The Truth About Tai Chi


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“Tai Chi (or Tai Chi Chuan), which embodies the pagan philosophy of Taoism, is an exercise that involves the manipulation of chi. It is the choreographed movement, the discipline, the ritual, which gives shapes to the living breath of the chi. The exercise rouses the chi as a dragon rising from hibernation and then channels, as a river bank, the latent force of that energy into specific articulations of the body. Chi adheres to the base of the spine and it rises to the top of the head. Chi itself is defined non-mystically and its manipulation is not perceived as a religious or mystical practice but as a ‘natural’ communion with the essence of the universe. The aim is to tune in to chi. In Chinese metaphysics, the assumption is that mind and body in combination can be opened up to it, so that the energy itself takes over, as it were. Instead of having to go through the motions, the dancers find the motions going through them. This kind of ‘energy possession’ is also encountered in yoga and in occult meditation. Chi is equivalent to kundalini energy (also known as serpent power of all names – the serpent represents satan in the Bible). The exercises alone allegedly able to assist in the arousal of kundalini. This phenomenon is obviously demonic.”

The creator of Tai Chi is routinely credited to Chang San-Feng (ca. 1260-1368). He was purportedly a Taoist who wanted to discover to be immortal through occult means. He had a strong interest in I Ching and other occult activities were well known & eventually led him to develop Tai Chi.

(Source: Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs)

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