The Truth About “Aliens” and UFOs

In case you didn’t know, the “Aliens” and at least some UFOs are really demonic entities. Satan and his angels are deceiving many into thinking these “aliens” are from some other advance civilization from another planet. 

The Bible reads Satan can transform himself into an angel of life then it wouldn’t be impossible for him to transform himself into an ET. People who have been involved with the New Age or the occult seem to be more susceptible to seeing “aliens” or UFOs or being abducted. The Satanist Aleister Crowley drew a picture of what looks like to be a gray alien long before before the gray alien image became part of pop culture.

Why would Satan want to deceive the world into thinking ETs are real? Perhaps to make people believe that evolution is true or maybe he is going to use a false alien invasion to unite the world to fight against Jesus when He returns. Who knows, really. But all evidence seems to indicate the “aliens” people have seen are really spiritual entities instead of physical ETs from some other planet.





2 thoughts on “The Truth About “Aliens” and UFOs

  1. beliver

    Hey there, if thoses aliens are demons, so where they live? space? under the sea?
    and they use spaceships? what about angels? and Jesus? Jesus will come to earth in a spaceship or a cloud?


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