Freemasonry Apron and Regalia burned in the Fire With Demon Manifestation

In the Bible those who repented of their sorceries they burnt all their items associated with it (Acts 19:19) as evil spirits can be attached to such items. That’s what the person does in these pics. But it seems like something strange manifests. It looks like to be a manifestation of a demon in the fire.

I saw these pics on my Facebook feed:

16 - 2.png16 - 1-1.png

Since Freemasonry is related to the occult as is Eastern Star, it opens the doors for demons to invade. To break curses associated with Freemasonry it would be wise to destroy all Freemasonry items including bibles with the Masonic symbol on it, rings and aprons, and repent of the sin both personal and ancestral of being involved in these organizations in the name of Jesus.


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