Generational Curses – Inheriting Demons From Ancestors

“5 thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; 6 and shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.” (Exodus 20:5-6)


I once prayed for deliverance over a young child who was staying with his aunt. The aunt, who herself as demonic issues, contacted me to ask if I think her nephew has demons. The aunt suspected there must be something wrong with the boy (about between the age of 5-10) on a spiritual level when he asked his cousin, who is her daughter, to kiss him. That’s strange, what would compel a boy to ask his own cousin to kiss him? So, I prayed for deliverance for him and sure enough, an evil spirit manifested.

Children can have demons as a result of the parents (or grandparents or great-grandparents) sins. We suspected one of his forefathers may have brought this perverse spirit into his family line. The aunt and I discussed what could have opened the door to the enemy, and she told me that her forefather was involved in incest.

Generational curses or intergenerational (“familial”) spirits were something I was a tad bit skeptical about as I thought it is not explicitly clear in scriptures (although conversely, scriptures do not contradict the idea of generational curses). But how else can one explain how a young child can have an evil spirit? It couldn’t be by his own sins because he was just a child. In Jesus’ ministry of a severely demonized boy, Jesus finds out from the father that his son had been in such a horrible condition “from childhood” (Mark 9:21). The demonization was therefore not the result of the boy’s own sin or his choice to worship false gods. The spirits were passed onto him from some other source, which most likely is his family. I have expelled evil spirits from many other people that confirms to me that people can indeed inherit evil spirits from their ancestors. So, it’s not always by the person’s own sins a person is demonized. We are not guilty because of our ancestors’ sins, but they can surely affect us.

Studies in non-Christian religions and occultism reveal transference from ancestors to be a fact. But what about what the Bible reads? Jewish heads of households knew whatever they did would affect their families for generations. God told them so multiple times (Exodus 20:5-6; Exodus 34:7; Deuteronomy 5:9b-10; Deuteronomy 23:2; Deuteronomy 28:15-18; Numbers 14:18; Jeremiah 16:10-11; Jeremiah 32:18). During trouble, they stood before God and confessed the sins of their family, even of their countryman. Cases of this are found in Nehemiah 1:4-9; Jeremiah 14:20; and Daniel 9:1-19. The Jews knew that the grievous sins of the fathers could affect future generations. The principle is that family sin or judgment for that sin flows through the family line, affecting the succeeding generations who had nothing to do with the sins in question. We can see examples of this by observing the sons of the priest Eli (1 Samuel 2:12-36), the consequence of Ahab’s sins passed on to his son’s house (1 Kings 21:29), the descendants of Shemaiah punished because their father taught rebellion against the Lord (Jeremiah 29:32), and the trouble David had with his sons (part of the punishment from God for David’s sin was the death of his child as written in 2 Samuel 12:14-18) – that the consequence of a father’s sin falls into the lap of future generations (Jeremiah 32:18). It is God’s prerogative how He deals with punishment for unresolved sin. One means of this may be to allow the enemy to affect the descendants of unrepentant sinners.

One Christian author gives this insight:

Anyone who works long enough with people will notice that certain family behaviors, both desirable and undesirable, are repetitive. Thus, a father who models discipline and faithfulness may inculcate these traits in his son. On the other hand, a man who is given to indulgence in pornography, or a man who cannot control his temper, may pass on these weaknesses to his children. Such traits vary from physical indulgences to criticism, bitterness and anger. Of course, these are mostly behaviors learned by a child in a family-of-origin context. But what if distinct traits of a grandfather show up in a grandson even though the two have had very little contact? Are these transmitted genetically? Perhaps. Very likely both genetic predisposition and learned behavior are interrelated. One reinforces the other.

There is a third possibility: the activity of “familial” spirits that operate in connection with family lineage. Here’s the given: The devil attacks and exploits unconfessed sin. If sin occurs and remains unresolved, especially sin related to idolatry or witchcraft, the enemy has a legal right of accusation. Combining the biblical principle of the visitation of the sins of the fathers on the children with clinical data from deliverance sessions, we observe a connection between genealogical sin and oppression in current generations. Satan’s goal is to perpetuate his strongholds. But let me make one point very clear: Even if I have a heritage saturated with sin and iniquity and have to deal with the harassment of familiar spirits, I am not personally responsible and accountable for those ancestral sins. I am held responsible for my own moral compromises.

Here’s a hypothetical illustration: Let’s say that my great-grandmother practiced occultism. She would have consorted with spirits and received certain powers of divination. She went to her grave unrepentant and unredeemed, her sin unresolved before God. What happens to those divining and deceiving spirits when she dies? Where do they go? They will probably try to stay within the family. The typical scenario is that these spirits will transfer to the daughter or granddaughter, or cross over to the male line. The spirits claim a right to remain in the family based on the unrepentant or unresolved sin. A generation or two later, I enter the picture and come into the kingdom of God. If, at the time of conversion, I do not sufficiently separate and break from these spiritual connections, I may experience some significant oppression and resistance to my growth in grace. Typically, this is evidenced by significant struggles to read the Bible, to pray or to experience the joy of the Lord.

(Tom White, The Believer’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare, 92-93)


Christian authors, Ankerberg and Weldon wrote:

We know that certain sins committed by the parents in the physical realm can seriously affect-even deform or kill- an unborn child. This would include alcohol or drug addiction and many sexually transmitted diseases like herpes, syphilis, and AIDS. We also know that the physical and emotional sins of parents can also leave lasting scars on their children as in incest, emotional withdrawal, and physical abuse. Can we be sure, then, that the spiritual area is exempt from visiting the sins of the parents on the children? Why are some children “born” psychic?…

(The Coming Darkness, 208).

Dr. Kurt E Koch, theologian and author, lists scores of examples where children of occult practitioners have suffered emotionally even though they were not directly involved in such practices themselves, wrote:

It is actually quite usual for such a marriage [of occultists] to produce children who are severely oppressed.

(Occult ABC, 275).

He also noted:

It is indeed a fact established by some 600 examples from pastoral experience with those involved in the occult, that prolonged occult practice creates a corresponding psychological constitution, a susceptibility, an inclination, a breeding-ground for various psychological disorders. In a long series of cases it has been possible to establish that occult subjection is an especially marked psychological constitution lasting through four succeeding generations of the same family.

(Christian Counseling and Occultism, 117-118).

Moreover, he wrote:

It is clear in a number of cases that charmers, spiritists, and sorcerers bring oppression on their descendants to the third and fourth generations. This accords with the second of the Ten Commandments, which speaks of “visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation of those who hate God.

(Occult ABC, 276).


He gives many examples, found in his book Christian Counseling and Occultism, which are indicative of the impact one person can have on his family and even succeeding generations:

(Case 60) Although she had a [magical] charm for every disease of man and beast, she was unable to control the psychological sufferings of her own posterity. From her own children down to her grand-children, an enormous variety of psychological disorders are to be observed….

(Case 61) Her grandmother was a charmer for many years. Her oldest son, the father of the girl who came to me, was harassed by suicidal thoughts. The second son hanged himself. This first granddaughter had fits of mania….

(Case 62) After years of successful [demonic] healing practice, his own mind became disturbed. He was taken to a mental institution. Two of his children the same fate. The whole family had psychological disturbances for several generations.

(Case 63) Her grandfather worked with magic books and conducted occult experiments. Finally he became blind. He burned his magic books and warned his children that they must not continue his occult practices because he had become blind as a result of them. In the following generation as astounding picture of psychological abnormalities presented itself. The son was an alcoholic. The granddaughter is a clairvoyant…. Five of his grandchildren are mentally abnormal… some with psychoses.

The following are examples found in the book Occult ABC:

Ex 304 While I was on a speaking tour in the province of Santa Catarina, Brazil, a woman Salvation Army officer came to me for counseling. She was of psychic disposition and encountered severe attacks during the night and when praying or reading her Bible. In my addresses, I mentioned some examples similar to events in her own family, and she therefore had confidence in me. As she told the story of her life, the following facts came out. Her grandmother and her mother were active spiritists. Her mother’s brother had committed suicide. Her father had been killed in an explosion. Her own husband had been killed in a road accident. Her eldest son also had a fatal accident.

These are not uncommon occurrences found in a spiritist’s family: accidents, suicides, mental disorders, etc. which are severe attacks from satan’s kingdom. Frequent accidents and suicides seem to be a familiar phenomenon in the world of the occult.

Again, I quote Ankerberg and Weldon:

Many secular researchers have also noted there is a hereditary factor for psychic predisposition: Dr. Fodor, the psychoanalyst/ psychic researcher referred to earlier, observes: ‘In most cases mediumship can be traced as a hereditary gift. If the heredity is not direct it is to be found in ancestors or collaterals.’

The compilation by the editors of Psychic magazine- Psychics: In Depth Interviews- reveals a consistent pattern. Most psychics interviewed admitted familial involvement. Famous mediums Arthur Ford, Eileen Garrett, and Douglas Johnson all had aunts who were mediums or psychics; Irene Hughes and Peter Hurkos both had psychic mothers; and virtually all 19 members of witch Sybil Leek’s nuclear and extended family were sympathetic to psychicism.

As with Edgar Cayce, Olga Worrall, and other well-known occultists, the predisposition often surfaces during childhood, especially in experiences with spirits. In the book cited above, Jeane Dixon, Eileen Garrett, Irene Hughes, Douglas Johnson, and “Kreskin” (who denies he is a psychic even though he practices automatic writing) also encountered psychic events at a young age.

(The Coming Darkness, 211-212)

Dr. Fodor confirms that even babies and small children of occultists can incur a curse of because of their parents’ sins:

Inherited mediumship usually appears spontaneously and early in life, like artistic gifts. The five-month-old son of Mrs. Kate Fox-Jenken wrote automatically. Raps occurred on his pillow and on the iron railing of his bedstead almost everyday. The seven month-old infant of Mrs. Margaret Cooper gave communications through raps. Aksakof in Animisme et Eperitisme records many instances of infantile mediumship. The child Alward moved tables that were too heavy for her normal strength. The nephew of Seymour wrote automatically when nine days old.

In Bonnemere’s Les Canisards and in Figuier’s Histoire du Merveilleux many cases are quoted of Canisard babies of 14-15 months of age and of infants who preached in French in the purest diction.

(Fodor, Encyclopedia of Psychic Science, 234)

The following is an example of a Christian demonized because of what his ancestors were involved in:

Ex. 47. A Bible student in the Philippines had been a Christian for about one year. As I prayed with him, a rough voice called out of him, ‘He belongs to us. His whole family has belonged to us for more than 200 years.’ ‘No,’ I retorted, ‘he belongs to the Lord Jesus to whom he’s surrendered his life.’ The voices spoke again, ‘That’s not true. His ancestors have subscribed themselves to us. He is ours by right.’ The conversation revealed that the ancestors of this unhappy student had not only practised sorcery, but some of them had even subscribed themselves to the devil with their own blood. This was the reason why, in spite of his conversion, the student had become possessed.

(Occult Bondage and Deliverance, 70-71)

In Demon Possession and the Christian, theologian Dr. C. Fred Dickason details many examples of what occult practices can do to Christians:

I have found this avenue of ancestral involvement to be the chief cause of demonization. Well over 95 percent of more than 400 persons I have contacted in my counseling ministry have been demonized because of their ancestors’ involvement in occult and demonic activities.

(Demon Possession and the Christian, 221)

Not all times do demons go down the bloodline because of the occult. Demonization may occur apart from it:

…a Salvation Army officer who had been born blind and who was brought to a meeting at which Jean Darnall was ministering. A charismatic word of knowledge declared that the man’s blindness was due to an evil spirit which had entered him at birth. He had been born in prison. His father was a criminal and his mother had conspired with him. Criminal or immoral activity can become a vehicle for demonic intrusion, and this was the case for this officer. Following a deliverance prayer by which a spirit was cast out of him, the man saw perfectly for the first time in his life.

(Parker, Battling the Occult, 82)

In the book Battling with Nazi Demons, the Christian author, Werner Oder, gave his testimony of the recurring horrific demonic nightmares, and infirmities he suffered with as child. He was greatly tormented from a monster trying to kill him for many years. As a child, he was physically attacked by an unseen force, even pushed down a flight of stairs and into water (almost killing him). He was also filled with violence, aggression, hatred, and Anti-Semitism. What was it that opened the door for the enemy to attack him in such a way? His earthly father was a Nazi SS officer – a war criminal responsible for the deaths of many innocent lives. It was only when Werner surrendered his life to Christ was he set free from the tormenting nightmares and the spirit of hatred and anti-Semitism.

If you believe you may have evil spirits because of your ancestors and want prayer for deliverance then feel free to reach out to me.

If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you can receive Him into your heart, and He can deliver you from darkness and sin and have your name written in His Book of Life.

If you are sincere you can say this simple prayer to the Father (it doesn’t have to be word for word):

“God, I recognize that I have not lived my life for You up until now. I have been living for myself and that is wrong. Please forgive me of all of my sins just as I forgive others. I need You in my life; I want You in my life. I acknowledge the completed work of Your only begotten Son Jesus Christ in giving His life for me on the cross, I believe in my heart Jesus is Lord and was raised from the dead and I long to receive the forgiveness you have made freely available to me through this sacrifice. Come into my life now, Lord. Take up residence in my heart and be my king, my Lord, and my Savior. From this day forward, I will no longer be controlled by sin, or the desire to please myself, but I will follow You all the days of my life. Those days are in Your hands. I ask this in the Lord and GOD Jesus’ precious and holy name. Amen.”

14 thoughts on “Generational Curses – Inheriting Demons From Ancestors

  1. Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written: “Cursed is everyone who is hung on a pole.”
    Galatians 3:13

    Verse 13 is written in the past tense, whereas Galatians 3:10 is written in the present tense:

    For all who rely on the works of the law are under a curse, as it is written: “Cursed is everyone who does not continue to do everything written in the Book of the Law.”

    If Jesus broke the curses, how is it those of whom Paul was referencing in the present tense could be under a curse? Verse 13 does say Jesus became the curse, but it doesn’t say He broke any curses. Moreover, I cannot find a single example of Jesus or the apostles breaking any curses, yet we read that Jesus issued many curses.

    If Jesus did not break any curses why would anyone else?


  2. Jen P

    Thank you for this. I have been fighting spiritually as a born again believer in Jesus Christ the Messiah of Nazareth. I come from a long line of European free masons, and African/Native American witches, Slave owning Jews. As an infant I was presented in a demonic Santeria ritual (grandmother walked over fiery coals while holding me). My father and (his mother) my grandmother are involved in witchcraft. His father was a freemason (I believe he died truly unrepentant as many demonic things happened at the time of his funeral. I can only surmise that the demons that left him viciously entered the family and caused unspeakable havoc.) Currently my father is dying – very ill with Multiple Sclerosis and STD’s- everyday gets worse and is on morphine – (as is my grandmother since she is very advanced in age.) Repeatedly my brother and I have tried sharing the gospel with them and they refuse to repent. I have been heavily attacked spiritually lately. If the attacks are not while I sleep (demons trying to choke me, sleep paralysis, disgusting nightmares) they occur while I am awake in the form dark demonic thoughts (voices that do not sound like my own telling me not to pray, etc). I cry out to Jesus every single day to deliver me. I am fully aware that both are dying and that those legion of demons are looking for a place. I am praying that they go to the pit of hell and do not destroy any further generations. I am fighting through fasting and prayer. And I struggle with this. I have also been struggling with a choking sensation that does not allow me to swallow food properly or peacefully and have developed anorexia as a cause of this. A fear of eating and choking. I am being attacked from every side and have been crying out to Jesus. What do I continue to do?


    1. Magdalen

      Is it possible to break unknown curses

      My mother was adopted, her biological family is unknown, I heard few stories,one is the person I thought was my great aunt like figure was really my grandmother. I heard that she possibly had an affair, and her husband made her give up my mum to their neighbours that were distantly related.
      When I was a teenager I really wanted to find out the truth and I asked my “great aunt” what does she know about my mum’s adoption (at that point someone told me that she might know the family that gave my mum away, and I didn’t even suspect she could be involved in it). She froze, she teared up and told me off sternly to never ask this question again.
      Years ago she passed away and later I found her daughter on Facebook… And she looks very similar to my mum. I sent a friend request and a Hi message and who I am but never got a reply back.
      Some days after that I had a very lucid dream. My great aunt’s entrance to her house. And I saw “her”. She looked kindly at me, held my hands and said it’s not a good time to find out the truth, and she is sorry. When it happened I thought it was her ghost but now I know it cannot be true as bible says.
      I’m praying for the holy Spirit to reveal what to pray for and how to break curses.

      Should I keep trying to find out the truth and have a closure
      How to pray to break curses if family line is not known, or isn’t certain?

      Does it work if the prayer is over a child? I want to be set free. But my son’s father (estranged) is very much antichristian.
      I can see that my son struggles a lot with sadism and disobedience.he is only 5. I remember my childhood vividly and I struggled with some things too, like unexplainable anger or hatred, but my son is a lot worse. I have confessed my sins and I keep doing it when the Holy Spirit reveals them and I am repenting. And I believe the generational curses will be broken but it would be only on my side. Is there a way to help my son?


      1. That we can be subject to satanic generational curses is so entrenched in the minds of many believers that they never question whether the Bible supports the idea. I will expound on this, but first I want to express my sympathies to anyone having difficulties with their children’s wellbeing, physical, mental or spiritual.

        The goal of my comments is to relieve anyone of anxiety stemming from this false teaching and, hopefully, provide enough clarification to encourage more properly directed prayers. Our gracious Lord hears our prayers and knows our heart. He is eager to heal and show mercy, but our prayers matter and faith is instrumental in the dynamic of answered petitions. The false teaching about generational curses is dangerous for this reason, it can be a faith killer, or at the very least a faith inhibitor. If we agree that faith is an integral aspect of prayer, then we should seek to increase our faith by being immersed in the Word and shed ideas that might cause us to fear and doubt.

        Anyone trapped in fear, wondering if their ancestor’s sin has left them subject to a generational curse, cannot simultaneously maximize their faith when in prayer. Fear and faith do not mix well.

        I will not go into detail for all the following statements but can upon request:

        • There is not a single example of a satanic curse in all of Scripture. They do not exist.

        • All real curses come only from the Lord.

        • There are examples of generational curses in Scripture—all from the Lord—but they are extremely rare.

        • Jesus did not break any curses. He became the curse.

        • Curses are part of the Word of God. Jesus is the Word become flesh. Jesus was nailed to the cross:

        “When you were dead in your sins and in the uncircumcision of your flesh, God made you alive with Christ. He forgave us all our sins, having canceled the charge of our legal indebtedness, which stood against us and condemned us; he has taken it away, nailing it to the cross.”
        Colossians 2:13-14

        Jesus didn’t break the curses in the Law. The Law is the Word of God, Jesus is the Word of God, and He was nailed to the cross. He became the curse for us and died, and those who believe died with Him, rescuing us from our sin.

        And keep this in mind:

        “For the unbelieving husband has been sanctified through his wife, and the unbelieving wife has been sanctified through her believing husband. Otherwise your children would be unclean, but as it is, they are holy.”
        I Corinthians 7:14

        Now I don’t pretend to understand everything this verse means; however, it is clear the children of believers are considered holy. They cannot be cursed and simultaneously holy.

        Therefore, with all that said, pray in faith without worrying if your children, or yourselves, are under a curse. Don’t let lies and fear diminish your faith. PRAY!!!

        Now, regarding lingering effects from past satanic involvement, I have found nothing in Scripture supporting the idea. However, demonic entities are strategic beings. Whatever family traits, disease, culture, sin, economic habits etc., might have led to suffering in the past—demonic or otherwise—of course, demonic entities are going to capitalize on these.

        Pray to make changes in your family. Pray also against any satanic forces. Pray in faith and not in fear because God hears, and answers prayers offered in faith.


        1. With all due respect, you shouldn’t butt into things you don’t know much about. I will address some of what you said.

          You said:

          “There is not a single example of a satanic curse in all of Scripture. They do not exist.”

          “All real curses come only from the Lord.”

          In the Bible (Numbers Ch. 22) Balaam tried to put a curse on the Hebrews as to bring about an ill effect supernaturally on them, but God stopped him from doing it. The passage seems to indicate that the curse would have been carried out if God didn’t intervene.

          Who do you think works behind voodoo curses and other forms of black magic? It definitely is not the living God.

          Unger wrote:

          “It is the most devilish of all the forms of magic as it is directed against both animals and humans. A black magic spell can cause temporary blindness, deafness, dumbness, torpor, sickness, pain, etc… through a genuine magic spell diabolical power is released and real results are obtained (Demons in the World Today, 128).

          But whether the occultist acknowledges it or not evil spirits are behind the magic curses. Unger wrote:

          “Genuine magic is the art of bringing about results beyond human power through the enlistment of supernatural agencies. Black magic deliberately involves the devil and demons, and the resulting enchantment is used for persecution and revenge. A spiritistic circle of twenty members furnishes a good example. Working with black magic, these spiritistic experimented to see if they could cause psychic harm or even illness in people they disliked. A strong medium of this occult group chose a minister as a target and vowed to afflict and eliminate him. The minister suffered a nervous breakdown and was unable to work for several months.” (Demons in the World Today, 60-61)

          I have prayed for deliverance for numerous people, and some of them were “cursed” or demonized because someone practiced black magic against them. This type of thing is very prevalent in parts of Africa and the Caribbean. It’s very real! Otherwise, people wouldn’t waste their time with practicing it.

          Click the link for more information


  3. Appeal to Ignorance (argumentum ad ignorantiam)

    The owner of this blog has been kind enough to allow my posts. I am grateful for that, so I in no way wish to be disrespectful. However, there are people seeking help and the information presented here is wrong. This particularly struck me:

    “Generational curses or intergenerational (“familial”) spirits were something I was a tad bit skeptical about as I thought it is not explicitly clear in scriptures (although conversely, scriptures do not contradict the idea of generational curses). But how else can one explain how a young child can have an evil spirit?”

    “…But how else can one explain how a young child can have an evil spirit?”

    This is an appeal to ignorance. Stated more simply, since we can’t explain why, it must be X.

    The Bible is not explicit on how one becomes possessed by demons. I think we have some hints, but there is nothing explicit in Scripture. There certainly is no explanation of how innocent children could be possessed, and the Bible is unapologetic for not providing us with this knowledge.

    Jesus and the Apostles could have provided us with lots of information explaining how one becomes demon possessed, but they did not. They also could have discussed generational curses, but they did not. They could have engaged in curse deliverance, but they did not, and they did not direct us to either.

    If curse deliverance was to be part of the Christian experience, it seems as if we should be able to find at least one example in the New Testament. Moreover, there is not a single example of curse deliverance in the Old Testament.

    The practice of curse deliverance is based upon cherry-picked phrases and sentences quoted outside the context of Bible sentences and paragraphs.

    I want to address the idea of “familiar spirits.” This is unfortunately ignorant. The Bible nowhere discusses “family spirits.” This error arises from a word used in a very few translations that has nothing to do with spirits that are family based. The following is from

    “The word familiar is from the Latin familiaris, meaning a “household servant,” and is intended to express the idea that sorcerers had spirits as their servants ready to obey their commands. Those attempting to contact the dead, even to this day, usually have some sort of spirit guide who communicates with them. These are familiar spirits.”

    This is perhaps one of the dumbest errors still alive in the Church today. To deduce that there are family-based demons simply because the words “familiar” and “family” contain many of the same letters could not be more anti-intellectual. It’s rather silly.

    J. Williams, I do not mean this in any insulting way, however; you are being horribly irresponsible. I know you have a lot of followers and this because of a hunger on this subject. If children of God are coming to you hungry, and you feed them the wrong food, both you and they are in peril. I would be very careful about continuing without subjecting yourself to some healthy peer pressure.


    “…scriptures do not contradict the idea of generational curses”

    This is probably best described as a false dichotomy. Of course, the Bible does not contradict generational curses. Why would it? There are clear-cut examples of generational curses in the Scripture. The problem is, every single example of generational curses is from the Lord. Why would the Scripture contradict that idea?

    What you are suggesting is that the Scripture is not contradicting satanic generational curses, and again, why would it? There is not a single example of a satanic curse, let alone a satanic generational curse, in the Old or New Testaments. Why contradict something that does not exist?

    You are not the first I have come across who attempts to use God’s light to prove Satan’s darkness. When you use generational curses from God to prove the existence of satanic generational curses, that’s what you are doing; using Light to support lies about darkness.

    James 3:1 says this:

    “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers and sisters, because you know that we will be judged more strictly.”

    J. Williams, I would take that verse very seriously. You have got yourself way out on a limb and risking divine judgement unnecessarily. Why would you do that?

    What is so tantalizing about discussing this subject that it causes you to be irresponsible?

    The draw and appeal of curse deliverance results from seductive conclusions. It is appealing to believe if one can simply utter the right deliverance prayer, their problem will go away. It is the desire for the magic pill, and it is seductive. I believe in sudden, miraculous deliverance and healing. I have experienced it myself. However, renouncing a curse that does not exist or one that we have died to will not bring about God’s power.

    You have young mothers writing to you with questions about their young children. Do you remember what Jesus said about the little ones?

    My advice to you is to take heed to the truth as stated in Scripture and repent.


    1. I take it you have absolutely no experience with casting demons out of people. I have many years of experience in this ministry, and I have seen people who were demonized (or “cursed”) because of what their ancestors got involved in. Here is one video of me casting out demons out of a woman that we surmised she got demonized from her ancestors

      The various references I used in this post backs up my claim that people can be demonized or demonically oppressed because of what their ancestors did. You want to disagree, then that’s your prerogative. But nothing what you said refutes my doctrine scripturally.


  4. Few biblical characters fascinate me more than Balaam. He certainly was an interesting fellow. He is mentioned three times in the New Testament in the cautionary sense. There are even some archaeological finds that may verify him historically. Not that I need outside verification. I am a “If the Bible says it, I believe it” guy.

    You are using Balaam as evidence of satanic supernatural curses. While I appreciate you are using Scripture to present your case, you did not present all the relevant passages.

    Balak, King of Moab, sent men to Balaam to hire him to put a curse on Israel:

    ““Spend the night here,” Balaam said to them, “and I will report back to you with the answer the Lord gives me.” So the Moabite officials stayed with him.

    God came to Balaam and asked, “Who are these men with you?”

    Balaam said to God, “Balak son of Zippor, king of Moab, sent me this message: ‘A people that has come out of Egypt covers the face of the land. Now come and put a curse on them for me. Perhaps then I will be able to fight them and drive them away.’”

    But God said to Balaam, “Do not go with them. You must not put a curse on those people, because they are blessed.””
    Numbers 22:8-12

    If you take the time to look at the Hebrew, you find that the reference to the “Lord” is Jehovah, not a pagan entity (i.e., satanic source.) Balaam told the men he was going to inquire of Jehovah and that is Who dialogued with him.

    If Balaam thought he could curse from a source other than Jehovah, then why did he inquire of Jehovah? This does not support the idea of satanic curses. As further proof, consider Joshua 24:9-10 when the Lord prophesied through Joshua:

    “When Balak son of Zippor, the king of Moab, prepared to fight against Israel, he sent for Balaam son of Beor to put a curse on you. But I would not listen to Balaam, so he blessed you again and again, and I delivered you out of his hand.”

    Are you trying to suggest that Balaam went to Jehovah to ask if he could pronounce a satanic curse upon Israel? Is that the hill you want to die on in trying to prove that satanic curses are biblical? I think we both know your answer to that.

    Another problem with your position is the testimony of one participant—Balaam himself. Please consider:

    How can I curse
    those whom God has not cursed?
    How can I denounce
    those whom the Lord has not denounced?
    Numbers 23:8


    “Balak said to Balaam, “What have you done to me? I brought you to curse my enemies, but you have done nothing but bless them!”
    He answered, “Must I not speak what the Lord puts in my mouth?””
    Numbers 23:11-12

    This is direct testimony from Balaam that he knew he could not curse independently of Jehovah. This should surprise no one. If Balaam had thought otherwise, why would he have inquired of Jehovah in the first place? Balaam did not willy-nilly pronounce a curse without consulting Jehovah because he knew it would not be effective.

    You presented this story as proof of satanic curses. The primary participants disagree with you. I side with those involved who possessed first-hand knowledge. Moreover, the other participant, Jehovah, never said the curse would be fulfilled if He had not stopped Balaam. We see in Joshua 23:9, “But I would not listen to Balaam…” the curse was not fulfilled because Jehovah would not “listen” to Balaam. That is an interpretation and commentary on the event straight from the Lord.

    Let us look at this logically. It is clear Balaam was seeking a curse from Jehovah, and it is clear Jehovah agrees with that. You claim,

    “The passage seems to indicate that curse would have been carried out if God didn’t intervene.”

    For that to be true, Jehovah would have to have listened to Balaam, and based upon Balaam’s impending imprecation, it would soon force Him to carry out a curse upon Israel. Therefore, to prevent that from happening, He would have to stop Balaam before he could pronounce the imprecation, which somehow would have forced Jehovah to curse Israel.


    It is a kind of illogical salad, is it not? As an alternative, we could go with the Lord’s express commentary, “But I would not listen to Balaam.” After all, Jehovah was a participant. Not to mention that He is, in fact, God.

    What then about the angel of the Lord stopping Balaam? I would suggest there are other possibilities. Perhaps it was an act of tremendous mercy towards Balaam. Maybe He was trying to keep Balaam from a promised judgement. Recall what Jehovah told Abraham:

    I will bless those who bless you,
    and whoever curses you I will curse;
    and all peoples on earth
    will be blessed through you.
    Genesis 12:3

    If Balaam had cursed Israel (which, according to the Hebrew, could include insults such as execrations) then he would be subject to the promise of being cursed by God.

    Which seems more plausible, God was acting in mercy toward Balaam or God could not control a curse once Balaam uttered it? I think the former is the more reasonable.

    It is probable that stopping Balaam had nothing to do with preventing him from pronouncing a curse whatsoever. In fact, if we look at the tilting point of the story it can be argued that this likely is the case.

    Balak, King of Moab, sent more men of even greater distinction to approach Balaam a second time and they promised great rewards if he would simply curse Israel.

    “But Balaam answered them, “Even if Balak gave me all the silver and gold in his palace, I could not do anything great or small to go beyond the command of the Lord my God. Now spend the night here so that I can find out what else the Lord will tell me.”

    That night God came to Balaam and said, “Since these men have come to summon you, go with them, but do only what I tell you.””
    Numbers 22:18-20

    Briefly, let me ask you, are you suggesting that Jehovah sent Balaam to curse but then had to stop him from pronouncing the curse? I’ll let you ponder that as we move on.

    I will not list the entire next part of the chapter where Balaam’s donkey speaks to him and he finally sees the angel of the Lord standing in the middle of the road with drawn sword, as fascinating as it is. For brevity, I will skip to verses 31-33:
    “Then the Lord opened Balaam’s eyes, and he saw the angel of the Lord standing in the road with his sword drawn. So he bowed low and fell facedown.
    The angel of the Lord asked him, “Why have you beaten your donkey these three times? I have come here to oppose you because your path is a reckless one before me. The donkey saw me and turned away from me these three times. If it had not turned away, I would certainly have killed you by now, but I would have spared it.”

    This story pivots on the second request by Balaam to curse Israel for monetary gain although he did his best to disguise his intent to Balak’s emissaries, as well as to the Lord. However, he riled Jehovah’s anger in the process so as a judgment, Jehovah told Balaam to go with the men. Please pay attention to this:

    “I have come here to oppose you because your path is a reckless one before me.”

    The Lord was not acting to prevent the curse. He stated explicitly through Joshua that He would not listen to Balaam. He had no need to. He was opposing Balaam, as the express language clearly bears out. Jehovah was not worried about Israel. Even if Balaam had pronounced the curse, it would not hurt them. Instead, God would have cursed Balaam in accordance with his hundreds of years old promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

    Regarding your and Unger’s comments about magic and spells, I will again refer you to Balaam who at the very least attempted to meddle in divination:

    “Now when Balaam saw that it pleased the Lord to bless Israel, he did not resort to divination as at other times, but turned his face toward the wilderness.”
    Numbers 24:1

    So, we have Balaam as a firsthand witness. He dabbled in divination and here is his opinion of the effects of magic upon Israel:

    “There is no divination against Jacob,
    no evil omens against Israel.
    It will now be said of Jacob
    and of Israel, ‘See what God has done!’”
    Numbers 23:23

    Tell me if I am misrepresenting your position, but it seems you and Unger believe Christians—who are inhabited by the Holy Spirit—are subject to evil spells under a New and better Covenant when Israel was not susceptible to them under the Old Covenant. Am I missing something? If this is your position, then can you explain why Jesus and the Apostles did not mention anything of the kind? If, after the virgin birth of the Mighty God, after the Light ministered on the earth for three years, after the nails pierced His hands and feet, after rising from the dead, after ascending to heaven, after the Father sending the Holy Spirit in power; we have less protection from evil spells than Israel did, then why didn’t somebody say something about it?

    You and Unger provide many anecdotal stories as evidence. Where is your Scriptural evidence? Point to a passage that says the Bride of Christ has less protection against evil spells than Israel did.

    Good luck with that.

    Now, perhaps the story of Balaam is not your best Scriptural argument in favor of satanic curses. Maybe you were saving the best for last. If that is the case, please help me out and present your argument. If I am wrong, I want to know it, and I want to know it for godly reasons as well as selfish reasons. Some of those reasons are illustrated in Proverbs 30.

    First, the selfish reason:

    “Do not add to his words,
    or he will rebuke you and prove you a liar.”
    Verse 6

    I am afraid of being rebuked by God, therefore want neither to add or subtract from His written revelation.

    The godly reason:

    “Keep falsehood and lies far from me”
    Verse 8a.

    I honestly want to properly represent His written truth. I hope somehow to honor Him and His Word by being as accurate and honest as I possibly can, and that because He has been so gracious to give us supernatural written truth commissioned from His throne room where one day I hope to hear, “Well done good and faithful servant.” If I add to His words, He will rebuke me, and I will be called a liar by the Creator. I really don’t want that and hope to avoid it at all costs.

    If I am wrong, and there really are examples of satanic, effective, fulfilled supernatural curses in the Bible, then I want to know about them so I will not misrepresent His Word.

    So far, we disagree. However, I commend you for being willing to allow my posts.

    I want to get a bit more personal here. I am very close to someone that had a sibling that was told they were under a generational curse from their ancestors, and they became so distraught that person committed suicide.

    This person was a new believer, and they did not know the word. They had suffered under staggeringly horrible abuse as a child. Soon after conversion and attending a church, some congregants involved in a “deliverance” ministry, decided this person needed their services. In their hubristic deliverance approach, they began trying to “heal” and “deliver” this poor person of their past. They heaped a burden onto this tortured soul. They thought they knew enough, but they did not.

    This issue is not an academic exercise for me. There are real life consequences to error.

    Allow me to appeal to you that you consider this discussion very carefully, and I mean that in the most brotherly sense.

    I began studying and writing about curse deliverance over nine years ago. One goal was to illustrate that Jesus broke all curses on the Cross. I discovered I was wrong—He did not break any curses. Another was to learn and explain how the generational curses referenced in Exodus 20:5 did not apply to us today. However, I discovered that and the five other references to it were not talking about generational curses. I was wrong again. Then I sought to compare and illustrate the differences between God’s curses and Satan’s curses, believing that there were in fact such thing as satanic curses. I was wrong a third time. I looked and looked and could not find a single example of an effective, fulfilled, Satanic curse.

    I often, spent quite a bit of time on my knees asking and pleading to the Father to keep me from error and to help me understand this subject according to the truth. I constantly had to make sure I was being honest with myself and the Lord. It was not easy.

    Again, please consider that young mothers with young children are coming to you for insight. You do not know everything about their situation. The wrong advice, and the wrong doctrine could have fatal consequences.

    Where exactly Balaam went astray is unknown. We know he heard from the Lord, and we know that he was still bent on going his own way. We have no idea how long this went on before the event in question, but he came very close to being slain by the Lord. Not a good state to be in.


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