Roseanne Barr and Her 7 “Personalities” or Evil Spirits?

Looking beyond all the controversy, Roseanne, who has a history of being vulgar and crass, has been into some real demonic stuff. She openly admitted she sold her soul to satan for fame. Was she being tongue-in-cheek? Who knows, but this type of stuff does go on. Like many actors and actresses in Hollywood, she seemed to be into the satanic New Age. She admitted to having an astral projection experience and communicating with otherworldly beings (which are really demons). She also admitted to channeling: getting into a trance and engaging in automatic writing, which is totally demonic.

Roseanne also suffers from multiple personality disorder, which I believe is demonic, perhaps the result of her opening herself by getting involved with New Age practices—namely channeling.

Those personalities are really just demons stealthily operating under the guise of different “personalities”. I believe they are playing a ruse. But this is the age of science we don’t believe in such make-believe, right?

Just as Roseanne claimed to have 7 personalities, Mary Magdalene had 7 spirits that were cast out by Jesus. If Mary Magdalene lived in modern America, she probably would have been diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder (or Dissociative Identity Disorder):

Roseanne, who first told the world that she has multiple personality disorder in 1994, says it’s not easy dealing with switching between “Somebody” and “Nobody.”

Those are just two of the names the former sitcom queen has given to her personalities, which she says total seven in all. The rest she calls Baby, Cindy, Susan, Joey, and Heather. In an interview in the August issue of Esquire magazine, Roseanne says that after 10 years of hard work, she’s managed to integrate the differing personalities.

The 48-year-old celebrity struggles to contain the condition that she said has afflicted her since she was a child.

“I haven’t had any blackouts for quite a while. I used to have them minute by minute,” she says. “I was always in conflict about conflicting parts, but I’ve learned how to get them to listen to each other now. I’ve learned how to get them to know they’re on the same team, that we occupy the same body, which we never knew before,” explains Roseanne, who decided in 1994 to go by her first name only.

“It’s like living in a maze. It’s like that old woman who keeps adding on to her house … But the parts don’t get along and some of them have some real strange ideas about how to defend,” said the comedian. That could explain some of her odder moments, such as grabbing her crotch after singing the national anthem — or marrying Tom Arnold.

Roseanne says her “seven different signatures” stayed around for anything ranging from a few seconds to a few years, adding that in one case she had forgotten to call back a friend for seven years.

In a 2001 interview with Esquire, Barr called her disorder “a gift” and referred to herself as “we.”

“We have seven different signatures,” she told the magazine at the time. “We’ve never been comfortable saying ‘I.’ It’s something we have to do with singletons. You know, to sound normal. We consider it a gift.”

Of how she dealt with having multiple personalities, the comedian said at the time that she “was always in conflict about conflicting parts, but I’ve learned how to get them to listen to each other now.”

“I’ve learned how to get them to know they’re on the same team, that we occupy the same body, which we never knew before,” she said of her personalities.

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Since Roseanne’s spirituality is not unusual in Hollywood, and Roseanne is filled with many unclean spirits, it makes me wonder why any Christian would care to be entertained by her show and a lot of other stuff shown on TV. What spirit is operating behind it all?

I will encourage Christians to not look at the Roseanne controversy as a political issue. Many Christians in America are politicizing it, making this a Conservative vs. Liberal issue. Look beyond the surface. There is a kingdom working behind what we see, bent on deceiving the world (Revelation 12:9). Look at what’s going on in terms of “Does this glorify Jesus?”; “Would Jesus approve of this?”; “Would Jesus do that?”; or “Does this really draw me closer to Jesus?”

In this sermon, Pastor Joe Schimmel, echoes something similar about Roseanne Barr.

If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you can receive Him into your heart, and He can deliver you from darkness and sin and have your name written in His Book of Life.

If you are sincere, you can say this simple prayer to the Father (it doesn’t have to be word for word):

“God, I recognize that I have not lived my life for You up until now. I have been living for myself and that is wrong. Please forgive me of all of my sins, just as I forgive others. I need You in my life; I want You in my life. I acknowledge the completed work of Your only-begotten Son Jesus Christ in giving His life for me on the cross, I believe in my heart Jesus is Lord and was raised from the dead and I long to receive the forgiveness you have made freely available to me through this sacrifice. Come into my life now, Lord. Take up residence in my heart and be my king, my Lord, and my Savior. From this day forward, I will no longer be controlled by sin, or the desire to please myself, but I will follow You all the days of my life. Those days are in Your hands. I ask this in the Lord and GOD Jesus’ precious and holy name. Amen.”

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  1. womaninlovewithjesus

    Just very recently saw her picture online. Without looking any further into it or reading about the political discussion, I immediately had the same “take” that there must be evil spirits involved – without even knowing she had MPD. I think you nailed it again! Congrats! GOD bless you!


  2. Adrienne Norris

    I don’t know everything that Roseanne has done in her past and I don’t agree with everything she has done but I do know this. DID, formerly known as multiple personality disorder, is NOT demonic! There may be some who pretend they have it or are in fact somehow possessed, but they do not have DID. The Bible even talks about people who are possessed with evil spirits but that is NOT the same thing as DID. Saying that DID is demonic is ignorant and a slap in the face to anyone suffering from this painful mental disorder. DID is caused by severe childhood abuse, usually sexual in nature. It’s the body’s way of protecting itself from the horrific abuse it suffered. It’s a copping mechanism. The mind creates parts, or alters, and they hold different memories and serve an important part in a person’s healing and recovery. It’s extremely rare. How do I know? My daughter had DID. She’s as close to an earthly angel as you can get. Nothing about her is or ever was demonic. I actually didn’t believe that DID was real until I saw it for myself. My daughter went through 7 years of therapy before she was able to integrate her alters. She was fortunate. Not everyone can integrate and their life is quite challenging. Stating that DID is demonic only spreads negative and false information that the mental health community is trying so hard for people to understand. So please have Christlike compassion for those who are actually suffering from it. It’s hard enough having DID but then to have people, like yourself, spreading false information is even more devastating. I would love to hear your comments.


    1. Hello Adrienne. Thank you for stopping by.

      With my experience being involved in deliverance dealing with demons I have no doubt demons are behind DID, at least in some cases. Pastor Schimmel came to the same conclusion I did about “multiple personalities”, you may want to check out his sermon. I know demons are extremely deceptive and can put on a front to conceal themselves. Indeed, the Bible reads satan transforms himself into an angel of light. If you are a true Christian I would have a true person of God who has experience in deliverance to pray over your daughter to see if her condition really is demonic. You have nothing to lose by trying.

      It is interesting that you said DID is caused usually by sexual abuse. From my years of experience expelling demons out of people I observed that some people got demonized because of the abuse. You should check out the page on here on signs of demonization.

      Even if it wasn’t demonic does the medical establishment have a cure for DID? I know Jesus can deliver.

      Take care and God bless.

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      1. Anonymous

        Jesus can absolutely deliver and that I have no doubt of. We saw His healing hand in my daughter’s recovery. Many prayers were offered in her behalf. A whole congregation even fasted and prayed for her healing. My daughter has been surrounded by good Christian men and women of God her whole life. Thankfully, no one ever tried to cast out evil spirits. That would have done so much damage to an already unstable person. I can’t even imagine how that would have totally confused her fragile mind. By listening to those educated in the medical community she was able to integrate her alters and became mentally healthy after years of therapy. It also helped that she lived in a supportive, loving home. I have no doubt that the Lord helped mentally heal my daughter. She is well and whole today but NOT because demons were cast out of her.

        After my daughter’s experience I joined a DID support group. I offer counsel to those in need. I feel like it’s my way of giving back. I have years of experience and I can tell you of some cases where individuals with DID were told, by people like you, that they were possessed. Their religious leaders tried to cast out the evil spirits. It did more damage than good and it turned those individuals away from God.

        Evil spirits are real. They exist. However, that is not what DID is. I urge you to pray to know the difference between a possessed person and someone suffering from DID. It absolutely breaks my heart that there’s such a stigma when it comes to mental illness and in particular, DID. The world needs educating. It needs compassion. Please read the link below. I know it probably won’t change your mind but knowledge is always good. I know you are doing and acting in a way that you feel is best. I understand but I urge you though to educate yourself.


        1. So you deny all cases of DID can be demonic? Again, perhaps some cases are not demonic but I have no doubt there are certain cases that clearly are demonic. Other Christian researchers have come to the same conclusion such as John Ankerberg and John Weldon You would have to have discernment to clearly see it.

          That said, I think a lot of what is in the field of Psychology is bogus – full of man’s wisdom rather than God’s wisdom. Some of the founders of certain fields of Psychology were involved with the occult This to me further backs up the argument that a lot of what they is bogus. That’s why I don’t take what they say about DID as valid.

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    2. Anonymous

      Thank you I couldn’t have said it better myself. Not only do article like this push false and ignorant agendas making it more difficult. They are just another attack towards people who have suffered to much as it already is. To put something out there in the name of Christianity is not the act of a Christian. It is shoveling hatred and intolerance. Somethimg that acording to my Bible is the exact opposite as the teachinga of Christ.


  3. Alexandra Dey

    All I can do is shake my head… you’re so close minded I honestly feel bad for you. You don’t understand this very real and very NON demonic mental illness and it scares you. So you turn to the thing you do know; religion. And that’s fine. I just urge you to be more sensitive to those suffering. I can only imagine how damaging and heartbreaking it would be for a Christian afflicted by this illness to read an article like this. WWJD?
    A survivor and proud overcomer of DID


  4. Adrienne Norris

    I feel like no matter what I say or what you say it won’t change our thoughts. After reading your other posts it’s probably safe to say that you have an obsession with demons. I’m trying to be a good Christian but I laughed out loud at your other way-out-there beliefs. I actually feel much better because it’s clear that you’re mentally unstable. It’s too bad you don’t believe in psychology. You could really use a therapist.


  5. Katherine Brown

    Thank you Adrienne for your insight! It truly hurts my heart knowing there are people out there who believe DID is caused by demonic possession. While I can not deny that demonic possession is a real thing, a true case of DID is not caused by anything demonic. Like Adrienne said, DID is often a way to cope with traumatic events like sexual abuse. It is incredibly ignorant and offensive to say that you “observed that some people got demonized because of the abuse.”

    I believe in a loving, merciful God. A God who loves his children beyond comprehension. I also have a firm testimony that Jesus is the way to being healed. Have you ever considered that DID may even be a gift from our loving creator? Maybe the additional personalities are a way to ease the burden on those who have suffered harrowing events. Much like Christ easing our burdens, the personalities ease the burden of the sufferer in dealing with the pain and stress for them.

    Christ is the way, but so is being sensitive and loving to those who have suffered.


    1. You believe demonic possession is a real thing but the medical establishment at large laughs at such a notion and yet you trust their view on “multiple personalities.”

      I don’t believe DID is a gift from God considering in God’s word in 2 Tim. 1:7 it reads “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

      That said, I think you would find the following informative:

      “Although not all cases of multiple personality disorder (MPD) are spiritistic, some clearly are. This illustrates yet another ruse whereby spirits can operate invisibly under the guise of a neutral concept in order to secure their goals.

      This area can be quite difficult to sort out. For example, on a recent news magazine television program they interviewed a woman with over 50 multiples. It clearly seemed like a genuine case of MPD. But even where spiritism is not a probable cause, it seems that at least one of the personalities often acts like an evil spirit or a demon. In this case, one of the personalities mutilated the woman’s body, carving out of the flesh on her arm the words “you must die” and carving an upside-down cross on her forehead. This could simply have been a form of pathological self-mutilation, but we are suspicious when one of the personalities seems to act like a demon, e.g., employing self-mutilation and satanic elements like upside-down crosses. Even if all the other multiples are in fact reflections of a legitimate psychodynamic, how do we know an evil spirit hasn’t joined in to mask its own activity?

      Also of concern is the fact that multiple personalities usually emerge from altered states of consciousness, especially hypnosis, Associate professor of psychology Elizabeth L. Hillstrom, specializing in physiological psychology at Wheaton College, comments: “In most cases, however, new ‘personalities’ apparently do not manifest themselves in normal consciousness unless they have first made an appearance in the hypnotic state, while the therapist is actively searching for them. This, along with the fact that people with multiple personality disorder are often deeply hypnotizable and suggestible, raises the disturbing possibility that therapists are unwittingly creating many of these personalities with their own suggestions.”

      Other psychological and parapsychological researchers have made similar notations. And, as we will discuss in a moment, they also note that a clearer connection to spiritism is beginning to emerge even in the minds of some secular researchers.

      Consider the following comments by transpersonal psychologist Alberto Villoldo and distinguished parapsychological researcher Stanley Krippner in their Healing States: A Journey into the World of Spiritual Healing and Shamanism:

      Many psychotherapists have observed the emergence of “subpersonalities” in their work with clients during hypnosis, guided imagery, or emotional catharsis…. In cases of multi-personality, subpersonalities assume identities of their own and will often engage in outrageous experiences of which the person has no knowledge…. Subpersonalities often emerge in hypnosis. In one study, 78 students were hypnotized, after it had been determined that they could enter altered states of consciousness quite easily and go into deep hypnotic states. They were requested to go back to an age preceding their births and be somebody else. This was an easy task for 32 of the students…. [So what really happened here?] Did the hypnotized students manifest subpersonalities? Past lives? Spirit entities? Any or all of these possibilities might be valid and further investigations are needed to produce more data.

      In the meantime, some psychotherapists who deal with cases of multipersonality have taken interest in spiritism. Ralph Allison, an American psychiatrist who has worked with many clients demonstrating this problem, has described the “alter personality” as serving a definite and practical purpose. “Repeatedly,” he observes, “I encountered aspects of entities of the personality which were not true alter personalities…. I have come to believe in the possibility of spirit possession.” [Allison is the author of Minds in Many Pieces (New York: Rawson, Wade, 1980).] There is always a reason for an “alter personality,” usually due to abuse or trauma in childhood. Thus, according to Allison, “The discovery of an entity who doesn’t serve any recognizable purpose presents a diagnostic problem. Interestingly enough, such entities often refer to themselves as spirits. Over the years, I’ve encountered too many such cases to dismiss the possibility of spirit possession completely.”

      Thus, what is significant about MPD is that a number of psychological researchers and therapists who investigate this phenomenon are not always sure if they are dealing with actual spirits or internal alternative personalities. The implications of this are disturbing, to say the least.


      Recent research on the phenomenon of so-called “multiple personalities” suggests that this term may prove to be an extremely useful metaphor that reduces the scientific aversion to the channeling phenomenon…. The alternate personality—or personalities, since there are often a number of these part-time residents—is typically very dissimilar in such characteristics as speech and thought patterns, mood and temperament, etc.; these differences may show up in physiological changes such as: voice, gender, brain wave patterns, chemical balance in body fluids, and so forth….

      In a standard text, Channeling, Professor Jon Klimo gives examples of the similarities between MPD and channeling and the difficulty of separating them. But the differences must also be noted; for example, 75 percent of MPD patients apparently report personalities under the age of twelve, a rarity among channelers, and most multiples have several or many personalities, while most channelers have only one or two. Still, there are remarkable parallels in the phenomenon itself, so much so that “a growing number of clinicians and researchers… are beginning to believe that at least some of the alter personalities are actually impinging from outside the multiple’s psyche, as in the case of unwanted possession.”

      When the phenomenon per se is indistinguishable from channeling, and while the personalities give similar or identical messages to those given by the spirits of channeling, one has to be suspicious.

      Further illustration of the confusion can be seen in the fact that many times those who are mediums are possessed by spirits, such as Louis Gasparetto, are conceptualized as having multi-personality disorder. Consider the following discussion about Gasparetto: “Each subpersonality when dominant, determines that person’s attitudes, showing relatively distinct behavioral patterns. In some subpersonalities, amnesia exists for the thoughts and actions of the other subpersonalities. Some ‘alter personalities’ may try to sabotage, dominate, or destroy the ‘host personality’.”

      If researchers think that some of the personalities in MPD are actual spirits, while other researchers interpret actual spirit possession as MPD, it is easy to see the potential for confusion in sorting out what is actually occurring…..


      To the contrary, from a psychological point of view it makes all the difference in the world whether we were dealing with real spirits. If spirits serve the purpose of personality integration, or provide “useful information,” they are simply using these as a ruse to gain influence or control over a person. The basic problem with modern psychology is that it has no categories to deal effectively with spiritistic intrusion or imitation of MPD. Unfortunately, even those characteristics that distinguish MPD from spirit possession could be engineered on the part of the spirits. We are not saying this is the case; only that it cannot entirely be ruled out.”

      Psychology literally means “the study of the soul.” If you want to put your trust in psychology which has its roots in the occult, then that’s on you. We will have to agree to disagree. Take care and God bless.

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      1. Adrienne Norris

        First of all, it’s no longer called MPD so the information you posted is outdated. Second, hypnosis is highly discouraged amongst therapists for treating DID and would never be used by a trained professional. What you posted was full of so many errors. To me, that discredits everything you just posted. I don’t need to read a bogus article. I’ve dealt with DID first hand. I know exactly what I’m talking about. You have one way of seeing things and it’s pretty extreme. That scares me. Honestly, your radical views seem cult like.


  6. Melanie

    Jesus wept

    My therapist is Christian, I have DID. As science understands more about the body’s physical response to trauma the more DID is understood and known to be caused by severe neglect and/or abuse in childhood when a child is supposed to be developing a sense of self. To deal with the dilemma of needing to bond with a significant carer yet that carer is abusive the brain/mind adapts and changes to seperatley the information into two separate sections. That of memories and experiences that are good with that person and memories and experiences that are very bad.

    This becomes a learned habit. Dissociation is a physiological state. Even before birth the brain can begin to wire itself to set up for PTSD, poor attachment, dissociation, inability to receive comfort due to raised cortisol levels in the mother’s body from stress and trauma.

    You want to help, reach out with love and compassion not condemnation. I have a part with an amazing connection to God and she has faced down many a wolf in sheep’s clothing maskerading as a Christian of authority in the church that really suffers from huge control issues.

    You can’t cast a demon out unless you dealt with the sin first. Then it’s simply a case of them having no authority. Demons are only there to bring awareness to sin that needs to be dealt with. In the same way flashbacks remind us that we have unresolved issues to work through.

    Saying the alters/parts created to be able to survive and preserve some semblance of sanity are demonic is an affront to how God designed the brain to cope with trauma.

    Help with attachment issues, support mother’s at risk, provide safe secure attachment figures for vulnerable children. But please, don’t attack and destroy a person’s sense of self worth further by telling them they are possessed


    1. I asked two other deliverance ministers who have years and years of experience with expelling demons, and sure enough both said that those “alters” or other “personalities” are really demons masquerading, which bolstered my view on it.

      Satan and his demons are very deceptive. Have you ever seen a medium channel a supposed dead loved one? They are very good at can mimicry and impersonating people.

      You may be interested in this deliverance ministers’ take on this who goes really in depth

      Take care and God bless.

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  7. Nicole

    Please please I literally beg you who work in area of deliverance. Learn about D.I.D and know that alters are NOT demons. You will literally wound people so much more, by believing this. Look into ministries that understand this, humble yourself and learn. If so you will find much more success.


  8. Anonymous

    J. Williams, just you saying “supposed” alters makes me furious! You know nothing about the mental health community or DID and you have no right spreading your false doctrine. You are hurting countless people who are already struggling. Please open your eyes to the damage you’re doing. You’re giving Christians a terrible name. Who cares if you’ve talked to other “ministers” on the subject? What do they know? They’re not experts on the subject!!! How could they be? You and your so called ministers have twisted the pureness of the gospel into something dark and evil. It’s frightening! You are so far from the truth. The saddest part is even if the Lord Himself came down to show you the light you wouldn’t even see it. You’re that far from the truth.


      1. Anonymous

        They do! Healing can happen. That’s what you’re not understanding. It’s called integrating. Integrating is like mixing two different paints into one color. When a person has gone through enough healing therapy and is strong enough to take on everything (memories of the abuse, the pain…) that that alter was holding then they can integrate. Although, not everyone who has DID wants to integrate or is able to because they rely on their alters to be there when needed. Remember, it’s a coping mechanism. Each alter plays a crucial role and was created to take on the pain and memories of the abuse. DID can be created in a child’s brain when abuse is so horrific that the child believes they’re going to die. It’s the body’s way of protecting itself. This is why it’s so crucial that those with DID be treated with compassion because they’ve already suffered so greatly. The worst thing that anyone can do is say that they’re possessed. You’re basically telling a person that what their brain created was demonic. It’s hurtful, false and needs to stop! There is so much you can learn when you have compassion and study mental health from a trained professional. Until people like you stop what you’re doing I’ll be picking up the broken pieces of those who have been shattered, thinking that their alters are demonic. It’s damaging and it sets back their healing.


    1. Alicia

      You are the one giving Christians a terrible name. Everyone has had different experiences that lead them to what they believe. He is not using absolutes and has kept his cool even with your continued harassment. How can you even get mad at someone who is genuinely trying to help? Wether you agree with him or not he means well. You are demonstrating angry qualities. Not everyone has to agree with you. He never even said anything hateful about those with DID. I believe a lot more people out there are possessed than we think. Look at how many there were in Christ’s day. Our world has only gotten sicker and more twisted since then ( no one has to agree with me on that just stating what I believe) so why is it impossible to be demonic? One can still have compassion and love for a person who has DID no matter the cause


  9. A quick Google search I got “There is no cure for dissociative identity disorder (DID).”

    “While there’s no “cure” for dissociative identity disorder, long-term treatment can be helpful, if the patient stays committed. Effective treatment includes talk therapy or psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and adjunctive therapies such as art or movement therapy.”

    Interestingly, I come to discover that people dissociative disorders also may have other “psychiatric” problems that I KNOW are blatant symptoms of demonization which I have posted here

    The web page reads:

    “Along with the dissociation and multiple or split personalities, people with dissociative disorders may experience a number of other psychiatric problems, including symptoms:

    Mood swings
    Suicidal tendencies
    Sleep disorders (insomnia, night terrors, and sleep walking)
    Anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias (flashbacks, reactions to stimuli or “triggers”)
    Alcohol and drug abuse
    Compulsions and rituals
    Psychotic-like symptoms (including auditory and visual hallucinations)
    Eating disorders
    Other symptoms of dissociative identity disorder may include headache, amnesia, time loss, trances, and “out of body experiences.” Some people with dissociative disorders have a tendency toward self-persecution, self-sabotage, and even violence (both self-inflicted and outwardly directed). As an example, someone with dissociative identity disorder may find themselves doing things they wouldn’t normally do, such as speeding, reckless driving, or stealing money from their employer or friend, yet they feel they are being compelled to do it. Some describe this feeling as being a passenger in their body rather than the driver. In other words, they truly believe they have no choice.”

    This again bolsters my belief that DID is demonic.

    Another thing that is shocking to me that sometimes hypnotherapy or hypnosis is used to some times treat those with DID. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis is of the occult

    Once again, this furthers my belief these so-called “experts” have no clue.

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    1. Anonymous

      If you sat down and talked to someone who has integrated and is mentally healthy then you would know. Healing happens! I’ve witnessed it first hand. Let me once again explain things to you and I think I need to contact the Mayo Clinic to change their wording to integration so it doesn’t confuse people who can’t grasp it. When you read online that there is no cure for DID it’s like this. This might be a bad example but let’s say you get Chicken Pox. Once you have had Chicken Pox you will always have the virus in your system. That’s just the way it is. Can you recover from Chicken Pox? It’s the same with how the brain works. Once your brain learns to split, it can create another alter if ever needed. A person can integrate all alters and live a normal life without ever having another alter, ever. I’ve seen it happen. However, if an integrated person once having DID were to go through another traumatic event, the brain, out of memory, could possibly create another alter. I’ve seen that happen as well. Each case is different. As far as individuals with DID having other issues like depression and so forth, of course they would! They’re suffering from the worst form of PTSD. They’re hurting, they’re frightened and they have anxiety. Anyone would if they suffered what they did. Everyone is different and everyone handles things in their own way. The brain is a marvelous thing and I’m glad that it has a way of protecting someone.


    2. Anonymous

      Your so wrong the “Cure is tge Love of Jesus christ and the Holy spirit ae ste SRA abd are severly demonized wr have trauma based mind control programming monarch mkultra programming if any baby or child under going repeated horrific trauma this is how they enf uo severely Demonized people with DID alters and parts are not Demons but they have Demonic attachments have Demons attached to the parts and t the deep soul wounds


  10. Judgement

    Believe you could be sued for this. As you are no doctor to be stating false allegations about people DID. “My hand will be against the prophets who see false visions and utter lying divinations…” Ezekiel 13:9


  11. Judgement

    Believe you could be sued for this. As you are no doctor to be stating false allegations about people DID. “My hand will be against the prophets who see false visions and utter lying divinations…” Ezekiel 13:9


  12. I am a child of God and a follower of Christ so therefore I can not be possessed by demons, yet I have Dissociative Identity Disorder (it is no longer called multiple personality disorder) and 30+ identified alters. So please, in your vast knowledge and experience with the human mind and psychology explain the link you claim I have to demons.


    1. Born again Christians can’t be possessed by demons but they can be demonized

      By the power and authority of Jesus Christ I have cast demons out of multitudes of people, some of them I know to be born again Christian. I have been doing this for years and that’s the part of the reason why I have absolutely no doubt a born again Christian can be demonized.

      You put your faith in psychologists yet you still have 30+ supposed “alters.” Since they are such supposed “experts” how come you are not cured?

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      1. Anonymous

        J. Williams, enough! Enough already! You have no idea what you are talking about. You think you do but your mind is in the dark ages. I’m starting to think that you’re the devil himself. I’m done with you and your stubborn, ignorant, closed minded brain. Let God have mercy on your soul for you have no compassion on the suffering for inflicting your cruel and deceiving philosophy.


  13. Adrienne Norris

    Since you’ve supposedly cast out demons on multitudes of people with DID, give me one source that’s willing to talk about how you cured them. Just one. Oh, that’s right. You can’t! True DID can’t be cured by casting anything out because there’s nothing to cast out. It can’t be cured in the blink of an eye. It takes years of therapy to integrate.


    1. I never said I cast demons out of people with DID (at least not yet), but I have posted a link to a deliverance minister who has.

      That said, DSM-5 updated their definition of DID that includes the experience of POSSESSION – “First, Criterion A has been expanded to include certain possession-form phenomena” (Highlights of Changes from DSM-IV-TR to DSM-5). So even the secular world acknowledges it.

      So you denying that ALL people who have DID can be demonized goes against the establishment you believe in says.


  14. womaninlovewithjesus

    There is a lot of evidence on the internet, many authors and people who have discovered that therapy can actually not heal mental diseases and just to name one, Kurt Koch, who was an expert in therapy and demonology, stated that therapy was indeed invented by the enemy to explain away demon possession! And when you read his material, he quotes many psychiatrists who admitted that if the concept of demonization was recognized or they put it that way, if they had to dismiss all those patients in their institutions, whom they considered not mentally ill, but truly possessed by demons, their clinics would be at least half empty!

    I myself have been a therapist for many years entering into this profession with a genuine desire to help, but unfortunately all I ever discovered was that neither did the methods (quite a few) I learned help anyone in the long run, yes, there were some short term improvements, but they turned out to be quite superficial – and it wasn’t only me who got these results, behind closed curtains, many colleagues were wondering about the same discovery… nor did I ever see any teachers in the field which lead whole and healthy lives themselves. They were brilliant and highly intelligent teachers and I really admired them all, but once you got a glance behind the scenes, every single one of them had scattered lives and dysfunctional relationships and many mental issues himself.
    To be honest, I was really shocked when I found out that it is all a mere delusion – just like anything else the enemy has and sells… It took me many years to come to this conclusion and I didn’t take the decision that I needed to throw it all overboard lightly, after all, I had (like everyone else in this or any other profession) spent a lot of money for the education and had invested many years of training.
    Last, but not least, I myself got worse and worse spiritually instead of better… should get you thinking, now, shouldn’t it – and it did get me thinking, seeking and finding… finding that it is all not beneficial, but indeed the contrary and that the deeper one has been involved in all this, because it equals being involved in the occult, like it or not, believe it or not, the longer and the more difficult it will be to deliver them! And I can say this from my own experience!
    I did have many patients who believed and claimed that I had helped them, but today, I am really sorry that I ever did any of this, because I know that I certainly have not helped their soul! And I have asked THE LORD to forgive me for bringing many souls further away from HIM many times!!

    Do your homework, my friend, in the end, you are the only one who can decide what is going to help you and what isn’t. But me and the author of this blog are not the only ones who believe that therapy will only get you into deeper trouble!

    Most certainly, I can say that I agree from personal experience and from prayer and discernment with all of the findings of the author of this blog (at least the ones I have read, I may not have seen them all, but a great deal of them and it is one of my very favorite blogs and even sources of TRUTH!) and he is one of the few people out there who does NOT spread the lies the enemy wants us to believe, but who is teaching and spreading the TRUTH.

    And regarding DID which has been cured by JESUS CHRIST, I came across Mary Lou Lake, she had DID and she wrote a book about how JESUS set her free and how she was delivered and she is today ministering to people with the same problem and you may want to get in touch with her.
    The name of the book is “What witches don’t want Christians to know” and it deals with the exact same issue that people with mental diseases are supposed to believe that they are ill and fall into all the traps connected with that, while all they truly are is demonized. She is a pastor’s wife and they have a ministry called kingdom intelligence briefing and you can find it online.

    From reading a lot of this author here, I believe his motive to do all this actually IS compassion for those souls who are in bondage and he is devoting a lot of his time to research and gather information for them to help them get free and discover THE TRUTH.
    And he offers prayer and helps people, that is something a therapist would never do for free!

    GOD bless you all for reading and for expressing your doubts and criticism, may THE HOLY SPIRIT show you the truth, because only HE can. Do your homework, friends, and don’t accuse a man of GOD to be the devil, it is not good for the well-being your soul! GOD bless you!


    1. Anonymous

      I don’t know who Kurt is and I don’t care. He’s totally wrong if he thinks therapy can’t heal. He hasn’t seen the healing that I have first hand witnessed. How many more examples of healthy healing do you need? Plus, anyone who studies demonology is dabbling in something terribly dangerous. You and Williams have every right to think the way you do but for the sake of those who are hurting, please STOP spreading your twisted, demonic philosophies. It’s not kind.


  15. Audrey Bell

    This has gone on far enough, it is time for you to stop spreading lies and causing pain. If you are truly a Christian, as you claim to be, you will stop. No matter your beliefs, I pray you can recognize the grief you are causing. It is people like you that cause others to turn from Christianity. I urge you to pray with real intent to know if the things you are preaching are true. If you believe so strongly you are right, then what’s the harm. But I can garuntee that you will have a change of heart.

    When judgment day comes, may God have mercy on your soul.

    2 Corinthians 13-15
    13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.
    14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
    15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.


  16. womaninlovewithjesus

    Thank you for your opinion and for your care about kindness.
    We have a common ground here, because kindness is very important to me as well, it may not mean the same to me than it means to you though.
    If I gave an addict a drink because I had compassion on their pain, for me, that would not be kind – and that’s what you are asking us to do.
    I can only speak for myself and I am putting a lot of effort in doing my best to be a kind person.
    In my world, that entails not lying and inviting others to wake up from the lies which I myself once believed in, which I discovered to be lies. And I, too, have seen healings, which I nowadays call pseudo-healings and which have not been lasting and that is what many people report of any occult healing methods, including therapy – they can produce short-term healing sensations, but the symptoms will come back!
    I am not intending to doubt or to minimize any personal, genuine healing experiences and I would not even be able to, for if you have been healed and if your healing is genuine and lasting and permanent, it cannot be challenged and it should surprise you more than me why you find it so upsetting to read this…?
    And you may want to ask yourself not only why you are getting angry, but also why you have come to this article in the first place…?
    Why would you read something about or against a method that you thoroughly believe in?
    Think about it!
    Regardless if you consider our/ my work to be kind or not, it is my intention with publishing these writings to be exactly that, kind and help spread the truth and get people free and help them overcome the lies they were fooled into believing.
    In my world, that is what kindness is about, helping others – and I will certainly not stop doing this because someone who isn’t even willing to do some research or to show their face or name is asking me to.
    GOD bless you and I really do hope that you are well and that you will stay well!


    1. Adrienne Norris

      People are coming to this article because I pointed it out to them. I’m in a DID support group and it was mentioned in the group that Roseanne Barr once had alters. I had never heard this so I researched it on the internet and came across this article. It made me absolutely furious and I had to share my frustrations with the group. Of course everyone is angry. Quite angry! People with DID are already afraid to tell anyone about their disorder because of the mental health stigma and people like you who make them feel horrible and spread false information. Some people with DID even get holy water splashed on them by coworkers. How would that make you feel if someone insisted that you were demonized and you knew you weren’t? Thankfully, it’s a very small population that still believes this medieval way of thinking. The mental health community is trying so hard to end the stigma that’s why everyone is so angry. So please, if you’re a Christian, please don’t add to the pain that these individuals already feel.


    2. Adrienne Norris

      Final thought. I’m in two worldwide support groups, 2,800 plus strong. No one in either group has EVER had good results with a minister casting demons out. In fact, the opposite happens. It causes more damage to an already struggling soul. The numbers speak for themselves. Please be open to what I’m saying. This is my life, it’s what I do and I know what I’m talking about. Anyone with true DID can tell you that therapy is the only thing that heals.


  17. womaninlovewithjesus

    I will now take the time to offer you honest feedback from my background as a former therapist and also from my perspective on being tormented by demons myself for many years before I got saved by JESUS.

    Some aspects of this feedback, you will absolutely not like at all and you might as well not read on if you don’t want to hear about it.
    I am also asking you if you decide to read on, to put on your shield and not let this upset you, it is not meant to upset you, it is feedback and you can take it and consider it or leave it if you don’t want it and don’t find it useful.
    My intention is not to offend, even though you may take it as an offense, but to help by offering a different, a new perspective, a view which may help you break out of your current thinking pattern and the only reason which makes me think that you may want to break out or should break out is that you yourself are stating that you are in so much pain.
    To make this clear, since this is the internet and if my comment is going to be approved, it needs to be absolutely clear that you are going to read this at your own risk and I will be very clear and tell you that it could trigger you, so please stop here for a moment and really think about if you want to read on or not at this point, for your own sake!

    So here is comes:

    I hear you and I hear that you do not agree with the author.

    I personally do agree with him, and I will keep thinking the way I think and the ground on which my approval stands is many years as a practicing therapist and from my experience and from what I learned, therapy in itself is satanic and can not be good for anyone and will on the contrary make everything worse.

    That is my opinion and everybody is entitled to their opinion.

    All the 2800 members of your group.
    The rest of the world.

    Usually, everybody, including all persons mentioned above, has a good reason for their opinion.

    I draw my opinion and knowledge from my own experience and from research and like I said, there is a Christian woman, a pastor’s wife, who used to have DID herself, Mary Lou Lake, and she wrote a book about it (“What witches don’t want Christians to know”they also have many podcasts about it and you can get in touch with them) and she got free NOT by therapy, which she had tried for many years, but only by JESUS and to me, the comparison she is talking about makes a lot of sense and is matching everything I found out in many years of providing therapy myself and she is actually a case which proves that deliverance by JESUS CHRIST is effective whereas therapy is not.

    I see these cases from the outside and if you were able to see it from that perspective, I believe it would make perfect sense to you as well, but you are inside the cycle and the mindset which actually feeds the disease and sadly, if you are not freed from the demons, you cannot know that they are telling you lies about your mental state and you cannot know what it is like to not be demonized and it is exactly what they want you to believe, that you are healed or that therapy can be the only thing which heals you, but from what I see here, only from your statements here, you are showing indicators that you are not entirely comfortable in your own position- on the contrary, you are showing many signs that the demons in you are manifesting and if I could suggest anything, it would be that you came to this blog for HELP and I would further suggest that the author of this blog is the very person who can help you and that’s why you have been lead here to his blog. If it had been a life service you had walked into and shown this behavior, all of the other members of the congregation would have immediately started to pray deliverance prayers over you! And I am sure that that’s what you really need, what could really get you free! Nothing will change this opinion of mine and nobody will keep me from saying that, especially not someone who is obviously triggered and throwing a tantrum.

    If you are still not too upset to read on, I will explain how I see your behavior from the outside:
    The reaction you are showing to these writings lets me come to the conclusion that you have not successfully learned to own and control your own feelings.
    To me as a former therapist, that’s actually what a successful healing is all about.
    I can not see the behavior of someone who is successfully and completely healed.
    And the reason why I believe that is because you (and others) keep saying that the author (and I) are causing them pain or infuriate them – that is such a dangerous belief and it needs to be addressed and overcome if you want to live a self-controlled life.
    Can you see why it is so dangerous to believe this, it gives a stranger control over you!
    Have you not learned that nobody can make you feel anything, except physical sensations?
    A stranger cannot cause you pain unless you let them!
    Unless you are accepting a statement from any source, it can not touch you or let you react in any way.
    That should be the very first thing your therapist should have taught you, how to own and manage and control your emotions and how to shield yourself from external and internal triggers.
    What is your therapy good for and how do you know that you are healed if you have not learned that?
    If a stranger can make you feel pain, someone from the outside, how are you going to control your emotions towards the attacks from the alters, from the inside, and how are you going to prevent the ones you don’t want to be in control from taking over?
    To me, you are not demonstrating coping skills as sad as it is to tell you that, and I hope you will not take this to upset yourself even more, but will take it as what it is, benevolent feedback, which comes from a place of love and an earnest desire to help and it can be an opportunity for you to practice shielding yourself against what others from the outside and inside are saying and thinking about you!

    And if I would believe that holy water could make you whole (I actually believe it is satanic!), I would splash some on you and I really do hope that The HOLY SPIRIT will touch you and make you whole!

    If I am wrong and you are healed, what is keeping you from applying what you have learned to the writings here, how come they even CAN cause you pain if you don’t believe them?

    It makes no sense at all, not to someone who can see it from the outside!

    Plus, it takes some sort of – let me put it as “twistedness” (apart from the rudeness and self-centeredness which it takes to behave like this) – to come to a person’s blog and offend them and tell them they cannot write what they are writing about on their own blog and that they need to shut up.
    That’s similar to going to someone’s house, a stranger’s house, into the living room and insisting they change the channel on their TV – it is an insane claim in itself!

    That is exactly what blogs are there for, to publish what you think is good or right or the truth, isn’t it?
    If you don’t like it and if you don’t consider it helpful, just don’t read it or state that you don’t like it if you have to and then move on – it’s very simple, isn’t it?

    I believe you all crossed the line of what you can be entitled to say on another person’s site and that also proves to me that you are not in control of yourself, but that something very strong is driving you into rage and upset.

    I can not see peace in you.
    Your statements are irrational, emotional, whereas Jamaal is providing facts and conclusions on a rational basis and states his opinion in a compassionate way – even combined with offers to pray!

    If it had been on my blog (by the way, this tells me I, too, need to write much more against therapy, because we see the negative effects manifest here very, very clearly!), I may not have let you say all these rude things and may have simply not approved your comments – for me, it is one more proof that he is FOR the truth that he doesn’t shut anyone up, but lets you rant and even be rude on HIS site!

    Now THAT’S what I call an open mind set and a sincere love for the truth and respect for others!

    The way I see it is you and all your 2800 friends can all have your own blogs and publish whatever you like there and you can stay in your mindset and talk about therapy and agree with each other for the rest of your lives, only that that won’t heal you in my opinion and your group could have 280000000 members who all believed that they were healed and still I would not believe it.
    A lie doesn’t become true if many people believe in it.
    And I even believe that it would be a shame if you kept locking yourselves into all this crap, I really hope for you that you can move beyond attacking what is true and what will help you, and instead start looking within and asking yourself WHY you are getting so upset – and finding the ways and wounds which are not healed and which can not be healed by therapy and which need JESUS and open yourselves up to HIS healing.

    Can you not see the insanity in asking us, who do not have a diagnose and who want to help, to change our minds so that you can keep believing the lies which keep you locked in your diagnosis, which will let you keep your label and let you stay unwell…?

    Many people, even many therapists, know that therapy can diagnose what is wrong, but it can not cure and the sooner you move beyond this lie you are tied to, the better for you.

    By the way, it would never cross my mind to go to all the blogs of unbelievers or demonized people and tell them that they need to stop writing about what they are writing about – why would I do that? Would I really believe they would listen to me?
    Would they not have a reason and in their opinion a good reason to believe what they believe and write about?
    And why would they change their mind only because I would leave a comment and tell them to do so???
    Can you see how weird that is what you are doing?

    I personally find this blog to be a great source of TRUE information in many articles, not just in this one! I myself am very grateful for this blog and that’s why I come here a lot and comment a lot here, because I want to encourage and appreciate Jamaal and his work, there are not many blogs on the internet where this information can be found and the articles are very thoroughly researched and I think they are all brilliant and this is a very unique blog in terms of true information it provides – whereas the satanic crap you believe in can be found anywhere.
    And for people in trouble who want to REALLY find the truth, it is hard to find truly helpful information like here in this blog, that’s what makes his work so important!
    Because someone who is just waking up and discovering the truth, leaving all the lies behind which you still want to keep and which you are absolutely free to do so, but a new born baby Christian who has just been saved can find confirmation here and that is so important!

    I myself found some very helpful information here and I highly value this blog and in my own blog, I, too, publish what I consider helpful for people who are looking for true help and don’t want to stay in the cycle of lies, but want to learn something new, want to get out and get free!

    We all do our best to help.
    I can even see that you want to help – yourself and others.
    It’s what we do.
    And then, some people will accept and appreciate our help and some won’t – but that doesn’t mean they are causing us pain and it also definitely doesn’t mean we can tell them to shut up!

    I created my own blog and write about these things BECAUSE I am a Christian and from what I understand, so does Jamaal here.
    I do it BECAUSE I want to END THE PAIN the enemy is causing to so many people and my heart goes out to everyone who – like you – cannot see that JESUS CHRIST is the only person who can help them, not therapy, not even a deliverance minister (and your examples probably got in the hands of sharlatans), it is not the person of the deliverance minister, it is JESUS CHRIST who will get you free.
    HE may use a person for the purpose to help you, but it is HIS power at work, not any human power – and like I said before, from all the fighting you are doing here, that is telling me that you are in the exact right place to get help here from the author of this blog and he is offering it and if I were you, I would ask him if he would still be willing to pray for me and with me despite of all the rudeness.
    I believe that’s why the demons in you are causing all this drama in the first place, because if they would not, you would be able to see that you can actually get rid of them and even right here!

    My final thought is, I can only say that I can see your pain and your anger.
    I recognize pain when I see it.
    And that’s another indicator for me for an unhealed situation or state.
    And it is not the author who is causing it, it is the enemy, the devil to be more frank.
    All his lies you are so caught up in.
    You can only be in pain when you know somehow that you are not healed.
    And I personally know what it is like to be tormented by the devil…and I am very sorry to see how you struggle.
    And that even confirms my opinion about therapy not being helpful.
    To see you in so much pain even though you consider yourself healed, that is a contradiction in itself.

    I hope and pray that JESUS will deliver you and everyone who came here, everyone reading this or any of the other articles, everyone who got upset about this, even Roseanne herself if she should ever stop by, I pray that you all would find and discover HIM as the true and only source of real help and that you will also be able to find a way how to open yourself and to access this true help and that you will be living as healed and whole people instead of staying locked in your diagnosis and in your dependency on therapists or fellow group members. I really do hope that your entire group with all the 2800 members will get free and will have what the bible promises to all believers:
    a sound mind.
    In JESUS’ name I pray!

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