Massage Therapy and Massage Are Not the Same

From Marcia Montenegro:

When I was in the New Age and was an astrologer, I knew many Massage Therapists and had several as clients. They were all New Agers and I was very aware of the New Age philosophy behind their practice, which always included energy healing and views about the body that incorporated the “subtle energy body.” They also believed pain had a cause from your past a la Louise Hay, the doyenne of New Age healing.

After I became a Christian, I was alarmed to notice that Massage Therapy became more mainstream and that Christians not only studied it but went to MTs, apparently unaware of the New Age underpinnings. As far as I know all MT schools in the U.S. include New Age teachings and now also teach Reiki, a dangerous energy healing. I started receiving emails from Christians studying at MT schools, conflicted about the New Age energy teachings.

Note the words on this Massage Therapy pendant:

“I close my eyes and say a prayer
Release my thoughts into the air
I ask for guidance from above
That my hands might flow with healing love
A touch that’s meant to reach the soul
To ease the pain that took its toll
The mind and spirit to renew
As energy flows from me to you”
Regular massage is purely physical and existed before Massage Therapy (MT). MT is relatively recent. The key word to notice is the word “therapy” which means to give healing. The healing in this case is not just physical and that’s the whole point of my warnings about MT.

The stones on the back of the woman are placed there according to the supposed location of the invisible chakras. The photo of the woman with the MT’s hands hovering over her demonstrates Reiki or possibly Healing Touch, both examples of “healing” with energy.

While some forms of MT may help and be based on actual facts about the body, there are also large amounts of pseudoscientific quackery going on with MTs (some include energy beliefs) such as Reflexology, Polarity, Aura balancing, Craniosacral massage, Myofascial release, that massage can detox you or release toxins, and more untruths. In other words, you can encounter a plethora of alternative treatments from one Massage Therapist, so it’s best to be informed.

If you are seeing a MT now or want a massage, I suggest you carefully question the person about beliefs and practice in energy healing and also ask for the names of the practices they use so you can check it out. Don’t pay for quackery or pseudoscience, and you do not want energy “healing” done on you. Those who practice energy “healing” always have spirit guides (fallen angels), whether they are aware of it or not (and if they are in the New Age, they have such guides anyway).





8 thoughts on “Massage Therapy and Massage Are Not the Same

    1. Ann

      This is not stupid. It’s the truth. I have been a massage therapist for 11 years and walking away from a booming career for Jesus. The root of massage modalities are based on New Age and occult practices. Even the creator of the church of Satan, Anton Levay, said the the New Age movement was stealing practices from Satan. New Age including massage is occult practice with the name of Satan removed. Practices such as: massage therapy, meditation, Yoga and many others are not safe and can bring demonic forces into your life. The only safe massage is sports or medical massage. As long as the therapist doesn’t use grounding techniques, energy transference and meditation during massage.

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      1. mauryl ann

        is there any massage that can do and it’s not from any occult or demonic practices? is there any massage that is not a sin against God that can do?


      2. Jacqi

        There is no IC-9 codes for medical massage but for therapeutic or massage therapy. Touch is very important in the healing process and if you are a living person you have a need to be touched. That’s why God said lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. There is not always a demon behind every tree. Also, if you are trained in massage and you are a Christian than take the good from the training and throw out the bad. Surely you know how to discern good from evil.


  1. mauryl ann

    is there any massage that can do and it’s not from any occult or demonic practices? is there any massage that is not a sin against God that can do?


  2. Alex K

    There’s no such thing as a “Christian” massage therapist. This is the same line of Christians that participate in activities such as “Yoga” and “Positive Thinking / New Thought”. You can attempt to “Christianize” it all you like but it will never change its origins, intended purpose and based philosophies no matter what spin you decide to put on it. You’re behaving the same way a “new ager” would in dealing with doctrinal conflicts. Good luck with this.

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  3. Jen

    I am a medical massage therapist. I have stopped massaging temporarily due to being convicted not to massage men and transition to clothes only massage. Since I only work with injuries and chronic pain anyway.
    I am nervous to begin again due to recently a few christians saying you cannot be a christian and a massage therapist. I understand that point of view and having come from the new age before becoming a christian I am very aware of the strong influence. Since graduating from massage school I only take classes and study massage therapy for injuries. I will not go near anything that even mentions the word energy but I am now questioning if I need to give up my career altogether. I would love my fellow brothers and sisters thoughts on this. Ultimately my goal is to please God and I am willing to give up my career if that is what proves to be the truth.
    Blessings in Christ


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