“Tormenting Voices in My Head!” – Mental Illness or Demons?


The Apostle Paul said that we live in physical bodies, and we are involved in a war. But the war is not in the physical sphere. Since the war is not in the physical sphere, it must be in the spiritual.

“4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;” 2 Cor. 10:4-5

Here we find the Greek words “logismos” and “gnosis” and “noéma”… which can be translated “reasoning,” “thinking,” “knowledge,” “heart,””thought,” “mind” etc. They all belong to one realm: the mind.


Indeed, the battlefield is in the mind. That is where the enemy attacks the most. Any Christian can attest they have had moments of being bombarded with nasty thoughts that seemed to have come from nowhere.

If thoughts such as “it’s okay to sin just this time, it’s not going to hurt anyone” and you yield to such suggestions, then you have allowed the enemy to gain more of an entry into your thought life or life in general.

It’s been years since this happened to me, but I remember on several occasions before I would about to go to sleep I would sense a spirit approach me and hover over my body, and it would project pornographic thoughts into the mind. I would reject it, and then it would fly off. I thought this was really bizarre and unique to me, so I didn’t tell anyone about it, but I later found out later another Christian friend of mine had a similar experience.

The point is the enemy can and does project sinful, evil ideas, or thoughts into people’s hearts and minds. Most people have no idea it is the enemy whispering in their ears so to speak, the enemy can be subtle. Did Judas know that it was satan who put the idea into his heart to betray Jesus (Luke 22:3)? I doubt it.

There are instances where demons will project a blasphemous thought into a person’s head and have the person think it was their own thoughts, making the person be guilt-ridden.

There are also cases where a person will hear voices that can come from an internal source that is not the person’s own inner voice. In the last several years or so, there have been many news reports of people who have committed horrific crimes because the perpetrator said demons told them to do it. They knew it was demons. Here the demons were not so subtle. To the person, the voices are blatant and explicit. They can say vulgar, nasty things to the person. The voices can be tormenting. Sometimes the person will hear words accusing him, putting him down, saying he is not saved and is going to hell, or blaspheming God. I would say in such cases that person is almost 100% guaranteed to have demons indwelt in him or her and that person needs deliverance! Hearing voices of an evil nature internally is a telltale sign of demonization.

A lot of times the person opened himself to such heavy demonization by engaging in the occult, witchcraft, New Age, or drugs. Even getting certain tattoos can open oneself to demonization. Sin can open oneself to demonization!

Medication or physicians won’t be able to do much help for people with such a case because it is fundamentally a spiritual issue. Turn to the Lord and God Jesus Christ who is the Healer (Luke 7:1-17) and Deliverer (Ps. 18:2).

If you are suffering from such a condition, then feel free to reach out to me for prayer.

If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you can receive Him into your heart, and He can deliver you from darkness and sin and have your name written in His Book of Life.

If you are sincere, you can say this simple prayer to the Father (it doesn’t have to be word for word):

“God, I recognize that I have not lived my life for You up until now. I have been living for myself and that is wrong. Please forgive me of all of my sins, just as I forgive others. I need You in my life; I want You in my life. I acknowledge the completed work of Your only-begotten Son Jesus Christ in giving His life for me on the cross, I believe in my heart Jesus is Lord and was raised from the dead and I long to receive the forgiveness you have made freely available to me through this sacrifice. Come into my life now, Lord. Take up residence in my heart and be my king, my Lord, and my Savior. From this day forward, I will no longer be controlled by sin, or the desire to please myself, but I will follow You all the days of my life. Those days are in Your hands. I ask this in the Lord and GOD Jesus’ precious and holy name. Amen.”

39 thoughts on ““Tormenting Voices in My Head!” – Mental Illness or Demons?

      1. Thomas Jones

        Ask God for the Holy Spirit. Then, say ” Devil, demons, you have released me and all of God ‘s children. We are NOT your dwelling places. We are our fathers houses.” Say, ” You have no effect over us. You take back with you all your blasphemy, anger, frustration, fear, worry, hopelessness, anxiety, instigation, witchcraft, sorcery, lust, seduction, confusion, resentment, jealosy, infirmities, etc.” Say it all kinds of different ways to drive the point across. They are stubborn, so you should repeat the process periodically. You can say “We’re free to recieve God’s joy, peace, wisdom, discernment, courage, health, etc.” Jesus personally taught me to say it like that! Search “Tommy Jones, Troy, Tx, Facebook” for my profile. “Trust in God and keep your eyes set on Christ.” -real angels who told me that!


          1. My latest site exposing the demon monsters: Parler.com/Tommy321. I’ve got a collection of original demon pictures, some real reptilian pictures that God and his angels helped me get and other good sources. I also caught a close up demon ufo flying right over my car. They’re terrified, learning that they will go to Hell, for sure. The devil (which I call Butt Hurt) had lied to them. God opened my ears to be able to hear them! The more we expose them, the more people spiritually attack them and the fewer people succumb to their psychic attacks. These are epic times! People are finding out!


    1. Asher

      I would like to know the same thing. I’ve had that out of nowhere and I kept rebuking them in Jesus name and call for the blood of Jesus. I cried out for the lord about my mind. Now I’m getting attacks at night.


    1. Stephanie

      I am a believer of Jesus Christ and I have been trying to do the right things in life by praying, & sometimes at night I have these very evil dreams or something holding me down & I would always “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus” over & over & my brother has dabbled in witchcraft and I believe he’s still doing it & my daughter’s father’s mother is also heavy into witchcraft & I am against it but I’ve had unclean thoughts in my mind & like a voice & I cry because it’s not my character I’ve been praying asking God to please forgive me & to break the chains of generational curses. I need prayers for myself to keep my sanity & my mother is very negative & she’s always angry & lives with me & has a very negative spirit & my daughter gets scared of her at times. Please pray for me🙏🙏


  1. Kathryn Churchman

    I was baptized dec. 4, 2004 but in months prior after going out star gazing I seemed to start hearing voices and seeing black dressed creatures. I have heard disgusting things at times and I knew who’s side they were on because Christ doesn’t tempt you. I thought after putting on Christ that they would go away and leave me alone. Over the 16 years, they have gotren worse. They now follow me everywhere telling me to leave and constantly mock Jesus Christ and everything I stand by abd believe. I stand by God’s Holy Word. Now they show up at the house of God, follow me everywhere I go, follow me to my volunteer work, ridicule me with hate declaring constant untruths. My fellow Christian brothers and sisters of Christ say things of the world only to not remember saying what they said. The demons tell me constantly that I chose them and that I hear voices. I never have got a minutes rest or peace. My mother and I pray every night for God to answer our prayers. The demons are becoming a heavy burden to bear every day, every night, always saying the same things. Today at our house we moved from, I saw 40 or 50 demons filing out of our house. Our front yard was full as well as the street. That was my grandpa’s and grandma’s house. I never invited them in. I see one sitting on my bed every night. It’s favorite saying are: “landsakes”,”You chose me”, “I can’t believe she loves me”, “she hears voices”, “you may not love me now, but you will someday”, “have you told her”, “You know who I Am”, “I thought I told you to leave”, “Please leave”, ” I told you to leave her alone”, “I can’t believe she did that for me” among other sayings. It has now started passing itself off as Christ Jesus, but for years it has also tried angels. My mother and I call it pete and repeat because up until before I got baptized, I never saw or heard anything. I have the mind of Christ and we don’t understand It’s Idiotic, santanistic phrases. We just know it is not Christ .


  2. Candice Ndlovu

    Hello everyone

    I really need help, im going crazy! 😂😂😂 i hear a voice or voices in my head blaspheming again God and the holy spirit and then convinve me I’m the one who said it and tell me I’m not gonna be forgiven by God and that I’m going to hell. I can never say anything negative against God and His holy spirit, I love them and honor them so much. But these voices convince me that I’m the one who said it, I hear it in my mind all day and night and sometimes they convince me to commit suicide and just die because there is no use in living anymore because I am already going to hell for swearing God. I would never do such a thing, I love God and dont want to go to hell for something I didn’t think, say or do. Please help me I’m losing my mind😂😂😂💔💔💔💔💔


    1. OMG I have had the same. I have had this will break her. A male voice and then I heard blasthemy. I rebuked it but they go on repeat until you start to think I actually did it. I am tormented thinking I’ll just give up because they are accusing me of the unforgiveable sin. They did it with voices in the sky they tell me that I am fear over and over and over again when I had a breakdown depression 5 years ago. I have lost my friends and I keep myself isolated but I am scared. I am constantly cold in my right hand side of my soul. It will kill her is all I hear.


    2. brock

      Candice, I saw your comment and felt compassion for you. If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and You belive that God rose him from thed dead, you shall be saved! The Lord Jesus said in the bible that if a man speaks a word against the holy spirit he would not be forgiven so as Long as you didnt say with your mouth blasphemous words against the holy spirit you are saved and going to heaven but only if you are trusting in the Lord Jesus for your salvation, the one God sent to purchase our right to go to heaven! They say the same thing to me and i know I havnt blasphemed the Holy Ghost so I dont let them make me to fear because thats the main thing they want from you and to confuse you!! Dont let them scare you with their false threats and torment the peace out of you because believing their lies is what gives them power! You cant give in to believeing their lies that may seem convicing in the moment. They try the same thing with me all the time every day, BUT I KNOW THE LORD IS PROTECTING ME so it doesnt work but if you let them scare you by trusting in the lie they tell you instead of trusting in God’s promise to protect you, then you give faith to that lie to make it happen rather than Gods promise of protection! Remind your self that God can not lie and he will protect you against their attack as long as you are trusting him to by not worrying because worry is doubt and fear is doubt. God’s promise says ” Greater is He that is in
      you than he that is in the world. This will help if you stand up and fight back with TOTAL TRUST in our heavenly father’s promises! The bible says fear has torment, and anyone who fears hasnt been made perfect in love” and “God is not the author of confusion, but of peace in the churches.” Candice, I know what its like hearing them every few seconds of the day trying to program me with their lies and phrases of lies that they repeat over and over! So choose to trust God instead of believing their lies I hear demons also both man and woman voices but I have peace from the MOST HIGH GOD YAWAY by trusting him and standing on his promises so find a promise out of the bible that applies to the lie they may tell you. This will work if you take courage and Trust in The Lord. He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities, the punishment that brought us peace was upon him and by his stripes we were healed!


  3. Lalo lopez

    I thought I was all alone I thought I was the only one with this problem but I see that there are more brothers and sisters that struggle with the same thing day by day like me also.

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  4. controversialchristian1

    Being attacked/oppressed and even possessed by demons is not very nice at all. Many Christians endure and have suffered it, so it’s nothing to absolutely fear or completely despair over.

    However, it’s not a good situation to be in. DO NOT TALK TO THEM OR ENGAGE WITH THEM. The Lord Jesus Christ CAN and WILL heal you and exorcise you of these vile things if you ask Him and are sincere. He is Lord of all Creation and all created things.

    It helps to have a Bible. It helps to be in regular daily prayer with the Lord, it helps to have people you know and absolutely trust to pray for you, and it helps absolutely to follow the Lord’s guidance on this situation.

    If you trust Him, He WILL deliver you from evil. But you must trust Him, follow Him and obey Him.

    Living in sin? Stop!!! Messing with the occult? Stop! Get rid of any all occultic books, things, ouija boards etc etc etc. All of it!!! Addicted to something? Get help and stop! All these things and many more can open the door to demonic oppression.

    Oh, and don’t worry. You won’t be the first and you won’t be the last to suffer this. But you must ask the Lord into your situation. YOU MUST!


  5. csaaphill

    I’m hearing voices but not inside me I don’t think. For I can plug the ear that I hear them in and it’s lower. But about 10 or more voices. To start I had this happen years ago 20 years to be more specific. But as soon as I was jailed for something they went away. I was at the time reading scripture a lot and watching Prophecy a lot on TV. SDA or Seventh Day Adventist to be more specific. Y2k was a thing and I lost it and ended up in jail. Now the same thing but I know more about God and am more Grounded in truth than then so haven’t allowed this to drive me nuts like last time. But in Nov of 2020 just a few months ago this began. I really feel we’re in the end times and expect Jesus to return at any time, with all the lockdowns and all the other stuff happening. So thinking that because of my beliefs Satan is attacking me again to get me into trouble as before. It took me years to get back the stuff I lost then. Guns I lost for it was a felon and our State allows us to re-gain our second amendment rights. It took me a few years to just pay off my fines, and if it weren’t for a kind soul at the community college I would have never got off of probation. For, for the most part once in the system one never gets out, not without a support system. I had mine. My mom and dad at the time plus a kindly soul as I mentioned at the community college I was able to enter school so no one would hire me just out of jail. So… 8 years ago I was able to get my gun rights, and voting rights back.
    and now again something similar but way worse and different is happening. With what I feel is to again have me go off and end back up in Jail and or crazy. Let me go back a bit further. About 4-5 years before I ended up in jail I was falsely accused of a crime I had not committed.
    I went to trial over that crime and won, meaning the jury acquitted me fully after two different trials. They the cops and the Attorney was Peed off, to say the least. I month’s after this got a flat tire and took it to Les-Schwabs to be fixed they found a .22 round in my tires. Got it fixed but since then and it’s been more than 20 years now but I do still feel people follow me around at times. I see being gang stalked is part of your list on that link so in some cases I feel this is part of that. V2k or voice to skull technology I’ve read a lot about but not sure that exists to the point this is… I’ve had people I was in Jail with all of a sudden show up around me even though I’ve moved out of that town… Although not that far from but still. Old Friends would show up where I work to just say during the conversation to say the heard I lived here so wanted to see if true. After my acquittal, it took me months to get the paper to print that. So if people read the accusation they probably never read the acquittal so…???? I kept my guns from the cops for 12 years, not illegal for they were in Hawk. meaning I paid the fees every month to keep them in storage. Once I got my gun rights back I went in and passed the background check and got them back legally. I in my new state just a week or so ago went to buy a rifle and even though I’d passed the check It still took a week or more with all the new crap we have now. But it was like even at the checkout stand no one could believe I could buy it. Same as when I got my guns out of hawk the banter I heard on the phone as they didn’t think so either. I took that to mean they didn’t think that I could gain my rights back or they thought I was a sex offender so would never get them back but as I said I was acquitted of that so… I even recently went on one of that personal BG check sited and searched my name and it blanks so all this time it’s been erased. But back at the register the lady just kept stalling taking her dear sweet time. I think but can’t prove it, for I didn’t see what she was doing on her computer screen, but think she was rining her own check on me and was mad and bewildered. They went so far as to make an excuse to say the serial numbers don’t match so took it back to the back. The girl doing this gave me a scornful look taking it back and again when she came back to the front. Finally after a half hour or more after taking an hour in the back clearing up something I did accidentally so had to refill some of the paperwork out.
    She finally gave up and rang it up. I paid and walked out with my new firearm.
    but for years and not always but after a few months or so I get weird vibes around certain people and the way they act towards me. Ok, now the voices began again as I said in Nov.
    At first, it called me evil and I had to try to get to sleep like that. Then I was the antichrist and other such odd attacks. They never went away but I was able to ignore them throughout the day while watching TV. But when I went to bed Oh boy… Anyhow later on and can’t remember It began or some of them began to say should innocent people be dead or something to that effect… Then some chanting song began. Then all of a sudden it began to be a game or something. A mind shooting game or something. meaning you picture in your head the person you want to shoot and do so but all in the mind. One night in town I could hear tons of shots going off all around me etc… They then began saying play along, OK, all good for a while then the thing went on to say they hated god and I had to shoot up in the AIr. I may have done this a time or two, but really began to feel really bad. So in my mind, I left the group as in picturing a hole in their circle. I also pictured me opening a door and leaving them behind.
    They then kept gouging me back but after a few minutes left, again doing the same thing image thing. broken circle, door opening, and closing. I mean they or it had me believing in Telepathic communication, and lots of other things. Since then I’m supposed to say some kind of password but after so much abuse mentally and physically oh hell no. UHM to back up a bit I left because I could not shoot mentally at God and feel good about it. I couldn’t look up and feel as if he did come I’d not be lost somehow. so yeah left.
    It’s been a lot different since No more begging but then just before Christmas has probably the weirdest thing happen a new voice came and said it was Jesus and it shot at all those involved making me feel bad and other weird things. I’d been reading scripture for days on end after leaving in hopes it or they would go away. It helps to lessen their noise but not go away. And that from what I can tell is why this so-called Jesus voice came but… After that, I’ve learned to just ignore that too for I think it’s part of the group and in the Background heard its voice so… Felt like I was just being deceived again as so many times during this ordeal. I’ve prayed almost constantly to be removed from this evil thing but no luck. I’ve through again from some if it’s or their goading gave up a lot of things to be sinful in my life. I read they get to stay if they have the legal right to os have tried that. But I may have opened some of these doors unknowingly. I’ve dabbled in pagan like things. Searched magic out, but not used. I do or have done the imagery things like the link you showed another. As in when I used to get toothaches I’ve pictured in my mind, my fingers pinching the nerve associated with the pain and other things, So those things and the other things I repent of and will try the hardest to not do anymore. Something I can’t other than divorce for I am married to a Catholic woman and she has Mary and Jesus and Joseph Statues, But I don’t bow to them though.
    My neighbor did play loud music for a long time after moving in and we’ve been around and around over this. But none of it is about him being Mexican, But I did call the cops on him once. part of this music and noise I hear is his darn music, or in part. It’s the war drums he used to play when he’d listen to his music too loud. IF he’s gang stalking me or others for what they think I am I can’t prove this for v2k is impossible to prove. I did record or attempt the other night trying to record while the TV was off but with voices so loud at times even if my left ear is plugged I can’t make out if it’s current or the recording. I’ve done lots of research into TI’s or targeted individuals, but some of the things they say and do I do not want to go down that road. I’ve prayed I’ve gone online to prayer sites asking the Lord to remove this thing off of me but as of yet nothing. If only paranoia he should easily lock the door to the right??
    If it’s the spirit world again he should easily get rid of it? If it’s V2k technology as what I’ve read even then he could blow up or surge their equipment right? Nothing is impossible for the lord!
    I’ve repented of my jealousy, unforgiving heart, and more. And now these other unknown issues. what more could it be??? We live in grace and yes we are to not sin but we do and will so he doesn’t need me to be perfect just a humble and repetitive heart…
    Now with this, I hear a lot of white noise that does seem to help However I still hear the subtle noise of voices but with the white noise it breaks them up. but not for long once this is done they will come back I mean this is odd it sings it has what sounds like a wheel of fortune clicking in the background, maybe the doomsday clock???? sounds like what sounds like boots or herd of buffalo when I guess I don’t mind??? UHM all kinds of weirdness. I am able to keep most of my sanity, but it’s a struggle. I need a hell load of prayer to get rid of this crap.
    If it’s not gangstalking at per the TI’s/targeted individuals meaning, of not Telepathy or V2k then if it’s only Satan and some of his demons then they have no right to me and God should put back my hedge of protection again???? I should mention this too but even as weird or weirder but… My wife when I do try to sleep at the same time sleep snore talks.
    What I mean by this is through her snores she makes what sounds like words. Thes seem to go in or with the voices I hear… Is she possessed? Her snore talk as I call it is weird and in some cases resembles speaking like a man or devil sounding noise. Could she hate me so much as to be part of this??? For as I said her snore talk once done seconds later the almost very sound I heard from her forms words similar to what she said or snore talked
    She even the other night leaped up as if she was catching something while doing this. I heard cocksucker coming out of her snore talking… I’ll touch her to try and calm her and I hear her in a hiss, say, the son of a bitch is touching me or something like that. She will deny it when I question her on it has never heard the term gang stalking so not sure what to think. Lying or hates me to the point subconsciously? I hear the voices too say she’s a mean one or something then say she needs this not sure what they mean…
    or it…
    Did she open this portal to me somehow or did I or….? But regardless I need hella prayer for me and for her…
    My faith I believe is strong enough to not go nuts but still… How long without God’s intervention? NO! I don’t want a Dr… that’s what happened to me 20 years ago all they did was give me some Zoloft crap and that’s how I ended up in Jail. I tell them again I hear voices it’s the nuthouse again and I lose my rights once again and this time probably not get them back that’s what Satan wants too… I don’t’ skype nor do I FB if you have some other media for me to get ahold of you then provide that please but no camera I don’t like that.
    But please pray heavy and I do mean heavy as in the last days depend on it! OR my life as well for it may!


    1. csaaphill

      I need to add I hear something about witch doctors chants, and may also be being attacked by black magic over the things I said that I’ve been accused of and or when I did go to jail.
      people when they don’t know what the heck they talk about form and do the worst to people. worse than kids do it seems so yes, please!!! I’ve even prayed against witchcraft black magic sorcery etc… it only helps maybe a minute or so… WHite noise is better than voices though so…?


      1. csaaphill

        You know and it may still be something, but nevermind most of what I said. I also have in my left ear very bad Tinnitus. I remember back then too that a few years before this I’d been tested because of my very bad balance and tested very badly. The Audiologist said then I was listening to a storm in my left ear at that time. Not sure what had happened just prior to all the first issue I may have just screwed up my eardrum and, a lot of my own stress and other things may have brought on my left ear trying to overcompensate the noises it had been hearing. Again this time as well. Now today almost all I hear is very loud clicking humming, and kind of a drumming noise. I read the Musical auditory hallucinations could be part of this, but not related to anything of mental illness so yeah forget most.’
        But do pray I get this corrected as best as possible. A blown eardrum I hear does take about 3-4 months to heal. That would be about right for this. I remember in Jail 20 years ago I didn’t hear the voices so much as the overcompensation, but it still took about that long before things in my ear got back to a livable normal.
        I still read scripture and still need that. Last Night I read until I hear white noise then went to bed. I got up and some of what I had was still there, but not nearly as bad. Now mainly just a lot of loud very loud clicking, Humming, and Drumming noises, but all related to very bad TInnitus. I mean very very very bad Tinnitus though…


  6. csaaphill

    Those videos have a purpose to make know to people so they won’t go nuts.
    As a watcher, I need to get the word out to as many people as possible. Satan is the one still behind all this but it’s not truly supernatural but evil people are doing this.
    V2k may not be possible but audio spotlight is and voice synthesis is.
    this if people know what is happening may save countless lives so please don’t censor!


  7. Clayton

    I’ve been using meth probably since the age of 24, I have always smoked it , never really snorted or used needles. Well, I finally have into the needle at the age of 42 and I’m 43 now. This has opened up something so evil it’s hard to put into words. Believe it or not I believe Jesus Christ is the son of God and sits at his right hand. I’ve always struggled on and off with meth. So after I started to inject the drug I began to see very bery vivid demonic looking figures and sexual in nature/nude figures. Very vivid very strange. I can’t lie I did enjoy the nude figures. I found myself looking for all that perverted junk like this after injecting. I believe I’ve really done it this time but I know Jesus Christ will deliver me from this spiritual warfare going on. The voices I hear are very clear and seem to be a “leader” or something relaying what I do and say to others as if they are unable to understand me. I also hear very loud sexual sounds that get very very nasty both males and females. Please pray for me whoever reads this. My ears will ring so loud sometimes it hurts. In the name of Jesus Christ I need you and ask you to take complete control back Lord!!!! I need you !! Please God help me !! God please close whatever demonic thing I’ve open and keep it closed please I ask this God in your son’s name Jesus delivery me now God please!!!


  8. Anonymous

    I think the voices are from tones in music. The human brain wants to connect words to sounds. And bad manipulative musicians have picked up on this. It could be from something you heard without any fault of your own from somewhere just from outside radio or sounds.It could be contrived from an evil force absolutely but also from engineering and it does NOT mean you are possessed. The right tones and rhythm can harness your own subconcious so you hear your own self in someone else’s voice. Don’t despair. Pray In Jesus Name and know there are manipulators trying to make themselves look like something more powerful than they are and know there are math equations that are abused and human fragility. You are loved by Jesus.


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