Black Magic (Witchcraft Curses/Spells) Exposed

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Is Magic Real?

We have all seen what looks like magic on TV when magicians perform extraordinary feats. I dismiss most of it as a sleight of hand (though I believe in some cases real familiar spirits are involved in their tricks). But here I am not going to discuss the type of “magic” you have seen on TV for entertainment purposes, but instead discuss real, genuine magic. Yes, real supernatural magic actually exists. Magicians are mentioned in scripture and at least some of them are identified as genuine. In Acts 8:9-12, there is Simon the Magician. In Exodus 7-8 (Cr. 2 Timothy 3:8) Pharaoh had magicians (Jannes and Jambres) that performed miracles. Babylon also had magicians (Daniel 1:20; 2:2, 27; 4:7, 9; 5:11). The Antichrist will be attended by diabolic signs and magical wonders (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12; Revelation 13:13-18). Magic plays a part in Satan’s worldwide rebellion against the living God.

Magic has been practiced throughout history in virtually all pagan cultures. Sumero-Akkadian and Canaanite religious literature amply attest the employment of magic by gods (i.e., demons) to accomplish definite purposes.


Today, magic (usually via witchcraft spells) is employed in many cultures including in western cultures even in modern America. Anti-Donald Trump witches attempted to place a curse or hex on him. Same with Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Of course, scientists will try to explain away magic. The late Edwin Tylor, considered to be a great pioneer in anthropology, regarded magic as “an elaborate and systematic pseudo-science” (Demons in the World Today, 103). The materialist or rationalist will deny the very existence of magic because it operates in the spiritual realm. While others see magic as just a mere neutral force of nature that can be used either for good or for evil.

What is Magic?

Genuine magic can have a real effect on the natural world. There is a reason for thousands of years across just about every pagan culture magic is practiced: because it can work! Genuine magic is the art of bringing about results beyond human power through the enlistment of supernatural agencies – what makes genuine magic work are demons, whether the practitioner knows it or not.

Christian author Merrill Unger wrote:

“If magic is genuine and not mere deception or hocus-pocus, it must be personal. Living, intelligent spirit-beings become the real agents. People, by incantations and ceremonies, actually and even control these spirit agents. The activity of such superphysical agents of evil produces the extrasensory phenomena of magic, that is, occurrences that transcend the normal operation of physical law and the perception of man’s five senses.

Because of widespread denial of the reality of supernatural power– both divine and demonic, confusion abounds concerning the nature of magic. The psychiatrist, the medical doctor, the practicing occultist, the folklorist historian, and the liberal theologian will each have a different view of magic than the serious student of the Bible.” (Demons in the World Today, 104-105).

The Different Forms of Magic

Unger wrote:

Numerous forms of magic exist. Among them are black magic, white magic, neutral magic, mental suggestions, criminal hypnosis, and magical mesmerism. When any of these forms enlist demonic powers, they are authentic cases of magic. In the absence of occult powers, the phenomena do not belong to the field of magic” (pg. 113, Demons in the World Today).

Indeed, I have had a woman who was demonized because she performed a witchcraft spell to make her look more attractive. She told me it actually worked, where a man would glare at her and tell her how beautiful she was. Little did she know at that time who was really working behind the working of the spell were evil spirits.

Black Magic (Curses, Hexes, etc.)


I have addressed so-called white magic that deals with supernaturally “healing” people (though sadly many are oblivious to its demonic character). But here black magic is going to be specifically addressed. Black magic (can also be called death magic, persecution magic, a curse, a hex, etc.) has a long tradition where occultists attempt to supernaturally hurt or kill other people. The term “black art” was applied to practitioners (and rightly so) in the Middle Ages because those proficient in it were considered to be in league with the powers of darkness.

Unger wrote:

It is the most devilish of all the forms of magic as it is directed against both animals and humans. A black magic spell can cause temporary blindness, deafness, dumbness, torpor, sickness, pain, etc… through a genuine magic spell diabolical power is released and real results are obtained (Demons in the World Today, 128).

But whether the occultist acknowledges it or not evil spirits are behind the magic curses. Unger wrote:

“Genuine magic is the art of bringing about results beyond human power through the enlistment of supernatural agencies. Black magic deliberately involves the devil and demons, and the resulting enchantment is used for persecution and revenge. A spiritistic circle of twenty members furnishes a good example. Working with black magic, these spiritistic experimented to see if they could cause psychic harm or even illness in people they disliked. A strong medium of this occult group chose a minister as a target and vowed to afflict and eliminate him. The minister suffered a nervous breakdown and was unable to work for several months.” (Demons in the World Today, 60-61) 


The late Christian author Kurt Koch, who had over 40 years ministering to those involved in the occult, wrote:

Some magic involves the direct solicitation and help of demons, specifically the devil. It is the most terrible and powerful form of occult art, majoring in enchantment for persecution and vengeance, but also employing diabolical powers for defense and healing. An example of this nefarious practice is found in the death spells cast by with doctors among aboriginal people, such as the Papuans on the island of New Guinea.

Enchantment for persecution and vengeance, as well as for defense and healing, is still practiced today, not only in pagan cultures but also in civilized lands where occultism flourishes. Literature on magic is still circulated, and its directives for incantations, charms, and spells are still followed in parts of Germany, France, and Switzerland.” (Demons in the World Today, 114).

Koch revealed the most sinister of black magic which is death magic:

I have encountered such activities [death magic] among the Shamans in Alaska and on St. Lawrence Island, among the voodooists of Haiti, and the Macumba spiritists of Brazil. Death magic is also found in connection with Zombiism in Africa, with Muslim black magic all over East Asia, with the Saugumma cult in New Guinea, the Hilots in the Phillipines, and the Kahunas of Hawaii. There is no pagan country that is free from these devilish practices…” (Occult ABC, 46)

This level of evil is sadly is going on in the world today. It was reported recently in the news that in a village in central America many there were attacked by demons seemingly because of a deliberate curse:


Residents from a Central American village suffered violent convulsions that are being blamed on a bewitching voodoo doll.

The ‘possessed’ locals near Waspan, in Nicaragua, reportedly became violent and saw visions of the devil, as well as eerily naming the next victim.

Other symptoms include headaches, nausea and anxiety.

As local officials scoured the area for clues, a doll was found stuffed in a bag with crosses on its face, which is a sign of the presence of dark spirits.

The locals were too scared to touch it with their own skin, so had to move it with planks of wood.

video shows several residents – who have had their hands and legs bound together and are being treated with wet towels – spinning around uncontrollably.

Locals believe that the sorcery was being done by an outsider who wanted to harm the community.

The doll was set on fire in a bid to break the curse.


The founder of the Church of Satan, the late Anton Levay, supposedly placed a curse on the late actress Jayne Mansfield’s ex-lover:

Due to a hatred that Jayne developed for her lover, Sam Brody, Mansfield pleaded with LaVey to conduct a ritual of destruction against him. LaVey complied by writing Brody’s name on a piece of parchment and burning it in the fire. As the parchment was consumed LaVey invoked Satan’s powers requesting Brody’s death within one years time. In The Satanic Bible LaVey issues dictums for placing curses on others to bring about their death and concludes by saying: “and if your curse provokes their actual annihilation, rejoice that you have been instrumental ridding the world of a pest!”LaVey’s personal administrator and assistant Blanche Barton comments “No simple undirected curse would do this time. LaVey would only be satisfied when Brody was dead.” Mansfield states:

“Mr. LaVey called me into the back room. There, he told me, ‘The Devil has placed a curse on Sam Brody. There is a heavy black cloud over him…He’ll be killed in a car crash…Get rid of him at once!’”

Scripture says that Satan has been a murderer “from the beginning.” (1 John 3:8) Jesus said that Satan’s modus operandi was to “steal, kill and destroy.” (John 10:10) Satan is evil to the core and his hatred seethes against mankind, even those who serve him. There is no love or favor in Satan’s kingdom, but a contemptible usage of people who open themselves up to him. Mansfield served Satan, but he hated and despised her. She was only a pawn to further his agenda of worldwide spiritual enslavement under the New Age.


Mansfield’s trust in Satan proved illegitimate as it cost her her life. The Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes says “that those who practice evil will not be delivered by it.” Within a few months, Brody lay dead in a catastrophic car accident. Mansfield was also killed in the crash, and according to her death certificate, suffered a “crushed skull and avulsion (tearing away) of cranium and brain.” Her death was tragic and sudden. Ironically, LaVey reported that 15 minutes before he heard of the accident that he had cut Jayne Mansfield’s head off of a picture with a pair of scissors. Mansfield had truly run her last spiritual red light and the Scripture stating that God will not be mocked came into effect. God’s Word states that your sin will find you out and that those who sow to the flesh will reap destruction.


It has been reported that witchcraft is thriving in Romania and politicians were afraid to tax witches for their services because they threatened to put a curse on them.

According to the late Bible teacher Derek Prince, it was common for kings going to war in the Biblical times to fight on the supernatural plane as they were fighting in the natural plane. They would use their witch doctors to curse their enemy so they can be defeated in war. It was a test of who had the more powerful gods of those nations. When the giant Goliath challenged David, he cursed him in the name of his gods (1 Sam. 17:43). In a sense, he was saying “my gods are stronger than your God” (Lucifer Exposed, 99).


Many people have contacted me for deliverance prayer because they have been subjected to demonic attacks via witchcraft magic, especially people from sub-Saharan Africa where it is not uncommon for people to go to a witch doctor to place a curse on someone. This is a sad reality that is going on there.

More Examples Of Black Magic Employed

Those skilled in the black arts can supernaturally afflict both the mind and body of their enemy. In the following, we can read various examples of people being victimized by an occultist via the use of black magic.


Koch wrote: I have visited Mexico three times and have given several talks in the German church in Mexico City. While on such a visit I heard a strange story of magical persecution. If a person who practices black magic wishes to harm someone or make him ill, he places a doll daubed with blood in front of that person’s door. Before doing so, he sticks thorns or a needle into the doll. In addition to this symbolic, or analogical magic, magic words are then recited. The strange thing is that the victim becomes ill in the part of the body that was pierced in the doll. Such things are practiced by voodoo magicians in Haiti and by the Macumba cult in Brazil

During my lecture tours in India, I heard of the practices of Hindu magicians. When they wish to persecute someone, they obtain some of the enemy’s hair and nail it to a tree, reciting magic words as they do so. The victim then becomes ill or has an accident” (Occult ABC, 129).

“A spiritistic medium confessed that she belonged to a circle which not only practised communication with the dead but also black magic. Her speciality was in causing sicknesses and in death magic; she had already committed several murders which the police had been unable to solve. She had also worked on a minister who afterwards developed nervous disturbances and had been unable to work for several months. This was the content of her confession. I could not prove the statements, but I did know that at the time of the circle’s magic experiments this particular minister had been ill for a considerable period of time” (Between Christ and Satan, 79).

One form of magic persecution is beatings by an invisible attacker:

“Strong mediums (when under demon control) send out energy with which to build up human phantasms and are also able to transform this energy into animal forms, including dogs, cats, frogs, snakes, or human bodies with animal heads, etc. This explains the bizarre spiritistic persecution through phantoms in the form of various animals or human bodies with nonhuman heads. These animals bite, scratch, or otherwise torment their victims. Examples of these occult phenomena abound in areas where the black arts are practiced. But such occurrences are denied by many intellectuals. Often peasants and country people, especially in Europe, know more about magic than university graduates, who claim swindle or hocus-pocus trickery is used instead of occult powers” (Demons in the World Today, 61-62).

More examples of people who have used black magic to try to harm others:

A black magician told a girl who was being courted by a married man, ‘I’ll break this man’s mind so much that he’ll lose his position.’ It was not very long after this that the man began to have nervous disorders. He would complain of hearing noises both in his head and externally. He also suffered from flickering before the eyes, loss of vision and an inability to concentrate” (Between Christ and Satan, 80).

“A girl became a Christian during a mission. Inspired by the joy of her salvation she invited others to the meetings. It so happened that nearby there lived a man who possessed an extensive amount of occult literature and who practiced its contents. The girl’s joy, coupled with her witnessing, got on his nerves. (The gospel of Christ and magic are as far apart as heaven and hell). The occultist threatened to drive her mad and to prevent her from going to the mission. Within weeks the girl began suffering from various disturbances. She would sometimes see small flames of light in her room together with other ghostly phenomena. It was then that she had come to me for counselling” (Between Christ and Satan, 80).

“For many years a school teacher indulged in black magic. He not only provided himself with literature on the subject, but also experimented with the magic. He used his school children as guinea pigs. He would ask a child a question and at the same time put the boy or girl under a spell. They would then neither be able to stand up nor utter a word. Only after he had lifted the ban would the child be able to answer his question. He used a similar method to punish the children. After practising this for some time on this school children, he started making his own wife and daughter the subjects of further experiments. He ruled his family so completely that he could cast spells over them at will. Sometimes they were unable to say a word for hours or even days at a time. His wife was psychically destroyed in the end, and she died. His second wife soon left him and never returned after his first banning experiment. The man then turned to sexual attacks on his daughter. She was completely powerless to defend herself. Later,  when her father turned his attentions toward a third woman, he put a spell on the daughter so that she suffered a permanent paralysis of speech. Finally because his daughter came between himself and his many women friends he had her committed to a mental institution. The doctors were unable to cure the paralysis in her speech, and her relatives, though conscious of the terrible home background, were forbidden by the father to visit the unfortunate girl in the hospital” (Between Christ and Satan, 83).

Since Satan’s kingdom is characterized by pride it is not surprising there would be occultists that would vie against one another:

Two Boldavian women who had practised magic for many years were involved in a quarrel. They each used their magical powers to attack the other. One of the women fell to the ground, apparently without cause. She seemed to be paralysed and could not get up again. She swore and cursed at her opponent. As she was being lifted up from the ground she screamed at the other woman, ‘You won’t leave this house alive – I’ll see to that.’ Three days later the second woman had a terrible headache and within just over a week she died” (Between Christ and Satan, 81)

When you are doing the devil’s work nothing good comes out of for the practitioner in the long run. Demons have no respect for the attempts of men to control them. To use magic is only to further their own ends:

“For many years a woman practised black magic. She possessed some very dangerous magic books; for instance the 6th and 7th Book of Moses, the Spring Book, the Spiritual Shield, and many others. She experimented in the area of magic persecution and death magic and she even boasted of having caused the deaths of her husband and daughter. She would inflict her enemies with diseases and claimed that she was able to cause eczemas, diarrhoea, heart trouble, itching, stomach pains, swelling of the body and other things. After causing the death of all the members of her family, according to her own words, she then took on the job of a district nurse. She obtained this job with the help of the local minister, but the woman still practises her magic arts. Her mind is completely opposed to the things of God and she calls Jesus an illegitimate good-for-nothing. At Christmas and Easter and other such times she suffers from terrible attacks, during which she will rage and blaspheme. On other occasions, however, her conscience bothers her and she will admit that her life is in a mess. ‘I don’t want to do these things, but I am forced to. The devil makes me do them. I can’t rest or relax any more.’ This is her testimony” (Between Christ and Satan, 83-84).

The following seems like a case of a person being a victim of a person who was astral projecting:

“A 19-year-old girl was one night frightened out of her sleep. Although the doors and windows were closed she found herself being molested by a young man. She at once knew that this was something unnatural. She was unable to cry for help and felt as if she was paralysed. Next day at the convalaescent home in which she worked she met a young man. She recognised him at once to be the intruder of the previous night. The young man addressed her and admitted quite openly, ‘I was with you last night. My grandmother taught me black magic and love magic. But I’m terribly burdened by it and want to be freed from it.’ He went on to admit that he could get anything he wanted through black magic” (The Devil’s Alphabet, 22-23).

Here is another example of a similar event:

A girl had an affair with a married man. The man later moved away from the district, but before he left he said to the girl, ‘Though we will be separated now, I will continue to visit you. I won’t drive back here, but I will visit you in your dreams. You know what a man wants from a girl, and I will be able to take what I need any time I like. You won’t be able to prevent it, and you will never be able to take any action against me as there will be no evidence to support your story.’ At first the girl did not understand what her lover had really meant, but a week after her friend had left she suddenly felt his presence during the night. These visits were repeated again and again until they became a terrible and disgusting experience to the girl. First she consulted a doctor, but as was to be expected the doctor explained the nightly psychic meetings away by saying that they were sexual hallucinations related to the first stages of schizophrenia. The girl could not accept this diagnosis, as she was mentally quite normal. She was convinced that it was more than hallucination” (Between Christ and Satan, 80-81).

The words one utters may not just be mere words:

A young girl working on a farm had an illegitimate child by the son of her employer. She told him that he should marry her, but the son refused. Because of this the girl cursed him with the words, ‘When you marry and have children, your first child will be born an idiot and your second child will die an unnatural death.’ Both the curses came true.

For the sake of the reader let it immediately be said that if we place ourselves under the protection of the blood of Christ no such curse as this can ever harm us. On the contrary, I know of examples where a curse put on a child of God has actually recoiled and struck back at the person who invoked it.

It should also be pointed out that behind both curses and blessings there is to be found a great deal more than mere words. Both the Bible and counselling reveal this clearly” (Occult Bondage and Deliverance, 21).

Satan’s kingdom is characterized by control and intimidation, that is exactly what witchcraft entails. Derek Prince said:

“The key words when you think of witchcraft are control, domination, manipulation and intimidation. Wherever you run into those operations— people who control others, who dominate others, who manipulate others, who intimidate others— you have run into Satan.”

Black Magic or Witchcraft Is Ineffective On A True Christian Walking With Jesus


How does one come against black magic? Sadly, some victims who believe and trust in magic sometimes turn to the use of countercharms or even go to a spiritualist or witchdoctor. However, real deliverance can only be received by turning to the Lord and God Jesus Christ who has authority over all dark powers.

Koch wrote: “Some people traditionally believe that white magic has a nullifying effect on black magic. But experience proves that this is not the case. The possibility should not even be considered since white magic has the same demonic character as black magic. Satan would be divided against Satan” (Between Christ and Satan, 90-91).

Koch wrote: “I must not fail to point out that born-again Christians cannot be hurt or killed by Alauts. I have observed this also with voodooists in Haiti, and the Macumba people in Brazil, and I have come to attach great significance to it. The dark powers of Satan are powerless in the face of the great power of Jesus Christ” (Occult ABC, 47).

The following is another example of black magic being ineffective against a Christian:

“Years ago I gave some lectures at the Chungchow Bible School on the Chinese border. I met there a missionary called Griebenow. As a young man he had been a missionary in Tibet. He had learned the Tibetan language from a Tibetan lama. One day the Tibetan said, ‘Mr. Griebenow, now I know what the Christian faith means. Your God is more powerful than my god.’ Griebenow replied, ‘Your god is the devil. Do you know that?’

‘Yes, I know,’ answered the lama.

The missionary continued: “How do you know now that my God is more powerful?”

‘When I noticed that you were a missionary,’ answered the man, ‘I tried to make you ill with the help of magic. I was unable to. Then I tried to send you a fire devil to burn your house. He did not obey. Then I used the most powerful death magic that we have in Tibet to try and kill you. Again, no success. You have a wall around you which I cannot penetrate.’

Griebenow replied: ‘If you have already discovered that my God is more powerful than your demons, why do you not accept my God?’ The lama said, ‘The demons would kill me that same day. He who has signed himself over to the devil and then tries to shake him off is killed by him.’ The missionary did not succeed in winning the lama for Christ. Later he heard that this lama had died in despair.

It is a wonderful message that we Christians have. The Old Testament tells us, ‘For I, saith the LORD, will be unto her a wall of fire round about, and will be the glory in the midst of her’ (Zechariah 2:5). And in the New Testament, Jesus says: ‘Neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand’ (John 10:28). What is of vital importance is whether we have entrusted ourselves completely to Jesus not like the Christians of Laodicea who were neither hot nor cold” (Occult ABC, 133).

Ex-witch Doreen Irvine who turned Christian said: 

“I tried to put curses on the preacher, but they did not work. There was a barrier between my power and the preacher, who was a man of great faith and courage. I was puzzled. My powers had never before failed. I had no idea that far greater power than of Satan was protecting this man – the mighty power of the Lord Jesus Christ” (Freed from Witchcraft, 98).

The following are more examples:

“A man arranged a meeting one evening for the purpose of demonstrating some occult experiments. However, the local minister who was a Christian assembled some of the men of his congregation in order to attend the meeting and to pray during the demonstration. They did this and that evening the experiments of the occultist were unsuccessful. The man in the end exclaimed excitedly that there were some counter forces present which were interfering with his powers. He asked the trouble makers to leave, but the believers would not do so since they had payed for their tickets. The lecture in experimental occultism was a flop.”

“A Christian couple lived in the house of a woman who engaged in black magic. the woman magician said to them once that she knew how to get rid of people without them being aware of it. She used to carry on magic experiments in which she tried to influence and trouble people whom she took a dislike to. When the Christian family put themselves under the protection of Christ, though, the woman was infuriated because she could no longer trouble or influence them” (Between Christ and Satan, 92).

The following is an example one a woman putting her faith in Christ to overcome the dark powers of the enemy:

“A woman missionary in New Guinea, on arriving at a village she had never visited before, called at the large house at the entrance of the village, little realizing it was the house of the chief witchdoctor. As she entered, she saw a man crouch down on the floor and give her a terrible look. The missionary sensed at once there were evil powers emanating from the man. She immediately started to pray that Christ would protect her. A spiritual duel developed. In the end she was able to call out, ‘Jesus saves.’ The witchdoctor jerked, and then collapsed on the floor. The battle was over.

Jesus, the name high over all,

In hell, or earth, or sky:

Angels and men before it fall,

And devils fear and fly.

Jesus the prisoner’s fetters breaks,

And bruises Satan’s head; 

Power into strengthless souls He speaks

And life into the dead” (Occult Bondage and Deliverance, 86).

This goes to show that genuine prayer to the living and true God hinders the use of magic or spells. Magic can be stopped by the spiritual weapons of our faith in Jesus.

The apostle Paul wrote in 2 Cor. 10:4 “(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;).” Know that a Christian’s prayer can destroy the power of magic whether it is black or white magic as they both come from the same source.

The Biblical Condemnation And Dangers Of Magic Or Witchcraft

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People who dabble in the realm of magical arts are without a doubt flirting with demonism. In seeking to employ the power of Satan and demons to affect results contrary to God’s will and in defiance of God’s power, witchcraft magic patently aligns itself against God.


Unger wrote:

In some cases, magic consists merely of deception and superstition. In other cases, it enlists the power of darkness, possessing the character of diabolic miracle. In every case, magic is opposed and at complete variance with the revelation fo God in Christ. Christianity can tolerate magic only as Christianity becomes corrupt. Magic can exist in the cults and perversions of Christianity, but not in unadulterated Christian faith.

Magic can- and does- flourish in non-Christian religions, where idolatry prevails and the moral laws of God are not followed. Idolatry’s dynamic is demonism (1 Corinthians 10:20)

… Since magic operates in the sphere of diabolic miracle and deception, the Bible condemns and forbids it. To the Hebrews, the pagan deities served by magicians were evil spirits. To deal in the occult was tantamount to acknowledging these deities and was an infraction of the first commandment of the Decalogue (Exodus 20:1-6; Deuteronomy 18:9-10)” (Demons in the World Today, 107-108).

The practice of witchcraft gives rights to the enemy to take control of one’s life. One woman “boasted that she had done away with her husband and daughter and could persecute her enemies by inflicting various diseases upon them. In honest moments she admits her own life is a tragedy and confesses: ‘I don’t want to do what I am driven to do. But I must do it. The devil drives me. I can never find rest'” (Demons in the World Today, 130).

There is always a cost in dealing with demonic powers. The enemy may “bless” you in one way but will curse you in another way.

Unger wrote:

Magic grants only deceptive aid, shifting the burden to another area. Small relief in one area must be paid for by terrible burdens in another. The principle of compensation prevails. The price exacted is always found to be much greater than the amount of help received. Satan drives a hard bargain and grossly cheats his victims” (Demons in the World Today, 132).

Not only one is opening himself to demonization by practicing magic or witchcraft but also potentially his descendants – they will be more susceptible to generational curses.

Unger wrote:

Occult powers and magical abilities are passed on in hereditary succession, frequently through four generations. As an offshoot of idolatry, magic, like spiritistic mediumship, is an infraction of the first commandment of the divine moral law. It carries the following penalty: “I the Lord your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and the fourth generation of those who hate me” (Exodus 20:5). As the one true and only deity, God is “jealous” of idolatry because it is a flagrant affront to his holiness and incomparable character. Thus demonic worship invites the punishment of God to the third and fourth generations of those who despise God in this manner” (Demons in the World Today, 111).

“Usually violence, suicide, and insanity will run through a whole family line where the magical arts have been cultivated and practiced. Such tragic events often involve as many as four generations (cf. Exodus 20:50). Many occultists and magic workers, especially those who have cultivated the black arts and signed themselves over to the devil in their own blood, die horrible deaths. This is especially true when a ready successor is not provided to carry on the nefarious practice. The psychic bondage and oppression suffered by traffickers in occultism themselves, as well as their dupes, is horrifying to contemplate” (Demons in the World Today, 132).

Unger added:

Magical powers may be acquired by signing an agreement with satan, often in one’s own blood. This is an age-old phenomenon. Isaiah mentions ‘making a covenant with death [hell]’ (28:15). Such blood-bound occultists frequently become endowed with astonishing magic capabilities. However, they become demonic captives and may be delivered only with the greatest difficulty. Often they become hopelessly shackled. As the redeemed Christian yields his body to God (Romans 12:1-12), so the child of the devil may yield himself unreservedly to the powers of darkness. By this surrender he expects to attain occult abilities that God has forbidden or withheld.” (Demon in the World Today, 112).

Another case of one’s descendants opened to demonization because of the practice of magic or witchcraft:

A young woman told me this story. Her great-grandmother had subscribed herself to the devil with her own blood. She had practised black magic and had healed both animals and people. On her deathbed she had suffered terribly as is often the case with magic conjurers. The daughter, that is the grandmother of my storyteller, took over the magic powers of her mother. The magic literature of her mother also passed into her hands. Later the apparition of the great-grandmother was seen by the relatives. The grandmother however, continued to practise magic. During nights of the full moon she would charm diseases. She was also in the habit of using a key suspended over a Bible as a pendulum, and she could also successfully stop people form bleeding. If she ever attempted to read the Bible she found it quite a trial. As she grew older she began to see black figures in her home, and finally when she died it was again an unpleasant time. Her ghost was also seen after her departure. The story went on that the young woman’s mother had then taken over the magical literature and practices. She too had become a well-known healer but her fate had been the same as her predecessors’. The fourth member in this terrible line of succession was now the young woman. As a small child her mother had cast spells over her. Shortly after this she had become clairvoyant and had also begun to see black figures in the house. Her brother and sister had suffered from depressions and she herself had had serious psychic and nervous disturbances which had led her to seek the help of a minister” (Between Christ and Satan, 65)

The following is an example of a mother who charmed her unborn baby that left her baby cursed:

“A young woman suffered from remarkable fits of epilepsy. Her family doctor was unable to get to the bottom of her trouble, so he sent her to the university clinic. In this clinic it was established that the woman had a rare form of epilepsy; what is known as myoclonic epilepsy. Since this was the only case of its type in the clinic, she was used as a guinea pig. She was asked to come at certain intervals in order to try out various medicines. The treatment was free of charge. In her conversation with me, she told me that she had been charmed while she was still in her mother’s womb. Her mother had tried to abort her by means of a magic charm. It had not been successful. Now she was trying to find the way to Christ, since the medical treatment she had received had not helped her” (Occult ABC, 280).

The Bible is clear that those who get involved with witchcraft or sorcery are in danger of hellfire! If you are involved in it please REPENT!

“Now the works of the flesh are evident, which are: adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lewdness, idolatry, sorcery [witchcraft], hatred, contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, heresies, envy, murders, drunkenness, revelries, and the like; of which I tell you beforehand, just as I also told you in time past, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.”(Gal. 5:19-21)

But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.” (Rev. 21:8)

For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, he hath also rejected thee from being king.” (1 Sam. 15:23)

Click here for more information on the dangers and condemnation of the occult.

Deliverance From Magic or Witchcraft

Deliverance can only be achieved by the power of the Lord and God Jesus Christ. No psychiatrist, psychotherapists, psychologists and the like will be able to help someone subjected to witchcraft black magic. Magical subjection is inherently a spiritual problem. It is not a medical or a psychological problem. It is only when the person subjected to occultism who comes to the Lord Jesus that a complete deliverance can be achieved.

Unger wrote:

“Confession and renunciation of all connections with occultism. A full and clean confession of all occult complicity, together with a prayer of complete renunciation, is essential for deliverance. In severe cases of magic involvement, the counselor must often command the ousting of Satan and evil spirits in the name of Jesus Christ. Often, fasting and earnest intercessory prayer for the deliverance of the subjected person are mandatory (Matthew 17:21)” (Demons in the World Today, 133).

You can go to Freedom From Occult Bondage for more information.

If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you can receive Him into your heart, and He can deliver you from darkness and sin and have your name written in His Book of Life.

If you are sincere you can say this simple prayer to the Father (it doesn’t have to be word for word):

“God, I recognize that I have not lived my life for You up until now. I have been living for myself and that is wrong. Please forgive me of all of my sins just as I forgive others. I need You in my life; I want You in my life. I acknowledge the completed work of Your only begotten Son Jesus Christ in giving His life for me on the cross, I believe in my heart Jesus is Lord and was raised from the dead and I long to receive the forgiveness you have made freely available to me through this sacrifice. Come into my life now, Lord. Take up residence in my heart and be my king, my Lord, and my Savior. From this day forward, I will no longer be controlled by sin, or the desire to please myself, but I will follow You all the days of my life. Those days are in Your hands. I ask this in the Lord and GOD Jesus’ precious and holy name. Amen.”


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