…
        Since my bio electrical field, also Kundalini force got activated and started the process, some blockages have come in the way.
        It must be all the anger that the negative vibes from Christian fundamentalists generate generally in my direction.
        I am more focused on clearing the way for Mother Kundalini than using religious hacks to try to pray it away and make my tendinitis at my shoulder blade worsen.
        I think it’s because I have to learn to forgive my stupid, petty, vindictive, hateful and greedy Christian brothers and sisters who have spent their lives in making the lives of others into living hells.
        I am normally a peaceful man. But boy do people want to stay away if I let myself be pissed off for something they did or said.. or invading my energy space..
        What do you think?
        And what do you suggest I do about it?

        I am contacting my higher self with some of the best Kundalini vibrations I have heard so far.
        Wanna try it?

        So my other question to you is, Why should anyone who have their 3rd eye opened have to repent? What do they have to repent that you don’t have to? Because you call on the blood sacrifice of a fictional figure created by the Romans?
        Because you think that Jesus is your mate and anyone with a Kundalini is the enemy of both you and your favorite imaginary friend?
        This is what you need to be taught about Kundalini and the 3rd eye. Not that I know much about the 3rd eye outside from what others have written..
        I do know something about Kundalini and the Christ consciousness. They are both the same. Just having different names and concepts for it. But in a biblical bubble, anything outside is deemed demonic.. And then Christians claim they are in favor of religious freedom.. as they start waging “religious wars” against a something they cannot control or profit from. They call themselves Christians.. Yet have no clue about what Christ really means. They think that being “in Christ” is going to church and wallow in whatever minority group their preacher decides flush his hatred over that day.
        This is why a Christian fundamentalist can never achieve full kundalini awakening unless the snake decides to recoil all by herself.. Or if the Christian fundamentalist gets in sexual contact with someone who has their kundalini awakened. Wonder why Christians are so terrified of sex.

        Personally, I hope that kundalini may be activated just by mere touch. That’s when I hope to meet all you anti-kundalini fanatics a hearty hand shake and a kiss right on the forehead… And wish you peace happiness and prosperity after you have visited the Dark Night of the Soul.. Even in the rain of your hate. Because I do not fear your hate… nor violence..

        I don’t believe for a second that you have expelled demons or ever remotely having dealt with anyone who are going through a kundalini activation.
        If you had, you would not have had the arrogant condescending tone in here. Even in here.
        I want to look in the eyes of people who claim they have chased demons out of people who has gone through a kundalini.. I want to look you in the eye as you tell me with a straight face that I am demonically obsessed who needs to be saved by someone like you.
        That would be fun…


      2. John Murrrr

        Jamaal I am just as concerned for myself as I recently had a Christian pray for me due to a crisis issue and a fierce antagonistic spirit of doubt. When he prayed he touched my forehead which at first I refused and he said, ” I cover you in the blood of Jesus. Then saying Receive the power of the Holy Ghost.” He immediately pushed me backward and I felt different. When he left I noticed what felt like a hole in my forehead or exactly in the 3 eye zone and something settling over my crown chakra. I also felt a coolness over my body and this moved into my arms and then later my legs. I felt extremely distressed and don’t know what to do now. This has happened to me before and btw I have been to a deliverance ministry for help which helped me in a few ways but worse off in many others. The deliverance ministry said I probably have a ton of stuff going on even though I claimed At the Time to be a repented Christian. When I confronted them about this they said somebody is probably messing with your hormones and that I would need more deliverance. Other than reading about it I have never engaged in the occult nor my parents or both sets of grandparents that I know of. I am about to through Jesus into the same heap of all religions, philosophy and spirituality. I just want to be free of all this spiritual slavery and live a good life free of crazy Christianity and the worldly influences too. You can email me at and maybe get your perspective in how kundalini or weird spirutism has crept into churches and deliverance ministries including that if Bob Larson (whom I net). Any guidance would be great as I just want to leave my faith altogether due to a series of these experiences. Thanks, John.


      3. Paul

        please what do I do?
        I have inadvertently given room to the devil through meditation and now I notice my third eye seems to have been opened.
        please how do I get delivered.
        please help me. am getting panicky here.


        1. im_age

          Dont panic!.. the holy spirit will guide you. I had mine open through a near death experience at childhood(90% sure). I started meditating because its helps to calm down the side effects of the third eye awakening. I have this feeling your is similar. Don’t panick. God know why and he is always in country. Remember to calm down and re-digest every information you’re receiving from this site. We are all humans. And unfortunately for I and you we are not originators of everything here (opinions are opinions). Believes are believes. Let the holy spirit guide you all.


      4. Anonymous

        Shut up retard, I would tell you to go to hell, but I can see that your stuck in it. Religion isn’t trying to save you from hell its trying to keep you in it!


      5. Anonymous

        This is utter bullshit article…..
        The one who has written it has zero experience on what he is mentioning here
        Hinduism or Christianity or Islam or any religion it is ultimately one divine power controls everything and we have to merge with that….keep it simple rather than posting bullshit things on occult and third eye opening and many more….
        Just find a way that works for you …


          1. J Williams, Thank you for writing these articles concerning kundalini and demonic spirits. Have witnessed a personality change in my son. He’s strayed into new age teachings and kundalini yoga. I seriously, actually asked “what is your name “ on one occasion and he (my son)turned around and walked away , but my sleep was interrupted that very night with a voice saying what I assume was a name. I have not heard of any person at any church in the city where I live who I can ask for help with casting a spirit out.

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      6. L

        The guy here who opened his 3rd eyes is full of naughty words, anger, mockery, bad energy. It doesn’t seem opening the 3rd eye is spiritually good.


      7. Leshawn turner

        My third eye is open I have the kundalini spirit attach to me causing me to go thru this can u help me because I dnt want to go thru this anymore…


    2. Ann

      Disagree,,,, I was faced with the serpent within my third eye, I came face to face,,, my consciousness expanded,,,, I’m in meditation all the time because its a natural state to be in, I’m in a better place within, which reflex’s outside,, then I was before any spiritual work,,,, you say meditation is dangerous yet all religious cults practice , I’ve noticed the western religion’s teach what your saying,, yet eastern religions encourage it,,,,, its not new age stuff, the Hinduism and Egyptians practiced it,, your views are putting the fear of god into your followers, which in fact god is love, we are love,, not fear, but that’s how you control the Masses of people through fear,,,,


    3. Anonymous

      You know that the third eye does from other religions, The middle eye of Shiva in Buddhism. In Egypt, it is known as The Eye of Horus or the Eye of Osiris. In Freemasonry, it is the All-Seeing Eye. In India, it is known as the third eye chakra. The title also says demons, if you didn’t want to learn about religions doing anything about the third eye, then maybe you shouldn’t click on this article. Whos knows maybe you should try doing an article yourself since you think this article is “bullshit”.


    4. gene gilbert

      It is ACTUALLY Truthful..I had Regressed into Active Sins,very Sick & Nasty ones! I Darn near ended up posessed After a Seizure from Epilepsy mimicked severe Neck Cervical pain.i had a False NDE after denouncing Jesus that week.So IT IS Real.I left my body partway, and photos on the Wall began Shimmering in arousing (non sex),intesly pastel light. I had one more Oct. 2019 after a Seizure put me in Hospital for Three days.This IS Real,sir.

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    5. Never tasted poop 💩

      Everything the article mentioned is true. God is real and so is Satan and his demons. Please turn your life over to God before it’s too late. He loves you and gave his son to die for you. I pray He would open your eyes to see the truth. I would rather die believing there is a God than to die and believing there wasn’t. We all have a choice to make !


    6. Anonymous

      I don’t want to hate or judge Christianity but come on… How tf are we humans going to have a pineal gland if it’s demonic like why in the hell would god create us with a pineal gland.. it doesn’t make sense now does it.


  3. bohemianwriter1

    Wow,. Nothing new here.
    Lot’s of hatred towards things Christians don’t understand and then turn around claiming that Kundalini promotes anti-Christian agendas
    As if the Christian cult needs protection through rigid regimes of dictating ones internal freedoms.
    What these bible worshippers don’t realize is that they are painfully unaware what Christ is…
    It’s not a name or a person. Nobody went around calling saying
    “I am Jesus Christ born of a virgin and the only begotten son of your divine creator to deliver through your sins through my blood and your personal worship of my persona through public prayer, private consumerism, gluttony every Christmas and persecuting everyone not as judgemental as my followers and self proclaimed apostles in 2018”..
    Here is some Kundalini music. It may activate your heart, since you seem to carry a lot of anger, bitterness and resentment in your tone of writing.

    And in case Kundalini is spontaneous, it may be contagious from the spontaneous awakened to the close minded through touch. In that case, you better hope and prey you never meet someone who is aware of their kundalini activation and have read your poorly worded hit piece.


  4. Lisa Zaria

    You people are IGNORANT to everything. Satan Does Exist so does Demons. For the most part people in the world ALL have DEMONS even those who attend religious organizations. Demons are NOT exposed until a person accept Jesus Christ as there LORD and Savior. After Demons attack them to prevent the person from receiving Salvation in the Body of Christ. There are some people in society who have decided to make Satan there GOD end up possessed by demonic spirits- which gives them power to Kill another person using Astral Projection. One the person accept Satan as there god? The Chief Ruling Demon enters into the soul of a person to allow the demon to live in the body of that person. Demons can not operate on earth unless they have a body or they must go back to the PIT of HELL or they can not enter into society of humanity. These demonic forces are seeking people who do not believe in supernatural power witchcraft or GOD and they are seduce onto the occult by the offering and promises of money, prosperity, love, sex and attractiveness.

    Once the spiritual contract has been established through the person and the demon? The Demon enters into the soul of the person and he has a body to carry out Satan’s Exploits which is to Rob- Steal and Kill people in society rather you serve GOD or NOT as all LIFE belongs to GOD. It is GOD that used Jesus human body as a sacrifice to SATAN to obtain back human life. Through this human sacrifice gave rights to human life to obtain Salvation through Jesus Christ. Jesus was born into society to DIE. And through his sacrifice for the World – NO person can go to GOD without going through Jesus first because it was Jesus that was given the keys of Death and Hades- Meaning he controls who dies and live. Jesus was given a KINGDOM on earth and in Heaven. And every knee must bow before him and every tongue must confess that he is LORD of all Lords and KING of all kings. GOD is a spirit- Satan is a Spirit- the Holy Angels is a Spirit and Demons are Spirit beings. Human life- is half human and half Spirit. every human life- have a life line which is the Spirit man- Connected to GOD the Father- GOD the Son- and GOD the Holy Spirit. Through this spirit man within us- is how we cast out demons. When a person is possessed with Evil Spirits who are occultist- The Spirit man within lay in Dormant in the soul- and the Demonic Spirit rise into POWER. So the occultist Fast drinking Water so the Evil Spirit can dominate there soul to kill- steal- destroy and commit murder using witchcraft- Witchcraft is a religion that allow the evil person to worship and praise demons to give them power using rituals, animal and human blood sacrifices, spells, curses. Once an occultist decides to harm or kill someone? they go into meditation- using a term of astral projection- basically, they sleep and allow the demon to leave there body. In exchange the demon gives a photographic picture or video of there travel into the mind of the occultist. The Chief Ruling Demon lies to the ignorant occultist and tell him that he is a god and that he has power. But the truth NO occultist have power- the supernatural power that they are using are from Demons.

    This is what is happening in todays society- Especially to African Americans in the Entertainment industry- and in Religion Sectors. People are dying because someone under the possession of demons have astral projected the demon out of there bodies to murder a person. The person fills as if they are sick, dizzy, they feel as if they are going to throw up., it feels as if you have the flue and it never goes away. Then suddenly your spirit inside of your body is tormented with pain. It is the demon that enters into your nervous system through your seven Chakra’s. This is why- YOU should never allow you’re seven Chakras to be opened to the occult world because it will allow an evil Spiritist to send demonic forces to hurt and harm you. The forces then are transfer to your children, and infant babies and they end up dead, if you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your LORD and Savior. If you have accepted Jesus Christ, and you have been water baptized- these people and demons CAN NOT kill you. Rather you will be under a serious infliction- and affliction of Witchcraft- every Witch from the Witchcraft Covens from the North- South- East- West will come after you. They will monitor your life. They will shut your businesses down, freeze your accounts, get you fired of your job, send deadly sicknesses, they will ruin your reputation, ruin your name, call and harass you day in and day out- nonstop, they will ruin your client relationship to prevent you from making money. They will try to reduce your life so you can lose your home, rental properties and so on using curses, spells, vexes, hexes, juju, voodoo.

    Behind these curses are “DEMONS” So it is imperative that all human life learn how to cast out demons. Once the demons are cast out- the curse on your life is broken. And by the Way- don’t think you can run to a church or a religious organization to help you? Its worse most of them people are not who they say they are: Christianity is NOW DEMONIC- New aged Christianity under a false sense of Holiness. Many of those religious leaders are Warlocks, Witches, Wizards, Sorcerers dressed in nice attire with bibles in their hands. 90% of religion today is NOT of GOD! When this gets into your soul its like pulling TEETH. You have to submit to GOD in prayer in privacy in your homes- and he will teach you how to war, using the word of GOD. There are weapons against diabolical forces in the bible.

    You would need to stand on the word of GOD against the demonic spirits- then command them to leave- Open your mouth- take a few breathes and vomit them out of your soul one by one until you get them all out. Once they are gone, it is GOD that will baptized you with the Holy Spirit with FIRE- and this is Salvation. You are saved. The hedge of protection of Fire prevents Demons wrong returning. And it is the Fire you need to Fight Witches that come against your family who are not saved.

    Today- Humanity is living in a spiritual World- meaning the Word of GOD is being fullfilled and demons are walking among humanity. Demons are getting in the bodies of people. So … guys better embrace yourselves because this is going to get worse than. Due to these US christian leaders have NO POWER of GOD resting upon them- They are a powerless religion. Christianity is the only religion that allow a person to cast out demons- an see the power and glory of GOD through the Holy Spirit. It is the only religion that allow people to obtain salvation. YET is it one of the weakest religion on EARTH today. And Dangerous due to the influx of Witches taken over the church!


    1. John Murrrr

      Only a demon possessed person or occultist could write this. This was never described in the gospel of what you are saying. The Apostles encountered resistance from Man or mobs of people but never from a spirit trying to enter into their nervous system and destroy their finances or family. The same can be said for Stephen, Paul and Timothy. You realize that people today would not get far if they preached the true gospel of self surrender and carrying the cross. Instead the newest thing to hit the shores of North American churches is the profound and excitable deliverance ministry aka doctrine of demons which has enslaved many people into a lifetime of mind numbing exorcisms and dependent inadequacy to exorcists as opposed to carrying their own cross in a life of change and service to God brought about by His Holy Spirit. I watched a video about marine spirits that basically said people who like the coast or want to live near water are possessed. People that like water or have water sign are in danger of possession, and that not all people on the earth have a human soul. Some are demons with a human body.The lady presenting this was Russian and was not reading from scripture but rather the confessions of an occultist who was never identified and claimed to have received Christ. An occultist is someone who is possessed by a demon(s). While demons can speak truth they many times lie and make themselves into something they are not. Ma’am or Sir if you can back up what you claim by scripture then I will consider. Scripture says faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God-Romans 10.17. Word of God is scripture and all Scripture is God-breathed, useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness. 2 Timothy 3.16. While this is talking about faith in Christ it also says to test the Spirits. The Toronto Blessing affirmed Jesus Christ in word but what about the result? There were people writhing about on the floor like snakes and barking like dogs and cooing like owls in a sea of “holy laughter”. Its all recorded on YouTube. There is not anything in the Gospels that condone this behavior, in fact one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is self-control. So just the opposite. When it says test the Spirits it is not only whether they accept Jesus but also the outcome ie results that are produced. Even Devils confess Jesus and tremble. The charismatic and apostolic movement has probably scared more people away from receiving Christ than the peoples own sin nature themselves.


    2. John Murrrr

      Two other things I want to point out. You said in the 2nd paragraph , “It is GOD that used Jesus human body as a sacrifice to SATAN to obtain back human life.” This sounds a little bizarre. How does God have to sacrifice to HaSatan( an angel) anything. Is this the same Satan that NEARLY destroyed Job under the watchful eye of God. Where does it say that in Scripture? Please explain 🙂 Human sacrifice is abhorrent btw in the OT. Before you bring up Abraham and Isaac you realise and angel stopped him from doing that and picked a ram instead. Also you said something that was fearmongering, “You have to submit to GOD in prayer in privacy in your homes- and he will teach you how to war.” I wouldn’t promote isolationism as the Body of Christ is supposed to remain together and meet daily. SO ENOUGH OF MY CRITICISM, as the next few verses you actually preach truth. “There are weapons against diabolical forces in the bible.” If you would expound on this it would be awesome.


  5. Acended Christian

    To my Christian brothers and sisters a question: How can you expect to be more Christ-like when you condemn and hate without knowledge? For me, all things are possible. How can you expect to be more Christ-like when you don’t first know Christ? There are such things as ascended Christians those that have direct knowledge of things beyond the veil. So quick to label and judge must be witchcraft of demonic. You are in for an eye-opener pun intended. Christ is not who you have built him to be in your mind. Realize that when you design your own God that is the sin of Idolatry. This goes directly against the first commandment.

    John 14:12 when he says, “Truly, truly, I say to you, the one who believes in me the works I do shall he do also, and greater than these shall he do, because I go to the Father” (Words of Jesus)

    He raised the dead, opened the eyes of the blind, restored hearing to the deaf, cast out demons, healed the lame, calmed a stormy sea, etc. No miracle-worker has even come close since the days of the apostles, and even the apostles did not do any signs and wonders that were greater.. So what’s wrong here? Christian learning stops at a certain point and the manifestations never happen. Why? People don’t listen to personal revelation and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    And what about: 1 Corinthians 6:12 All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.

    If this is a trick of Satan then: Isiah 54:17 No weapon formed against me shall prosper.

    Judge much? Jesus came to denounce the traditions of man (Sadducee and Pharisees) Those who thought highly of their own learning and traditions. How is it then, you can write from a pious standpoint about your knowledge of such things?

    I have been to Israel, I have been to the garden tomb, the mount of the beatitudes. I have walked where Jesus walked, I was baptized in the River Jordan. Nothing will ever shake my faith in God. When I lost my oldest son, it didn’t shake my faith, it strengthened it.

    All of this to tell you, that if you think that you are being Christ-like today, in today’s society, you should examine yourself again. Want to be more Christ-like? turn off the air-conditioner, turn off the heat. Sell your car and walk from place to place. We are only Christ-like when it’s convenient.

    Matt 7:5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

    Demons? Really? Demons fear me, because they understand the power that is in me is greater than the power that is in the world. And they know, that I know. Third eye – occult? Crack a book or two. Read about the seat of the soul, the Penal gland, do you remember where Jacob wrestled with an angel? Guess where that was? Peniel (or Peniel), Israel. I’m done here all I can say is that I have spent a lifetime in service to my God, and I can find nowhere in my scriptures where an open third eye is evil or invites demons. Be Blessed.


  6. Emily Karuana

    Human beings are prone to ignore what they do not understand. The peace and love that comes from Jesus Christ is the best and only spiritual inclination you should have. God gets so angry when y’all practice all this occultic and witchcraft movements which are disguised by the serpant himself as kundalini and whatever, and in doing such, you are treasuring in your hearts the wrath prepared by Him for all who do such. Jesus, is the ONLY way, the truth and in John 14:6 , “Jesus said, I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE; no one comes to the FATHER except through ME.”
    I was once drawn to this things,but Jesus saved me before it was too late. It is all an illusion that the devil has schemed so as to drag humanity, God’s creation, down with him, so he uses all these phrases like enlightenment that sound so innocent, yet behind it all is demon possession. Read through the bible, and you will receive the TRUTH.
    I pray that God will help you to find Him,because He is waiting for you and will never give up on you.
    Glory to God.

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  7. Crazyblu

    Why would you want to condemn the third eye openers? We have enough issues in our lives. The issues were created by humans not demons. Everytime i tried to believe in faith someone like you comes around talking about jesus. Faith is the only true existence. Everything else is created by humans. I opened my third eye at a very young age that i didn’t knew what that was about. If what you said about kundalini openers being be demonic, let me tell you that you are wrong. Am a born roman catholic. Im a medical worker. I never killed any patients under my monitoring. I always followed my intuition which showed me the desperation of terminally ill patients. Not everything is about religion. Spirituality is simple oneness among humanity. Ofc if one human is is spreading darkness every other human is affected. I don’t believe for a second that god will come to save our lives. If you youself being a human acting mean towards other humans eventhough the bible ‘love your neighbours just like you love yourself’ how can you spread hatred for something you don’t even know about? Its the human with negative thoughts that attracts demon regardless of you having third eye opening or not.


  8. Julie

    Hi everyone,
    I want to share my personal experience opening my third eye. I got into meditation and I got very good at it. I used to play binaural sounds from YouTube for relaxation while meditating. I had never heard of Kundalini or the chakras and I considered myself agnostic, so I also didn’t believe in things like evil spirits. I believed in energy, positivity and just living a moral life by my own choice.

    But things took a really strange turn

    I would sometimes meditate outside, while laying on the grass with my headphones on. I began to have visions, and I don’t mean dreams. I would be fully awake and I would begin to feel electricity all over my body. I was aware but my body was always in a paralyzed state once I got deep enough into the meditation. I saw visions that later came true.

    I actually found this incredibly rewarding and found myself meditating more to see what other things I could uncover. I began knowing things. It’s hard to explain, but things I wouldn’t have had a way of knowing, I just knew with a crazy amount of certainty and I was always right.

    So up until that point, I was quite happy and then

    I began waking up at 3am. And I mean fully awake, not groggy or the least bit sleepy
    So I thought I might as well meditate to try to relax and go back to bed. And that’s when everything went downhill
    The first night I heard a woman tell me to just let go
    That scared me so much I snapped out of the meditation and didn’t sleep the rest of the night. I had never experienced anything like this before, and certainly didn’t even believe in spirits before
    I thought I could have just dreamt it, and brushed it away the next day

    And then the same thing happened. I woke up at 3am and meditated again
    I felt like I had to, it’s hard to explain
    This time it was worse. I went deep into the meditation, electricity started moving up and down my legs, up my spine and I feel like I lost consciousness there because there’s a gap in what I remember next
    I woke up scared and gasping for air, and a man’s voice screamed in my face and I could feel the air on my face from his scream
    My dog, who sleeps in my room, cried and pooped himself… He’s never done anything like that before and even after he just shook
    I didn’t sleep again

    The 3am thing continued happening
    I left my body one night without trying
    I had never heard of astral travel until I researched it after

    I know I was in an empty space
    There were echoes and calm voices speaking in a language I don’t know
    I was too scared to open my eyes, but I know it was a very bright place because I could see the light through my eyelids

    I didn’t want to be there. I didn’t try to meditate to be there. It just happened and that terrified me to know that I was leaving my body

    So I thought that’s it, no more meditating and back to focusing on my physical life because I couldn’t comprehend what was happening anymore

    And then I began to be attacked by something
    Every night at 3am I would wake up and my heart rate would shoot up
    I’m extremely healthy, young, my blood pressure is naturally on the low side, I workout, I regularly led a peaceful life

    I honestly thought something was so wrong I would die. My heart rate would shoot up and all of the sudden drop
    This happened on and off again for 15 minutes
    I just cried because I knew something was really wrong
    And then I just prayed

    For the first time I really felt like I had to believe in something because clearly if evil things were real, a greater good must also exist

    I can’t tell you that things just ended. I think it took a couple more days of what I consider to be torture
    But it did stop

    Other things that happened during the meditations before things went down the drain:

    I felt what I thought was an angel
    I didn’t see anything, but it was the same kind of knowing as I mentioned before
    I held out my hands and I felt whatever was there touch them and suddenly my entire body filled with peace and love. It was the strongest and most beautiful feeling I had ever felt

    I’ve always enjoyed dancing and usually improvised moves. I began dancing a lot more than usual (like hours at a time) and the dances became incredibly strange, but I’ve always used it as a form of expressing what I feel in that moment. After the fact, I came across a video of dances to worship Shiva and I was doing the exact same dance. I had never once seen that kind of choreography and all the moves simply came to me naturally.

    I began seeing shadows in my room but again, since I didn’t believe in anything, I always found a way to justify it

    I regularly felt the feeling of electricity. It was like a hard electric massage
    Mostly up and down my legs and my spine

    I began having nerve issues that had never happened before
    Like my entire leg suddenly falling asleep while walking
    And I mean dead asleep to the point of falling and stumbling sometimes
    This began happening with both my arms and legs and it continued happening for a few months after everything ended
    It would mostly be shortly after waking up

    I came across a random number sequence while out and about once and I had the feeling of knowing again
    Like I knew that meant something and I had to find out what
    I typed in the number into Google and it was the coordinates to a Hindu temple in India (where Shiva is worshipped)

    I just want to earn everyone that these things do exist.
    Be very careful listening to the binaural tracks on YouTube
    I’m a logical person and I struggled for a very long time with what happened and how to make sense of it

    The logical me has put a lot of time into looking into these soundtracks
    There are studies done (even some recently declassified by the CIA) on how to induce transcendental meditation through binaural beats and hypnosis
    Basically you meditate to relax your leg brain (the logical side)
    And then you put your body into sleep while staying awake / aware (forced sleep paralysis)
    You then listen to frequencies that alter your brain waves to synchronize the left and right hemisphere and that opens the door to the craziness

    I honestly believe the binaural beats on YouTube have hypnosis embedded
    I’ve read of many of these soundtracks having it embedded to where the ear cannot perceive it, but the subconscious mind can understand it perfectly

    If you think all of this is crazy, read for yourself
    The Gateway Experience (Declassified by the CIA)
    And Hemi-Sync (also declassified now)

    The Gateway Experience is exactly what I experienced
    What I’m skeptical about is that the study refused to address the negative aspects by claiming it took away from the main goal
    Many people were possessed and this is documented
    The point of the study was to induce meditation to the point of consciousness leaving your body
    While the participants left their body, another consciousness went into the body and had conversations with the workers there
    They usually said something along the lines of that they were just watching over the body to make sure nothing bad would happen to them
    This happened on several different occasions with several different people

    Many left the study and the study itself warns of “meeting low energy entities” but doesn’t clarify further

    Supposedly there’s something called a fear barrier where people experience exactly what I did
    And they blame it on the participant not being in a good state of mind
    I can understand this, but let’s look at the reality… People were being possessed by something. Would you be in a good state of mind?

    Another crazy thing I found is that in the study they made the participants go nap with binaural beats several times a day and then woke them up a 3am to meditate again

    This is where it hit me. I finally couldn’t chuck all of this off to me losing my mind for a good minute

    Be careful guys

    I do believe in God now because like I said earlier, if these things exist, I know a greater power has to too.

    Again please be very careful ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. controversialchristian1

      There is a demonic realm. Thanks for sharing. I’ve had unpleasant experiences with demons and their spiritual assaults, but God is not phased by them. Those who have suffered from any kind of demonic or negative spiritual assault need absolutely to call on Jesus Christ, get a Bible, spend time in prayer and reach out for genuine Christian help.

      Don’t Be Afraid! The Lord can and will deliver you, but you must follow Him. Also, got occult books, videos, tarot cards, Ouija boards, witchcraft and spellbooks or any other such garbage… Burn it, rip it up, hoof the lot of it in the bin and pour yesterday’s dinner over it! Get rid and good riddance because the occult is real but completely garbage and deserves to be in the trash can!!!


  9. John S.

    Me: What do I do Bible?
    Bible: Jesus said ,Seek 1st the kingdom of Yahweh Elohim
    Me: Where is the Kingdom of God?
    Bible: Jesus said The Kingdom of God is found within.
    Me: When am I within?
    Bible: When you are not without (Within self = meditation, when you go within; Without self is reality outside of yourself. When Yeshuwa was in the temple (U have two temples between your brain therefore when you are in your temple you are meditating, you are within) mary and joesuf was waiting outside the temple AKA Reality for him.
    Me: so how do I meditate?
    Bible: Jesus said to practice the single eye, for when your eye is single, your body will be full of light. The Pineal gland (Joesuf wrestled God and called the place Pineal for he has seen God face to Face.) produces a chemical called meletonin. Meletonin is a skin lightener. When your body fills with light aka meletonin from a flood from seeing God which opens the Pineal 3rd eye aka the single eye your dna cells emit 300% more light, yes more cause your dna produces light at ALL TIMES. This is the secret teachings of Jesus who was an essene. This is how wonders can happen

    Me: I did it. I know now. The father sits at the right side of our brain and we have to tithe 10%. We only use 10% of our brain. The other 90% is the father. When we give up our 10% through meditation we awaken the 90%. This is where the Theta and Gamma sync in the brain. Now I understand why He said “I alone can do nothing. You can do these things and greater things can ye do than I”

    Do not fear the demons. Know they have to do what you say. The demons at the highest are fallen angels and at the lowest just elementals. “Do you know not that ye shall judge the angels?” You have power over them. Demons operate THROUGH ignorance. If you dont know you can control them, they use that against you. However, if you KNOW this info. you have the upper hand. Do not hesitate to call on your father for help. use His name for He is always with you. He is always inside you. Have no fear even if you shed your body, your soul is immortal. Losing your body is the worst thing that can happen. So have no fear for the enemy uses fear to control you. Religions use fear. Without fear the enemy has nothing.You can keep your faith, for I have knowledge. I know my God exists within. I don’t need faith. Knowledge is solid while faith is fleeting.


  10. Many African Americans in Los Angeles are being deceived into BOND Brotherhood New Age false church, headed by false teacher Jesse Lee Peterson! Lately, on he’s saying the bible isn’t necessary, it’s just knowledge that proofs one up! He’s dangerous because he quotes scriptures from the bible, but turns around and says it’s just a book no longer important. The false leader offers a remedy for men having children out of wedlock, he says they need to forgive their father and the mother, which has the spirit of Satan in her and caused the anger in men today. He tells them to stop having sex out of wedlock and wait until marriage, this sounds like good and holy right, but this how he trap his victims. He offers a way back to the Father God through Silent Prayer, which is deceitfully the 3rd Eye Mediation, which he says rids the user of Satan’s evil thoughts, he says all thoughts are from the Devil.


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