LSD (Psychedelics) Opens Portals to the Demonic

Doubters will scoff that drugs can open up one up to the demonic realm, but as we will read later, even the creator of LSD admitted to being demon-possessed from using it.

Based on my experience of casting demons out of people by the authority of Jesus Christ, I would say drug use is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get demons.

Lysergic acid diethylamide, thousands of times stronger than mescaline, can give its user an experience often described as psychedelic — a kaleidoscopic twirling of the mind pulsating with color and movement.

LSD attracted many prominent advocates. They included Aldous Huxley, author of “Brave New World,” and psychologist Timothy Leary, who saw the drug as a potent way for people to live up to his 1960s counterculture motto: “Turn on, tune in, drop out.”

Dr. Hofmann, the creator of the drug, remained wary of LSD’s recreational uses as well as its portrayal in the media.

“I was not surprised that it became a ritual drug in the youth anti-establishment movement, but I was shocked by irresponsible use that resulted in mental catastrophes,” he told Playboy magazine in 2006. [source]

The Bible reads human beings consist of a tripartite nature – meaning we consist of mind, body, and soul (read 1 Thessalonians 5:23). There is more than just the physical. Moreover, the Bible reads we wrestle not against flesh and blood but Satan and his angels (Ephesians 6:12).

Nobel scientist, Sir John Eccles, said that the human brain was “a machine that a ghost can operate.”

New Age channeler, Jon Klimo said:

“….if your own mind can affect your own brain, then the similar nonphysical nature of another mind might also be able to affect your brain, giving rise to your hearing a voice, seeing a vision, or having the other mind speak or write by controlling your body the same way you normally control your own body ” –John Klimo
Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources (Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc., 1987), p. 249.)

Shamans, channelers, spiritualists, and New Agers such as Aleister Crowley, Carlos Castaneda, Timothy Leary, Albert Hofman, Aldous Huxley, William Burroughs, etc., all of them acknowledge that such drugs are a doorway to the spirit world.

In the book, LSD: My Problem Child, Albert Hofman, the scientist who created LSD, wrote cms-image-001458688.jpgabout how his first controlled experiment with the drug opened him up to demons:

“The dizziness and sensation of fainting became so strong at times that I could no longer hold myself erect, and had to lie down on a sofa. My surroundings had now transformed themselves in more Janefying ways. Everything in the room spun around, and the familiar objects and pieces of furniture assumed grotesque, threatening forms… Even worse than these demonic transformations of the outer world, were the alterations that I perceived in myself, in my inner being. Every exertion of my will, every attempt to put an end to the disintegration of the outer world and the dissolution of my ego, seemed to be wasted effort. A demon had invaded me, had taken possession of my body, mind, and soul. I jumped up and screamed; trying to free myself from him, but then sank down again and lay helpless on the sofa. The substance, with which I had wanted to experiment, had vanquished me. It was the demon that scornfully triumphed over my will. I was seized by the dreadful fear of going insane…” –LSD-My Problem Child, 1980, McGraw-Hill Book Company

Hofmann even acknowledges that the sense of becoming possessed by a demon after ingesting LSD is a common report among most researchers:

“Both the estrangement from the environment and the estrangement from the individual body, experienced in both of the preceding experiments described by Gelpke – as well as the feeling of AN ALIEN BEING, A DEMON, SEIZING POSSESSION OF ONESELF – are features of LSD inebriation that, in spite of all the other diversity and variability of the experience, are cited in most research reports. I have already described the possession by the LSD demon as an uncanny experience in my first planned self-experiment.”

Often times God prohibits people from doing something in His word but doesn’t give an explicit reason why it is prohibited. It is apparent at least one reason why God prohibits drug use is that it can potentially open oneself to the demonic realm. God is love and wants to protect us, but it is man’s disobedience that gets him into trouble.

God is so serious against the use of drugs that those who partake in it will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

Now the deeds of the flesh are evident, which are: immorality…SORCERY…and things like these, of which I forewarn you just as I have forewarned you that those who practice such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.–Galatians 5:19-21

and they [the final generation of this age] did not repent of their murders nor of their SORCERIES nor of their immorality nor of their thefts.–Revelation 9:21

for your merchants were the great men of the earth, because all the nations were deceived by your SORCERY.–Revelation 18:23b

But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and SORCERERS and idolaters and all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”–Revelation 21:8

Outside [God’s holy city] are the dogs and the SORCERERS and the immoral persons and the murderers and the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices lying.” –Revelation 22:15


The Greek word translated “sorcery” in the Bible is translated from the Greek word “pharmakeia” and its various Greek cognates. It is from the Greek word “pharmakeia” that we get our English words “pharmacy” and “pharmaceutical.” “Pharmakeia” is translated “sorcery” rather than drugs because sorcerers used consciousness-altering drugs to facilitate altered states of consciousness to invoke demons.

Be sobered minded, for the devil is like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour.

If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you can receive Him into your heart, and He can deliver you from darkness and sin and have your name written in His Book of Life.

If you are sincere, you can say this simple prayer to the Father (it doesn’t have to be word for word):

“God, I recognize that I have not lived my life for You up until now. I have been living for myself and that is wrong. Please forgive me of all of my sins, just as I forgive others. I need You in my life; I want You in my life. I acknowledge the completed work of Your only-begotten Son Jesus Christ in giving His life for me on the cross, I believe in my heart Jesus is Lord and was raised from the dead and I long to receive the forgiveness you have made freely available to me through this sacrifice. Come into my life now, Lord. Take up residence in my heart and be my king, my Lord, and my Savior. From this day forward, I will no longer be controlled by sin, or the desire to please myself, but I will follow You all the days of my life. Those days are in Your hands. I ask this in the Lord and GOD Jesus’ precious and holy name. Amen.”

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  4. Karla

    Super inaccurate. Psychedelics can be extremely beneficial, though if used inproperly, can lead to many problems. Please don’t put out FL such ignorant information…


        1. Abc

          Chemicals are medicines in propriate way. But it must be tested and made clear of use.

          Dosage, usage, side effect, FDA approval, etc.

          The problem is that they use it not for medication under medical monitoring, but to trip.


      1. Robert

        There are decades and decades of scintific and medical studies which clearly point to the benifits of psychedelics. Primarly single treatment elevation of depresion pist tramatic stress disorder, getting your life together, getting over the fear if death for mortally ill patients, well coming to peace witg death, a bearly 75% success in drug and alcohal addiction treatment (all other drug addiction treatment methods have about a 10% success rate with the 10 step program being the least effective at a whopping 4% success rate. Cures speech impediments difficulty axiety depression general mental health etc.


          1. Oliver Clothesoff

            Why would jesus forgive those who focus on his death and torture as means of forgiveness? Maybe jesus wants you to love others as you love yourself. Also how can you develop a relationship to someone who has already died? Isnt that an act of sorcery? Guros and mystics bel8ve you can talk to the dead with a crystal ball you believe you can talk to a dead jew by repeating prayers which are mantras. Tell me logically how are you not a mystic, guru, idolater loving a man and calling him your savior and praising him forever sounds patently gay and isnt that supposed to send you to hell?


        1. Jeff

          I like LSD, I like mushrooms and mescaline too, heckles, I even like 2c-b:

          But yeah all these can open up portals and dimensions etc: we u wanna call it,
          I had a legit experience with the devil himself, trying to make me think that everyone was out to kill me, and I spent the greater majority of my trip talking to God and repelling Lucy-pher (devil diss)
          and really scary demons were also killed during my holy moment… I haven’t done psychedelics since, this was 4 months ago roundabouts. Bad idea to go back? maybe, but maybe I’m wrong who knows. but I spoke with my pastor about my experience and his reply was ::

          “What did you think was going to happen by eating that many blue meanies? they (demon) can only come into your life if you LET them – Taking huge doses of psychs, to a demon, is basically knocking on their door and INVITING them in”

          On contary, I would not be such a profound believer in God today, if I had not have eaten those mushrooms…

          I think there’s a time and a place for everything, and every single day is NOT that time or place..

          Ya digg?


        1. This is entirely fear mongering. You catholics have completely and utterly destroyed the true vision of the Bible and the creator. Through God’s wisdom and energy all things were created..all creation is his temple…the church is manufactured lies and deception.

          LSD, Mushrooms and DMT have all been instrumental for me in connections with the eternal ..God.

          There is no elohim but yahweh


      1. Anonymous

        Speak for yourself “Anonymous” too chicken 5H1T to even reveal your identity to the rest of us, I’m sure if one of us happened to be nearby you’d regret bashing Christ and his follower in a real hurry a lot of us get aggressive when u do that, and I pray that even if a devout Christian has to fight and beat you stupid, you’ll learn from it, go watch tiktok cat videos shipdit


        1. Luke

          You are also Anonymous and I implore you to not be quick to anger but to have compassion and be reasonable… calling a brother stupid does not make your point more intelligent


    1. Brandon (I DONT NEED TO BE ANONYMOUS!!!!!!! DAMN DEVIL!!!)

      Wow… Look at how angry the demons became that they had to come an attack the article.

      Don’t be fooled my fellow brothers and sisters for the Lord is real and wants you to return home.


      God bless you for your prayer and praise God for you.

      Thank you.


      1. Marcus

        Demons…really? It couldn’t be that you are completely wrong and probably hypocritical if you have ever taken a drug from a pharmacy or a doctor…which comes from the….PHARMACY.


      1. Anonymous

        Keep using drugs then, open yourself up to demons and let your life fall apart . Too big a risk to take for me because I’ve already been delivered from demons that came in through drugs. It’s your life though so go ahead


    1. Marcus

      Uh, if we aren’t supposed to take it…why are brains wired to use them? Psychedelics bind to serotonin receptors…

      “It’s demonic if I say so…”


  5. Samer Gabriel

    This is true, ive seen demons messing with me and made me feel weak, like i was a servant to it.
    It asked me if i wanted to be powerful like itself, then my friend asked the demon what we were talking about and the demon answered him ” This conversation is not for you, its on higher frequency , other dimension.
    That night i felt the evil in my house so i told everyone to go out from my home and leave me alone, even the demon.
    Later that night i went out to go see my parents bcuz i was afraid, on my way out the demon told me ” We are all ONE , i will always be with you, dont try to run from me” so i started to run and i saw these shadows following me, after that i was begining to feel more powerful and something felt wrong with it, i knew that i was losing my soul, i had no sadness, happiness, no feelings at all, just an empty body.
    I started to pray to god and jesus, and suddenly i began to pray backwards and it freaked me out, i couldnt pray normal, i tried and tried but it didnt work so i called my mother and told her to pray so i can follow her and pray like her.

    End the end i felt like im worthless, usless human, not worth living the life god gave me so i went down on my knees and started crying , saying” Sorry god and forgive me for what ive done in my life, im really sorry i know im not worth living i just want my soul back, please i dont think i can live without a soul, please god”

    Then it got better with more and more prayings and i began to feel better about myself and felt the love of god again.

    Since that day i quit drugs, smoking and drinking alcohol.

    Btw i used to trip with 1200mg LSD, but on this last trip i took only 180mg LSD and this happend , so probebley it was god telling me to stop with this crap, like a warning or i will lose my soul to the devil!

    So everything about LSD and Demonic worlds is true. and those people who says its only a trip , they are the ones who are weak for it and will never quit using it, thats what i call for ” Lost Souls”,

    Please if you take this crap, STOP! You will ruin your life , if not your life then your brain.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Brandon

      Thank you for sharing Samuel. WOW.

      The Lord forced you to your knees… there is a reason we are GOD FEARING. He is our CREATOR!!!

      I took LSD once and 3 months later I’m being baptized because I felt exactly what you felt. “ego death” and all that are man-made curtains (words) to distract you from the bigger picture.

      You are opening a portal… Listen to Your father for this world is merely his stepping stool. HE IS ALMIGHTY AND ALL POWERFUL & HE LOVES YOU!!!!!!


  6. In the story of Jesus fasting in the wilderness he was tempted and defeated the devil.

    In the story of the Buddha Gautama, fasting and sitting in meditation under the Bo tree, Mara the devil (Satan–same thing) appeared to him and tempted him and the Buddha defeated him.

    This is fundamental. It is the same experience…

    To the weak minded, faithless and fearful, lsd can become a portal to demons or crazy demonic thinking. Learnng meditation, fasting and prayer is preparation to facing the Mara/Satan to defeat it. The mind must be completly stilled and full of firm faith. Then, instead of demonic possession a person can experience enlightenment. Jesus is within you. Buddha (same thing) is within you. It is the narrow path, the middle way.

    One would have to prepare study and practice for such an encounter. In reality, this is the basis of true religious experience, since time without beginning. This is the actual origin of religion.


  7. During this experience, one must stop the mind and not be swayed by the extremes of desire or repulsion. If afraid one cannot defeat the evil one. Neither be repulsed or attracted, but hold on firm to simple faith in the core of life. Don’t be swayed by egoic thoughts or grandiosity, nor afraid of any demonic being. The middle way. Humbly Stop the mind on the middle way and your true identity is revealed and flowers will fall from the sky.

    The treasure towrr of your own life will appear and you will find yourself at the most sacred ceremony in the air.

    It is important to study the sutra, the Saddharma Pundarika. The title of which, is the Supreme Law. Nam myoho renge kyo. It will protect you. All Buddhas attain enlightenment with this law. It is the meaning of Jesus, Buddha or Nichiren and others in other times and places.


  8. Anonymous

    This info is EXTREMELY INNACURATE. Quit spreading false information like you’re some false Massiah, ignorant. Explain how psilocybin mushroom have proven to help mental illnesses, and it’s natural? If used improperly psychedelics can cause problems yes, but if taken for “spiritual purposes”, it can be really benefical and if taken in the right environment and with the proper preparation, you can learn A LOT about yourself, and about the universe, you’ll feel in tune with it and understand more as your mind is opened. These “demonic spirits” you claim to see on acid, is just a figment of your imagination, and if it’s “ayuascha” you’re facing the negativity you’ve built up through the course of your life, and the aya is releasing this negative energy through purging. You know NOTHING about psychedelics. I suggest you wake up and take a look at reality instead of living in your tiny bubble, things aren’t what you seem. Besides, I’ve tried LSD and many psychedelics, and NEVER withnessed what you wrote. Psychedelics changed my perspective of life. But I need “Jesus” in my life right?

    P.S. Drugs don’t make you a bad person. Being judgmental of others, especially their faith, doesn’t make you a true Christian. It proves your closed mindnessess, have a nice day.


  9. Anonymous

    You realize how stupid you sound right now? Perfect example of what I just said. Christians always be the most judgemental people, and the only religious freaks to walk around like they’re some Messiah, by forcing ideologies down the throats of others and claim anyone as “devil worshippers” if they don’t believe in “your God”. How about you do me a favor and stay in your lane and I’ll stay in mine. See, there’s a different between me and you. I don’t judge you based on your faith, while you do. I’m open minded, you’re closed minded. I’m respectful of others beliefs, you’re not. I’m accepting of others belifs, you’re not. Who makes who the sinner here? YOU. Nobody needs Jesus to be a good person. If you believe that, you’re so brainwashed into this fantasy that you don’t even realize there’s no “right and wrong” in this world. It’s all a grey area, not black and white and right and wrong are determined by those in power. It’s not “immoral” to not have Jesus in your life. To believe in a magical man in the sky, that’s your choice, as what I believe in is my choice and you need to accept my belief as I do yours. Btw, I’m no Atheist or Satanist, which you’d like to believe since you’re closed minded.

    Also, you do realize DMT is an molecule in your brain and is released when you dream right, and it’s a psychedelic? Ayauscha, the tea from the Amazon that’s been proven to help people with mental illnesses and whom are traumiztized and changed many peoples lives, has an active ingredient known as DMT. Shamans didn’t create this plant YOUR GOD DID. YOUR GOD created DMT, YOUR GOD CREATED MAGIC MUSHROOMS, YOUR GOD created PEYOTE, which are all PSYCHEDELICS and all can be benefical if use properly. and YOUR GOD CREATED MARIJUANA. Let me guess, marijuana makes you evil too? Please, get a grip on reality. Actually do some research instead of believing an invalid source.

    And what you’re expelling (if even true) isn’t from LSD. It’s negative energy built up in them. You can call these negative energies demons, and EVERYBODY has them. Everybody is facing their OWN demons. Even you. Everyday we fight these demons inside of us, and psychedelics CAN help use face ourselves and release these demons. Ayauscha is the ultimate medicine and the strongest psychedelic on the planet. I suggest researching it before you make anymore assumptions that aren’t true.

    Have a good day.


    1. I will proclaim the truth whether you like it or not. The truth is you have opened yourself to be loaded with demons by using drugs. You are in bondage to the evil one and in darkness. You are lost and on the broad road to destruction. You need your sins to be forgiven and that is only by repenting and turning to the Lord Jesus Christ – the Almighty, Resurrected King. Otherwise it won’t be fun for you on Judgment Day. Jesus Christ loves you and doesn’t desire anyone to perish.

      Speaking of DMT and Ayauscha, there is going to be a post exposing that demonic drug. I have had people who got demonized by using that drug. Stay tuned.

      Have a good night.


      1. Weedboi420

        Yo dude im trying to get demonized. Ive seen some crazy stuff on my trips but nothing as crazy as you whack jobs on this forum. Let me guess? Rock and roll is satans music too? Ok boomer


    2. Anonymous

      too risky…i did dmt and it was great at first, now i hear myself talking in demonic voices, Satan came in my dreams in caused havoc me…stay away at all cost. dmt, aya, shrooms..


    3. Rafe

      I would ask you respectfully what is your experience in dealing with demons ? Demons are simply persons without bodies . They get into people through drug use and lodge in the peoples bodies and minds . This is why many people cannot break free from drug addiction because the spirit is still in the body or the mind whihdrices tgem to crave the substance. This is real spiritual stuff we’re talking about.


  10. Anonymous

    You’re a special one, and no I won’t stay tuned. I’m woke, unlike you. Keep living in your imaginary world, you’re more lost than I am. The truth is, you know NOTHING. You know NOTHING other than what the Bible tells you, which was written by mankind. Guarantee I’m more in tune with myself than you are, guarantee I’m more intelligent than you are, and I GUARANTEE I have more compassion than you do. But keep criticizing me because I stated facts that you’re too closed minded and blind to see. You need to wake up from this dream you’re in. You realize there’s more evil in the world than good, right? You’re suorrounded by evil. Would God allow others to starve? Would God force innocent people to suffer from terminal illnesses and mental diseases? Would God allow people to kill for greed and money? Why does God let people stay in poverty? Why does God let big pharmas put dangerous chemicals in our bodies to treat these illnesses when in reality they don’t, it’s just for money? Sounds like to me, this God you believe condones to “evil doings”. You also forget to realize that there’s MANY Christian’s that use psychedelics and possibly other drugs. But they’re not Christians right and they’re going to hell?
    How do you even know there’s a heaven or hell? Because the bible told you so?
    Prove to me there’s a heaven and hell and MAYBE I’ll believe your stance on psychedelics. But I know you can’t provide it. The Bible isn’t proof, you’re gonna need to do better than a book to convince me.


    1. You are really are passionate about your demonic drugs. Your idol is going to have you end up in the pit. Yet you come on a Christian blog trying to make a case for drugs. Sorry, you are not ever going to convince me.

      The devil has blinders over your eyes. If you are a druggie, as you seem to be, I guarantee you if you repented and submitted to the Lord Jesus Christ those demons in your life will come against you. And if you ever do repent feel free to contact me to cast those demons out of you.

      I don’t doubt there is more evil than good in the world. You should go through this blog. I write how the devil is the ruler of this world until Jesus returns as the Bible reveals.

      I don’t know why God allows evil things happen but I do know it will be like this for long. Jesus will soon return to make everything right. But if you don’t repent and turn to Him to have your name written in His Book of Life you won’t be in paradise with Him.

      I can’t prove to you there is a heaven and hell. However the Bible reveals those places exist. People have claimed to have died and been there. You can check out hell testimonies here

      Have a good night.


    2. Anonymous

      “You’re a special one, and no I won’t stay tuned. I’m woke, unlike you. Keep living in your imaginary world, you’re more lost than I am. The truth is, you know NOTHING. You know NOTHING other than what the Bible tells you, which was written by mankind.” This does not sound very enlightened, humble, or tolerant. Just who are you to say what is and isn’t so?If used improperly psychedelics can cause problems yes, but if taken for “spiritual purposes”, it can be really benefical and if taken in the right environment and with the proper preparation, you can learn A LOT about yourself, and about the universe, you’ll feel in tune with it and understand more as your mind is opened. These “demonic spirits” you claim to see on acid, is just a figment of your imagination, and if it’s “ayuascha” you’re facing the negativity you’ve built up through the course of your life, and the aya is releasing this negative energy through purging. You know NOTHING about psychedelics. I suggest you wake up and take a look at reality instead of living in your tiny bubble, things aren’t what you seem. Besides, I’ve tried LSD and many psychedelics, and NEVER withnessed what you wrote. Psychedelics changed my perspective of life. But I need “Jesus” in my life right?”… And what you’re expelling (if even true) isn’t from LSD. It’s negative energy built up in them. You can call these negative energies demons, and EVERYBODY has them. Everybody is facing their OWN demons. Even you. Everyday we fight these demons inside of us, and psychedelics CAN help use face ourselves and release these demons. Ayauscha is the ultimate medicine and the strongest psychedelic on the planet. I suggest researching it before you make anymore assumptions that aren’t true.” First off, are you an expert on hallucinogens or demons? What are your qualifications? Are you a priest? A shaman? A psychiatrist? Many people “do a lot” of hallucinogens. Are you saying that just because you haven’t experienced demonic possession yourself under the influence of drugs, that it can’t happen? Who are you to qualify and rationalize the experiences of other people when you know nothing about their personalities, idiosyncrasies or their life? This is a Christian blog, why are you here? What point have you to prove? If you don’t want to truly understand how these things might not be as good as you think, in this vernacular, why are you here? Your intolerant, generic, and long winded responses certainly don’t make you come across as someone I should take seriously. And no you are not stating facts. You too, are stating opinions. How do you know what he knows, based off this small conversation? Who are you to “guarantee” that you have more compassion than him based off this conversation? You sound pretty egotistical to me, I thought hallucinogens were supposed to help you get rid of egoism? You do realize mushrooms are fungi, and that fungi are not meant to be ingested, which is why users tend to get sick after ingesting them, right? You do realize there are poisonous things on this planet that are not meant to be ingested?

      “You realize there’s more evil in the world than good, right? You’re suorrounded by evil. Would God allow others to starve? Would God force innocent people to suffer from terminal illnesses and mental diseases? Would God allow people to kill for greed and money? Why does God let people stay in poverty? Why does God let big pharmas put dangerous chemicals in our bodies to treat these illnesses when in reality they don’t, it’s just for money? Sounds like to me, this God you believe condones to “evil doings”.” Evidently someone does not understand the concept of free will or its implications. Genuinely ask these questions, and search for the answers. They might intrigue you.

      “You realize how stupid you sound right now? Perfect example of what I just said. Christians always be the most judgemental people, and the only religious freaks to walk around like they’re some Messiah, by forcing ideologies down the throats of others and claim anyone as “devil worshippers” if they don’t believe in “your God”. How about you do me a favor and stay in your lane and I’ll stay in mine. See, there’s a different between me and you. I don’t judge you based on your faith, while you do.” Sounds to me like you are doing just that, firstly by criticizing the man for what he believes and then generalizing a population of people based off your experiences. I know many Christians who are not like that, just like I’ve known Satanists who cannot stop forcing their way of living “down my throat”. Think however you want, do whatever you want. But don’t point the finger at others when you yourself are no different from that which you condemn. Nothing about your inquiries or sentiments is new, fascinating or enlightening. I don’t know you, but you sound no different than my college peers who were into hallucinogens in the same exact way. And most people that I know who don’t know much about these “psychedelics” understand how they could potentially be good medicine in small doses. But if you understand anything about the law and protocol, you recall that reliable and consistent research on these drugs are scanty for the simple fact that they are illegal. So no, actually if you do your research, you will find that they are still not accepted for any medical value whatsoever (still schedule 1 substances) and the preliminary studies conducted thus far are not even beginning to scratch the surface to “prove” they are good. Most people I talk to also understand DMT is a natural chemical in your body- and that your body releases an abundance of it when you die. Have you truly read about bad drugs experiences people have had? Or are you one of those people who believe that these drugs are flawless, and that if bad experiences occur its on the user? If such is the case, then you might want to meet more people. Do you know who invented the drug? How it is manufactured? Did you ever read about his experiences? Many gurus, spiritual seekers, and self proclaimed experts on hallucinogens, with their intense passion for enlightenment, have abandoned this way of thinking after time with them. There are reasons. It’s up to you whether you want to open your mind to learn about them. If you knew as much as the person with whom you were arguing, you would have much more substantial responses than asking the simple questions above that any person with a capacity to think would inquire about. I suggest you try reflecting on the energy you emanate rather than trying to act like you’re one who understands it. Even though you’re previous messages do not show you very positively, I’m sure you’re a capable and intelligent person. But these drugs will do you no good. Sadly, not myself, not the one with whom you argue, not any one, can make you see that. That is something you will just need to learn.

      However, you were right about one thing. No one can prove heaven or hell exists to you. That is why there is faith. You have the freewill to nurture or diminish that quality, and you have a lifetime to do so, with whatever consequences you believe that will follow. God bless you.

      Sources: Been there and done that.


    3. Rafe

      The Bible talks about a living God. There are too many documented spiritual experiences throughout human history that confirm what the Bible talks about . Documented miraculous healing‘s, deliverance from demons of mental illness, addictions, emotional disturbances, sexual issues, etc. also there are countless documented experiences of hearing gods voice, prophecies which turned out to be true in human history. All this evidence demands some sort of discussion wouldn’t you say?


  11. Anonymous

    And if you’re responds is, “it’s just God’s way” or “they need to turn to Jesus”. Then you yourself, are an enemy, and quite frankly a very hateful person. God wouldn’t want that from you, would he?


  12. Anonymous

    You actually believe peoples stories? How gullible are you?

    So I’m a druggie now? Labeling much?
    I also find it funny that I’m backing my statments up with facts while you’re using “opinions” based from the bible or your religion. There’s a difference between fact and opinion. Which you clearly don’t grasp.

    I’m not saying I don’t deny God’s existence, because it’s not my position to. We know nothing on the matter, just what we’ve been told. We’re only human, and this info has been passed from other humans. Humans can’t provide such information. We can’t even explain the Pyramids, consciousness, placebo effect, black holes, etc. How can we understand “God” and whether or not heaven or hell is real? What if we’re in hell right now? How do we not know if we’re reincarnated after death? How do we not know if our spirits live on in the afterlife on Earth? How do we not know NOTHING happens? There’s endless amounts of possibilities after death. I know just as much as you and you’re here claiming that YOUR God is real because some book told you so? The Bible isn’t proof of God or heaven or hell. It’s a BOOK. Yes the book has good teachings in it but this is what the bible is supposed to resemble… BASIC INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE LEAVING EARTH.
    I will never turn to you to repent of my demons. I do this through meditation and centering myself. But you know nothing about getting within your spiritual self. Only person you need to believe in is yourself. You can’t believe in a diety if you don’t believe in yourself. YOU create who YOU are, nobody else.


    1. JT Holli

      Hate to say it man but you’re just wrong. One day you will die like everyone else, you might be regretting what you are saying now. I am only trying to help but I guess I am gonna get the “you don’t know anything” response. I will pray for you.


  13. I know God exists because He revealed Himself to me through His Son, Jesus Christ. And He can reveal Himself to you if you turn to the Lord. I never said to repent to ME. I said you need to repent to the Lord Jesus Christ. He’s the only one who can wash your sins.

    It’s your choice heaven or hell. Jesus or the devil.


  14. Anonymous

    I’m actually done arguing with you. You KNOW GOD EXISTS BECAUSE HE REVEALED HIMSELF TO YOU? How stupid do you think I am?
    You saw God through the DMT in your brain, which is released naturally.
    I saw a spaceship today and talked to an alien but only I saw it meaning I can’t show proof it happened. That’s exactly how you sound when you say he revealed himself to you. You sound like a nut case.


    1. You are within your rights to disbelieve someone’s personal account of an event or experience. But you should observe the implicit rule first of all of mutual tolerance. “Do unto others as you have them do unto you”. It is neither right nor reasonable to imagine you can simply negate or debunk as fantasy the claims or purported experiences of others simply on your claim of lacking, or possibly personal criteria of evidence.
      Secondly someone’s inability to produce evidence for an experience may prevent them from convincing others, but it does not automatically prove the person wrong, a liar, or mentally unsound. In this case you are also guilty of making conclusions without evidences or facts.
      We might assume that your proposed scenario of someone claiming to see a “spaceship” and talking to an “alien”, is fitting “a nut case”. But this conclusion is based on yours and the general idea that this would be experienced many others if it was real. I will not even pursue the possibility or idea of the existence of aliens. Rather lets consider a far more normal phenomenon to human experience ‘spirits’ or ‘ghosts’. It certainly cannot be argued that such purported experiences of persons since time immemorial are “isolated cases”. But even with the testimonies of maybe as many persons who don’t believe in ghosts or spirits can one reasonably rule that such are mere figments of the imaginations or unsound minds because one cannot produce evidences.
      You can doubt ones claims of experiences with spirits or even God. But what authority do you have to rule such does not exist. “Live and let live” or should I say “believe and let others believe”. That is mutual tolerance.


  15. Anonymous

    And what if I told you we’re the universe and what we do, the universe does and what the universe does, is also what we do. Just let that sink in.


  16. Anonymous

    Also dark matter and energy make up 95% of the universe AND there is no such thing as the CENTER of the universe. It actually doesn’t exist.


  17. Sayuj Jose

    Jesus and Satan both trip on LSD…its their only way to openly reveal themselves. If the Lord restricted drug use, He wouldn’t have created psychedelics in plants. Know your facts before you condemn others.


    1. JT Holli

      Jesus and Satan have no need for LSD. God created anthrax but that doesn’t mean we should consume it. Who knows, you may be right? Live a good life and forgive others and you will find what you seek in death. I will pray for you.


      1. Robert

        You know that you trip balls every single night right? Like your brain floods with DMT the most powerful psychedelic known to man. Its how you dream


  18. B

    People with pre existing mental disorders triggered by large irresponsible doses of drugs because they were born self-destructive idiots. Must be the devil!!!! Give me a break.


    1. Rafe

      Demons are either real are they aren’t . There is too much documented experience in the human world to discount demons. Keep seeking the truth my friend


  19. Anonymous

    This whole website makes Jesus weep.Such a staggering amount of stupidity and ignorance on every subject. Close minded little sheep wandering around in the darkness because anything else would be evil and get you possessed. I hope someone doses all of you with a hefty amount of LSD and films the look on your stupid faces when you realize that YOU ARE A PART OF GOD. The creator of all this loves you and wants you to live without fear. All you are doing is living in it and pushing your own twisted views and morals on people because you are all repressed homosexuals.


  20. I’ve had way more deep, trippy magical and enlightening experiences with the The Father, Son and Holy Spirit than I ever did on LSD. The Holy Spirit is as whacked out and as scandalous as it gets and the fruit of it is Love, Joy, Peace, patience , kindness, goodness, faithfulness , gentleness and self control. Who wouldn’t want a hit of that? And it can last forever?
    Research smeasearch…Experience is Truth. If you are so open minded, step up to the plate big boy and take a big hit of that Holy Spirit. I’ve experienced both but I must be a close minded Bible jockey that only gets my info from a book written by mankind.


    1. John 3:16-18 

      16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

      17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

      18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.


    1. Austin

      Many people have tried to disprove the bible historically… most of which are christians now. This book is not like any other book in the world. Its been the number one selling book since it was in publishing, so much so that they took it off the list because it was always first. 66 books written by 40 different authors and it all adds together to tell a coherient underlying story. These are a few of the many reasons christians lean on this book and trust it as God inspired authority. When you speak of God allowing starvation or God forcing people to do things…. I feel that this demonstrates a spotty understanding of who the God of the bible is. God values free will above all things. Nothing is to be forced on humanity. The world you see around you is the result of our choices of sin. When you speak of psychedellics that come from the earth and are natural I would like to refer to the fall of man in the Bible. Eden, a perfect place with everything provided for, and Man created to work and oversee Gods beautiful creation. The tree with the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, CREATED by God but warned not to eat by God lest you die. There are things created that we are not suppose to take part in, for we lean not on our own understanding, but trust the warnings of God. Wheather or not you like these warnings is a whole other topic. That being said I would like to share my story of the first time I took LSD. I was 16 and heard many things of acid from friends but never had the chance myself. I was raisedas a christian but never thought Jesus was real. I was with some friends on a friday night sitting around a fire drinking beer when one of them asked if I wanted to try acid. Having heard so many great things and excited to try, I accepted. After a while things began to get very strange and uncomfortable. My friends seemed to be having a good time but I began to realize this wasnt going to be the case for me. I decided to leave against my friends recommendations. Young and running from problems in my life, I thought I could run from this experience as well. My plan was to drive home, but when I got there I thought encountering my mother would make things worse. So I kept driving… at the next stop sign… I saw Jesus in bright robes, motioning for me to come to him. I turned left instead, feeling unworthy of redemption. At the next stop sign I saw him again, still motioning for me to come to him. Again I turned away. This happened a last time and for the last time I turned away from him. I drove to a parking lot without seeing him again. (I later found out that the number 3 in the bible is very significant, being the number of completion). When parked in the parking lot, in an instant, it had turned into a pit of bubbling tar. I saw forsaken souls reaching out for help to no avail over and over again. I remember thinking “I chose this and I deserve this.” After spending some time in this misserable pit I decided that I was in charge of my life and didnt have to spend it here, so I left thinking that the beach would be a safe place to spend the rest of my trip. Just before I pulled up to the beach accsess I heard a siren and saw blue lights behind me. The cop had told me I was swerving and told me to do a sobriety test, which I had no chance of passing. He took me to jail. The tiles in the jail cell turned into tubes that were pumping blood. That jail was undoutably a place in hell for me that night. In short, God doesnt damn people to hell, we choose it. Ive since tried acid on multiple occasions and none of which where good experiences. I do think these substances have power to experience the spiritual relm but the question is are we suppose to? God warns of these things. The more I looked into the history of psychedellics, the more I found its deep roots in the occult and witchcraft. No judgement from me… just a warning. Much love!


  21. Robert

    Whoever wrote this needs to take this down, first its plagiarized second it makes lies about the material its qouting, 3rd stated you are qouting hoffman yet lie about what he said. He didn’t say he was possessed by demons at all. Whem he touched the lsd and accidentally dosed himself he had no idea what he was in for. Lsd is a reality altering substance, he had no idea what waa happening to him or why, but he still road his bike home which is why we have bicycle day. This auther is a total hack. The 2nd time he took lsd he brought an assistant with him to take notes, and he for few minutes thought this assistant was a witch doctor. Which sounds wierd but hey ive seen whole sky scrappers fly away like sheets in the wind.


  22. Jake Mahorn

    Is it possible that Hoffman was suffering from demonic possession before he took LSD and this brought it out? Micro-dosing LSD/Mushrooms (very small amounts) has shown to have great effects at reducing anxiety, depression, PTSD and other mental illnesses in certain people.


  23. Anon?

    Ok this article Is crazy religious. The author should try it for themselves then go and write about it. why are you going to write about something you’ve never experienced? Just because someone does a mind alternating substance to experience it doesn’t mean they are damned to go to hell, I don’t do drugs but at least psychedelics aren’t heroine you know?


  24. Anonymous

    I took a heroic dose of magic mushrooms in the desert of Joshua Tree, CA which is about 5g of dried mushrooms, before I took the mushrooms my friends and I hiked up a long path up a hill then off road to a river bed( bad idea),their were bees, cut my hand on a cactus.The trip after taking the heroic dose was attempting to overtake my conscious, which is of God. Jesus is bound to my soul because I asked him to come into my life at a very young age, and have lived a life of prayer. With the spirit of Jesus ,I concentrated really hard so the trip or a demon wouldn’t overtake me and afterward I appreciated reality more, and have a better sense of well being, and I appreciate others around me so much more now. The trip after all the fighting and concentrating made me see the connection we all have with people as a living breathing unit of souls and consciousness’.I wouldn’t recommend anyone doing psychedelics, but that fight for control, that fight for reality, really changed me, and I feel even closer to God now. My trip was a test of temptation.I don’t know what was trying to overtake me, I did not see a demon with my eyes, I saw visions of course, I saw geometric shapes and patterns, I saw nature become more alive and breathing, but I felt my thoughts( the real me) being suppressed, I felt my mind, then body involuntarily moving and then my soul (conscious) being reduced and then opened up immensely after taking control of reality, like God opened my conscious even larger but in his light and not the artificial light of Satans kingdom. The spiritual realm to psychedelics is the most important thing people don’t talk about. Atheists, unbelievers, are prime to be over taken by psychedelics due to not knowing God, not having a way to fight back, a lot of people say in their head, it’s too late, you’re along for the ride now, which is very naive, you need to concentrate and believe in God. LSD is man made, its an artificial of psilocybin mushrooms really, thats why you get your brain fried and people become destroyed mentally after abuse of the drug. Psilocybin mushrooms is said to originate from the Middle East or Africa and is said that it could be what Eve took in the garden, and the apple was just a representation to possibly keep the mushrooms power hidden away for 2000 years. I would say an intelligent view of psychedelics would be a test of temptations, a test to overcome fear, a test to overcome the fear of life and death, and to appreciate life more after its over, but you have to truly ask yourself in the first place, why would you put yourself in this position? what are you seeking? weren’t you fine just the way you were before? Basically psychedelics are used to overcome something, conquer something in your mind that’s bothering you, its used as a catalyst to remove the junk that’s keeping the river inside you from flowing more fluidly, its for people with a depressed outlook on life, or a hard life, who want to try and have a better sense of understanding and well being on earth, but I wouldn’t say its the drug itself that does this, I wouldn’t say that mushrooms or LSD is medically beneficial at all actually or the scientific reasoning behind why its beneficial, its the user itself, being a human, having a soul, having a mind, having a spirit, the drug is just the catalyst, and the drug along with being human is possibly to what Adam felt before the fall, a sense of no conscious, only God, no soul, no law, for a moment in this trip I felt like I had no sense of law or the consciousness that doing certain things in life were wrong, that was before I fought the trip, I felt for a moment my fallen state of sin that the bible describes was no more for those 6 hours.That’s why in a sense psychedelics could be evil, a temptation of the devil, the same way Eve was tempted, that she could be like God, is the same way I felt on mushrooms, all 5 senses are connected, you feel omniscient, like you are one with the earth and everything around you. It’s the same feeling of having a near death experience or actually dying and then coming back to life, and appreciating life more afterward. To those who keep wanting to visit the rabbit hole, or keep looking through the lens that are not eyes of your own, you’re doing a dance for the demons and your soul, you’re possibly giving Satan a shot to use you. That’s why I find The Beatles lives so interesting its because when they weren’t doing music, in their personal lives they were tapping into this topic on levels beyond my one mushroom trip, they were constantly trying to look through that realm and find answers, pull out creativity created from a possible demonic entity, a world divinity in sheeps clothing, they spoke to many spiritual teachers throughout the world, and even messed with transcendental meditation. John Lennon in my opinion was the most interesting on this topic because he once said that he did acid probably about a thousand times and I believe him, probably from 1965 to 1970. There was a point where he literally thought he was Jesus who was put here on earth to make people one, “give peace a chance” ” imagine all the people living life in peace”. These psychedelics have the potential to make you feel like you are God on earth, which is blasphemy, their is only one god. In Hinduism and Greek mythology they believe in many gods, in some religions their are practices or a training up to be like God through meditation, fasting, mantras, which is basically phrases you repeat in the lotus position to call on spirits that isn’t of Jesus. Thats a whole other topic in itself, soul power, like the monks and shamans use. If you want to hear an acid trip or how I felt in this state “Accross the Universe” is the most spot on description of what it feels like to be on phychadelics, when John Lennon says “Jai Guru Deva om”

    “Jai” means “O Hail” or “Victory to”
    “Guru” means “Teacher”
    “Deva” means “God/Lord/Demi-God”
    “om” some say is the source of all existence that comes from vibration

    I would like to conclude my experience and perspective, and my research with these 3 verses from the Bible, which talk about perception of the eyes, both physical and spiritual.

    Matthew 6:22. The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light.

    23 But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!

    Psalm 119:10. With my whole heart I seek you; do not let me stray from your commandments.

    Psalm 119:15. I will meditate on your precepts, and fix my eyes on your ways.

    Eyes are important, they are the window to the soul, when on psychedelics your eyes become altered and so does your sense of perception, without the lords guidance you will be consumed by darkness, and we can not stray away from him, he is our light through every perilous path and through this journey we call life. God is our teacher and our rock, and shield. Amen.

    I think to myself now, well what if I never knew Jesus? I probably would have never felt this way, I probably would’ve let the trip consume me and I probably wouldn’t of had a realization of consciousness, I would’ve probably felt fear, and drawn in lust to the artificial light of Satan and I think that’s why people abuse LSD, they keep trying to look through that lens to figure out some clarity to reality, but that realm and reality they are not the same, God gave you eyes to see his light,God made you in the image of him because he loves us, and he cursed us because he betrayed his commandment, and now we must live this life, we can not go back to being sinless people, and I think thats how people move towards insanity, they can not tell the difference between the spiritual realm and the real one.


  25. David Anderson

    LSD opens the portal to all the possible ways of using your mind, nothing more. Anything you experience on LSD is already in your head, LSD just enables you to access it. Oh and please don’t take peoples quotes from books and twist them how you see fit by only showing certain parts of what Albert Hofmann said and leaving out other parts to hide the truth. That’s just as bad as the media.


    1. Rafe

      Foolishness, drug use (Sorcery and witchcraft) is a way to open up the spirit world. This is why people claim to see demons when they use drugs.


  26. Birdmeister

    Alright. What is “Janefying?”

    but more importantly, my real question, although I’d like to know what the writer meant by Janefying…

    How do you know God means psychedelics when he condemns “sorceries?” Is there translative support to indicate that this is what He means? Is the English word “sorcery” related to a Greek word for psychedelics? Was it for lack of a better word? or doesn’t it instead simply refer to witchcraft, etc? Does it allude to the Garden of Eden, wherein the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil may actually refer to mind-altering substances rather than a discriminate fruit? Asking non-adversarially.


  27. David

    I am a firm believer in Christ. I also know a propaganda article when I see one. Too many people still believe all the fear mongering and lies we were told back in the 70s. I understand your fear of the unknown but that’s just it… “Unknown” I realize that you get this idea from the fact that the bible says to maintain sober thinking and that not being sober can make you more easily tricked by evil spirits. While this is true you also must understand there is a big difference between tripping and not being sober.

    Yes LSD can do some crazy things like causing all kinds of visuals, changes in hearing, deep thinking, new thoughts, new ways to look at old thoughts, awesome stuff, scary stuff, good trips/bad trips (even a bad trip can be good for you) but one important thing not many people seem to know it 98% of the time the person tripping is aware that these changes in reality are not real and things seem this way because of the substance they took. I say 98% of the time because 1% took too much of said substance and the other 1% still (even if subconsciously) believed all the fear mongering and propaganda. LSD gives you what your mind puts into it and if your mind thinks it’s going to allow demons to take control of you then guess what you’re going to get.

    My point is, who are you to say you cannot have sober thinking while tripping. Just because you are thinking differently doesn’t mean they are not sober thoughts. These thoughts are in our minds whether we are tripping or not. LSD kinda just helps us look at these thoughts a little closer. I pray for all those who still believe the lies we were all told in school/news ect will one day realize that there is no difference between “People who take LSD are crazy” or “People who believe in GOD are crazy” Everyone is going to believe what they hold closest to there heart. If you truly hold god closest to your heart then even the strongest LSD trip even the worst of demons cannot take that from you.

    No LSD is NOT for just anyone but there are many who can and do benefit from it. Everyone experiences reality differently to a certain degree normally. When you take LSD you end up being able to experience reality differently as though you were different people. It will not make you any more crazy than Joe Shmoe. The ones who may go crazy are the ones who are already crazy and just haven’t had an episode yet. In their case LSD can bring on their first psychotic episode bringing out the mental illness that was already a ticking time bomb.

    I’m not even going to get into the possible benefits of LSD. If you care about helping others in the world you can google that info yourself because there is a lot of it.

    Do you realize that if Nixon had never started the “War On Drugs” that millions of deaths and ruined families would have been avoided? I strongly urge anyone who thinks they should stop others from using drugs to watch this video I challenge any of you propaganda believers to tell me this video is the devils work or “Foolishness” because that is how I feel about this article, “Foolishness”

    Why do I bother writing this? To help others so they don’t have bad experiences after reading this “Foolishness”

    War on drugs = Pointless deaths = “Foolishness”
    Fear mongering/propaganda = Bad trips = “Foolishness” (The same kind of fear mongering/propaganda that started the war on drugs)

    Everyone please stop with the spreading of untruth that causes long term harm on everyone.
    I pray for the ones who have been lied to that they might be wiser.

    God bless


  28. David

    I know I shouldn’t be letting this bother me so much but I feel others need to know these things after reading this article. That having been said there is one more thing I would like to add. Yes there have been people who committed suicide while on psychedelics due to their bad trips but do you stop to realize that most of time its because they heard some misinformation such as an article like this.

    Most religious people are only afraid of psychedelics because they are afraid they might learn something new and boy does that say something about their faith. They know deep down somewhere that there is some sort of untruth (big or small) in their religion and they are afraid to find out. Its ok though, just because there maybe something not true in their religion dose not mean there is no God.

    I believe in God. I also believe we don’t know everything in the bible is fact. How do we know Moses wasn’t tripping when he received the ten commandments? We don’t. I’m not saying that him talking to God did not happen. I’m just saying that without being under the influence Moses and many others who saw the same visons may not have been able to see that stuff. How do we know that everything wrote in the bible wasn’t by people who were tripping? How else could they have such visons? I have never heard of anyone being able to directly speak with the lord and hear him as plane as day speak back in our present day unless they are crazy or under the influence.

    All I’m saying is, I think if god didn’t want us to do something it would be PLANE AS DAY in our face in the bible. Not something you have to question or search for in the bible to fully understand.

    I think one big problem with the church and this sort of topic is that when you take psychedelics you can learn that you don’t need the church to have a close relationship with God. The church doesn’t like this idea as they would rather talk about tithing. That’s right, that big collection plate they pass around is mostly what it’s all about. (Money that’s supposed to go to helping people and doing Gods work) WOW that’s a nice Lexus you got there pastor! Yeah I know you bought it to do Gods work so that makes it ok.


    1. Suje

      That’s one hell of a bad trip. The reason you have bad experiences on acid like that is because you fear God and his punishment. If you’re mind is actually free you will experience the light. Your own guilt took over you. Dont be preaching bullshit without understanding the drug.


  29. William

    Did God create psychedelics?
    MDMA. LSD. Psylocibin? Even Cannabis?

    Did God create them?

    I understand that God created the Tree of knowledge of good and evil.
    But did he create the other things too?


  30. Dracid

    So about 6 months ago, I took acid for the first time in my life.
    It was a 3 day bender for me (which i didnt do for a few years, since im in my late 20’s). Started the first 2 days off with a lot of weed like everyday, but i used speed that day cause a friend was begging me to do it with him for a while and i was like whatever, not like it’s my first time ..
    Then the 3rd day comes around (without sleeping). I get very bored. Friend offers me an xtc pill.. I’m like sure .. I love xtc .. also didn’t do it for at least a year … The xtc does me great, im having a wonderfull time, all top. Hours later, the xtc wears off.. and I’m like I’m bored again … Friend comes around says he got some LSD … but i shouldn’t take it if im not perfectly sure i want it and I’m in a good head space overall .. I’m like “I’m great bro, give it to me, this is the time, I’m ready to do lsd for the first time in my life” .. I do it. .. An hour goes by .. Nothing… I start saying “I’m not really feeling anything” …. and right about then, I start feeling the acid coming up … It started with my palms getting very sweaty and an overall feeling of heat throughout my whole body … 1 hour later I’m crying from laughing, having the best and funnest few hours of my life .. I got visuals (halucinations) i never thought i could have .. everything started dancing and having a life of it’s own .. even the most boring wall without any patterns became alive and started moving in a very cool way .. I thought Wow, this must be the best thing I’ve ever felt in my life, this is better than sex and weed and all that good stuff togeather .. but hours later, I start fully loosing my sence of self, and i get to the “Ego death” faze, as I learned later that’s what it’s called. I didn’t know anything about acid, had no expectations, nothing. I just took it cause i was bored and couldn’t sleep for days. But after the ego death came around, disturbing things started to happen. As I don’t know who I am now at this point, I start having big realisations, most about “conspiracy theories” that i know about, and it’s like i live and relive these conspiracy theories a million times (in 1 hour of earth time) and see myself how much real most of them are .. After that i start seeing people around me (a few friends) as looking very posessed and not even knowing it .. Their faces were unnaturally morphed into demonic faces, trully faces that a human CAN’T make usually. And the scariest part about this is that me seeing them like this was after the visuals of acid wore off, i saw everything as it is, no walls were moving, no carpet patterns were moving, but my friends, looked very posessed. I also looked very posessed, as i looked into the mirror and saw THROUGH my eyes, It’s like i saw myself, trapped in my eyeball’s, while a (i kid you not), Leprichaun type entity/demon, took over my body slowly .. As I was slowly coming back to myself and realising who i am and what all happened, I KNEW that God did not want us humans to see everything i saw in my “halucinations”, as i had this feeling even while all that was happening, while i was having this “1000000 astral years of knowledge pouring into your mind out of nowhere moment” .. I knew those “visions” and “knowledge” is litterally demons or satan himself, giving you a “trip” .. showing you the beauties of his world .. So you would fall in love with this and keep coming back .. and keep getting posessed till you loose your mind fully .. Read about Syd Barret from Pink Floyd … Same thing happened to him …

    All I got for yall for the end is, I trully had no idea what acid was, didn’t watch a single video on it.. I was just bored and did it .. And it opened up the doors of hell to me, I was on the other side.

    Funny thing tho, I’m gonna go back there (if i can) .. Just to make sure im not insane and confirm what i realised the first time, as that day was the only single time i ever experienced something demonic and mystikal and nothing close to it ever happened again while i was not on lsd.


    1. Sayuj Jose

      Satan and god don’t have anything to do with lsd. You want some real horror do some peyote or shrooms. The fact that you said this and is going to do it again simply says the devil got you. Fuck these Christians and just trip, man. Don’t judge good and evil…that’s not for us to figure.


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