My Experiences With Sleep Paralysis Demonic Attacks And The Spiritual War We Are All In

What is Sleep Paralysis?

Dark Shadow Figure

Many of you reading this probably have experienced it at least once in your lifetime or know someone who has experienced it. You wake up suddenly from sleep and you try to move but are unable to no matter how much you exert yourself. You may manage to slightly move your toes or some other body part but it is a struggle and you still can’t move your entire body. This can go on for a few seconds or minutes but sometimes it can feel like an eternity. During an episode, you may perceive an evil, malicious presence. You may feel utter dread. You may also have actually seen a shadow person or a shadow person wearing a hat or some other evil, demonic-looking entity. You may have experienced some entity sitting on your chest or had an episode accompanied by an entity doing sexual things to your body. Some people have reported having someone’s hands over their neck choking them; others have heard mocking laughter during an episode.


Lately, it has received more mainstream attention with a recent Netflix documentary and with the so-called celebrity Kendall Jenner mentioning it. The phenomenon is called Sleep Paralysis. If you haven’t experienced it I can imagine the difficulty of trying to understand what it is like to experience it. Verily, it can be one of the most frightening experiences for a person and it feels very real to the experiencer. 


Is it a spiritual attack or does science have a credible explanation for it?

The Christian website GotQuestion.Org always seems to come up on a Google search when you ask a question related to Christianity. Sadly, they deny sleep paralysis is a spiritual phenomenon:

….there is an entirely physiological explanation for the phenomenon known as sleep paralysis. As we fall asleep, our minds may enter a hypnagogic state. It’s what happens when the sleeper’s still-aware mind is faced with dream images. As some people wake up, they experience a hypnopompic state, which is the dreaming mind faced with stimuli from the real world. In both cases, the dreams can seem very real, taking on a vivid, hallucinatory feeling. Often these images are of black smudges, which the confused mind interprets as human figures, sometimes called “shadow people.” The hallucinations can also take the form of sounds like a loud bang or a child’s cry. These episodes frequently begin with a falling feeling followed by a “hypnic jerk” where the body’s muscles violently contract…..

Muscle paralysis in sleep is a necessary thing. People who act out their dreams on a regular basis are prone to accidental injury—even jumping out of windows. Knowing that you’re asleep and paralyzed, however, can be frightening. You tell yourself to open your eyes, just to get caught in another false awakening. One theory is that sleep paralysis affects the larger parts of the body more completely. You can try to wake up by wiggling your toes or fingers. It’s also possible to pray during this time. This will often give comfort that lets you fall back into unconsciousness. You may be able to avoid sleep paralysis by getting sufficient rest and avoiding drugs and alcohol.

In probably the vast majority of cases, sleep paralysis is just a quirk in a person’s REM cycle, not a spiritual attack.



Huh, really? I have read statistics or studies that show many Christians actually don’t believe in a real, tangible devil exists. What an utter joke. Satan and his angels must be laughing their butts off at such professing Christians as it is a much more effective way for the enemy to attack and operate. It is apparent in the Bible satan and his demons are presented as real entities.

Guys, sleep paralysis is totally a demonic attack! I am 100% certain that it is. It’s not a hallucination like the secular scientists or even some self-proclaimed Christians try to rationalize it. It’s a disservice to many people looking for answers and solutions who happen to go on that site to read such nonsense. Scientists try to explain it away by saying sleep paralysis is merely the brain delaying alerting the body to wake up – our brains shut down our body so it won’t act out while we are dreaming. But just think about it, if it was merely a hallucination then how come people don’t see Mickey Mouse or Hello Kitty or Super Mario? Or how come some people don’t report seeing a very beautiful woman or a handsome man? There are a zillion things a person can hallucinate but instead, it is something almost always sinister such as a shadow humanoid figure or aliens. And if you don’t know the “aliens” people have reported seeing come from the same source. More on that later.

ShadowspiritsIf it was merely a hallucination then why do just about all cultures throughout the world associate it with a spiritual attack? This phenomenon is worldwide and not just a modern western phenomenon. In China, it is known as guǐ yā chuáng which literally means “ghost pressing on body.” In Korean culture, it is called gawi nulim which means “being pressed down by something scary in a dream.” In Thailand, it is called Phi Am and believed to be caused by a ghost and can even inflict bruises. In Hmong culture, sleep paralysis is understood to be caused by a nocturnal pressing spirit, dab tsog. Dab tsog attacks “sleepers” by sitting on their chests, sometimes attempting to strangle them. Some believe that dab tsog is responsible for sudden unexpected nocturnal death syndrome (SUNDS). In Vietnamese culture, sleep paralysis is called ma đè, meaning “held down by a ghost,” or bóng đè, meaning “held down by a shadow.” There are more examples. In Arabic culture, it is referred to as Ja-thoom which literally means “what sits heavily on something.” In southeast Africa, it is known as jinamizi which means “strangled by jinn.” In Pakistan, sleep paralysis is considered an encounter with Shaitan (satan), evil jinns or demons who have taken over one’s body. In Turkish culture, sleep paralysis is often referred to as karabasan (“the dark presser/assailer”). It is believed to be a creature that attacks people in their sleep, pressing on their chests and stealing their breath. However, folk legends do not provide a reason why the devil or ifrit does that. In Persian culture it is known as bakhtak, which is a ghost-like creature that sits on the dreamer’s chest, making breathing hard for them.

sleep-paralysis-440x265.jpgIn Kurdish culture, sleep paralysis is often referred to as motakka. It is believed to be a demon that attacks people in their sleep, and particularly children of young age, and steals their breath away as they breathe heavily. In Nigeria, it is called “the devil on your back”. In Mexico, it is believed that it is the spirit of a dead person they call it “subirse el muerto.” In Greece and Cyprus, it is believed that sleep paralysis occurs when a ghost-like creature or Demon named Mora, Vrahnas, or Varypnas tries to steal the victim’s speech or sits on the victim’s chest causing asphyxiation. In many parts of the Southern United States, the phenomenon is known as a hag or “witch riding,” and the event is said to portend an approaching tragedy or accident.

My Sleep Paralysis Experiences


I will try to explain my experiences the best way I can, for it is difficult to articulate spiritual experiences. Also, a lot of my experiences occurred over a span of several years, so my retelling of it may be disjointed or lack cohesiveness because it all seems like a blur to me now. My apologies.

I have had sleep paralysis since I was a teenager. I think my first memory of sleep paralysis was when I went to visit my grandparents’ house in Panama in Central America. I remember I woke up paralyzed, saw flashes of light all throughout the room, and it made a strange noise while it was happening. Very bizarre experience to say the least. Part of me knew it was demonic or aliens were literally trying to abduct me, but another part of me didn’t know what in the world was going on.

During my teenage years, I remember I had an experience when during sleep paralysis an “alien” would act like it would be implanting something into my ear. Satan’s kingdom knew I was questioning the existence of aliens at that time and tried to use it to ruin my faith in God. I remember expecting my physician to find something inside my ear using an otoscope, but nothing was found. I thought it was weird, but I didn’t make the connection that it was really demons messing with me until I realized that aliens were really just demons masquerading.

Many times after a sleep paralysis attack, I would be utterly baffled about what just happened. It was until I did research on the internet, I found out it was a phenomenon that many people have experienced had a name: sleep paralysis. To my surprise, I discovered it’s a common occurrence. I read testimonies online where people experienced things similar to what I experienced, especially the old hag attack. I don’t think I will ever forget this experience where I woke up with what I perceived to be a witch sitting on my chest trying to choke me to death. Even after I broke out of the paralysis I could perceive the witch flying around my room in circles.

Then about 5 years ago, the sleep paralysis attacks reached a crescendo — meaning they ramped up in frequency and intensity. This fiery trial or ordeal went on for a period of about 4+ years. I believe it was because I repented of all my sins, and totally recommitted and gave my whole life to the Lord and God Jesus Christ. I remember when I turned back to God, I felt the Holy Spirit strong in me again. I was pretty shocked that God would forgive me of my sins because I have done a lot of wickedness in God’s eyes. I actually thought everything from that point on, things were going to be smooth sailing regarding my walk with my God. Little did I know the enemy was right there ready to retaliate and try to hinder my walk. It was like he pointed his infrared beam at me ready to take me out. From that point on all hell broke loose against me. Soon after I felt a threatening, evil entity stalking me but initially, I would try to dismiss it as my mind just imagining things. It felt like it desired worship from me. I know, strange. But considering satan desired worship from Jesus in retrospect, it makes sense one of his angels wanted worship from me. I remember soon after I took a nap, and then it happened: the sleep paralysis attack. I woke up unable to move my body and no matter how much effort I exerted, I couldn’t manage to move. I felt this dark, sinister shadow envelop my being. I thought in my head, “I am a dead man”. I knew this thing was going to kill me right then and there. But as it was about to “swallow me up” completely I thought in my head “Ah, don’t worry I have Jesus,” then immediately the darkness lifted off of me. Most people would probably be freaked out by it. But I was more rejoicing in the fact that I trusted Jesus even to the point of death.

You thought that was strange, it gets stranger. I remember the next day or several days later I took a nap and again I experienced sleep paralysis. I barely closed my eyes to take a nap and I woke up hearing a static noise one would hear on a TV on channel 3. I broke out of the paralysis and I thought it was weird because my TV wasn’t on. I thought perhaps my brain is malfunctioning. I went back to take a nap and I barely closed my eyes then it happened again, the sleep paralysis with the same TV static sound but this time one of the most bizarre experiences I ever had (and I have had a lot of them) occurred. An evil spirit tried to enter my body through my chest while I was in paralysis. One may ask how do I know it was an evil spirit? Because it felt like the dirtiest, most unclean, evil, wicked thing. Now I know why Jesus called some spirits unclean when He expelled demons from people. In Mark ch. 5, Jesus met a demoniac and Jesus said: “Come out of the man, thou unclean spirit.” That’s what it exactly felt like. Very, very, very unclean. I felt all yucky and disgusted, as if when you see someone covered with bugs. When it tried to enter my body, I “read” its thoughts or “inner voice”. It had an animal-like snarl I have never heard before and I knew the type of spirit it was. It was a spirit behind a sin that had a stronghold over my life for many years that I repented for and overcame. I knew the assignment the spirit had on me. I resisted the spirit and it left. 

Afterward, I naturally got up out of my bed stunned, shocked, and disoriented. I then got out of my house and went to the gym. I walked around like I just went through trauma, and as I was walking through the gym I literally wanted to scream out “the devil is real, repent and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ.” I can kind of chuckle about it thinking back but it was a severe situation for me at that time.

From that point on I had sleep paralysis attacks every night and even multiple times a night for a long time. Many times I wouldn’t even sleep, I would barely close my eyes and I would have a sleep paralysis attack. God allowed me to actually see into the spirit realm. I can recall once when I was about to go to sleep I “saw” in the spirit realm a demon running at a very fast speed to my bedroom. I saw in the spirit realm that it stuck its head through the wall to scope me out. It was preparing to attack me because it knew I was about to go to sleep.

During this period with my many experiences with sleep paralysis, I had a particular demon harass me. Even when I wasn’t sleeping I would perceive it was in my room, and I would feel the most intense hatred and evil emanating from it. Sometimes I couldn’t even stand it to be in my presence. The best way I can describe it is when you are standing in front of a very hot open oven, and you want to close the door or walk away to get away from the heat. Same idea with this demon but instead of the intense heat it was intense evil, hatred, and ugliness emanating from it. I would tell it to leave in the name of Jesus Christ but it would continuously return. I resorted to fasting against this evil spirit in the name of Jesus. In Mark 9:29 and Matthew 17:21, Jesus said some spirits will not come out unless you pray and fast. This spirit wasn’t in my body but attacking me externally but I thought it was worth a try to fast. I had nothing to lose to give it a try, right? This is when I started getting into fasting, so I really didn’t know what to do. I didn’t eat for about 4-5 days and I just said a simple short prayer to Jesus to have this fast be against that spirit. The day I ended my fast, the spirit entered my bedroom to confront me and I felt the most intense anger and rage coming from the spirit. The atmosphere in the room was so thick with evil and anger that you can cut it with a butter knife. Then I perceived this evil spirit communicating to me saying angrily “why did you fast against me?” I was like “wow, so you hate fasting so then I am going to keep doing it then.” I incorporated fasting as part of my spiritual warfare arsenal. Eventually, the spirit left but the sleep paralysis attacks continued. I believe there are hosts of evil spirits assigned to Christians.

I also experienced demons literally holding me down while paralyzed. I can feel their actual hands on my body holding me down. I had experienced a demon trying to pierce me with something very sharp while in sleep paralysis. I once experienced a demon or demons trying to pull me out of my body while in sleep paralysis. Even when I wasn’t asleep demons would show up. My heart would start racing and I would feel the most utter oppression, dread, fear, and evil in the atmosphere and I would feel this entity wanting to literally kill me right then and there.

I can recall a demon that entered my room while I was asleep and somehow managed to show up in my dream. The dream was pretty random but it involved music and I heard someone in the dream say to me “dance.” I said assertively, “no, I only dance for Jesus!” Immediately, I woke up in a sleep paralysis state. Apparently, the demon got angry I proclaimed my loyalty to Lord Jesus and retaliated.

Once I fasted for several weeks petitioning something from the Lord. After several weeks when I prayed, I felt oil dripping down my head. I had a sleep paralysis attack where a demon actually took out a vacuum to try to suck it up. I know, weird.

There were times that sleep paralysis attacks would happen so frequently that I would think in my head before it happens, “and here we go again.” But one night I did something differently and prayed to Jesus to send an angel to protect me. I saw in the spirit an angel standing outside my bedroom window and I didn’t get attacked that night. I never asked because I would think, “who am I to ask God to send an angel on my behalf?” Thanks be to God that He would dispatch an angel for believers, especially if you ask.

I can recall one night when I woke up from a dead sleep and I perceived a demon in my closet peeking at me (perhaps preparing to attack me with sleep paralysis?). And it was my inner voice rebuking it in my head but it wasn’t me who was doing it (I believe it was the Holy Spirit in me doing it). Then the demon flew right past my head as it fled. Strange.

As a person who refrains from any sexual activity (which includes masturbation) as every Christian should be doing if he or she is not married, the enemy knows that sometimes I get tempted. I would have sleep paralysis attacks where demons would hold my body down (and I could actually feel their hands holding me down) and try to sexually stimulate my private parts. This has actually happened to me many times. It is very invasive and violating to go through this. I believe the enemy has demons observing every Christian, and they study the person plotting, to snare the person into sin. The enemy knows lust is one of my weaknesses.

I can recall once after a long time of prayer I accidentally fell asleep at a park in my car where a Mormon church (which is a cult) was located nearby. I don’t know if there was a connection with the Mormon church, but a dark cloud that came from the direction the church was located came over me. Again, I was paralyzed, and I tried with all my strength to scream “Jesus help me” and then it lifted off me.

It didn’t matter where I slept. If I slept in the car I got sleep paralysis. If I slept at work during my break it would happen. I have had multiple people living in the same house and no one else experiences what I experience. Just about all the time I can feel or perceive the entity approaching me when I am lying down in my bed as if it is waiting for me to fall asleep to attack me.

Why did this happen to me so frequently? I believe I became a target because I turned back to God. Satan goes for the true born-again Christians – those who truly seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness and follow Jesus because they are a threat to satan’s kingdom.

By the way, not one time I was horrified or scared throughout this whole ordeal. To tell the truth, I was more fascinated than anything else. It can be really mind-boggling to know with 100% certainty that demons exist. For many people, it’s difficult for the natural mind to accept there are spiritual entities. But after the fascination wore off and I developed a strong hatred for them and was even more determined to cling to God and do more for His kingdom.

Possible Door Openers to the Enemy And Solutions

You may ask why does sleep paralysis happen to some and not others? I believe there are several primary reasons why it routinely happens to some people. With my experience and observation with deliverance—that is, casting demons out of people—when you practice sin you break the hedge of protection that God has around you, it unwittingly opened the passage for the enemy to come on in and attack you. I believe there are other ways that hedge protection can be broken, such as your parents practicing witchcraft or occult or being involved with a person who practices such abominations.

I think stepping into the enemy’s territory can open doors. I remember once I reluctantly went to a nightclub with a couple of friends and that same night when I went to sleep I had sleep paralysis and I perceived demons hovering above me going around in circles. Several months ago I went with a friend as he gave me a tour of some bars he frequented. I was just curious to see what it was like inside and despite not even drinking or anything of that nature that same night I got attacked. 

The enemy hates when a Christian has a strong, consistent prayer life. I would tend to receive retaliation through sleep paralysis after I have engaged in heavy prayer. So, it is possible that you are not necessarily doing anything wrong at all but you are just high on the enemy’s hit list because you are heavily engaged in spiritual warfare (whether it is through praying incessantly and fervently, fasting, evangelizing, etc.).

Apparently, the medical establishment has no solution for sleep paralysis because it is fundamentally a spiritual problem. The solution is to repent of your sins and give your life to the Lord and God Jesus Christ. The list of sins can include masturbation, porn watching and any other sexual immorality which is running rampant in the U.S. New Age or eastern mysticism practices can also open doorways. Not too many people are stupid enough to open doorways to the enemy by practicing satanism, so the devil deceives people to open doorways through New Age spirituality or eastern mysticism. At the root of the New Age is self-centeredness. The originator of the modern New Age movement comes from Madame Blavatsky (Hitler was a fan of hers) who admitted Lucifer was her god. If you are practicing meditation, black or white magic, astral projection, energy crystals, tarot cards, reiki, seeing a psychic, or a palm reader, or watching horror movies please repent and renounce it in the name of Jesus Christ.

Certain objects can have demonic attachments such as ouija boards, dream catchers, idols (which can include Buddhist, Hindu, or Islamic-related objects), etc. If you have such objects, get rid of them as soon as possible. Get rid of any ungodly objects in your home, period. Please repent and renounce it in the name of Jesus Christ.

Here is a list of things you may be practicing or have that may be opening up doors to the enemy [Click here].

There could be generational curses. If your ancestors were involved with the occult, shamanism, witchcraft, New Age practices, etc. it could leave you vulnerable to sleep paralysis. You can try breaking those curses in the name of Jesus Christ.

If you still happen to be under attack during an episode you can even call upon Jesus Christ even in your mind during an episode (yes, God knows all of your thoughts, He is God after all). God hears when anyone calls out to Him, especially in urgency and faith.

I have played an audio Bible (you can find many uploaded on YouTube) while sleeping to prevent attacks. The Bible reads God’s word is like a two-edged sword (Heb. 4:12), like fire, and a hammer (Jer. 23:39). The enemy hates to hear the word of God. This is what I know for certain from my experience with praying for deliverance for people. I have actually heard demons scream out of the mouth of a person when reading scripture.


Just know Jesus Christ is infinitely more powerful than the devil and his minions. In fact, when Jesus was walking on the earth about 2,000 years ago demons were terrified of Him and would cry out not to send them to hell. Luke 4:34 it reads “Saying, Let us alone; what have we to do with thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth? art thou come to destroy us? I know thee who thou art; the Holy One of God.” And Matthew 8:29 reads “And, behold, they cried out, saying, What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God? art thou come hither to torment us before the time?

The Spiritual War We Are All In

If you are a believer the devil doesn’t want you to know Jesus said in Luke 10:19 “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing will injure you…“. Did you catch that? He gives AUTHORITY OVER ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY.

shadow sleep paralysis

The enemy uses intimidation through deception. He’s not so scary if you have Jesus Christ and stand on His word. The enemy is not as strong as he presents himself to be. If he was so powerful then all of us would be killed right now. God has the enemy on a leash. He can only do what God allows him to do. The reason most people are not killed during a sleep paralysis attack is that God’s protective hand prevents the enemy from doing so. Remember Job? Satan could only do to Job what God allowed him to.

16 - 1-1.png

When I was going through my ordeal or fiery trial I visited numerous churches and told them about my problem and sadly they didn’t know what to say or do. Most Christians have no clue about spiritual warfare which is sad because they should be the ones who should have the remedy for spiritual issues, as Christians are the ones with the truth. The vast majority of Christians are what I call religious or nominal Christians – they never repented of their sins and denied themselves, fast, give up the vain things of the world, etc. for Lord Jesus. They are not a viable threat to satan’s kingdom. It seems like satan has done a number on many Christian churches in America. It’s really too bad many of our churches are so filled with nonsensical, watered-down messages. Many Christians don’t have discernment and thus are blind to the seriousness of the war we are all in. The whole world is in darkness and in bondage to satan. There is a worldwide spiritual war going on for the souls of multitudes and yet the church is not equipped to address it or even acknowledge it.

I felt alone when I went through the fiery trials but I looked up and found other Christians online who went through something similar I went through, so I know I wasn’t going crazy. By God’s grace, I could overcome the fiery trials. Thank be to God.

Spiritual Warfare

Whether you believe it or not we are born into a world with a spiritual dimension. The Bible reads in Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Basically, for satan and his demons, their mission is to kill, steal, destroy, deceive, and ultimately drag you to the lake of fire where he is sentenced to go in the future. The Bible reads satan is the god (lowercase “g”) of this age (2 Cor. 4:4). He is called the prince of the power of the air and the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience (Eph. 2:2). Jesus called satan the ruler of the world (John 12:31; 14:30). Indeed, the Bible reads the whole world lies in the power of the wicked one (1 John 5:19). The fact satan offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world if Jesus worshipped him testifies satan really is the ruler of this world. Jesus never denied he owned the kingdoms. The gall of the devil to tempt the Creator to worship him!

I really hope skeptics or unbelievers in Christ realize there really is a real spiritual realm. I can’t emphasize it enough, there is a spiritual battle going on for your soul. Satan’s job is to keep you to repent from your sins and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ so you won’t be sealed with the Holy Spirit – the Spirit of Truth.

To all those who are skeptical, you are going to have to deal with the fact your favorite musicians or actor believes in the spirit realm. Elvis Presley, Beyonce, Jay Z, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington, etc. They all admit to channeling spirits [Watch Demonic Spirit Channeling By Pop “Musicians” Exposed & The Spirit Behind Hollywood Exposed (Channeling, Possession, and Satanism)].

It is crazy we were dumped into satan’s kingdom—born into darkness—a world filled with deception and lies. But there is hope! A Savior, a Person – satan has nothing in Him. A Person who overcame the world. The Light of the world. Jesus Christ of Nazareth. When He returns He’s going to put an end to satan’s kingdom. In Revelation, it reads he gets thrown into the abyss and then ultimately into the lake of fire. So, there will be no more sleep paralysis or any kind of demonic attacks then! Jesus’ kingdom will be an everlasting kingdom that will come to no end (Daniel 2:44). All of this should make you reevaluate your life if you’re not a believer. Who or what are you living for? Is there really a heaven and a hell? 

There is a pull on the whole world by satan to do evil and to reject the real Jesus Christ of the Bible (I say the real Jesus Christ because many people have a false Jesus that can’t save). He’s not the Muslim Jesus, who is merely a prophet and never died on the cross for the sins of the world. He’s not the Mormon Jesus, who is the spirit brother of lucifer. He is not the Jehovah’s Witness, Jesus who is the archangel Michael. He is not the New Age Jesus who is a mere man who attained spiritual enlightenment through occult means. The real Jesus Christ is God manifested in the flesh (John 1:1;14, Col. 2:9)!

In God’s Kingdom when a sinner repents and turns to the Lord and God Jesus Christ, the angels in heaven actually rejoice over that one sinner according to Jesus. God actually grieves because of our sins. In Genesis ch. 6 it reads  Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. 6 And the Lord was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart.” So, I can easily imagine God being brokenhearted when someone refuses to turn to Him (also read Ezekiel 6:9).

But on the opposite end, there is satan’s kingdom, and I have no doubt satan rejoices when a sinner dies in his sin. Satan is like that guy at a pool party who is about to fall inside the pool and tries to hold on to other people to drag them down with him. Indeed, satan is trying to drag everybody down with him to the lake of fire. But I believe satan gets furious when a sinner repents and turns to Jesus for salvation because he lost someone he once held captive. In Luke 4:18 it reads: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives And recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed;”

All of us without Jesus are actually prisoners of the devil. In fact, we are all spiritually dead unto God until we are born again by the power of the Holy Spirit. Then we are reconciled to God. 734863_914112952029607_8528317006098281993_n.png

Only by the power of Jesus can those shackles and prison bars be broken. I have never witnessed anything but the power of God that can deliver anyone from drug, alcohol, or sex addictions.

When a person turns to Jesus, the person actually has their name in the Lamb’s Book of Life (Revelation 3:5). Is your name written there?

If you need someone to talk to about your sleep paralysis issue or need prayer, please feel free to reach out to me. Also, feel free to share your experiences with sleep paralysis in the comment section.

Have a good, peaceful sleep in the name of Jesus 🙂

“I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, Lord, only makest me dwell in safety.” – Psalms 4:8

If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you can receive Him into your heart, and He can deliver you from darkness and sin and have your name written in His Book of Life.

If you are sincere, you can say this simple prayer to the Father (it doesn’t have to be word for word):

“God, I recognize that I have not lived my life for You up until now. I have been living for myself and that is wrong. Please forgive me of all of my sins just as I forgive others. I need You in my life; I want You in my life. I acknowledge the completed work of Your only begotten Son Jesus Christ in giving His life for me on the cross, I believe in my heart Jesus is Lord and was raised from the dead and I long to receive the forgiveness you have made freely available to me through this sacrifice. Come into my life now, Lord. Take up residence in my heart and be my king, my Lord, and my Savior. From this day forward, I will no longer be controlled by sin, or the desire to please myself, but I will follow You all the days of my life. Those days are in Your hands. I ask this in the Lord and GOD Jesus’ precious and holy name. Amen.”

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    If you’ve ever had this happen even one time, you will never forget it. I had, once. One way or another, there’s a reason for everything. In this case, a woman who was actually a witch started coming to the church I was going to. Very telling this woman happened to be a “friend” of the pastor. This woman singled me out to be the object of her special hatred: I could just see it from her eyes. No one called her out. I believe now this woman was using word curses against me. Then, one night as I was fast asleep…I woke up, groggy, but aware of an evil, sinister presense hovering over me, that was seeming to try to settle down on me. Very sleepy, I began to speak in my spiritual language, (tongues), and then drifted back to sleep. The next thing I knew, I was awakened again by this entity….I can only describe this as the most evil, malevolent presence I have ever experienced before or after. This time, I jumped up out of bed, fully awake, and pretty angry and in full spiritual warfare mode…speaking strongly in tongues and rebuking the enemy. I knew this thing was from Satan, but wasn’t sure why or what it’s agenda was other than to kill me. Afterwards, I have thought this witch was the cause and origin of sending it to hurt of kill me. Do I know for sure that a demon would have had the power to kill me? I believe it could happen if a person was not a strong Christian and living in some besetting sin. Bottom-line, Christians need to stop being in denial about spiritual realities. Many people like to make a joke about such things and slough them off as if they didn’t exist. They do exist. The Lord Jesus said so. He had to deal with them…He gave us the power to deal with them and He expects it of us. If we don’t, we can then expect to be harassed by the powers of darkness in one way or another.

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        The Bible doesn’t say angels were marked or made hideous after their fall-it says demons are fallen angels why do you portray them that way?


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        It’s weird how you downplay other people’s faith and single out such abhorrent reasons.
        All of you people need to visit a psychiatrist if you’ll let such ideology really taint your intellectual functioning.
        You really meant that meditation and following Hinduism provokes this? It’s hilarious how you go forcing people to follow your god, atleast we don’t do that.
        I personally experienced sleep paralysis, and I had 4 terrifying attacks and I prayed to my god and I never once ever felt it after that for 4 years.
        My mother is a roman Catholic and honestly I respect your beliefs but you can’t just blame other religions to be occult associated when your own culture is.
        I had an attack just few days ago but it wasn’t anything so bad and I just prayed in my paralysed state, I called out to jesus as well as my god shiva and it stopped.
        Because I don’t spread hatred and discrimination in contrast to people like you.
        May be stop going to the church and bowing your heads in respect to your pedophilic, money mongering priests, you will be saved of your sins.
        And this sleep paralysis is widely due to western lifestyle and western religious philosophy.
        I have not met much Indians who follow meditation and Hinduism ever complain of sleep paralysis so cut your crap.


        1. Jeremiah

          I was 24 when i had demonic entity’s enter my bedroom and cause havoc for

          i also used to meditate and try to relax my mind i believe this was a open door to the 2nd heaven and demonic attacks on my life.

          we do not push our Faith our faith pursues us as Jesus make himself known to us via his word and other means.

          we desire souls to go to heaven and the only way is via accepting Jesus christ as your lord and saviour.

          god bless


        2. Yib

          You are right. Christians should not force their beliefs just as God doesnt. I believe the writer did not force this belief to readers. The writer is sharing the truth and it is the reader’s choice to believe.

          Yes, you mentioned many Indians who practice Hinduisim dont get sleep paralysis. Respectfully and kindly , I do want to point out this — have you thought about why many dont? Many Christians who have open doors experienced sleep paralysis and why? Because Jesus is real. Satan is real. Satan attacks Christians and bring them down but has no reason to attack other religions who already worship satan’s kingdom. Many of the Christian friends I met have experienced sleep paralysis but I cant think of one non-Christian friend who has not experienced it. Im sure some do but not as many as Christians.

          Check out Apostle Kathryn Krick and you will see the truth. It is your choice just as God gave us free will. I responded to your comment because I love you (we are called to love everyone) and I pray that many people will see the truth, be healed, and be set free!

          God bless!


      3. Tanya Thompson

        Wow Sorry Jamaal that you had to go through all that in your life. That must of been scary. When I started looking up people getting delivered and reading the bible. I and my family started being attacked spiritually. I lost my job, my husband had heart problems, rats took over my house, my son had a spirit following him and now my son is so different and rebellious and wild. He needs deliverance. I ask God to deliver me and my family. I can’t find no one here in San Francisco who does deliverance. I can’t afford to go out of state. It’s horrible I can’t sleep at night or day for long. But when I wake up at night I love to listen to spiritual music and pray. I pray alot for my health for I keep getting attack by these suckers and I pray for my families health and finances. God Bless you and thanks for this website.

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        1. Hi Tanya, I know this is an old post but I hope this reaches you. Please search on youtube for Derek Prince’s talk on “How to be delivered”. I was dealing with serious spiritual problems and it helped me. Prayers and blessings for you.

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        2. Yib

          If you cant afford to get out, Jesus is already providing healing and deliverance through a powerful vessel — instagram: @apostlekathrynkrick (beware you get the spelling correct—there are a lot of impersonators)

          People are BEING HEALED AND DELIEVERED ALL OVER THE WORLD just by watching her past videos, and joining live services.

          Jesus has healed me of HIV and freed me from sex addiction and homosexual thoughts!! Really — truly God is moving this year. Revival is now, literally everywhere!


      4. Manda B

        Looks like I’m late to the party but I’m glad I found this article. When I was a teenager, and into my early 20’s I dealt with this demonic oppression nearly every night. To the point where it was painful or I couldn’t breathe. I saw demons, felt them, heard them; it was horrifying. One time I remember my mom tried to wake my up and I started saying ‘I can’t move!’ over am over and I heard her begin to call 911 because she was scared. I eventually got out of it and when I did finally wake up I was literally thrown to the floor, and she was really on the phone with 911. I was scared to go to sleep and I’d leave the light on. Even after I was married I dealt with it. I can remember a time when I was brought to the ceiling by an entity to watch my body down below (like the astral plane they emulate on Dr. Strange, only this was nearly a decade before the movie came out). So whenever I hear about people talking about that, I warn them that it’s demonic and terrifying. I thankfully have been delivered from whatever it was that caused that for so long. I do experience maybe once or twice a year now, but that’s a relief compared to what it once was.

        I do want to clarify something though: I am a vivid dreamer and some of my dreams have preceded events happening in real life. I believe I may have the gift of prophecy. Anyway, I think there IS a difference between sleep paralysis and demonic oppression. Because I struggled with it so intensely for so long, I have a pretty good handle on what it is. Recently (and a few times before) I have been asleep and ‘woke up’ but couldn’t move. My initial reaction was to call on Jesus because I recognized the paralysis. There wasn’t an evil presence, I could breathe fine, I just felt like I was staring at the ceiling and waiting for my body to wake up. The most recent time I felt this I was sitting on a cloud dangling my feet (really I was on the couch looking at my feet while my body was still asleep). So in my experience, sleep paralysis is a real, valid experience. However, science has lumped it all together making it seem like a benign experience that has no significance, which is simply not true.

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        1. I have come even later than you to this serious issue, Manda.

          In fact, I only discovered Jesus Truth Deliverance a few hours ago, when a brother in Christ suggested I look at the post on DMT and ayahuasca, drugs which are going mainstream, because of a new novel by Irvine Welsh, who, sadly, is Scottish as am I Scottish.
          I say *sadly* because Scotland was once a Godly nation under Christ’s covenant, where the Bible and Biblical truth were honoured. Today we have fallen into brazen sin, apostasy, paganism, devil worship, drugs, alcohol, and, yes, the cult of Irvine Welsh’s damnable books. The Bible is now spat on, a new so-called Hate Speech legislation could make Christian preaching on sin a crime.

          J. Williams is correct to say that sleep paralysis is demonic.
          Why am I so sure?
          Because I suffered from it myself from the age of 18 right through to my 50s. And because in all that time I denied it could have any supernatural basis. I was a rationalist, I listened only to science, I could only put my terrifying dreams down to my strange heated imagination, and to the fact that I have mostly lived alone.
          I remember one weekend of diabolical sleep paralysis, but when I set out for work on a sunny Monday morning, I reasoned with myself:
          *These are only dreams, rational people don’t pay heed to dreams.*

          The following year my dreams were even worse, and I decided to contact a clinical psychologist I knew who lectured in a university. He was a courteous, detached man who came from London. I felt I could say to him, *I have this embarrassing problem, I don’t take recreational drugs, I am not a heavy drinker, I am not on any medication, I have never sought the aid of a psychiatrist, but I think I am losing my mind.* Alas, I never had the chance to tell him, because I learned that he had died suddenly, halfway through a distinguished career.

          After that I learned to put up with my dreams. The night after a troubled sleep I would sometimes fear going to bed. I hated to go into my bedroom with only the bedside light on, for any low light reminded me of the dreams, and how alone I felt when the nightmares began.
          Sometimes I went to bed peacefully, only for these dreams to begin immediately.
          The demonic entities sometimes communicated silently with each other as if some occult activity was taking place in my bedroom. On one occasion there was a strange kind of party with people I took to be deceased. On another occasion two young women appeared in my bedroom, they had not known one another in life, but both now said they were dead. Once I spoke to the voice of a man who said he was in hell, but only after I demanded to know who he was.

          During all these years I did look at the Bible. For a time I even kept a copy of the New Testament by my bed table. But my view of the Scriptures was rationalist. I had swallowed the unbelief of people like Don Cupitt, and scholars who *deconstructed* the Scriptures to rob them of their supernatural foundation. Unregenerate men and women who denied the lordship of Jesus Christ and his atoning death on Calvary from which all salvation and graces flow. They are still in business. Look at Valerie Tarico in the States.

          At the age of 57 I came to faith through sound Reformed Bible exegesis beginning with Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (a surgeon before he was a preacher) and then Arthur W Pink, John Murray, Gresham Machen, Cornelius Van Til, Francis Schaeffer, Jim Packer, John Stott, Michael Green, Luis Palau, John MacArthur, John Piper, James White.
          Men who upheld and uphold Sola Scriptura. I constantly read the Puritans who are now widely read in America and Britain.

          Since that time the bad dreams have gone and I have no fear of their return. What sweetness it is to go to sleep in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Why demonic dreams attack some and not others is part of the mystery of iniquity. C.S. Lewis said Satan’s greatest trick is to convince people he doesn’t exist. Martyn Lloyd-Jones said Satan has no interest in any other religion, only Christianity. Arthur Pink said the souls of Christians are in danger as long as we are in this sinful world.
          Let us pray for one another. May we draw closer to Jesus Christ at every moment. May we bring sinners to Him through our prayers and the holiness of our lives.
          By the way I can go into my bedroom with only the bedside light on. The Holy Spirit is all the light I need.

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          1. Derek Prince spoke with authority about demonic possession and witchcraft that can curse families for generations. He can be seen on YouTube as can Dave Hunt, who preached about the spiritual deceptions of the New Age, and David Pawson who discerned the *blackness of darkness* of post-Christian Britain. All three men have passed into glory. They knew that Christ offends the natural man; unlike liberals, they were never ashamed of the Gospel.

            Erwin Lutzer’s preaching can also be seen on YouTube. He is pastor of Moody Bible Church in Chicago. Like John MacArthur and John Piper, Mr. Lutzer upholds the Word of God in these evil times. I have read his autobiography, about growing up in rural Canada.
            There are YouTube vlogs by Christian men and women on backsliding, a problem in this time of *shut down* due to Corona virus.
            Listening to hymns on the Sabbath on YouTube is essential when churches are closed. We should sing a new song to to the Lord in our homes and treasure the Psalms. And be on the streets, witnessing.

            A street preacher I spoke to in Cheltenham, England, who had attended Birmingham Bible College, told me: *England may be so far along the road of unbelief that there is no way back.*

            But with God all things are possible.

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      5. Jermiah

        Thanks for sharing , i was 24 when i had 6 weeks of sleep paralysis in my bed
        i had voices in my head, i was lifted out of my body and thrown around the room

        I could not sleep with out the light on , i had a young child and i took him to my mothers house.. it got that bad

        my mother asked me to go to Dr’s , the Dr said I was brave to tell him of this
        He wrote a letter and i was sent to a psychiatrics hospital i was nervous as i had no idea of the things i was experiencing so scary..

        i was put into a ward with 1 other person who was Anorexic
        that night i saw a huge snake in my mind coming across the floor

        I screamed out and ran to the nurse I was then tranquillized
        the demon had come with me to the hospital and was after me (satan)

        The next day i sat in a room with 10 dr’s whom were trying to explain the situation they said when i go to sleep blood rushed to my head and i Hallucinate..

        its called hypnogogic a Greek word for Hallucinations
        i was let out that day with some tranquillizers thank God, the enemy would of had me sectioned if God was not with me.

        as i was YOUNG and Naive i went to a spiritual church whom told me i was gifted and needed to protect myself and close down.

        years later in my 50’s the holy spirit landed on me and broke the demons off me that i had been playing with unknowingly.

        i was born again believer and then more warfare started as i began to save the lost souls.

        lets keep praying for the lost
        in jesus mighty name amen god bless keep safe read your bible

        pslam 91 daily


    1. Heather J Weaver

      I agree 100% that sleep paralysis is demonic entities. I found that out from personal experience. I made the foolish mistake of opening doors to these spirits by getting myself involved in spirit communication. The trendy term is ghost hunting these days. Only there are no ghosts, only unclean spirits and demons from hell and it wasn’t long before they waged war on my life and home. Aside from the fact they destroyed pretty much every aspect of my life and brought destruction, the attacks were also very physical. I SAW, smelled, was burned by, terrorized by, and yes often paralyzed and choked by them. They paralyzed me and I could feel the firey heat from hell on my body as I was held down. They tried to keep me from even speaking, but if I could utter the name Jesus (seed planted from childhood churching), they had to let go IMMEDIATELY. The worst one was a goblin like demon with black robe, sitting on my chest. I not only heard demonic tongues coming out his mouth, but I SAW the words, black symbols that formed and fell like ash after spoken. I also experienced the radio static or TV static creepy sound you did, and so did my daughter. Yes, these are demons. During these periods of attacks I actually photographed in the house pretty steady and captured demons as clear as pics of this realm. I saw them using cursed objects in my home, on a bible, I saw the arrows the bible talks about, I saw the angels, I even saw a throne room with a demon sitting on it in another realm that opened right up in my living room. The throne room had large stone piping like a organ. There was a rider on a large demon owl and many other terrifying images. I showed the images to the pastor and an elder of the church I went to when I was saved, and I’ll never forget their faces. They helped me cleanse my home. I was baptized, since then my daughter was and so was my husband. Jesus has restored all the locust has eaten. He has blessed our life so much more than I could imagine. I now live each day for HIM.

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      1. Dear sister…..I am posting this comment in an un-catagorized area on my blog. However, I believe everything you’ve shared is so true and so important that I am in hopes that you will either allow me to post it as “anonymous” or in a format that doesn’t use your personal name. If you want to edit, or reword it lightly, that would be fine as well. I would not post this as a blog post without your express permission
        Thank you so much for taking the time to write and share with the Body of Christ.

        Blessings in your continued walk with our Lord Jesus Christ,


      2. Ghost hunting is even part of the tourist industry in Britain.
        Channelling is as big as spiritualism, Heather.
        People I meet are fascinated by the so-called New Age, but they hate and fear the Gospel.
        Women are into past life regression, wicca, goddess worship, Tarot cards, the I-Ching.
        Liberal churches all offer bithaka yoga but won’t go out on the streets to save sinners.
        I asked a manager in a major bookshop why they never stocked Evangelical books. *They wouldn’t fit our customer profile,* he said.
        My city’s one central Bible bookshop may well be closing.
        Most of Europe lies in spiritual darkness.
        There is really no public figure in Britain who speaks up for the Christian faith whether in the world of politics, sport, entertainments, music, literature, the visual arts, theatre, film.
        Cultural Marxism is everywhere as Jordan Peterson says of Canada.

        *The harvest is great.*

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      3. I was attacked tonight. I woke and looked at the time, 3:27am. The dogs were even disturbed. I couldn’t stop floating, and someone was holding me from behind. I cried out to Jesus. it tried to cover my mouth, but drew it’s hand back off as if forbidden to keep me from speaking. There was more to it, but I don’t want to give it any glory by describing it’s actions. It’s 4:50am. I still can’t sleep. Found your article. It was comforting. Thank You. Odd thing is, I had had a pretty good day. No mentionable sins or negativity. I did remember my ex. I thought maybe that could’ve been the cause. he traumatized me, and I think his house was haunted. Anyway, it hasn’t happened to me in a long time, but tonight. Jesus, come soon.

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    2. Hello, I really found your article absolutely fascinating and Educational.
      Any chance you could contact me as I am a mental health nurse and recognise spiritual sickness in the majority of patients. Help me help them.
      Thank you for that. God Bless, you.

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      1. It would be my reasonable service to help you to help others any way I can. You may send me your email address to
        if you wish. One thing I can say at this moment, since you are working directly with these demonized patients, it will be a necessity to keep prayed up and pleading the blood of Jesus over yourself daily asking for the Lord’s protection, discernment and wisdom. You have chosen a very dangerous but needful field to work in.
        May Jesus bless you with an abundance of grace and peace,


  3. Gj

    I very very often have sleep paralysis .. like at least 1-3 times a week. But only 1 time for 7 years I had an attack something jumping on my back and saying something To my ear .. a thousand times till this week with no attack .. just fear because of the intense feeling when you know you’re in the paralysis .. so 2 days ago tho I was 10 minutes in paralysis but didn’t even noticed it .. I blinked and just saw hands on my chest looked up and It was the most creepy (well not really but at that moment^^) thing I saw .. I knew for a fact it was real in some way! The conclusion doesn’t makes sense: your body is in sleep mode but your mind is aware of dream images (which aren’t dream images because that would be lucid dreaming) you can clearly see the room as it is with no sort of freaky dream images … so the mind doesn’t makes up a room .. it takes it as it is .. and then there comes 1 single creature or whatever .. doesn’t makes sense at all that that would be a single hallucination ..


      1. Gj

        Well I believe in him (but parallel not really the whole bible story because I think it is altered and installed by the man in power that are satanists) but if they are satanists there must be a god and so on. I often talk to god or Jesus but “given my life” to him I wouldn’t say ..


        1. Michelle

          I don’t know what I had. But it was a dream with an evil spirit. The spirit was in a closet in my dream. I opened the closet and in my dream felt it go into my body. I tried to talk in my dream but couldn’t get any words out and it felt like my head was under water or something. I can’t describe it. All I could finally say in my dream is that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour. I said it three times and the spirit left my body in my dream. I could feel it leaving too. I told my husband about this dream later that day and he told me he heard me try to say something in my sleep. I just wanted to share because it was something that has never happened before. Thanks for listening.


    1. I have very much enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing. Our Father, our Savior is always good, even when bad things happen he is good.
      One small constructive criticism to your splendidly written blog…please remove those ugly images brother, it’s very disturbing. As someone reading on the subject bc you’re experiencing it isn’t nice to see it again as you’re reading…


      1. Anonymous

        I have had a lot of experiences with demons. I have been molested by demons( they went through the blankets and did it so I would attack the person that was sleeping next to me, luckily that didn’t happen), I’ve been tormented by them while trying to sleep as well. Not just sleep paralysis, I’ve also had them repeatedly touch me all over my body right when I’m about to fall asleep, again, right underneath my blankets and everything. I think they can solidify their body anywhere they want. I have sleep paralysis a lot. The other day I actually managed to pray out loud for Jesus Christ to cast out an evil spirit while I was paralyzed and after I said it I immediately came out of it. It was barely audible but it worked


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  5. Hailey

    I’ve experienced sleep paralysis many times.I’m still a teenager when I had experienced it.Now I’m still a teen.When I had experienced it for the first time.I was really afraid.I can’t moved my body and I can see my surroundings even though my body is completely paralyzed.Sometimes all I can do is cry.As if my soul is crying with waters.And once my body is awake I can’t see those tears in my face.There’s this one time that I can hear demons whispering to each other,demons trying to do something xxx with me and it disgusts me..It was terrifying too much to be able to experienced it.Also, I’ve gone through depression, one of the reasons is these attacks.Every time it happens to me, I will always call Lord Jesus.It is hard to call him.Because I can’t moved my mouth ,I can’t say his name.

    Right now I’m praying every night, every time before I go to sleep.It lessen already the attacks.But last night, I have experienced it again.I called Lord Jesus at last and it stopped.I thank Jesus after that.

    I wished that I have a strong relationship with him.I know that I’m deep in my own sins


    1. Bee

      Hey Hailey.

      I myself was deep in sin and i still struggle till this day. But God through His love and mercy wants you to turn to Him and repent my dear.Jesus loves you and cares for you. 1 Peter 5 vs 7-8:” Casting all your care upon Him for He careth for you. Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour”

      Call out for His name for He is faithful and truth

      God bless you and your family.


      1. Sarah

        I have had my fair share of sleep attacks over the years, some from the opening of doors to sin in my life and others because Father is using them to “train my hands for battle so to speak. I have had everything from sexual harrassment to wild animals chasing me around my bed. Examples of doors that open to demons are obtaining objects from cults or observing movies that have these within them. I once obtained a mormon bible but I didnt realise it was at first until I had a dream the intense fear and darkness it brought with it. This demon I couldn’t see at first started chocking me but as I cast it out it left stood out side my door. It wanted to come back in but it was stagnant trying to scare me from outside the door way. When I woke up God revealed to me the evilness of the bible I had so I threw it away. Other times I have been attacked as a result of my growing relationship with Jesus. I remember one night I would get attacked then wake up feeling panicked then I would sleep again and wake up half way through this would happen multiple times to the point I asked God why is this happening to which he spoke to my spirit and told me hes teaching me how to warefare. I then would proceed to dream about being a better in a base ball game and the enemy was the ball and I’d keep swinging waking up and going under until I finally hit it.

        My most recent one I was sexually assaulted but I said first time no I do not consent to this. The abuser stood back then tried again but this time I said in the name of jesus you have no right to my body I am a child of god and he left me, respected my body and did not touch me again.

        I also had a dream recently that my house had a un welcome demon in it, and my husband and I went to go find a pastor to bless our home, the demon then got sucked out of the home but was behind a pane of glass which we could see it. It was disguised as a woman who had jet black hair and a rocknroll appearance. She was angry she was out and started kicking the glass and screaming at the top of her lungs, trying to fight her way back in. I then noticed windows and the glass turned into a sliding door, I called my husband to come help close the windows and doors to stop her coming back in, but she then called another one to come and this one started trying to get it’s way in through the window. I then remember trying to close and lock the window but I was struggling to hold them back I asked my husband to help but he never returned. I believe we can never really lock the doors to the enemy in our lives as we are a target because of christ and a hope for the world. But we can greatly diminish their influence by closing the doors to the enemy by removing their rights to our lives.

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    2. Tanya Thompson

      Hi Hailey,

      My mom was reading the bible at this studio I lived in before and woke up with a person choking her while he was choking her she also saw other people around her she immediatley called on the name Jesus and they never messed with her again. My mom is very strong in the Lord other places my mom lived other entities she said kissed her and she had gotten very ill buy recovered because of her beliefs. My father and husband experience evil spirits coming at them. I told my husband to callI upon Jesus if that happens. My husband believes the Muslim culture which now he started to want to read the bible after his attack. But falls back now and he’s learning little at a time after I tell him all the miracles I tell him happened to me. I pray alot its like talking to God try it everything you do. I have sleeping problems and what ever is waking me up, which I think is some evil entity. Well I got tired waking up several times at night so now I sit up pray and start thanking the Lord for everything he has done for me and my family and then I ask him for forgiveness for anything me and my family have done then I ask the Lord to Bless me, my family, enemies, Jerusalem, leader of our nation and everyone else. Then I would ask the Lord and Decree the blood of Jesus all over me and my family and his Glory light in our mind, body and soul. You should watch Katie Souza and repeat her activations at the end of her sermon to heal your soul for different things. Please watch her and Sid Roth ( Supernatural) I learn alot of teaching from different people that come on his show. I first started watching TB Joshua, I didn’t believe it at first about Deliverance and demons in people. Now my heart is set on doing Deliverance and I want the world to know that this stuff is real. I hope I helped. God Bless you…..

      Tanya Thompson From San Francisco


      1. I haven’t looked into Katie Souza a lot but she seems to be kind of iffy to me. And Sid Roth needs to get discernment because he has a lot of false teachers on his show. Sid himself is into funny stuff.

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      2. Jo

        Hi Tanya have you read the book by Derek Prince called “They Shall Expel Demons” ? I highly recommend it as a very clear guide to ministering deliverance from demons.
        Jo from NZ 🙂


  6. DK

    I also experienced sleep paralysis and was attacked at night but thanks be to God I have been delivered through Jesus and by the power of the Holy Ghost, I’m now free.


      1. Jayanne

        I need someone to talk in private message. I want someone can really help me to take off this sleep paralysis, when I read this I was alarmed. Can someone approach me please, this is urgency please, contact me this Gmail address


      2. John

        I agree 100 ℅ with what you are saying because I used to experience such demonic attacks before I was born again. Through our Ministry of World Restoration Service by Jesus Christ I received many teachings on how darkness is working against us. I also learned how to launch a counter attack through prayer. Now I am a free man and also helping others how to deal with such evil attacks. Christ has given us authority over evil, ours is just to submit to him and start using that authority!


  7. Shelly

    I am in no way trying to denounce what you have shared nor am I trying to be rude and start an argument, so please do not take my question as that. I’m just curious is all. You said that being a sinner and/or turning your back on God opens a gateway to these “demons”, why, if you have accepted God and turned back to him does he not close this gateway and protect you from even beginning? If they have been so strong for 4+ years, why do they continue so fervently? And no actually it is not that common, while a lot of people may experience it 1-2 times in their lifetime,only about 6-8% of people experience it repeatedly throughout their life. I’m fairly certain that everyone has sinned in their lifetime whether they admit it or not so that would mean everyone has had that gateway opened and even if it’s not every single person there should be a lot more people then just 6-8% of the world’s population that has experienced this phenomenon. (My percent rate could be a little off depending on where exactly the info comes from, so I’m using roundabout numbers, close enough)
    I’ve experienced sleep paralysis forever. My earliest experience that I can recall was when I was three. How at the age of three have I already committed a sin that would open this gateway? I understand the scientific explanation of sleep paralysis but the things I’ve seen and felt can only be understood by someone else that has experienced it and I’ve had visions that were still there momentarily after I regained body movement. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences.


    1. In my case I used to get attacked every night and sometimes even multiple times a night for a period of time. It was the enemy retaliating against me because I returned to the Lord. I have a friend in the Lord who had a very similar experience where he went through a period of attacks from the enemy. But now it doesn’t happen that often to me. In your case it could be sins of your ancestors that opened the door for you to be attacked or could have been an occult object in your home. Those are possible reasons why you were attacked at such a young age. If you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ I would ask Him to protect you before you go to sleep if you are still getting attacked. If you can perceive the demons before you go to sleep, as I can at times, I would rebuke them in the name of Jesus in faith, authority and confidence. I do and they leave.


      1. A zzy

        Amazing story! Repenting of everything . I command my morning pray against anything in your home and anything in the Heavens programmed against you. Going to use fasting a lot more! Thank you !


    2. TJ❤︎

      My belief is that demons our past down from generation to generation. Perhaps you had a distant relative who practice witch craft or studied the occult of some kind. For me personally, I am not sure if any of my ancestors were involved with anything like that. However, my family comes from a long line of alcoholics and some drug addiction, which in turn is demonically influenced, and passing it down to me. I witnessed my Dad having a night terror here and there. Where he wakes up screaming from a dream, or jerks awake as if the dream he was having was a far from unpleasant dream. He is also an alcoholic, but luckily, that doesn’t detour us from have a close relationship. I also had a full on obsession with Britney Spears when I was young, which I think heavily induced my SP when I was 13. But that goes a lot deeper into my beliefs of the Illuminati and from my findings, are heavily laced with Lucifarianism. Getting back onto topic, my question for you would be, what’s your family like? Are the good Christians with high morals, or do you have something ugly that runs through your family such as myself. The OP is very spot on in the sense that we’re highly dealing with a Spiritual warfare that were so oblivious to. Learning about the Illuminati is something that was a huge indication of that to me. The world is the Devils playground, and I believe our souls are here to be either with God or against. There’s no grey area.


    3. People sin, here is the thing. You are targeted. It doesn’t happen people who aren’t targets. I believe strongly that there are evil people who want to harm you.

      I used to avoid some of my relatives because once we met and divulged any of my successes to them(because they asked me how my life is), that same night, upon meeting them, I would get attacked.
      Another example, there is a devil in sheep’s cloak at a certain baptist church in this town. If you disagree with him during day time and you aren’t covered by the blood of Jesus, you will have to pay for it during night time. He will surely pay you a visit.
      Ask God to revel the sources of the attacks, but do not be shocked, at times it can be from people you never expected.


      1. Anonymous

        I have had a lot of experiences with demons. I have been molested by demons( they went through the blankets and did it so I would attack the person that was sleeping next to me, luckily that didn’t happen), I’ve been tormented by them while trying to sleep as well. Not just sleep paralysis, I’ve also had them repeatedly touch me all over my body right when I’m about to fall asleep, again, right underneath my blankets and everything. I think they can solidify their body anywhere they want. I have sleep paralysis a lot. The other day I actually managed to pray out loud for Jesus Christ to cast out an evil spirit while I was paralyzed and after I said it I immediately came out of it. It was barely audible but it worked


  8. Anita

    I hate you went through these experiences but glad to know I was not alone. Many people in my circle have never experienced demonic attacks via sleep. When I would share my experiences they would look at me like I was crazy. When I gave up my worldly pursuits for God it appeared the attacks became more intense. I pray every night for God to release angels to cover me when I sleep. I rarely have an attack, the most recent one I was introduced to a guy and I gave him a friendly hug. Later that night I was attacked, immediately I knew spirits had transferred. I have ended all contacted with the person because he was trying to extort money from me. Thanks for sharing your testimony.

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  9. Ramona

    I have experienced being held down by the throat while waking up. One time when I woke up, I could still feel pressure on my side and couldn’t believe that I was still feeling it while fully awake. I now feel like someone is holding me down every night. But recently I woke up to a scary looking person with long hair stealing my breath through my lips and that’s the one that has got me really scared. I’ve been practicing ceaseless prayer for 9 months again. I used to practice ceaseless prayer in my 20s, but nothing like this had ever happened. The feeling of being held down started about 1 1/2 years ago a few months after I moved into this new apartment.

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  10. Anonymous

    You said to contact you or reach out to you I’d like to do that but I really wouldn’t want to do it on here I have experience sleep paralysis or extreme nighttime harassment by spiritual demons or entities for seven years from the age of 19 to 26. I got deliverance and all that and it stopped for years and I seem to have relief finally in my life and now I’m scared it’s coming back. I’ve never come across a blog or anything that went into so much detail about it I just want to thank you for writing this because it just sounds exactly like my experience and makes me feel like I’m not the only person who has dealt with this and your willingness to be so open and address really hard questions helps to. I’m 33 now and would like to ask you a few questions that may help me as Simone else who has been through this torment.

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    1. It is spiritual warfare. Every Christian goes through it. Even the apostle Paul went through a lot of spiritual warfare. I usually get a sleep paralysis attack when I do something for the Lord or engage in deep, intense prayer. They retaliate. They are trying to discourage me.

      But you can contact me on Skype (Jamaalw27) or email me


    2. Anonymous


      how is your prayer life like? u have to pray and be very spiritual otherwise you will still experience that after a time. The bible says ”
      When an unclean spirit comes out of a man, it passes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. 44Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ On its arrival, it finds the house vacant, swept clean and put in order. 45Then it goes and brings with it seven other spirits more evil than itself, and they go in and dwell there; and the final plight of that man is worse than the first. So will it be with this wicked generation.”…
      In order words, if you drive away a spirit, the spirit will always come back and if he comes back and sees that the place is [vacant, swept clean and put in order]= not filled with prayer, it will go and get other spirit worse.

      You can’t have a life that is not full of prayer especially when you had attacks before. I am not talking about 5 minutes prayer before bed. You have to be very spiritual, fast, pray, meditate the word of God etc…

      Trust me

      gooluck i hope this helps


  11. Arini

    At times I myself esperience sleep paralysis. It’s not as often It use to be. For example when I was pregnant, and I when I had thoughts of abortion (because I was afraid I couldn’t care for my child) I would get paralysis almost every night to the point where I was so scared to sleep! But I realized when I would have those episodes I would pray and the more I prayed the worse they got. So they lead me to the point where I was afraid to pray because if I didn’t pray I wouldn’t get the paralysis. But I was always in between decisions of keeping my baby. I came to the realization that the enemy was angry all along because I was second guessing the abortion. But thankfully I kept my baby! I still get paralysis from time to time just no where near as bad. In the end I realized I shouldn’t let the enemy scare me from praying. And that I’m going to keep on worshipping our lord and savior no matter the hardships!!!

    But I’m always looking for new people to talk to about finally seeing things clear and my path to God! Because it’s so hard to find people who view the things like us on this form. I’d love to contact anyone who would like to discuss these type of things.

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  12. I’m so thrilled to have found this right now…I, like many others have shared my experience with other christians and they just look at me very strange and act like it’s completely not biblical…My first experience happened when I was 19 or 20, I am now 51…I met my first husband in school and he proclaimed to also be a christian in which I actually came to the the Lord through him….Unfortunately we were young christians and we already agreed to get married but, we wanted to get an apartment first to get out of living arrangements that we were both living under…..any…we worked together and we got an apartment, not married though…after we got married I had to go and change my name and I needed to go by myself which normally wouldn’t have bothered me….I layed down for a nap while my husband was at work…..In my sleep I had woke so I thought……I heard the door handle rattle like someone was trying to get in….I thought it was my husband and that the door might be locked and he didn’t have his key……well I realized I couldn’t get up and go answer the door so I yelled and said it’s unlocked come in…but no response and constant rattling….I tried and struggled to get up but couldn’t I looked around and the room was exactly the way it was when I went to sleep…..I looked over at the clock and saw the time…..Suddenly I heard the door fly open up against the wall and found myself awake and at the window and I turned around to look at the time and it was exactly the time I couldn’t move…..I ran to the door and no one was there and the door was closed……I was so puzzled that I didn’t even want to go anywhere that day and I was filled with anxious feelings and a type of fear but excitement at the same time not knowing what just happened…..Thank you for taking the time to read this…..

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    1. I had something similar happen to me. During a sleep paralysis episode I heard children playing around me. It sounded so real. Auditory hallucination or demons messing with me? I don’t know but I lean towards the latter.
      Thanks for sharing.


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  14. Britteny S

    I wanted to live eave my experience with “sleep paralysis”.
    I used to be a devote Catholic, even going to college at a catholic monestary and getting a degree in theology. I’m only 24. As the passed tree years have gone by since then, I have been spiritually dead. The farthest thing from a holy Catholic girl.

    Experience 1) I felt hands, cold and with long fingers. They were grey and dark. I was completely paralyzed in my bed. The pushed down in my chest and then I felt the hands grab my ankles and pull me from my bed. I “woke up” on the floor thinking I must have thrown myself off the bed in fear.

    2)I fell asleep with my light on and fish tank light on. I woke up but I couldn’t move or scream. I dark grey man/demon was grappling me in my bed trying to bite my fingers. A voice, with no breath or gender, said clearly in my ear “The Flesh Eater”.

    3) last night I was hearing the clamor of old lady heels running across my wood floors. Then I saw demon and he was almost like a vampire. Then a heavy person was pressing into me and grabbing me just like the “flesh eater” was. I tried to call for help but I couldn’t. I woke up so afraid I almost wet my bed.

    There are signs too. I’ve woken to the smell of rot and burning.

    I’ve heard quick evil sounding noises at night.

    And then I forget about it. It’s not till later that I remember.

    Help me out here!!


    1. Sorry about what has happened to you. I’m curious, does the sleep paralysis happen only in a certain place where you sleep? I think perhaps it could be a demonic door opened in your home.

      It could be what you or what your ancestors have done in the past. Ever involved with Ouija board, witchcraft, New Age etc.?


      1. Britt

        It’s only in my bedroom. I’ve never dabbled in the occult before. It started when I started hanging out with some friends from my high school days who are very anti-Catholic. I found out later that one of them, a transgender (female to male) person, is plagued by demonic oppression at night. Demon faces and voices whisper and touching them, terrorizing then all night. They wrote it off as a sleep disorder and takes medication to try to control it but nothing works. My faith has considerably dwindled over the past two years. Feelings of annoyance and irritation when I try to pray or think of God. Feelings of extreme irritation when I consider changing my life and going to confession again. I have invasive thoughts of death and decay and it’s like they’re someone else’s. They’re not mine and I can’t get them from my mind even if I’m wide eyed and alert. Often accompanied by the smell of rot or burning in my house. Over the last few months I have severed them from my life completely.

        I’ll admit I’ve also lead a pretty sinful life in the passed two years. And I haven’t gone to confession in almost theee years. I feel like that has something to do with it.



        1. There can be a myriad of reasons why it is happening to you. But there could have been a transference of spirits from that transgendered person. Based on what you have said I would say you likely have demons indwelled in you. From my observation having thoughts or hearing voices are telltale signs of having demons.

          It seems you are Roman Catholic. If you have idols or statues or paintings of Jesus or Mary you should get rid of it. There can be demonic attachments to those things. A lot of what they practice and teach in the Roman Catholicism is not based on the Bible. I would really encourage you to study the Bible, especially about this.

          You may want to check out these demonic doorways and signs of oppression list


          1. Britt

            I greatly appreciate your feedback. I think this more demonic oppression instead of possession. I do have icons and medals in my home. They have all been blessed. I also have exorcism salt that I can use on my door and bed.

            Thank you very much for input! I finally got the courage to go searching for answers that aren’t “oh you’re just waking up at the wrong time”. Why wouldn’t you hallucinate about anything and everything? Why just cats and bugs and demons and evil??


  15. Joy

    Hey I’m not sure why I’m doing this I never comment on stuff but I definetly experienced this a couple times, some worse than others but it doesn’t happen as much any more. I remember feeling very afraid and all I knew was that I shouldn’t open my eyes because I knew I would see some crazy stuff. I’ve heard voices and laughs and voices saying my name. I’ve felt hands on my arms and they physically moved my arms to pin me down, I wiggled my fingers and I could feel fingernails on the hands like they were real. I believe in Jesus and the spirit realm but I have a problem with fear. Even reading this blog and re telling my story makes me somewhat afraid.


    1. Hello Joy. If you have the Lord Jesus Christ you shouldn’t fear. God is infinitely more powerful than the enemy. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” – 2 Tim. 1:7


    2. Candice Oppenheim

      Hi Joy, I have experienced these heavy attacks at night and seen demonic beings since I was a little girl. Could never explain it and too afraid to talk about it, but one thing that was constant was a crippling fear that came over me. They would switch off the lights and move things in the room. As I got older I received 3 prophecies all calling me to pray and intercede. Problem with this was everytime I tried to pray I immediately became aware of something else in the room and opened my eyes expecting to see something dangerous. This would go on for years, until a woman in my church told me about overcoming a “Spirit of Fear”. It was then that I realized that was the spirit oppressing me all these years. I don’t know how it attached itself to me but one night while I was heavy in prayer for a few hours I experienced that anxiety about something evil being in the room with me. All of a sudden I experienced a supernatural boldness and the Lord allowed me to see a demon sitting peeking at my from the foot of my bed. I immediately (filled with boldness) became furious that this was the creature that kept me in bondage for over 25 years. I bound it in Jesus name and told it to “hit the road and never come back”.
      When I came out of that episode, I opened the door to the room and told my husband all that had happened, I remembered feeling shaken up and physical exhausted as I had run a race. Since then I have not had an episode with sleep paralysis or night terrors.
      Please ask the Lord to help you overcome a spirit of fear. It is not from the Lord and you DO have the Authority to bind it in Jesus name. I get so mad when I think of everything it had taken from me in my youth and will do everything I can to tell others and expose it.
      I cannot tell you how good it is to live without fear, I went from a timid girl who couldn’t even lift her
      head to talk to people to a bold, confident woman and absolutely nothing scares me anymore. If you need me to pray with you, just let me know.


      1. Sarah

        Hi Candice, I too have had sleep paralysis many times over the years, and each time that intense feeling of fear. My most recent episode last night, I had scriptures playing on my phone particularly for protection, I felt Gods peace surround me when all of a sudden the voice of the woman speaking the scriptures started to morph, and Gods peace suddenly left me, my heart started beating faster and faster I started feeling the dreaded sense of fear, I was paralyzed with fear, I woke up and went to my bible straight away looked at the time and it was 230am. I then heard God remind me that the enemy needs permission to touch me.
        I was going through my bible and began highlighting verses regarding fear, feeling safe and secure in God.
        He then told me, Fear is a spirit.
        I realized in that moment That fear is tormenting me and simply recognizing him as a spirit is a huge step to being free from it.


    3. J.

      Joy, I fear no demons . . . I have tortured and cast out many thousands of them! Please search You Tube: “Secrets of the Demonic Realm – Power of Christ Jesus!”


  16. Christopher

    I am 33 and I have experienced sleep paralysis since I was a teenager. I have had a few times that they were spiritual attacks, but I would like to tell about one attack that was significant. Just like the author above I had turned from sin. I stopped drinking and using drugs and turned to God. I turned from death and found love and life in the Lord. Soon after I had a dream which was a normal dream of an office party, but standing away from the crowd in my dream I saw a shadow person standing and staring at me. Even though I couldn’t see a face I knew he was watching me intently. I then realized I was dreaming but that this entity was real. I asked him “who are you” and realized I was talking to him without speaking. He told me to follow him and we walked away from the dream. I then walked closer to it and he spoke into my mind and said “do you want to see?”, and eyes started growing on his head, the eyes of a beautiful woman. I knew what he was showing me. He said “do you want to see more?” And I said yes. Then he started turning into a very beautiful woman. When morphed half way into the woman he asked once more if I would like to see more, and I said yes. Then there was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, she was naked under me hovering in the air and I was on top of her. There was fruit manifesting in the air above her mouth and it would fall just perfectly in her lips. At first i lusted but I had a sudden realization that this was too perfectly sensual and that this was evil, a demon opening a sin in me to have authority over me that’s he lost. I said “no!” and jerked away to get out of the dream. I woke up and saw a dark shadow over my body laying on me. I couldn’t move or speak but I was saying “in the name of Jesus!” over and over in my mind urgently. Then I finally sat up and yelled “in the name of Jesus!” And I saw the shadow get up and leave through the wall. This happened to me and I know that it was real. And I know Jesus is the son of God and is the king of kings!

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  17. Ivaylo Georgiev

    That is true. When I was unbeliever I have many of that creepy experience. When I believe in Jesus Christ I have fulfilled with His power and when I dreamed I have stand with Jesus name against that aggressor. In my dream I spoke Jesus name and that name pushed back that attacks. Thanks to our God.

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  18. Zwivhuya

    what happened to you is similar to what happened to me. I do not have any problem on not commiting other sins but when lust kicks I cannot stand it.Lust is my weakness and Satan use it againts me.I get sleeping paralysis almost every night but mine only last for a few second. The was time when I was dreaming,this old women came to visit im my mothers house.As I talking to her,she want to teach me evil powers on how to be a witch. I dont know what was I thinking but I really looking foward to it but suddenly I refuse I said in my I will serve Jesus Christ only than It kicked in I was paralyzed.After that I had like 6 or 7 sleeping paralysis that same night.I then realised that they were attcking me because I had shared this video on telling people to repent.And I was always feel like evil spirits if I am watching Worldly programs


  19. Shannon

    Thank you for this post, you are right on. I started experiencing sleep paralysis almost every night and sometimes multiple times per night when I was around 15 years old. This went on for about 10 years. It was EXACTLY the same every single night, except one time.

    Every time, a black figure would open my bedroom door and come in to try and rape me. It never spoke to me and never actually touched me, but I knew its intentions. I believe this spirit was invited in by someone in my house watching pornography every night. When I moved out on my own, I still experienced it but not as frequently.

    Then, during college I was very heavily into drinking and marijuana. This obviously invited the evil spirits in. I still had the exact same experience, with the demon opening my door and coming in to rape me but not actually being able to touch me. I was always able to wake myself up before anything happened. One night I had a completely different experience though.

    This time, it was either a VERY powerful demon or Satan himself. He was not just a black figure the shape of a man like before, he was MASSIVE and I saw all the details – his hideous, demonic face with dog-like features, nasty claws and teeth and it was red and black. This spirit was hovering over my bed near the ceiling, but I could feel it on me. I felt that I was being raped. At the time I felt that it was Satan.

    I always felt very uncomfortable during the paralysis and knew that it was something very bad I wanted to stop, but I never actually felt fearful that it would truly harm me. And I would often think, like you said, “here we go again”. I would just tell myself over and over to wake up and concentrate really hard on moving my body.

    The attacks stopped eventually and I’m not sure why, maybe they just got tired of trying to mess with me in that way. I have on occasion felt evil spirits creeping around my house though and trying to scare me, like dropping a hanging plant on my pillow where my head just was. I have since come back to Jesus after turning my back on him during some difficult times I experienced. I now just pray for Jesus and God’s holy angels to protect me when I sleep.


  20. Kevin Smith

    Thank you all so much for confirming that my 6 decades of sleep paralysis does not happen to me alone. As it is expressed above, the willingness to accept the authenticity of sleep paralysis is verboten.
    Mine started when I was a child. When I could move again (from the paralysis), I would sneak into my mother’s bedroom (not waking daddy) to tell her of the puppet that would jump at me and cause me to “stop moving.” Mom believed like I did for several years it was a typical bad dream we all get. As I got a little older I realized I could sense in a dream when ” some thing” would attack me. I could do nothing but fearfully cringe and accept the numbing cold and cruel paralysis to come.. As you know, it never does stop completely.
    One night though, when I was in my late 30’s, early 40’s, I was dreaming and sensed (what I understood then to be) the evilness. I was so fed up by this time with it all I grabbed “it” by the neck and with all my heart and soul told it to leave me alone. I asked Jesus to help me and forgive me my angst but that I had had enough of this disgusting persistent thing. It went away for several years. The entity continues however to this day but is cautious enough now to grab (or enter) me from behind.
    Briefly, if you passionately yearn for God’s love with your whole heart, soul and mind, encountering evil confirms you and I are soldiers of God.


  21. emmanuel

    My name is Emmanuel, I have experienced sleep Paralysis for months now,last night was terrible, tho I don’t really see any shadow, ghost or anything, I only feel the presence of something evil around,most of the times I get caught up with sleep Paralysis at night, I speak the name the jesus christ as many times as I could, I keep saying it with my heart cos my mouth never moved in such state, am tired of this, I really need help from anybody


    1. Anonymous

      Fast sincerely and pray that God should help you not to allow any attack on you again.pray for Gods deliverance completely and take charge of your authority in Jesus.Read Luke 10:19


  22. 🦋

    I’m a 19 year old female, and the first time I remeber getting sleep paralysis it was at church camp when I was around 12. I fell asleep on the top bunk next to my cousin who was also sleeping on a bunk bed. We had accidentally fallen asleep while the rest of the camp went to the pool. I remeber beginning to wake up because I could hear this wind blowing in my left ear and I remeber feeling the wind too. I realized I couldn’t move or talk but then I heard a nasty voice whisper in my ear “you’re going to ruin it for them all.” And I didn’t believe what I was hearing and it was like the thing new that and repeated it again but this time even more aggressively. “YOURE GONNA RUIN IT FOR THEM ALL!!!” Shortly after I was able to move and I called out to my cousin who woke up and I told her what had happened. The next time I experienced sleep paralysis wouldn’t be until a couple years later. I want to say my sophomore year of high school was a very bad time for me. I had always been a Christian and I believed that Jesus is the son of God and I loved him, but I was struggling with bad depression and hopelessness. It was like a heavy cloud that followed me. Around this time I began having sleep paralysis very very badly. I could sense a horrible presence that followed me around the house. I would wake up in the middle of the night in incredible fear and sense that evil. It was the worst in my bedroom. Many times I would stay up all night with the lights on and wait for it to be morning time before I went to sleep to make me feel safer. I was able to do this because I was cyber schooled. I remeber many times I would awaken and be paralyzed but a loud sound in my head like a buzzing would fill my ears as I was paralyzed. Every time this happened I called on Jesus in my mind over and over and eventually I would be able to move again, but the noise would get louder and louder in my mind. I would wake up and ask my mom if she could hear me yelling because she sleeps in the room next to me And Is a very light sleeper and she would tell me no. I was screaming Jesus’ name so loud in my mind I thought I was saying it out loud, but I couldn’t move my mouth. I could go on and on about my experiences with the paralysis. Just like you said, “here we go again”. I was at that point. I would take naps and hear a loud trumpet sound and feel like I was being lifted up by my feet and taken somewhere, but I also fought it. It was a sensation like I was trying to be taken out of my body, but I didn’t want anything to do with that! I’ve felt a precense stand right behind me. I didn’t see it but it felt large, tall, and it wanted me dead, and I knew it was because I was made in the image of God. It stood over me and I was fully aware of it. I could feel it’s hatred for me, but I always called out to Jesus and eventually they would leave. One time I remeber having a dream of a demon in my room. Again I could feel it’s hatred for me, but God revealed to me in my mind a verse from the Bible. “And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love.”‭‭ Romans‬ ‭8:38‬ ‭It left instantly. The last time I remeber having it, again my cousin was sleeping next to me (same one) she had stayed over my house and I remeber having a dream that I was in the car with a family friend who happened to be a devoted Christian and an older man. He was driving and he looked over at me and told me that he was praying for me. I woke up and heard many evil voices whispering all at once and they all stopped. Since then, I haven’t had a sleep paralysis event happen nearly as bad or as often. Every once and a while I will wake up and will not be able to move for a couple seconds, but I don’t feel nearly as panicked or scared. I have a few solid reasons why I think I had severe sleep paralysis, and I still struggle with certain sins now, but I know that God has ultimate authority over everything including Demons, and nothing can separate me from his love! Wow that right there is encouraging, that no demon can take me from God’s hand!!


  23. Benjamin

    Please,have you overcome the problem entirely?l wish to know.I’m going through a similar challenge. I do intense prayer and I feel OK.How can I be entirely free?Thanks.


  24. Anonymous

    Last night/this morning I had a very intense sleep paralysis attack while staying in a hotel. I’d been having a normal dream when I suddenly woke up and saw a hand laid on the pillow in front of my face. At first I thought it was my own, but I quickly realized that my own hands were placed elsewhere, the hand then disappeared at once. it’s hard to explain but I felt a rush in my body and I, like many others, shouted the name of Jesus in my head. I’d been sharing a bed with my brother and part of me tried to maybe kick him or yell to see if he’d help, but i just laid motionless. I felt a pressure on my chest and my breaths became more shallow so I continued to shout Jesus in my head until I was released at once. Looking back, there are a number of spiritual reasons why it could’ve happened. It could’ve been the hotel room itself, but a lot of things had happened to me spiritually that day. In church a prophet had relayed some messages to me from God/Jesus and reaffirmed my faith and trust in Jesus. I’ve always been a true believer in Jesus and the supernatural, but the prophet’s words just strengthened my faith in Jesus through some tough times. I decided to repledge myself as a willing vessel. Later that night I’d had an argument with my parents (I’m 16) where I planned to disobey them; it’s a complicated situation, but nonetheless disobedience is a sin. Now upon writing I consider the revelation that demons have attached themself to my brother whom I was sleeping next to; my sister who is very spiritual revealed their will to end his life. All of the above reasons could’ve directly triggered the attack. I cannot say whether or not it was my first one because I can recall similar memories from when I was younger, but I was so young then they weren’t as vivid, nor was I as spiritually connected to God as I am now. I know that the hand I saw could be significant to a witch-like being I saw when I was younger in what may have been sleep paralysis or visits on my dreams (I don’t remember). All I remember from then is a woman cloaked in darkness standing outside my room window, and I specifically noticed her hands which were very long and dark; similar to the hand I saw this time. In that memory I tried screaming, kind of like this time, but i cannot recall if I was awake or dreaming. This time I was VERY lucid.


  25. Richard Turner

    Sleep paralysis attacks happen because there are demonic/cursed objects in the room. Pray through all your possessions and ask God what you need to get rid of. Cursed objects are like little doorways that demons can enter your home. When I got rid of any object that was only vaguely associated with the occult the attacks stopped happening.

    Look out of occult symbols, objects. Ornaments that are of creatures associated with witchcraft (E.G. frogs, owls.) good luck charms, statues, anything with skulls or medallions, jewelry with strange symbols on etc. get it out of your room and repent of having it, the door will close and you will sleep.


  26. God has put a strong spiritual gift of warfare/deliverance within you. I’m glad you are among on of those to yield to God in this calling and not like those who yielded to Satan.

    May the Lord continue to give you the boldness and train your hands in warfare. And may His protection and love always follow you. Continue to be humble. God loves you. God bless you. Amen 🙂


  27. Brittany G.

    So this jerk was sitting on top of me in my dream last night. I can literally tell you he was much scarier in person. He was choking me. He didn’t say anything or make any verbal noises. It just was like a loud humming sound. His hair wasn’t floating and the wind wasn’t blowing. It was weird how he moved because it was like he was moving so fast that his body was vibrating and that’s why it looked like his hair was floating around him. He was so skinny you could see the outlines of his bones and insides. His mouth was twisted and jagged, and his nose was turned upwards. His hair was almost a silver color and it was dirty looking to me. His ears looked like they had been ripped to shreds, and I’m pretty sure he was blind. They color of his skin was like a grayish blue color. Kind of like how a white person looks when they are dead for a bit after the blood stops flowing. Everything about this thing was gross. He made me feel gross. I didn’t smell anything though. There wasn’t any weird smells or anything. I remember exactly what this thing looks like though. I can close my eyes and still see in my mind what this thing looks like. It’s like he burned his image into my brain. I even drew a rough sketch and ironically I found other images from other people who saw a similar whatever it was. I find that extremely interesting that other people drew something so close to what I drew and I don’t even know them and they don’t know me. To be honest I didn’t even think of saying what I said next in my dream, it just happened. I started saying I rebuke you in the name of Jesus in my head because I couldn’t say it out loud in my dream. After a few times of saying it in my head I was finally able to speak it. I said I rebuke you in the name of Jesus about ten times before it was almost like he was snatched off of me. I could see him being dragged away but it was so fast. It was so fast that I could still hear the humming noise even after I knew he was gone. I was still in the middle of saying I rebuke you in the name of Jesus as I realized at that point I wasn’t asleep, I was actually awake at that point. It was like there wasn’t a line distinguishing me being asleep or awake. I was so freaking scared even when I called on Jesus because this thing put fear in me. I was even afraid after he was gone. Not going to lie I’m still freaked out. I was questioning my faith and my beliefs in Jesus. To me even as crazy as I sound and feel right now, this situation confirms my beliefs that Jesus Christ does exist and he is real. I feel crazy for saying this, but I can tell you I believe now for sure, no doubt. Jesus saved me last night, literally. I believe Jesus saved me because that thing was ripped right off of me. The only thing funny is whatever it was on top of me, he didn’t even see that coming. It was like he got scared. That has to be because of Jesus. I mean he sure wasn’t scared of me. He was trying to kill me! Seriously dude was a total jerk and I feel actually quite violated now and kind of ticked off to be honest. I would actually like to beat the heck out of whatever it was if Jesus would help me out with that. I’m not stupid, there’s no way I could take that thing on by myself. I’m seriously angry about it though. This has never happened to me ever in my life. I mean I have night terrors all the time. I have them so much that they are normal. That’s why I know the difference between a night terror and whatever this experience was. This was real. It was real while I was asleep and stayed real when I realized I was awake. The situation didn’t change it was constant. My environment everything about where I was. I wasn’t looking at myself or watching this happen to me. It was literally happening. I looked up what happened to me and it has happened to other people. It’s insane to believe, but I believe it. Just want to shout out to Jesus for literally saving me and protecting me from whatever the heck that thing is. I need Jesus and I found that out last night. This is crazy. Thank you Jesus! Sorry if this offends anyone, but seriously I don’t care if it does. I know I was supposed to share this and I’m just doing as I was told.

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  28. I’ve been having sleep paralysis throughout my life. I am 29 now. I havent had much lately but have been sleeping at my partner’s home and I realized I have a lot of bad dreams and have woken up twice- terrified. One of them was a bad dream, the other one was last night where I had it happened to me. I did not see anything or hear anything this time. But I remembered I turned around to my left side on the bed because I was extremely tired and thats when I felt my body dragged and lifted out of bed, up and towards the ceiling! I was so frightened and I felt that any minute now, I am going to get thrown. Just when I felt I was going to get thrown, I woke up right on my bed again. So terrified, I called my partner (he was working overnight) and left his place to a coffee shop nearby him, waiting for him to get off. Now, I’m not sure if it’s his place that has to do with me getting it again or if it’s just me since I’ve had it for many years now. I have never experienced being dragged out of bed like that and its the most scariest of all my experiences. I am a believer of God but maybe need to pray more… I live with roommates at my place but it hasn’t happened there. I had a slight experience happened at my partner’s dad’s house too but just once. I’m not sure what to do or if I need to do a cleansing of me and or of my partner’s place.

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    1. Megan

      I get sleep paralysis more often in new places if I have anxiety there or if the vibes or energy there is negative or restless. Do you feel uneasy there? Is there something you don’t trust there? Especially if it’s your partner your not sure you trust. If you don’t feel safe where you sleep you are more likely to have them. Or if you feel anxiety or negative energy from someone in the house or even the house itself. Also what are you doing before you sleep when you are there? If you feel guilty about it, or if it’s unhealthy in anyway this will also increase the chances.

      It’s a mix of spiritual and physical or scientific if you will. Think what is healthiest for me? The less healthy the more occurances and the more severe and terrifying and less control. The more healthy the more control and less often.
      Everything from prayer, food, relationships, self love, forgiveness, boundaries, respecting you body, all of it plays a role. Think about it as sleep is where you unpack your days and sort through things. If you put junk and trash in you have to unpack that junk and trash at night and it can come back to haunt.


  29. Anonymous

    Its all true! Praise Jesus u r putting it out helps to know the truth the way and the light .amen and blessings to all. 📖 🌈


  30. Kelly

    Thank you for this. I believe and have been taught in my church everything you spoke of regarding spiritual warfare and the importance of fasting, praying continuously, calling on His name…. etc. I have dealt with sleep paralysis many times throughout my life. Today I experienced it when I was taking a nap. I heard voices, doors opening, footsteps, I felt a heavy presence around me, something holding me… I even felt something “scurry” across my body. It felt like multiple “things”. I can never open my eyes for more than a blink but this time I didn’t even try. I called out the name of Jesus in my head, got the ability to move my mouth and spoke his name out (it probably only sounded like a gurgle) but as soon as I did it I felt the presences leave. I literally felt something jump off me. I heard, what sounded like, something running away up my stairs. The sounds that were so loud and busy actually quieted down. This all happened in a matter of seconds, if that. I was able to wake up and I immediately got online and searched Demonic attack in sleep paralysis. I came across your blog. Thank you. There is power in the name of Jesus and He makes the darkness tremble. You speak truth in your writing. I feel better that I’m not alone. In the past I have never called on Jesus. Sometimes I just know it’s happening and I lay there until I am able to move. I have tried to fight but my body won’t move and I have no voice so I will just lay there until I am “released” so to say. It’s awful… but I know now it’s attack and it’s spiritual and with Jesus there is no war, only victory. This was confirmation for me. God is faithful.


      1. Thank you. I can relate very well with your experiences. Mine has started from a young age. It comes with many other dreams and visions. Snakes, children, babies, water, food, underground with ankle deep water, flying, rings, old hag, the top of a city wall, shopping mall, dead relatives, feces, rat and rats droppings, dogs, cats, tiger, man in tall hat and black attire.
        Seeing rape victim(my kid), murder victims(my kids), abused malnourished kids, accidents, being molested, snakes in my tummy, etc, etc, etc..
        I am listing it by the most frequent in all those decades.
        Someday, i will write it all together. Some dream journals are lost by now.
        Not all of the dreams are scary. Some are God’s warning.

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    1. Anon

      I have had sleep paralysis several times, mosltly occurring when physically exhausted after birth of children . The only thing that works is to hold your mind and demand the creature gone in The name of Jesus. At the moment I am reading a great deal about the wisdom of Sophia-Christos and the Etheric Christ. In doing so I am deepening an awareness of humanity but this is also bringing up a bit of a inner spiritual battle. It does help to say the Lord’s Prayer at night and meditate on the rose cross.


  31. potters hands

    These spirits of darkness are very real but they cannot hurt you. They have no power over you if you simply put this in Jesus’ hands. Your fear however is very powerful and they know this. The only prayer you need is the Jesus Prayer, Lord Jesus, have mercy. Just keep saying this. Make a habit of saying this throughout the day. You don’t need to know what these bugs are, why they are there or learn anything about them. Just put everything in the hands of Jesus. I promise this will work for you!


  32. Jill

    To Brittany: Confession would be a wonderful gift for you.
    Jamal, I wish you would study Roman Catholicism…The Blessed Mother only wants to lead people to Jesus, her Son. Catholics do not worship Mary, but we do honor her as the Mother of God. We also ask her to pray to Jesus for us…just like we ask friends to pray for us…why would we not want to ask the Mother of Jesus…who is so close to Jesus…to pray for us? God Bless you for working on leading people to Jesus…but I really believe you should study a religion more closely…read the fathers of the church…the apostles and more! You will see the a Catholic is a Christian. We believe that Jesus Christ is King and wants all of us to be with Him in eternity. His Mother, Mary, also wants to see us in eternity. If God thought that she was so special to make her the Mother of Jesus…we should also give honor to her…who only wants to see us get to Jesus. I wear a miraculous medal every day…reminding me that Mary (human) imitated Jesus most perfectly. Jesus was mortal on earth and divine. She prostrated herself before her Son and her goal was to always do the will of God…Mary’s goal is to help lead us to Jesus who is our Savior. She loves us as no other mother can love. Read about the miraculous medal. Pictures and icons and statues of Jesus and saints…why not? Do you not put out pictures/photos of family members/grandparents? Why do we do that? To keep them in our thoughts…to remind us of them. Pictures/statues remind us of their love for us. I want to surround myself with pictures that make me think of Jesus and all that is Holy. Saints also want to see us get to heaven and are always praying for us too. We all have a guardian angel…thank God. Jesus loves us. Love everyone and lead by example.


    1. DEAN

      Jill the Holy Spirit is what points us to Jesus, that is his job to testify of Christ…… I am sorry that you have been taught traditions of men thru the catholic church, but mens teachings are Nothing and Gods word is all in all, this is why it says All truth belongs to God…. youve been mislead by men…. have to call you on it…. let me ask you this… when God says: call no one father except your father in heaven and then the pope says call me father who is right in your mind? God or the pope? They both cant be right yet you as most catholics listen to the pope over God correct?


  33. Jill

    Jamaal: I do hope you will open your mind…as there are many things that I will agree with you on, but not on this topic. Even scripture states that we should honor Mary as our Mother and the Mother of our Savior:
    Luke 1:28 Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition (DRA)
    28 And the angel being come in, said unto her: Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.
    and Luke 1:42 New American Standard Bible (NASB)
    42 And she cried out with a loud voice and said, “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb!
    No matter what version you look at…the same thing is stated. She was blessed by God to be the tabernacle of Jesus. Can you imagine how holy she had to be, though she was a creature…to have God within her womb. Myself, I know that I am lowly and am such a sinner…although I have given my life over to God…I am still nothing in comparison with Him. Mary was the perfect imitator of Jesus…no one else can say that.
    Mary prays for us constantly and does not want to be worshiped. She only wants God – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – to be worshiped. Her goals is to lead us to God…to help us on our journey in this life to our final end – hopefully with our Lord and Savior. The commandments require that we worship God alone. Mary does, however, pray for us and just as I ask my friends and family to pray for me…I ask Mary, the angels and the Saints to pray for me. One can never have enough people praying for them.

    John 19:26-28 New American Standard Bible (NASB)
    26 When Jesus then saw His mother, and the disciple whom He loved standing nearby, He *said to His mother, “Woman, behold, your son!” 27 Then He *said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother!” From that hour the disciple took her into his own household.


    1. I never denied that Mary was blessed. She was indeed blessed. However there is not one commandment in the scripture where it reads for any Christian to pray to or worship Mary.

      Nor does the Bible read Mary was a perfect imitator of Christ. She was a sinner just like everyone else. In fact, she said Jesus was her Savior (Luke 1:47). Only sinners need the Savior.

      The Bible doesn’t read Mary prays for anyone. The Bible reads there one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus (1 Timothy 2:5).

      Please study your Bible without the lenses of the Roman Catholic church and repent of your Mary idolatry and become born again.


  34. Jill

    The information you have displayed on the given site is not what Jesus would want. Jesus loves His Mother and expects she is to be honored. Did you ever wonder if Jesus would be offended by a website that does not honor His Mother? She lived in constant conformity with the will of God. She was His first Apostle you could say. It saddens my heart that people do not understand the role of our Mother…which is to lead us to Jesus.
    If you look at all of the apparitions of Mary…nothing she says is about her. Her message is always one of penance and prayer. In the Gospels the word penance means a conversion of one’s life, a turning away from sin, and a turning back to God. As Our Lady insisted at Fatima: “Men must amend their lives, and ask pardon for their sins. . . . They must no longer offend Our Lord, Who is already so much offended”
    She is a Mother who only wants to see the best for her children. She wants us to get to Heaven!
    God Bless you and may you stay open and listen to what the Lord says to you. Nothing is a coincidence.
    Something else I thought you might find of interest is the book called Unbound – A Practical Guide to Deliverance by Neal Lozano. As you have mentioned, calling upon our Lord, Jesus Christ is most powerful.


    1. DEAN

      Jill, you are mispoken when it comes to mary, luke 1:47 – mary needs a savior – – – Luke 11:27-28 a women say blessed is the womb that bare they (mary) and Jesus repiled: yea RATHER blessed are they that do the will of God and keep it…. so anyone who does Gods will is more blessed than mary as mother….. when mary is outside the house where Jesus is and cant get in Jesus is told this and he replies: who are my mother and brothers? Everyone who does the will of God are my mother and brothers and sisters…. again Mary isnt given as special as mother over all believers who do Gods will….. that is if you go by Gods word and not things made up by the catholic church… no where in Gods word is mary to be worshiped or the mother of God since God is eternal and so was Jesus as the word….. traditions of men is what the rcc teaches…..unbiblical


  35. Kelli

    Brilliantly written and very powerful. It’s really hard to find this kind of information, as I’ve noticed many pastors just gloss over anything relating to demons. I have had almost identical experiences as the ones you have written, and for years. I opened up that spiritual door when I became involved in New Age practices, and it took YEARS to rid myself of all the evil. I wish people understood how profoundly dangerous that is.
    I still feel a demonic presence from time to time when I pray, but I haven’t had sleep paralysis (which I had almost nightly for about 5 years) since I renounced New Age practices and fully repented. I was so ashamed of all my sin that I couldn’t call out to Jesus because I knew I deserved what was happening to me. Now I know that isn’t true at all! If you experience demonic attacks of this nature, consider yourself BLESSED!!! It isn’t just God who sees your potential, Satan does as well and sees you as a threat. Repenting breaks the spiritual rights that the enemy has to torment you in this way.

    I would highly recommend “bondage breaker” by Neil T. Anderson for all those under demonic attack! If you have been involved in dark things, I would also recommend having someone around while you do it. I bought this book and was tormented day and night, unable to verbalize the prayers to renounce the demonic. When I did say it aloud, I was physically torment and my vision went dark (I was alone when I did it, which I don’t recommend!). Again, this all from practicing New Age. I cant stress it enough– stay FAR away from New Age practices (witchcraft).

    God Bless you guys!

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  36. Megan

    I have narcolepsy and experience sleep paralysis. I believe the science is correct but so is the spiritual experience. I believe when the science of your body malfunctions- like narcolepsy – it makes the person more perceptive and for a short time the vail between is lifted a bit. When I experience sleep paralysis I have even jumped out of my body and traveled, everything was exactly as it really was, I was seeing what really was- I wasn’t dreaming. I think that your anxieties, drug use, stress, depression, and overall unhealthy and “sinful” behaviors do increase the attacks for sure but again I think that the spiritual and the scientific explanations go hand in hand. They support each other not counter each other. If you are healthier and in a positive place spiritually then when you experience sleep paralysis you can control more- this is when I have jumped out of my body or gotten out of it faster. But I do not believe you expierence it solely because of sins. Again I have narcolepsy and it has many other very scientific side effects and this is one. Simply Praying is not going to take away my narcolepsy. Praying may help me maintain my narcolepsy by helping me feel spiritually healthy and strong. My only issue in reading this was when you pushed religious guilt instead of spiritual health. God is a loving father who wants to lead me to my best life possible not torture me for my wrong doings. Fear of God and guilt, and self hate only make you weaker and more of a target for these demons both on a scientific and a spiritual level.


    1. Anonymous

      Everything you described in this article I’ve experienced and I just woke up from one couldn’t sleep back. I screamed for my sister got up and banged on the doors and walls for them to help me and a voice said go back to bed you are still sleeping an as soon as i got on the bed I woke up. Demons are real but only by the name of Jesus will they leave. Repent and you will be saved.


  37. Kprincess

    Thanks for this info it was very useful. I just experienced my first ever demonic paralizing sleep moment. Like most others I have turned to Jesus complety for 2 to 3 years and counting. I have recently made the descision of moving from my city to a more traditional and peaceful one where I can raise my child in healthier surroundings far from huge discos, bars, tourism, drug gangs and killings. Two weeks ago a man was shot dead 100 meters from my house. That was the ultimate sign for me. I also have been preaching about Jesus on Facebook and helping others come back to the Truth. Last night I woke up at 1:00 am even though I take medication for sleep, I was terrified of what happened to me. I was shaken out of my sleep by the footsteps of somebody walking from my hall of bathroom towards my sofa that I sleep on (because of my acid reflux problem). I absolutely thought it was my husband, and my mind recognized the same foot pattern. When I was about to ask what was he doing up so late, my sofa started shaking softly and it was coming from behind of me. I also felt the most disgusting feeling of sexual activity. It was like some male energy masturbating behind me when I thought ” who are you? What is your name? What are you doing? I felt a pressure in my eyes while I wanted to turn behind and see who was there. I felt pressure in my eyes somebody was pressing down my eyes not letting me see. I tried to speak and the words came out like if I was drunk. Suddenly I got the strengh to bring out those same words louder ” who are you? What are you doing?!!! Then my sofa stopped moving, i opened my eyes and heard my mouth moving with words. It was gone. While that happened like for 1 min, in my mind that THING was trying to tell me in my mind with the words in spanish “Te estoy chingando” which is utterly a disgusting phrase that translates as “I am fuckkng whith you”. It was so horrible, i felt for sure it was demonic, it was so disgusting it was like the most filthy energy I have ever felt in my life. After the scare I called my husband he had gone to sleep in another room. I cried when I told him and he believed me. The weirdest thing was that this Thing had immitated the same sounds my husband makes when he walks to the bathroom where his closet is. So I know in my heart that this Thing was a Deciever a disgusting deceiver. I slept praying and crying because I just got to knew how evil can attack you. God bless you for your information. I live in Cancun, Mexico.


  38. womaninlovewithjesus

    Love reading how HE trained you up by allowing the enemy to attack you – and at the same time, he only allowed it enough for you to not be harmed and to learn all these things and become the expert and the blessing for others you are today!
    What a powerful testimony!
    I can relate to what you are saying and A LOT of what you are describing here sounds SO familiar – the enemy does operate in similar ways, even if he comes in different disguises… What I absolutely LOVE is that it’s such a “faith-booster” when you learn for 150% absolute certainty that demons, witchcraft and the devil are REAL.
    It is only ONE STEP further to realize that EVERYTHING GOD says in HIS WORD is TRUE, the absolute truth! I think it is really funny how the enemy drives us into OUR FATHER’s arms and lets us believe even deeper!
    Some of us are blessed to experience the darkness and to survive in order to tell the others all about it! And I can confirm from my experience as well that it is when you actually discover CHRIST and give your life to HIM when the attacks really BEGIN!
    Praise GOD for letting us have this deep insight into the world of darkness, plus the wisdom to know what is really going on and for getting us out of there, for letting us survive in order to tell the others all about it!
    I am sure many will read this and be blessed by it!
    GOD bless you for all the exposing and researching you do!
    I really hope and pray that many will find home through your work!


  39. DEAN

    Heres my problem with this, if you have the Holy Spirit in you theres no way demons can do this to you, never do we see paul or others attacked in physical manners from demons. When christians go to churches to be slain in the spirit, they may enter with the HS but once they invite the demonic spirit into them the HS leaves them, it doesnt share their body with a devil and then it has complete acess to you atleast until you repent – I was watching rodney howard brown (live broadcast) and he was just talking and no one was laughing, but across the bottom of the screen a tickertape was rolling and one said (were all laughing here in dayton (ohio) then I sense a terrible feeling and I didnt know what it was I said to myself (I dont like this) then in seconds I could tell it was trying to make me laugh, I said within myself (no way) I also saw a jagged circle in front of me and a wavey line which I took for a smile of sorts, after about 30 seconds it was gone, I had just studied holy laughter and knew it wasnt biblical but demonic and I had read you get an electricity feeling just before you start laughing… I know the HS stoped it for being able to enter me because even though I wasnt sure what was happening I had made the decision it wasnt of God and wasnt for me…. the jagged circle was that electricity but was outside of my body and couldnt enter….. I just dont buy that if you have the HS the demons can come and do this to you, no where is it mention in the word by paul or peter john or the rest who are saved…. i do believe that we can fall away (backslide) and the HS leave us and then you could have this happen… not calling anyone a liar Im just going by what I read in the word and not hearing them speak of it.

    I wouldnt know how anyone could ever have a life with Christ and also have this happen daily and then wake up or get up After the demon is done and thank God knowing it will be back… this is my take on it….. again if it is happening to you theres something else going on in your life to have constant demon attacks such as this…. the disciples cast out demons and never once do I recall them being attacked or bothered by them, they had the same HS that we have today… as far as my experience I invited the demon by watching a live broadcast, that was my fault…


    1. Christians can and have been buffeted by the enemy.

      2 Cor 12:7 “And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger [angel] of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure.”

      According to Strong’s Concordance a messenger can literally be an angel.

      So God allowed an angel of Satan to dwell in the flesh of Paul to buffet him.

      God allowed Satan to afflict Job, who was a blameless and upright man, with boils.

      I have cast demons out of perhaps of hundreds of people and I can say with confidence some are true born again Christians yet they were demonized. Many got demonized because of habitual sin or because of involvement with the occult or New Age prior to conversion.

      The Bible is clear Christians will go through trials. Some times God will use the enemy to put people through trials.

      “Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy” (1 Peter 4:12). Yes, those who truly live for Jesus Christ will suffer persecution in some form or another (2 Timothy 3:12).

      When I was getting attacked I wasn’t living in any kind of sin but instead seeking God with all of my heart, and fasting for days with heavy praying. It’s not an easy path to really live for Jesus Christ as the scriptures read “…Through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God” (Acts 14:22).


      1. Sybil

        Christian are the people that will often be attacked by the demons, because we set people free and this spiritual warfare is mostly to those who have a gift of discernment.

        If I happen to sleep in the witch’s house, the same night I become aware that there are witches in the house or if the neighbour is a witch I will know that same night.

        As Jesus was shown by the devil all his kingdoms that he can give to Jesus, it was not physical that Jesus was in those areas it was spiritual, as Jacob wrestled with the angel is was spiritual not physical and this is the same way we are attacked while we asleep.

        When Peter was on the roof and went into a trance.


  40. Chioma christy

    I have been having sleeping paralysis the moment I rededicated my life to God, I pray and study the word often, yet d demon won’t let me, last night it was a man who held my neck and refuses to release me, at a point while he was holding my neck I pretended like I wasn’t breathing again. Yet it refuses to let me Go, at a point I felt am not gonna make it bcoz it was so strong. But am surprised how I woke up. What can I do to push them back to d pit of hell for destruction bcoz I know right now I bear d mark of our Lord Jesus Christ I pray and study d word, I watch my daily act not to offend God, but still showing up

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  41. Heather Smith

    Sleep paralysis – Aug 8, 2018 – turned light on to write at 1:23am. Note – I was baptized on June 22, 2018. Prior to Nov 2017, I was an athiest, except more than that. My entire life (35 years old now) had believed in the devil but no belief in God and even thought Jesus and the Bible were made up stories for entertainment. I am SO Blessed and Grateful that Jesus opened my heart and showed me the Truth!!

    Had probably sat there on my bed prior to that for a good 2-3 mins telling the enemy to leave my house and God is with me and Jesus is Lord. I fell asleep about 12:50am bcuz I had sent some bday wishes to a friend at 12:48 and then passed out. I was 100% sober, felt good spiritually, had even discussed the Word of God with 3 friends that night (which actually is a normal night for me). Was awoken by nothing more than I can explain except sounds of fear or like terror. Heard screaming, and like shuffling or sounds of wings and growls. Was on the far side of my bed from my door and facing the window on my side with 1 arm under my pillow and the other arm up near my face. My bedroom door was half open. When I was awaken I couldn’t move any single part of my body except my eyeballs, nor could I speak (explained later what it felt like was coming out). I heard from the living room the sound of the floor creaking, like when someone walks, but I have carpet so typically you don’t hear the ground creaking sound with carpet, but that is what I heard. A few seconds later I also heard what sounded like someone knocking or tapping on a window or glass door (my back door maybe). As I’m laying there hearing the sounds (still hearing what is best described as terror or fear-like not actual screaming but I can’t explain it except by saying screaming and growls), I also felt like something was literally pulling me off of my bed onto the ground or just away from where I was (sounds weird but even though I couldn’t move my arms, it felt like they were moved from under my pillow and near my face and being pulled). And my entire body felt like it was just being pulled – like the feeling of falling when you wake up from dreams like that is the best way to say it. As that was happening I was trying to yell and scream and no words came out of my mouth, all I can think of that it sounded like was mumbling and not actual words. In my head I was trying to say “Go away Satan, you cannot have me, I am with God”. Kept trying over and over to say that (that’s what I tell my 3 year old to say when he’s scared of the dark, so that’s why I chose to say that, also bcuz I don’t feel like it was anything except the enemy trying to take me back). As I kept saying the words in my head and trying to fight it to be able to move, the pulling feeling had gone away and I noticed my room felt very dark, like no light was coming in from the window blinds or the living room and it felt like I was in a smaller space. In my head I was still repeating the same things that I have God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit and He wins every time and the fear started to subside. The whole thing lasted about what felt like 2 minutes maybe, and then I could finally speak. So the words I was repeating “go away satan, you cannot have me, I am with God” finally came out very loud, like I yelled it. And you know when you have that feeling of someone staring at you or in your presence, I felt that bcuz I even thought ok if that’s my 16 year old son that woke up and heard me he’s going to think I’m crazy how I just yelled that out loud. After that I could finally move my arms and head so I pushed myself up to look towards my door and the light started to show in my room and as I looked at my door it looked as if my door was moving except it wasn’t, it was just the dark shadows moving past the opening of my door. I kept saying out loud things like “get out of my house devil, you are not welcome here”, “Jesus is Lord” and “you cannot have me”, then after I saw the darkness across my door I look over to my window and saw very clearly dark shadows move across the outside from the left side of the window to the right side, as if someone was walking across the window outside.
    Waited about 1 more minute trying to figure out what the heck just happened and then decided I need to write this down immediately or else I’m going to forget exactly how it happened. So that’s when I turned the light on and wrote it down on paper (and the next morning transferred to my phone).

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  42. Tiffany A.

    J. Williams,
    I found your testimony compelling and very real and straight forward. Praise to God that I came across it. My husband and I recently turned our lives over to the Lord. We have been experiencing “supernatural” things. I would really like to hear your take on some things as a Brother in Christ who has experience and who is fully aware of the spiritual war going on. I would seem “crazy” even to the leaders we have in our church. Please get ahold of me at Thank you.


    1. Anonymous

      Born into a family of idolaters, but God called me out of the practice years ago. God is a really wonderful being, filled of love for us. He called me out of utter darkness to his glorious light. I am grateful! I have been having this sleep paralysis(I am usually oppressed by a succubus). I have even seen their faces while attacking me. I always have compulsive sexual blasphemous and evil thoughts. Before God drew me near, I had gotten myself involved in sorcery (probably introduced to me by a friend during my secondary school days). I really want to serve God in truth, but there is a lot of things holding me back. I can sense their presence while praying, at the time of sleeping,etc. I sometimes get breaks from their attacks. I need God to deliver me from them, and I guess I feel like I have a lot of battle to fight ahead.


  43. Love your blog. I stumbled on it last week while I was contemplating suicide. Just tired of all the demonic attacks…thank you for giving me some hope, and also a plan for how to address my issues.


  44. Growing up and when I was young in life I used to read A lot about the occult and I had terrifying dreams about it. When I was in my early early teens I thought I saw spirits trying to materialize in my room after I had gone to bed. Then I started to read my Bible and pray but I still don’t read the Bible and pray enough. I would like to talk to somebody about the problems I have these days. Do you people have someone I could talk to?


      1. I was attacked tonight. I woke and looked at the time, 3:27am. The dogs were even disturbed. I couldn’t stop floating, and someone was holding me from behind. I cried out to Jesus. it tried to cover my mouth, but drew it’s hand back off as if forbidden to keep me from speaking. There was more to it, but I don’t want to give it any glory by describing it’s actions. It’s 4:50am. I still can’t sleep. Found your article. It was comforting. Thank You. Odd thing is, I had had a pretty good day. No mentionable sins or negativity. I did remember my ex. I thought maybe that could’ve been the cause. he traumatized me, and I think his house was haunted. Anyway, it hasn’t happened to me in a long time, but tonight. Jesus, come soon.

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  45. B

    We are very much in a spiritual war against evil but sleep paralysis has been explained time and again by science. Unless that’s evil and demonic too! uh oh!!!!


    1. Andrew S

      Yes sleep paralysis is can be expalined by science, but if you are “scientific” you cannot objectively state the reason for sleep paralysis. Science shows us how the sun circles the earth, but does not give one reason for it….. Science tells us how, but rarely tells us why. The “why” is the realm of God.

      Additionally, , if you have sleep paralysis and cry out the name of Jesus while in the paralyzed state…you will snap out of it. To be scientific, this fact is verified by many accounts you can read and study.


  46. Melanie

    Very interesting, I came across this article in my search for why I keep praying out loud in my sleep. I can hear myself praying out loud and have had people around me who confirm it for me. I feel as though there’s a dark presence around me in my sleep. I find myself in my same environment that I’m sleeping in only conscious during my sleep and then all of a sudden, I begin praying out loud. At first it’s hard to get the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth out of my mouth because I feel oppressed, as if something is preventing me from speaking, but his name is so powerful that as I keep trying I eventually I’m able to say his name and then it becomes louder and easier to pray against the darkness that has approached me in my sleep. So I understand now because of this article that being born again and having my Holy Spirit protects me even in my sleep so that I rebuke demons in prayer out loud during sleep, and it’s such a beautiful feeling to know that I am protected in Jesus name.

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    1. When I experience sleep paralysis, I too find it very difficult to get the name of Jesus out. Why is that?

      I’m so thankful and blessed to have found this website. I am 48 and became a Christian when I was 30. I have experienced sleep paralysis mostly after I’ve gotten closer to God, but sometimes for no reason. I hate it.

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  47. Hazel

    The Bible says in the book of Revelation there was war in heaven and Michael and his angels fought with the devil. And his place was not found in heaven. Michael the Arch Angel the means the leader or ruler of Angels Rev 12 vs 7.And Daniel started to pray but the bible says an angel was fighting the prince of Persia. Who is the devil. The Greek word En morphed meaning changing masks. Under stand that Jesus Christ came through generations in many forms he changed his masks.In the book of Genesis he was Melchizedek the great prince. He came in the flesh to Abraham and ate food and gave the promise of the child. To Moses he was the law giver. Rev 10vs 1 he is the mighty angel clothed with a cloud and a rainbow was upon his head. Rev 5 the lion of the tribe of Judah John cries and says he Saw a book sealed with seven seals but no man was worthy to open it.Rev 6 the lamp slain as the seals opened.Rev21 he is the first and last Alpha and Omega. In exhaustible names of Jesus. He is the lily of the vale, the Rose of Sharon, The bright and morning star.He is the Holy Ghost the bible says l will be in you . If you are in a battlefield call Michael if in need of healing ask God to send Raphael.Gabriel is the messenger. I am a Christian fighting generational curses and spirits that’s how l came to read your post. Great victories indeed. Through his Grace his will show you more of these things.


  48. Learning to stand

    I would suggest asking the Father to cover the doorpost of your heart with the blood of Christ that the destroyer might pass over. I would also ask him to give you the mind of Christ (the word), the heart of Christ ( the word) the belt of truth ( the word) the gospel shoes of peace ( the word) the sword of the spirit ( the word ) and the shield of faith, before going to sleep. I also ask that God would give me victory over my adversary (persistent widow).
    Undivided loyalty, no deceit, no reserve
    I also ask that God would break the power of whatever it is that is attacking me through temptation, etc.


  49. Melody Morrison

    I’ve experienced sleep paralysis since age 4. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you telling me God was trying to drag my evil toddler soul down to the depths of hell. Your shrink certainly must indeed enjoy a challenge.


  50. Anonymous

    After sleep paralysis, when you can actually speak – rebuke the enemy and then walk about your house boldly declaring aloud that you are a child of the MOST HIGH KING – and then praise Jesus and thank Him for His death and resurrection etc. The demonic kingdom HATES it when you praise The Lord. You will notice a ‘shift’ in the atmosphere when you do this and you may feel the presence of the Holy Spirit as you pray. Also, cover yourself in the Blood of Jesus and claim a shield of protection around you and your home (and others in your home). Do this also before you go to bed/sleep, as well as meditate on God’s Word. Remember to put on your full spiritual Armour of God, at night before bed and first thing in the morning… as you ‘crush’ the enemy with every footstep, all the way to the bathroom! It is powerful. Blessings to you all.


  51. Kyoung

    This is a very excellent piece of work. Thank you for taking the time to document this truth. For all who need more understanding and proof of demons and how they operate you can read the book Pigs in the Parlour…i stumbled upon this article after experiencing sleep paralysis last night after engaging in warefare moments before.

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  52. Carol Cobiskey

    Please pray for my Granddaughter Kayla Noreiga she has sleep paralysis and has it were she cannot move or speak trying to help her but really only know is to call on Jesus In her mind using her mind to rebuke the demon that trys to control her


    1. We hear about cases of evil spirits that some have been unable to cure. We offer assistance in treating these conditions. Most of them are envious human beings or magic acts against a particular person. Anyone who wants to communicate with us let us write to the following address


  53. Tessa

    “The spirit of God lives in me & where the spirit is there’s liberty”. The power of God, the blood of Jesus & the presence of the Holy Spirit have kept me safe for about 30 years of struggles against the power of occult people whom I have come across in my life. There has always been these aggressive efforts to enroll me into their cult, as you said Satan is fiercely looking to snatch Christians into their cult. It is sad that Christian churches & families have become so lost in secular lives, they don’t know, see , understand or believe in the world of occult evil all around us,& in spite of open evidence & acclamations. Christian teachers also failed to teach the faith in great depth for members to fully appreciate the struggles we live in against evil powers all around us. As these churches become more irrelevant in the lives of people, they continue to lose new generations of members. Thank God for the life, teachings & blood of Christ in our lives. Thank you too for your detailed analysis & explanations.


  54. Marie-Elaine

    I’ve had sleep paralysis for years and the first time it happened I wasn’t even sleeping nor in my bed! I was 26 and living in London (UK) at the time, was alone at home and had this phrase going through my head, sort of testing to see if the devil exists (I know now, bad idea) by repeating ‘The devil can’t speak clearly like we can’. And then he spoke audibly to me in a voice like a small man: ‘Yes I can’ and I started feeling strong electricity over my body and getting gradually paralyzed from head/chest downwards. I kept telling it to leave in Jesus name through my lips that could hardly move and saying the Our Father. It left in less than a couple of minutes but it was very scary. All the other times happened when I was in bed but not asleep yet and would always leave after I told it to repeatedly. Then, one night, it happened, I had lost all fear because I knew my authority in Jesus’s name. But this time it was different, it felt like there were a few of them walking on my bed around me, and I briskly flew my bed cover in the air while telling them to leave in Jesus’s name and felt power and the glory of the Lord in my body!!! All of those demons left and didn’t return… I believe it was because I didn’t fear them anymore.

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  55. Joy

    First of all, I love what you have written here it is so improtant that people know this! What do you know about hypnogogic hallucinations? Ever since I stopped having the real (and truly terrifying) sleep paralysis a few years ago (only happened a few times when I was younger), I still tend to feel myself “falling” into the state before I fall asleep, but I can usually strain my body to move and wake up. It is in this state of what I believe is called Hypnogogic or hypnopompic hallucinations that I am aware of my surroundings and aware that I am half asleep and half awake. There have been weird times when lust has kinda taken over and I fall into what I think is a trap to get me into sleep paralysis state. It is a weird dream like state where I can kinda control what happens and create a dream scenario and actually physically feel in my body what I am creating in my mind (It had usually been lust filled fantasies and such). However, these desires are so strong when I am in this state it is actually so hard to stop them. I can literally feel my body getting heavier and feel myself going “deeper” into a weird state if I continue with the lust filled dreams. If I give in to my “urges” then I feel this starting to happen. I am completely aware that I am going deeper and then eventually I force my body to wake up to avoid getting caught in sleep paralysis and losing all control. I find this so confusing because I want to understand what it is. Is it science? I feel like it is wrong and that it is not right and I know it is not what God wants and it hasn’t happened in awhile. I felt dirty after I would actually wake up. I know that I can physically force myself awake or pray to God for help and it goes away and I can sleep normally. I just want to know your opinion because nobody ever talks about my specific situation, and I want to know if it is science or demonic beings trying to tempt me and make me fall into sin.


  56. Joy

    I was also hoping you might be able to pray for my friend Nan who has been struggling with sleep paralysis for years. She has narcolepsy which makes it worse and is the reason she has it almost every night. I can’t even imagine having it almost every single night.


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  58. Steven

    I have had ONE experience. I knew right away when the voice in my head was no my own. I had no function of my body or any ability to open my eyes. It was just the darkness in my mind where no thoughts could happen except my internal voice and that other voice.

    My mom is close to the lord and she raised me to seek God on my own though hearing… as faith comes from hearing.

    From her I learned that on tv and in songs sometimes people practice REAL magic and say real magic words and that those words have real power if you listen to them and repeat them and hear them…..

    I thought of that when I was having this experience…

    I immediately did the “lalalalalalalalalala I can’t hear you” thing with my internal voice while also praying in Jesus name to be free of the evil and to have control.

    I think it was important not to hear or listen to that spirit. Do not entertain it, do not give it a footing in your ears or eyes or heart or flesh…..

    All of these folks keep talking of praying and I agree to an extent. I’ll never tell anyone not to pray. …… Matthew 6:7 “But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.”

    It is not the quantity that matters so much as the quality of your faith.

    There are places I remember reading though not where…. where Jesus was among other people and sick or blind would come to him and he would mention that if they had faith, it would be so.

    In Jesus name is all the power we need to ask given onto us, to surround us, to protect us, to cleanse us. Let not your faith come out weak and not effective, let out all of it. Let it exist and flow though and around you.

    Also, never be prideful of this power of God’s. We are not here to taunt demons.

    God puts his power through us but it is not ourselves. WE are to be humble. Pride is another ledge a demon can sleep on.

    Rebuke and cast out the spirit of evil but do not give it a place to stay in your thoughts. Clean house. Do not hate for those evil spirits because that is what they like.

    And if your faith is strong your fear is changed to empowerment as you feel it through you. it is not of you, it is Of the Lord.

    In Jesus name I pray, if it is God’s will, that you feel empowered in faith and not prideful but calmly able to walk in the full armor of God.
    Ephesians 6:10-18 King James Version (KJV)

    10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

    11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

    12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

    14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

    15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

    16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

    17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

    18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;


  59. Abisoye chinwe

    I am a believer. I back slides then everyone I tried to ask for forgiveness, something tells me I have not gotten rid of all my sins. It bordered me. I forgave my husband, then I read in the Bible where Jacob asked for mercy and sent the enemy away. I did same around 2 in the morning, before then,I woke up by 12 speaking in tongues and declaring God salvation over my life. So now I made the prayer Jacob made, and began calling names of spirit to get out of my life; lying, anger, covetousness etc. I laid down again feeling relieved and set free. I immediately entered a dream at the end a big hand embraced me from the back grabbing my neck. I could hardly breathe. I began from inside to call the name that is above every other name JESUS! Until the name came out of my lips and the hand and power was lifted. I got and spoke “he that the lord has set free is free indeed”, I declared “what ever I bind on earth is bound, what ever I loose on earth is loose says the word of God” ” in the name of Jesus Christ I bind every foul spirit that came to press me down in Jesus name, I resist you in Jesus name, and I cast you into the dry places in Jesus name. The atmosphere became so clean again my chest received a burst of clean air. I also had similar attack for some years after I first gave my life to Christ, then I realized Satan hates me saying ” I belong to Jesus Satan leave me alone” every time I got out of such attacks. Now I know it is because I made a choice for God he gets angry and tries to plant fear in me. I will put on my whole armour with the help of the holy Spirit .Heaven and hell is real beloved. Accept the lordship of Jesus Christ and live. To the writer of this page may God mercy keep you always till we meet at his feet thank you for helping me with some answers about this oppression. May the lord oppress all our oppressors like king David prayed amen.

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  60. Bex

    Thank you for sharing that. I have had a few experiences. I must admit, it hasn’t been an ongoing chronic problem, but it occurs occasionally and is highly distressing when it does. One example was I became aware that something was over me with very abnormally long skinny arms and it was (this will sound insane) combing my hair. I do not recall a face or how it looked, but the long arms and hands. Awful. As soon as I became aware that something weird was happening and became alert to this, it stopped what it was doing and immediately pinned my arms down and held me there. I could not move or yell out for help. I was paralysed and very afraid. I then cried out, more in my mind, and tried to mouth a prayer and it worked. It went away. Next night, I was awakened by tapping at the front door at around 4 am. I had a very bad feeling. I froze and then heard a loud bang at my window. I lay and froze and did not move. Still do not know who or what that was, but I did not go and find out.The next night I was sleeping and became aware of a presence again. This, whatever it was, literally jumped hard onto my bedroom floor (as if it was jumping off something). The longer I lay there, the worse things were getting. It then began to let out a horrible sound. Somehow, I was able to get up and run out of my bedroom. This was quite some time ago now.

    Well, I’ve just had another one, which brought me to this website. I thought I woke up, but was obviously still in that twilight zone between wake and sleep. It sounded like my Mother was talking, but I realised it was not logical (she’s in a home with dementia). I then attempted to turn around and take a look and that was it. I was literally leapt on by some huge, black blocky entity. Did not detect any facial features, but it was very big and black. I was held down and could not yell out or move. Again, I managed to slur the words, “Help me Jesus” and then began to say a hail Mary, then it went away. I could hear my own voice and how slurred I sounded. I had the sense of fear but also resignation, as I knew I was unable to fight this thing and it was in God’s hands.

    My very first encounter, which I won’t go into as it’s very personal and embarrassing, I tried to yell out to my Dad for help. I was unable to move or use my voice. Things grew worse and worse and nothing worked. This thing had total control and I had none. I was terrified. It was, again, only when I managed to mouth the words “God” which I did about three times, it went away. Not only did it go away, but even the fear associated with it was removed. I am a bit apprehensive at the moment, as I fear the one I had early this morning may mean there is more to come. In the past, it’s happened in a kind of cluster……

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  61. DD Johnson

    I began experiencing demons when I began to get serious about seeking God, and truly devoting my life to Jesus. I would hear something walk into my room while I was sleep, however I would not be paralyzed, & I would not be out of my body as I have researched and read others say. I would just be laying in my bed, not physically awake, more like spiritually awake. I could hear them walk in, their footsteps, or just the sound a person would make if they walked into your room. Sometimes I would hear the door open. I am no okay and was living in the barracks at the time,
    so at first I thought it was my roommate or someone coming in doing room inspections. But I would physically wake up and see noone. So then I attributed it to a dream. But as I got closer to God, and my mentor, a true Prophet of The Lord, I began to understand it was demons. I was never afraid, more-or-less startled when it would happen because it would sound and feel so real. Then I fell back into sin with my boyfriend, (currently my ex- husband ). And the visitations turned sinister. He was an unbeliever, though he claimed to know God, and I had no business in a relationship with him. I would see these detestable demons, in their full form. They are different shapes and sizes. Once while laying in bed a demon crawled into the room and it crawled on top of me and began to “suck” on me. I can describe it looking like Hexus from the 90s movie Ferngully. That was the only terrifying experience. Again I was not physically awake but I saw it vividly. I yelled at it to get off me and called on Jesus, it then like raised up and backed up off me. I woke up physically and freaked out. I was in sin and I had opened the door for that demon. I agree, they are disgusting and you feel so violated to be touched by them. A lot has happened since that experience. I married, had a baby and got divorced all in disobedience to God (except my baby was the blessing out of the mess). My husband was in deep spiritual bondage, depression, anger, demonic video games, just so much. God said it’s time to leave. So at 6 months pregnant packed up and left. I also separated from family and friends. Noone in my life truly wants God. They pretend they do but they live for themselves, not surrendered.
    Over the course of two years God has been delivering me of not only my sin and bondage but also generational curses and occult curses. I had to separate to get untied from everything, much fasting and prayer. I was doing Daniel fasts all through pregnancy because everything tied to you is tied to your child. I had to totally separate from him, but when I started talking to my ex-husband about the baby and sharing pictures, etc., I would have spirits that looked like him come and hug me at night. Same with family. It would make me so angry because I knew what they were, soul ties and whatever he was dealing with. I felt so guilty keeping my daughter away from Him, but when it’s spiritual life and death you do what you must. I could only text him & send photos, because talking on the phone/ video and seeing him in person would put me right back tied up. Then God moved Him out of state, 3 states over to be specific. When you disobey God you put yourself in a mess, you hear me!? But His grace and mercy!!! I have just recently surrendered myself to Jesus, I have come to the end of myself. I can do nothing without Him. I don’t want to make another decision, take another step, or raise my baby without Him. I need Him and He has shown me so much mercy and grace, it’s unbelievable!!! I found your post because I have ramped up my praying and fasting & it is happening again. I just wanted to research more. Thank you for your post.


  62. Anonymous

    Hello I’m experienced sleep paralys 2years ago. I opened my eye in morning. but i can’t move and speak. someone is on my body. and something like dark tunnel like thing was near my leg.
    and strong power grab my legs and pulled my body into dark tunnel. I’m scared. and cried out Jesus help me! and soon that phenomenon stopped.

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  63. Jontue King

    I can relate to almost everything you’ve written. I’ve had many encounters with sleep paralysis and with seeing spirits in real life.  When I was younger I can’t remember a time when I ever really experienced sleep paralysis, but they began occurring in 2017. I was raised in the church and I’ve known the Lord my entire life. I’ve of course, backslidden over the past 40 years of my life and made terrible choices. I went through the whole period of rebelling against my faith. Id get really close to the Lord and then get pulled back into the world.

    I’ve had so many experiments Im not really sure where to begin and I’m sure I’ll leave most of them out because only a few really stand out. In 2017 I had my boyfriend move in with me and we had a rocky relationship. He was ex-Army infantry and struggled from PTSD his anger was trouble and we fought all the time. Towards the end of our relationship I began having dreams of God warning me to have my boyfriend leave my home. I didn’t listen,  even though I’m a dreamer and that’s is the way God has always communicated with me. After some time I began having sleep paralysis. Id have it at night and even if I took a nap while studying for my college exams. At first it was just paralysis and id always call on Jesus and come right out of paralysis every time. Then they began to become more vivid. I’d see a demon and it only looked black with no face, just a black figure. I began to pray more intensely after that began to happen. This soon became more real as this particular demonic spirit would come while I was awake and I could feel it’s presence, especially in one area of my room. I began to tell my boyfriend about the occurrences and told him I thought it had something to do with him being there (he was an unbeliever). Our arguments heightened and my occurrences increased. I had a dream one night that we were lying in bed and as I began to come out of the dream and awaken I was pulled into paralysis and he was laying beside me,  the spirit was in that particular area of my room standing and looking at us,  and I was trying to tell him to wake up and look but he was sleep. I was moving my arms and trying to move but he didn’t wake up. I called on the Lord and I came out of it.  I woke him up and told him something was in the room and he didn’t believe me. After that I began to sleep on the couch and one night I was watching TV and in my dining room there was a chair with a booster seat on it that my son used to sit on to eat. While watching TV the booster seat fell out of the chair right in front of me. I was terrified. I went to sleep and had a dream of that same demon.

    In the dream I was in my room and it was in the corner. My boyfriend was asleep and I was lying beside him. I woke him up and he saw it. We tried to run out the room and it tried to block us. Once we got outside the room it slammed the door shut behind us and my boyfriend was trying to open it up again. I stood behind him saying Jesus over and over again and I finally woke up from the dream. I was so afraid of everything that had happened that I went into the room to sleep in the bed with him so id feel safe and this was the WRONG thing to do. I had hardly closed my eyes when I went immediately into paralysis. I was not even sleep all the way. I was lying on my right side with my back towards the edge of the bed. I felt a hand on my back and then a finger go down my spine and press into the middle of my spine and then a finger inside of my ear. I called on the Lord and I woke up. I could still feel where it had touched me on my back as if someone pushed you and you could still feel where they touched you. I was crying hysterically and terrified. I ran outside the house and sat on my porch and it was about 330am. My boyfriend came out and I told him what happened. I was so afraid that it scared him too. I kept telling him, “you have to leave!” And ” there’s something in the room”. I stayed outside all night crying so hard. But then I heard the Lord say,  “don’t be afraid”. I immediately stopped crying. He told me this had to happen because I had a gift to see the spirit realm and i shouldn’t be afraid. The next day,  we agreed he would leave. He eventually left but the spirit didn’t.

    I refused to sleep in my room or on the couch so I tried sleeping in my son’s room because he had twin beds. But the paralysis kept coming over and over and over again. Id see lights and figures and red symbols on the wall. I had vivid dreams and the feeling was so dark. I was in constant prayer and I had rededicated my life to Christ. I spoke in tongues and prayed throughout the house and the attacks just escalated. Finally,  I decided to move. We moved to a new condo and for a while nothing ever happened.

    Then a couple years later I started talking to an ex that I knew the Lord did not agree with because when we were together before in 2014 I was having dreams about wolves coming from around him and I knew it meant deciet. I left because the Lord was so serious about us not being together that id have dreams every night about it. Once we broke up the dreams stopped. Well, we were back together and I went through a period of peace but then everything hit the fan. I began having paralysis again in my condo. I knew from the beginning it meant we weren’t supposed to be together but I stayed. I had dreams over and over and it was all overwhelming. I tired sleeping on my couch and even in my daughter’s room and nothing stopped them. I’d see spirits while I was awake, out the corner of my eye. In my paralysis I’d hear static and see the same black figure as before. I knew it had returned, but I wasn’t afraid because of what the Lord had told me,  but I still wast listening to his warnings. Then one day I was about to lay down on my couch to sleep and as soon as my eyes closed I saw my boyfriend sitting at my feet and immediately, within seconds,  he turned into a demon and jumped at me. I immediately opened my eyes and no one was there. I wasnt even sleep yet when it happened, I had only closed my eyes. Finally, I  broke up with him and it stopped. All the paralysis stopped immediately.

    But, recently there was an occurrence a few days ago which lead me to this post today. I’ve been walking with the Lord heavy for a while now, no dating, no sex,  and teaching my children about the Lord. I’ve also continued to have the Lord speak to me through dreams, but mainly about his coming and about things in my life. My dreams are lucid and I keep a dream diary because they also come to pass so I keep a record of them. I’ve always been deep in my Word despite my setbacks with sin. I’m very open with people about my walk with the Lord and how much he’s forgiven me and yet still used me for the Kingdom. I consume my days with prayer, reading,  listening to worship music,  and watching Christian shows. I’ve left the world and grown so very very close with the Lord. He’s spoken to me audibly and I’ve had experiences with hearing my prayers go up to heaven,  something I still can not explain. With all these things, there is no one and nothing that could ever convince me that God is not real. I’ve seen way too much and he’s moved in miraculous ways throughout my entire life. I’ve been given a burden for the church and restoring it to resemble what the Lord intended it to be without traditions and man made laws. I’ve seen how God uses those who seem so undeserving and you’d think he’d use those who were goodie two shoes, but he’s used me and I’m not worthy to be used by him. There’s something about the lowley in heart that he loves, we’re like an empty glass that can be filled to the brim. He’s drawn close to tax collectors,  prostitutes, murderers, and adulterers all throughout the Bible revealing his power and turning the lives around of those you’d least expect. He’s allowed me to see what so many believe isn’t real, and so,  I can not deny Him. Id be saying I’m crazy if I did. His love for me has been so rich and so deep throughout my life and coincidence may be real, but coincidence doesn’t occur over and over and over again. I’ve heard him speak to me as I cry and immediately calm me. I’m a regular human being and yet I’ve experienced the Lord in tangible ways, just like a mother holds her child when they are afraid, he’s held me that close.

    Some people he will draw closer to the spirit realm because they can take the pressure without folding. They can see the unseen without running and so,  he can reveal to them things that he can’t reveal to others. When I was younger I remember a lady in my church saying she could see the spirit realm and i remember saying to myself,  “I never want to be able to do that”. And here I am,  living what I didn’t want to see. But he’s given me strength to endure it. I have a curiosity towards it now and I feel honored to be chosen by him to have this responsibility and purpose.

    With all that being said,  a few days ago I had a pipe break under the floor of my closet in my condo and I couldn’t sleep in my room becaue there was flooding and the floor was damp. I decided to sleep in my daughter’s room because she’s 18 and some nights she stays at her dad’s house while she prepares to go to college. Typically at night I’ll read my Bible and I’ll almost always fall asleep with my worship music playing while I’m asleep. I had come to realize I slept better with the music on and it’s one way my paralysis had stopped in the past so I made it a habit. I got my things together and went into her room and I was reading with the lamp on and my music playing and I must have drifted off to sleep at some point. I went into paralysis and I was met with a spirit I had never seen before. It was beating me over and over again, very angry, and trying to harm me. I said Jesus over and over and it continued. I tried to reach for the lamp to knock it onto the floor to get my son’s attention in the other room but I couldn’t reach it because of the paralysis. I looked at the spirit and I kept trying to mumble Jesus and finally after some time I broke from the paralysis. This has occurred so many times that I’m no longer troubled when it happens,  but I KNOW it’s a demonic attack. So I’ll usually think of WHY its happening rather than be afraid. I got up, got my things,  and went into my room. A friend of mine had sent some anointing oil in the mail a few weeks ago and I’ve never really known how to use it or even known if I should use it because I’m very careful about handling things that pertain to God. But I grabbed the oil and I prayed over it and then went throughout my house speaking in tongues and anointing all the doorposts in the house. I prayed and went to sleep. No paralysis. When I woke up I started thinking of why it happened and the fact that my daughter had previously told me she didn’t like sleeping in her room. So initially upon searching the internet I was looking for things pertaining to “one room causing paralysis”. Then I decided to freshen up my understanding of demonic warfare and stumbled upon this post. It was refreshing because I’ve experienced so many things you’ve written about. Even about the spirit following me into my new condo and the heightened warfare as I drew closer to the Lord. I still can’t think of what has caused it this time expect that my daughter must have been around someone who she shouldn’t have been and then came into the house. I’m very careful about who comes into my home but if we participate in an activity then spirits can attach onto us and we can bring them in,  which is what I think she might  have done.

    I’m very blessed to know that God warns me of demonic spirits in my house. I can typically tell when something isn’t right in my house. I can feel it. I’m very sensitive to these things, but I hadn’t been in her room in a long time. It obviously wasn’t happy with me being in there. What is scary is that some people aren’t sensitive and they never know when something is off. I’d rather know! The Lord makes us brave and courageous. All these experiences have confirmed my faith in Him and solidified the fact that he exists. Every time it happens it boosts my faith in him, doing the opposite of what these spirits hope to accomplish. Just as I feel them, I also feel Christ. If there are unbelievers reading this I pray your hearts are open to the Lords call on your life. If you’re struggling with paralysis its so important you sift through what you’re doing and what those around you are doing so you can see what the cause is and if you’re one of the faithful in Christ and your experiencing this, please know the Lord is giving you a view into his world so you are 100% sure it exists. Take it as a blessing and pray for strength and courage because he wants to use you in a mighty way.

    I never wanted to be able to see these things. I think of that day when I heard that lady describe what she would see when she was looking into the spirit world, and I’m not talking about seeing dead relatives, those are demons disguised as light and loved ones, but I’m talking about seeing angels and demonic spirits. That wasn’t a world I ever wanted to see. I would have rather preferred to just be ignorant to it and not be exposed to it in that way, but the Lord had other plans for me. I’ve since learned that I can hug people and feel their pain or their joy. I can tell if someone is demonic or if they are wolves hiding in sheep clothing. I can hear a story and immediately tell if it’s a lie. I can see visions and while praying I can feel myself before God. I am sensitive to changes in the environment or when I walk into houses or businesses I can feel the spirits that are in there. This isn’t some mysticism it’s the Lords gift. We can’t confuse his gifts for satanic cults and sayonces. Venturing into those domains without the Lord is a death trap. Only the Lord is strong enough to protect us from evil. This may seem like hocus-pocus to unbelievers but if you’re reading this then I’ll assume you’ve had your experience with paralysis and you’ve seen some things that are disturbing. You can face those things on your own or you can have a defender and a conquer to stand and fight for you; his name is Jesus. It’s your choice, but either way your denying the spirit realm, doesn’t make the truth unreal, the truth will always be the truth. This may happen to believers but we are protected and yes, we are targeted if we are truly living for God or a threat to the enemy. The enemy can see the light on us even if we can’t,  even in our sin, he sees what we are capable of if we ever truly surrender to God. He fights it but there is no fear for those who are in Christ.

    Tonight I’ll listen to my music or the audio Bible and I’ll sleep. If paralysis comes then I’ll let the Lord fight and I’ll watch as they release me unharmed and unshaken and unbothered. If God be for me, WHO can be against me?!

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  64. Renee

    Hi Jamaal. Thank you for sharing your story. I have been doing warfare against witchcraft spirits, sleep paralysis, spirit of incubus(sex demons a.k.a marine spirits) and have renounced sins, broke generational curses and strongholds, cast out demons, broke hexes, said some prayers from. John Ramirez and others from your website. I have been going through what you went through sleep paralysis since I been saved(2006) and the sex attacks from incubus (since 2017)..Have not been able to sleep for the 3 years.The Holy Spirit has been helping me with open doors and sins since I started a online discipleship course about 8 weeks ago. Been praying & fasting a lot lately, reading the word morning and night, cleansing my home of demonic objects, evangelizing and passing out tracts very heavy since last year, turning away from sin, etc. and the demons still have been attacking and it got worse. I cried out to Jesus for help and deliverance and the Holy Spirit led me to watch John Ramirez on YouTube last night (that’s how I found your website)because I believe that a witchcraft spell was cast on me that destroyed my marriage and relationships.The Spirit kept telling me that either I or my ancestors had opened the door to witchcraft in my life through listening to secular music years ago, dabbling in the occult through horoscopes, watching horror movies, abortion, drugs, visit root worker/witch doctors, participating in Halloween, etc.. I was hearing demonic voices from inside me, having satanic visions, etc. The demon was stalking me and would not leave me alone. I prayed the prayers from Unmasking The Devil excerpt by John Ramirez from your website and feel relief. Praying that all doors are shut now. Feeling a little PTSDish(casted out that devil, too) from the last 5 years of attacks from witchcraft and sex demon attacks.I will continue to fight until I am demon and stronghold free. Jesus died to set me free and I will fight to the death to be delivered. I will not stop until all doors are shut. Greater is he who lives in me than he that is in the world! Keep fighting saints! This battle is not ours but the Lord’s!

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    1. controversialchristian1

      I’m going through similar things, Renee. Please hold on to the LORD!

      Have Bibles around, have them as apps on your phone, be around and pray with other Christians. Pray psalms like 41, 51 and 91. Demonic possession and oppression is awful, even for believers who are not fearful or shocked about the reality of the demonic realm, but the struggle against their many attacks and devices.

      I will pray for you. Please pray for me! Hold onto the Lord, whatever happens!

      Fear God and love Him! He will protect, save and uphold you and bring you better days and a better future.

      God bless.



  65. samu3

    Absolutely agree. I have sleep paralysis when i commit sexual sin but dont have them when i dont. I literally felt a being coming under my covers when i sin. I have two questions: why is it that others do not experience this but they engage in a lot of sexual sin. Some I know go to church and engage in sexual sin like its nothing and are not tormented after. Second question, after i commit sexual sin, I repent and ask God for forgiveness but I still have sleep paralysis. Guess was thinking that repenting will prevent it from happening.

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    1. david

      Hey samu3, I feel your questions. The people who don’t experience sleep paralysis during sin are not a threat to the kingdom of darkness. You can even go as far as to say that they are part of that kingdom. If you have sleep paralysis even after repentance like you and I have, it is most likely a trial period, God wants you to learn spiritual warfare and fight back like the soldier you are. See Ephesians 6:12-18 and 1 Peter 5:8-11. You can also click this link by Jay for open doors to demons – >
      I love you samu3.

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  66. Caitlyn

    I was demonically attacked during a false awakening dream. I fell asleep and dreamt of a brighter version of my home. My “husband” was doting on me, and everything was too perfect. I knew I was dreaming. I told him I wanted to wake up and go back to our real life. He took me to a field outside of our home and it was filled with yellow flowers, my favorite color. He said “look at what I did for you. Don’t you want to stay with me here?” I hugged him and wanted to wake up. I did wake up, back in my home, but this time it was darker. The colors were muted and gray. It was like there were cobwebs everywhere, and I could hear static. My husband came in, and he looked and acted off. I told him I was really ready to wake up, I knew it wasn’t him. I said again that I wanted to go back home. I couldn’t move this time, and I knew I had a false awakening. Suddenly I began levitating up my stair case and into my bedroom. I was stricken with fear and trying to wake myself up. I was calling for my dream husband to help me, and he was gone. I levitated over my bed and couldnt move, but looking to the side I could see a demon staring at me in the corner. It was a black humanoid figure, with black aura radiating from it. Truly, it was more terrifying than any depiction I’ve ever seen of a demon. I don’t think I could recreate it or have imagined it if I tried. I knew without a doubt that it was a demon. I knew I wasn’t dreaming it up, I knew I was being attacked in my dream by a demon who was keeping me captive in my own head. The room was gray there were no colors. The demon was WEARING a mask of my husbands face. It was not my husband or pretending to be, it was mocking me. It moved over my body and started to rape me. I began crying out to Jesus to save me from this demonic attack and to wake me up. I did wake up , as soon as I called upon Christ. I remember having faith and KNOWING that God would help me. All I had to do was call upon him. I’ve never been more convinced in my life that it wasn’t a nightmare. That demonic entity and attack was nothing I could have possibly imagined. It was beyond my worst nightmare, I was attacked and held hostage. It was mad that I recognized it in the first dream as not being my husband and agreeing to stay. It was trying to trick me, I’m not sure why. I don’t know what it would have obtained if I agreed to stay in a “perfect” version of my own life. I had this dream less than a month after dedicating my life to Christ and being baptized. It’s no coincidence- I used to lead a very ungodly life. I wasn’t raised to be religious. I used to practice Wiccan witchcraft as a teen. I literally made blood sacrifices to spirits that I thought would give me what I desired, at the time. They actually did… I had real faith in these entities. I had no idea how ignorant and stupid I was. I did not know God. I knew he existed, but I rejected him. I blamed him for my hardships and traumas in life, and unknowingly, was worshiping the devil and calling upon demons. I was demonically possessed at a young age. I know because I began to cut myself a lot and enjoyed it. The demons left me alone then because I was working against God and rejecting him. I wasn’t scared of them. As soon as I began to become wiser to the devils tricks, educating myself and seeking goodness, I found Christ. I turned to him and began dedicating my life to saving others’ souls. Now the demonic attack happen badly. I have been plagued by depression, anxiety, sickness, pain, and suicidal thoughts that are NOT my own. I overcame my own burdens. These are not my own, they are implanted in me. Like a curse. I’m going to be honest, I think I am possessed by multiple demons. I cry out to God asking for help and forgiveness, I condemn and reject the demons that curse me. I banish them from my body. I think it’s more than one, I’m not sure how I know. I believe that I am under attack but I KNOW THAT THEY WILL NEVER overcome me or stop me. I am God’s soldier and was born to be. I used to be an ignorant, lost child, influenced by demons, but I grew up under my Heavenly Fathers patience and mercy. He never gave up on me, he always sent me signs and blessed me in so many ways. He truly led me to Him over and over again. I am here to testify that Jesus saves, and always overcomes. The demons are attacking me because I no longer serve them, I am their enemy and a threat. I will always banish their strongholds on me and condemn them to hell. I have no doubt that they are attacking me because I truly KNOW God and can never unknow him. I always did, I choose to serve Him eternally. For anyone reading this, fighting the same spiritual battle, never give up. Try to prevent any more demonic doorways into your life, and repent for your sins. Fasting and prayer angers the demons, but that means it’s working. God has mercy on us and will help you when called upon. When you are under demonic attacks, exclaim out loud, yelling if you must, that you are a soldier of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, that your soul belongs to Him, that your body is His, and that he will protect you! Their attacks will feel weaker physically as you call upon God and reaffirm your devotion to him for eternity. Choose goodness and truth, choose Christ.

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  67. Caitlyn

    I just want to say this, as well. I have not had another demonic attack in my sleep, as I couldn’t be tricked again. I’m a very lucid and conscious dreamer, I like to find out if I’m dreaming. I am always looking for signs in reality and in my dreams. Now, I experience more demonic attacks in my waking life. Tragedy, illness, intrusive thoughts and emotions, even hallucinations and a weird fly infestation in my home etc. that being said, I am NOT scared. Everything goes to God. Do not be fearful of the demons as they want that!! I think that they see you as more of a threat when you aren’t scared. I know what to do when I see or feel a demon- CALL UPON CHRIST IMMEDIATELY. Exclaim your devotion out loud!! They hate that!

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    1. controversialchristian1

      Pray always. Have Christian friends pray with you. Talk to someone who fully understands spiritual warfare and these awful kinds of spiritual attacks. Do not fear the devil, fear the Lord. Call on His name.

      The Lord Jesus Christ will heal us all! Pray, I say, pray and have faith!


  68. Joe. S

    Right now I have an entity that is with me 24/7. It’s a creepy, sexual demon that has a spiteful nature and seems to be obsessed with my genitals. When I call upon Jesus, usually it will get agitated and later would inflict pain somewhere in body (usually a stabbing pain in my back). In bed at night I could feel it moving on the bed covers and then, when I laid down on my side it would approach from behind. It can move in me and outside of me, if that makes sense. You’ll know if you’ve had a similar demon.

    I believe it was resident for many years, but never fully manifested until I became earnest about repentance. It’s only in the last 2 years, since I’ve started praying the Jesus Prayer and reading the bible and Christian literature, that it has fully manifested while I’m awake, before then I believe it interacted with me in my sleep and was the cause of my insomnia.

    One time in that twilight zone between wakefulness and sleep, it actually spoke to me. I heard it say: ‘I miss you’. I couldn’t make out if it was male or female, but it really creeped me out to think that this entity has been maybe having a relationship with me that I had no idea about. Yet the more I think about it, the more I think it’s true. It makes many other things that have happened in my life understandable.

    I also think there maybe another demon that attends from time to time. This one seems more senior and makes a more dramatic entrance in the early hours, usually between midnight and 3am. With this one I get goosebumps and chills and strong sense of it’s evil presence moving around me.

    I’ve written to many different Christian organisations and ministries for help and though I have had a few responses, nobody has come forward and offered deliverance. It doesn’t help that that the whole world has gone mad and everywhere was locked down for months. I tried doing self-deliverance, but I’m not secure enough in my Christian faith as yet and the demon knows this. I listened to deliverance tapes, one that address the many types of sexual demons was the most effective and things really went quiet for a few hours. But later I got a visit from the the supervisor demon or whatever the one is that makes the big entrances. I always had this notion that the bible would scare away demons, but I play the audio bible though the night sometimes and this demons doesn’t leave.

    I don’t have Christian fellowship and I’m at a loss as to what I can do. As I’m sitting here I can feel this repulsive thing moving around my lap region. Even when I pray I feel it. I guess, if I’m honest, I have a this question: if the devil makes it’s presence felt, why won’t God? Though I’m not perfect, I have tried hard to be a better and believe I’ve made some progress, so why won’t God step in when I plead for Him to do so?

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    1. controversialchristian1

      I have struggled with demonic oppression for many years. It has manifested itself in many ways. I’m in the process of being healed but it takes time. You need to hope in, trust and have faith in the Lord. He will heal you, but spend time in prayer asking Him for healing and truly be led by the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

      I may ask you to consider a few things, too. Are you currently living in or practising some kind of sin? Have you messed around with the occult, tarot cards, ouija boards or anything like that?

      I am now going through a season of fasting and prayer for healing. Monday and Tuesday, no food but water. This may not be for you if you have health considerations or are already underweight, but it might be something to think about. Pray to the Lord and wait on Him.


      1. Joe S

        The worst of my sins was petty online theft, something I’ve now stopped doing. Since this demon is a sexual demon, I can say with great confidence that I am not so much as allowing a fantasy to develop. I know that this demon is trying day and night to make me lustful, but it hasn’t been successful.
        It’s interesting what you say about fasting as, since I gave up nicotine, food is my last addiction. It will be really hard to do, but if it pleases the Lord I will have to do it. What else do you do on your fasting days? And have you ever had deliverance administered to you?

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        1. controversialchristian1

          Hi Joe. I’ve been suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome for over 20 years. I am convinced that God allowed this because I was living in a particular sin.

          As I started to become a regular churchgoer about 8 years ago, the severity of the illness increased. I’ve been fasting and praying for complete healing from this. Again, the attacks have been so bad that I lie down in physical pain. But God promises healing. We just have to be patient and have faith. Absolute faith. But I’m also sober from my addiction nearly 18 months. This helps. Sin gets in the way of God and God’s promises and blessings too, I think.

          Incidentally, I’m over 14 stone (14 pounds to a stone) so I can afford to lose some weight fasting!!! May I suggest that fasting isn’t just abstaining from food, it could be any number of things. Like you, I love my food, sweets, cakes, meat pies, etc etc, and was overdoing it. But it could be social media, your smartphone, gaming all night etc etc. Pray about it. As for the lust demon, ask the Lord gently how you should be cleansed of this.

          I have a blog. Please feel free to check it out.


  69. Mary

    I am sharing pieces of this article and the link to it all over the place. What a blessing!!! Thank you so much for putting this together. Recently had a talk with my daughter about this. Looking up info on google I had to go through approximately 20 articles before I saw this one. All of the first ones I saw tried to give these night terrors a scientific explanation. That motivated me to share more accurate information so that others could find it and get help. I am a deliverance minister. Right now I am on fire about getting the truth out to people. Thanks again for all of the info. on this article. Ps love the website as well. God bless!


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