How Do I know Demons Are Leaving My Body?

After praying for hundreds or perhaps thousands of people, I have come to recognize certain manifestations people have when demons are leaving. I’m certain there are demons being expelled during certain manifestations because a lot of people have said they felt lighter and better soon after when receiving deliverance prayer (i.e. praying directly against the demons inside a person to come out). They no longer feel things moving around in their body, hear voices in their head, etc. How do I know they are manifestations of demons? Because when I start to pray for deliverance, they have common bodily reactions.

Of course, a lot of people have demons leave them outside the context of deliverance prayer. A lot of people report yawning a lot after they have repented and truly turned to the Lord Jesus Christ. Also, a lot of people say they yawn a lot during worship and praise to the Lord. I believe demons are leaving because evil spirits hate to be in the presence of worship and praise. So, if you find yourself yawning a lot, praise God! I believe evil spirits are leaving your body.

You may have seen videos of dramatic manifestations of demons in people when they are being cast out. I have seen such manifestations when praying for some people, but for the vast majority of people I have prayed for that is not the case. The manifestations are more low-key. For some people, when a demon or demons leave, they don’t have any manifestations at all. We can infer it left since they no longer have any of the symptoms of demonization.

Some signs demons are leaving your body or temple:

  1. Yawning (a very common one).
  2. Sneezing.
  3. Yelling or screaming
  4. Burping.
  5. Tearing up.
  6. Running nose.
  7. Spitting.
  8. Coughing.
  9. Feel lighter and just overall better.
  10. Vomiting.
  11. Some see in the spirit and see the demon(s) leave.
  12. Some have had a dream that a demon.
  13. Can just feel it leave the body (some say it feels like “energy” leaving).
  14. No longer have any of the symptoms of demonization.

Some signs of demons manifesting when you pray directly against it:

  1. Feel something jump around inside your body.
  2. Shaking.
  3. Tightness around a certain area
  4. Convulsions.
  5. Fainting.
  6. Head shaking back and forth.
  7. Eyes roll up.
  8. Feel nausea.
  9. Itching in certain parts of your body.
  10. Uncontrollable laughter.
  11. Light-headed.

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