Ayahuasca and DMT Opens Portals to the Demonic

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“There is a new trendy psychedelic drug called Ayahuasca (or yagé), a powerful hallucinogenic potion made from vines. When the Spaniards and Portuguese first encountered indigenous South Americans using ayahuasca, their earliest reports described it as “the work of the devil.“ Ayahuasca was used for centuries by indigenous Amazonians, who believed that it enabled their shamans to receive messages from their “gods” and for ‘spirit flight’ to visit their “ancestors” or to descend to the underworld to locate the source of illnesses. The tea or potion, which contains the psychedelic drug DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), nicknamed the “spirit molecule”, which is said to bring personal “enlightenment” by confronting the user with their darkest fears. Today in Brazil, where consumption of the plant has led to numerous religious cults, the mind-altering tea has been linked with a string of suicides, murders and cases of mental illness and insanity – often at the very first time of ingesting it. People from all over the world report similar encounters with the “spirit of the plant” who sometimes appears as a huge serpent. Biblically, satan is represented as a serpent! Ayahuasca is associated with “purging” or “cleansing” rituals, but only the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ can cleanse and purge (1 John 1:7; Heb. 9:14). When one uses psychedelic drugs, it leaves the person open to demonic possession! The Bible, God’s word, condemns drug use as sorcery. Unrepentant Sorcerers without Jesus end up in the Lake of Fire (Rev. 21:8).”

I made this post in response to the fact several people have come to me for prayer who have opened the doors to the enemy via the use of Ayahuasca or DMT.

The following is a pretty telling news report revealing the dangers of Ayahuasca:

Suicides, sects, murder and insanity: The disturbing truth about the trendy ‘spiritual’ hallucinogenic brew being taken by gap year backpackers in the Amazon (and even in British sitting rooms)

  • Ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic tea, draws tourists to South American retreats
  • It has even become popular at parties and cleansing weekends in the UK 
  • But two travellers have died after taking part in the ceremony since 2014
  • Brazilian families have come forward to share their own tales of horror
  • The tea is used by a religious sect, but many describe watching their loved ones descend into madness before killing themselves or simply vanishing

It is the mind-bending brew which has brought backpackers and gap year students flocking to the jungles of South America in ever greater numbers.

Ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic drink made from vines, has been used in shamanic cleansing rituals for centuries – but has recently become a major tourist draw in the rainforests where it grows, where lodges and retreats offer it as an ‘authentic’ Amazon experience.

But there is no need to cross an ocean: it can be found here in the UK – offered at retreats and is being taken at parties in idyllic rural towns by people seeking enlightenment.

Natural: The tea has been used for centuries by ancient Amazonian tribes in Brazil, Peru and Columbia whose shamans claim to use the psychedelic substance for healing and contacting the spirit world (file photo)

Natural: The tea has been used for centuries by ancient Amazonian tribes in Brazil, Peru and Columbia whose shamans claim to use the psychedelic substance for healing and contacting the spirit world (file photo)

Tourist attraction: Drinking ayahuasca has become a key part of the backpacker trail for many making their way through South America, drawing people into the rain forest for an 'authentic' Amazon experience

Tourist attraction: Drinking ayahuasca has become a key part of the backpacker trail for many making their way through South America, drawing people into the rain forest for an ‘authentic’ Amazon experience

Hidden danger: But what for many is just another gap year experience ends in tragedy for others. New Zealand backpacker Matthew Dawson-Clarke, 24, recently died during a ayahuasca retreat

Hidden danger: But what for many is just another gap year experience ends in tragedy for others. New Zealand backpacker Matthew Dawson-Clarke, 24, recently died during a ayahuasca retreat

People don’t even need to leave the comfort of their own homes, with websites offering to deliver the ‘herb’ – legal in the UK and US, but not France or Canada – for less than £9 per 100g.

Frighteningly, the sellers say it would be ‘unethical’ to tell you how much is safe to take and how to prepare it.

Those looking for a weekend ‘detox’, including a tea ceremony can easily find them on offer across Europe.

It has even gained a celebrity following in recent years, with Sting and Lindsay Lohan gushing about its transformative qualities.

Yet it is not quite the harmless experience it may at first seem, beyond the violent vomiting it can induce at the start of every trip.

Earlier this month, New Zealander Matthew Dawson-Clarke, 24, who died during an ayahuasca ritual.

For those living with the plant brew on their doorsteps, there is an even darker and more terrifying side to the plant concoction – a side which is never mentioned in the tourist guides.

In Brazil, where consumption of the plant has led to numerous religious cults (one of which even boasts about giving it to newborns), the mind-altering tea has been linked with a string of suicides, murders and cases of mental illness and insanity – often at the very first time of ingesting it.

One mother, whose son allegedly became schizophrenic and committed suicide after taking the substance, said: ‘This drug… has taken the lives of many other sons and daughters. It is responsible for the deaths of more people than anyone is willing to admit.’

Died: Bristol teenager Henry Miller's body was found last year after he took part in a ritual involving the tea. Despite this, people continue to attend the ceremonies, with it even becoming popular at parties in the UK

Died: Bristol teenager Henry Miller’s body was found last year after he took part in a ritual involving the tea. Despite this, people continue to attend the ceremonies, with it even becoming popular at parties in the UK

Religion: A healer begins a ayahuasca ceremony in Columbia, like the ones which attract the tourists. But locals are just as likely to be drawn in, especially by the religious cults which use it (file photo)

Religion: A healer begins a ayahuasca ceremony in Columbia, like the ones which attract the tourists. But locals are just as likely to be drawn in, especially by the religious cults which use it (file photo)

Warning: Many families have stories of tragedy to share, including that of Deise Faria Ferreira (right), who started drinking the tea with her congregation at a Santo Daime church earlier this year

Warning: Many families have stories of tragedy to share, including that of Deise Faria Ferreira (right), who started drinking the tea with her congregation at a Santo Daime church earlier this year

Meanwhile, families of those caught up in the cults have told of their nightmares in trying to rescue loved ones from the grip of the brew.

The desperate daughter of a woman who recently disappeared during an ayahuasca ‘purging ritual’ told MailOnline that foreigners who think the drug will give them a cheap thrill should think again ‘if they have any love for their own lives’.

She pleaded: ‘It is a trip that you might not return from. Your curiosity could kill you, and cause suffering for your family. Please stay well away, you don’t know the danger you are putting yourself in.’

Only the Amazonian Indians knew about ayahuasca until early in the last century. They used the vine, found throughout the jungles of Brazil, Peru and Colombia, for healing and contacting the spirit world.

Either my mother became ill and died, and [the cult] got scared and hid her body, or they used her as a sacrifice and murdered her. I don’t know what they do in these rituals, I just know that she is no longer alive.
 Apoena Faria Ferreira

Shamans claimed they would use the drink to enable their ‘spirit flight’ – to visit their ancestors or descend to the underworld to locate the source of illnesses.

One of the first ‘white men’ to experience the drug was Brazilian rubber tapper Raimundo Irineu Serra, who founded the religious sect Santo Daime in the 1920s after claiming he saw the Virgin Mary – who appeared as the ‘Queen of the Forest’ in a vision.

The cult – which uses elements from Christianity and African religions – quickly spread from the northern state of Acre to the rest of Brazil and today is the biggest of the ayahuasca cults, which are believed to have as many as 30,000 members.

Countless other churches have sprung up since 2010, when Brazil’s lawmakers allowed the use of ayahuasca for ‘religious purposes’.

Fabio Pedalino, the leader of the Ceu do Gamarra church in south-east Brazil, which is part of the Santo Daime doctrine, told MailOnline it was ‘impossible’ that ayahuasca could take anyone’s life.

He said he had never heard of anyone dying after taking the drink. adding: ‘Newborns drink it, older people over 90 drink it. I’ve never seen or heard of any problems.’

Pedalino is ‘completely against’ the export of the plant brew – which they call Daime – to Europe for people to use for recreational purposes, without converting to their religion.

He said: ‘This drink doesn’t work without the doctrine. It’s not worth having a Ferrari if you don’t have a road to drive it down. Our doctrine is our road.’

Visions: The Santo Daime churches have embraced the traditional drink after the sect's founder Raimundo Irineu Serra first tried it in the 1920s, claiming it caused him to see the Virgin Mary as the 'Queen of the Forest'

Visions: The Santo Daime churches have embraced the traditional drink after the sect’s founder Raimundo Irineu Serra first tried it in the 1920s, claiming it caused him to see the Virgin Mary as the ‘Queen of the Forest’

Side effects: But for Deise - pictured here with fellow church members, dressed in a pink dress, centre front - the tea had different effects, becoming restless, unable to concentrate. She ended up on anti-depressants

Side effects: But for Deise – pictured here with fellow church members, dressed in a pink dress, centre front – the tea had different effects, becoming restless, unable to concentrate. She ended up on anti-depressants

Despite Pedalino’s assurances, an increasing number of horror stories are beginning to emerge about the damaging and often deadly effects of the tea on followers – particularly those who already carried a hidden or underlying health problem or mental illness.

Many claim that the lack of proper controls, allowing anyone to open a ‘church’ and administer the drug, has led to an untold number of easily-avoidable tragedies.

The tea, which contains the psychedelic drug DMT, almost always induces profuse vomiting, discomfort and other physical effects before the start of the hallucinogenic experience – which is said to bring personal enlightenment by confronting the user with their darkest fears.


Ayahuasca, or yage, contains Dimethyltryptamine, known as DMT.

Used in South America, especially in the Amazon basin, Ayahuasca is a drink produced from the stem bark of the vines Banisteriopsis caapi and B. inebrians. 

It is said to have healing properties and bring inner peace by purging toxins and can produce reactions including vomiting.

Psychedelic experiences last six to 10 hours and are guided by experienced shamans in the South American countries where ayahuasca is legal to consume.

In July, nursing assistant Deise Faria Ferreira, 41, who had been frequenting a nearby Daime temple for three months, left her home in Goiania, central Brazil, to take part in an ayahuasca cleansing ceremony. She has not been seen again.

Her devastated family believe she is the latest victim of the unregulated spread of the rituals in the country, and the protected use of the hallucinogenic tea under the guise of ‘religion’.

Her daughter Apoena told MailOnline that Deise, who had never had any health problems, started showing signs of mental illness and high blood pressure two months after first starting to drink the tea in church ceremonies.

She said: ‘She became very different, more restless, less able to concentrate. Her blood pressure kept going up, and none of the tablets she was prescribed was able to get it down.

‘She ended up taking medicine for convulsions, depression and anxiety, as well as the blood pressure pills. She’d never had any problems with her health before. This was the effect of the ayahuasca, I’m sure of it.’

Under doctors orders, Deise spent a month off work and went to stay with a relative in the country’s capital, Brasilia. But a day after returning home on July 9, she spent the day with the sect, whose leaders allegedly told her to stop taking the tablets.

Apoena said: ‘They told her she was intoxicating herself with poison and that her body needed to be cleansed.

‘She agreed to go to a nearby country retreat with six cult members to take part in a weekend-long ayahuasca purging ceremony.

Gone: Deise went to spend a month with a relative, and had recovered a bit. But then she returned in July and was encouraged to go to a weekend purging ceremony at a country retreat. She hasn't been seen since

Widespread: Since then her daughter has heard similar stories from people whose loved ones have either disappeared or been sent crazy by the tea, made from this root

Widespread: Since then her daughter has heard similar stories from people whose loved ones have either disappeared or been sent crazy by the tea, made from this root

‘They told her not to tell anyone, not even her family, but she managed to call my grandmother and told her where she was going, and that she was going to be detoxified. That was the last time she spoke to her.

‘When my grandmother called the cult leader the next day to find out where she was, he at first pretended he hadn’t been with her.’

The details of what happened next are unclear. Those who were with Deise claim that after consuming ayahuasca on the Saturday night, she became agitated and asked to go home, but as one of them drove her out of the retreat she opened the car door and went off on foot.

The group claim they searched for her and could not find her – but did not explain why they failed to inform her family until Deise’s mother’s called – 23 hours after she went missing.

Police later found clothes belonging to Deise on the property covered in red stains, which tests later revealed was an unidentified substance other than blood.

She [her mother Deise] ended up taking medicine for convulsions, depression and anxiety, as well as the blood pressure pills. She’d never had any problems with her health before. This was the effect of the ayahuasca, I’m sure of it
Apoena Ferreira

Luminol tests revealed blood splatters on walls in the interior of the building, although DNA tests to find out if it is Deise’s have not yet returned.

Cameras on the only roads Deise would have walked along to leave the retreat failed to find images of her.

Two months on, Apoena said the family no longer holds out hope that her mother is alive.

She said: ‘Either she became ill and died, and they got scared and hid her body, or they used her as a sacrifice and murdered her. I don’t know what they do in these rituals, I just know that she is no longer alive.

‘It’s left the family in pieces. The authorities should better control the use of this drug before it destroys more lives.’

The case appears similar to that of American student Kyle Nolan, who disappeared in 2011 while at an ayahuasca lodge in Peru designed to help recruits ‘open their minds to deeper realities’.

After initially joining his mother’s pleas for help in finding her son, the shaman who ran the retreat admitted the 18-year-old had died after an ayahuasca session and that he buried his body at the edge of the property.

Apoena claims that since her mother disappeared, she has been contacted by other families who have suffered their own tragedies, which they too blame on the hallucinogenic brew.

She said: ‘We’ve heard lots of cases of people who committed suicide immediately after taking the tea for the first time.

‘Two families who live next to the Daime church my mother went to also spoke to us. One of them told us that their daughter killed herself after drinking the tea. Another woman, who lives right next to the temple, said her husband took his own life after taking the tea for the very first time.

‘There are lots of cases of suicide, but the families are often poor and because it was suicide they don’t have any way of proving that it was because of the drug, so the death goes unreported.

Devotees:  Brazilian families are now speaking out to warn people against the drug, which actress Lindsay Lohan (pictured in 2014) credited with 'saving her life' after she drank the tea

Devotees: Brazilian families are now speaking out to warn people against the drug, which actress Lindsay Lohan (pictured in 2014) credited with ‘saving her life’ after she drank the tea

Vision: Sting, pictured with his wife Trudie Styler, says the tea gave him the one religious experience of his life

Vision: Sting, pictured with his wife Trudie Styler, says the tea gave him the one religious experience of his life

‘There are many other cases of people becoming schizophrenic after taking the tea, or going crazy for the rest of their lives. These churches are attracting more and more followers, most of them young people who go just for the hallucinations.

‘Anyone can take the tea, there are no health checks and not even first-aiders on stand-by in case anything goes wrong.

‘How many more people will have to die and how many more families will have to suffer before something is done about this?’

The claims are echoed by Claudetina de Almeida, 47, whose son Joao Raimundo, 20, killed himself by jumping off a viaduct after taking ayahuasca in a Santo Daime church where he had been a member for three years.

My son become delusional. He started saying he was the incarnation of Jesus Christ and that one of his sisters was the Virgin Mary. He once tried to attack me with a hoe. I thought he was possessed by an evil spirit.
Claudetina de Almeida

Claudetina, a domestic maid, said her son began to show signs of schizophrenia a year after starting to attend the church, where the tea, considered a sacrament, is distributed to followers during services.

She said: ‘He was a normal person who was happy and liked to joke. But the problems began after he started to frequent this religion.

‘He started talking to himself, laugh for no reason and he seemed like he was on another planet. He become delusional. He started saying he was the incarnation of Jesus Christ and that one of his sisters was the Virgin Mary.

‘He once tried to attack me with a hoe. I thought he was possessed by an evil spirit. It took me a while to realise the problem was his health. The psychologists said that he was schizophrenic.’

Joao reportedly drank poison before throwing himself off the viaduct in the centre of Sao Paulo, south-east Brazil. Following his death, Claudetina reported the case to police, but the investigation was closed two months later because of lack of proof linking ayahuasca to his death.

She said: ‘I have no doubt that the ayahuasca developed schizophrenia in my son. And this drug took my son’s life, as it has taken the lives of many other sons and daughters. It is responsible for the deaths of more people than anyone is willing to admit.’

Joao was a member of the Ceu de Maria church in Sao Paulo, the scene of another horror story linked to ayahuasca which shook Brazil in 2010.

The church’s founder, and one of Brazil’s best-known cartoonists, Glauco Villas Boas, 53, and his 25-year-old son Raoni, were gunned down by a masked assailant who had burst into their home.

The murderer, it turned out, was one of Glauco’s followers, whose family claimed he had developed schizophrenia after starting to frequent the church and use the mind-altering drink.

Victim: Claudetina de Almeida believes the tea (pictured) caused her son's schizophrenia, which eventually led to his death

Victim: Claudetina de Almeida believes the tea (pictured) caused her son’s schizophrenia, which eventually led to his death

Easy: People in the UK don't need to travel to the Amazon to try it for themselves, but order it online (pictured)

Easy: People in the UK don’t need to travel to the Amazon to try it for themselves, but order it online (pictured)

Difficult: But the website, which is based in the Netherlands, refuses to explain how to brew the tea - saying they believe it to be 'impossible and unethical' to advise people through the internet

Difficult: But the website, which is based in the Netherlands, refuses to explain how to brew the tea – saying they believe it to be ‘impossible and unethical’ to advise people through the internet

When police caught 24-year-old Carlos Eduardo Sundfeld Nunes he claimed he had wanted to kidnap the cartoonist to prove to his family that his younger brother was, in fact, Jesus Christ.

His father, Carlos Grecchi Nunes, later told Brazilian magazine Isto E: ‘He started talking about religion the whole time. He once spent five days without sleeping, reading the Bible. He said he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

‘One day he arrived back from the church so out of his mind that his brother had to tie him to the gate. His mother asked the church to stop giving him the tea, but it was in vain.

‘On New Year’s Eve he went to church and, on his way back, was so high that he crashed his car in a ditch.’

Meanwhile, on numerous online discussion forums the families of other members of Brazilian ayahuasca sects share stories of their loved ones own descent into isolation, and their desperate attempts to take them out.

In one, Suele writes: ‘I’ve been trying to take my daughter out of Santo Daime for five years. She lives only for this sect, she’s forgotten her brothers and other family. She even lost custody of her 10-year-old daughter, and still she doesn’t leave.

‘God is liberty and not imprisonment. This sect is brainwashing and addiction.’

Another mother, Rosangela, writes: ‘I know a lot of young people who developed mental problems after they started taking this tea, and there is a high rate of suicide among those who go there. This sect brainwashes people, they brainwashed my son. Please the authorities need to do something.’

I’ve been trying to take my daughter out of Santo Daime for five years. She lives only for this sect, she’s forgotten her brothers and other family. She even lost custody of her 10-year-old daughter, and still she doesn’t leave
Suele, parent on online forum

But Brazilian ‘church leader’, Fabio Pedalino, has defended ayahuasca’s reputation and claims it helps cure people mental illness and insanity – but only if administered by people who are trained to do so.

He said: ‘We have seen many mad people cured through Daime. But we’ve seen that, with people with schizophrenia, it only works if they drink a very small amount.

‘A large amount makes the voices in their head speak even louder, which can make their illness worse.

‘In the same way, you have to be careful if people are taking other types of medicines, because this can also cause complications if mixed with Daime.’

‘The problem is when you get people who are only interested in money, who prepare it wrongly and mix it with other substances.’

The dire warnings about ayahuasca don’t seem to have reached the increasing number of celebrities, including Jim Carrey, Tori Amos and Courtney Love, who claim to have had their lives changed after their own ayahuasca experiences.

Lindsey Lohan claimed the herbal tea ‘saved her life’, saying she saw her own birth and death during the intense hallucination, and that the experience helped her let go of the ‘wreckage of the past’.

And Sting, who says he drank ayahuasca in a Rio de Janeiro church, said the hallucinogenic concoction was ‘the only genuine, religious experience I’ve ever had’.

He remembered how after drinking the brew he felt ‘something coursing through my body, like an intelligence searching everything. I am wired to the entire cosmos. I look at the ground and I see a crack in the ground and inside that crack I see a little flower growing… it’s my brother.’

The rush to follow in the stars’ footsteps has created a tourism boom around the Amazon basin, where resorts and lodges offer ‘cleansing ceremonies’ for ayahuasca pilgrims, conducted by shamans, for up to £500 a time.

The owner of one jungle lodge resort, in the Colombian town of Leticia, on the border with Brazil, told MailOnline that many people come intent on drinking the tripping tea, but most of the partakers are ‘thrill seekers just looking for that out-of-body experience’.

Laws: Yage became legal to consume in Brazil in 2010, as long as it was for 'religious purposes'

Laws: Yage became legal to consume in Brazil in 2010, as long as it was for ‘religious purposes’

Psychiatrist Ronaldo Laranjeira, from Sao Paulo Federal University, believes that ayahuasca is so dangerous it should be banned, even at the expense of religious liberty.

He said: ‘This is a drug with hallucinogenic effects, which profoundly alters the chemicals of the brain of whoever consumes it. But even children, according to the law, can take it.

‘The tea should not be recommended for any use, not even in religious ceremonies, like those of Santo Daime. From a scientific point of view, it doesn’t make the slightest sense.’

Many make the point that, if the use of the ritual in church congregations is dangerously unregulated, how much more so the shamans selling psychedelic experiences to young backpackers deep in the jungle.

As well as the deaths of a number of Western tourists, there have been reports of other abuses at the hands of shamans, including rape, sexual molestation and robbery.

He was screaming louder than I’ve ever heard a human scream. Something must have happened to him to cause him to realise that he just did something that was very wrong for his body.
Witness to the death of New Zealand backpacker Matthew Dawson-Clarke

In 2010, a 23-year-old German woman was raped and brutally beaten by a shaman and his accomplice during an ayahuasca ceremony in an Amazonian village.

And in 2013, a Slovakian woman filed charges against a shaman, claiming she had been raped during a ceremony in Peru.

Similarly, there are rarely checks on thrill-seekers’ medical history, a fact that has resulted in the deaths of a number of young tourists.

Last year British teenager Henry Miller died after taking ayahuasca in a shamanic ceremony in Colombia – just days after Lindsey Lohan credited the brew with saving her life.

The latest victim, Matthew Dawson-Clarke, suffered a cardiac arrest after consuming another, tobacco-based tea in preparation for an ayahuasca cleansing ceremony during a spiritual retreat in Iquitos, in the Peruvian Amazon.

One witness said: ‘He was screaming louder than I’ve ever heard a human scream. Something must have happened to him to cause him to realise that he just did something that was very wrong for his body.’

But the Santo Daime leaders claim that, on the contrary, the ‘sacred’ tea can actually cure insanity.

Responding to a query on their website about whether ayahuasca can ‘make you crazy’, the church replied: ‘There have been cases of insane people who have come to Santo Daime and been cured. Other crazy people have remained crazy.

‘However, in respect to becoming crazy because of taking Daime, I’ve never witnessed or heard of any case. The Santo Daime has cured many things, but when it is God’s sentence, there’s no other way.’

With the popularity of the ancient plant brew not showing any signs of slowing, those who know the true, terrifying potential of ayahuasca expect many more young Westerners to lose their lives, or their minds, deep in the Amazon jungle.


What Is DMT?

Dimethyltryptamine, more commonly known as DMT, is a naturally occurring hallucinogenic substance. Unlike the vast majority of other drugs, such as opioids, nicotine, THC and methamphetamine, DMT is already naturally present in most mammal brains and nervous systems, including ours. It’s thought to have a huge influence on dreaming and REM sleep and is also believed to be responsible for the unique visual experiences of individuals going through a near-death experience.

Nicknamed the “spirit molecule” by a popular Netflix documentary, this substance has become increasingly popular among teens and young people looking for a meaningful spiritual experience, or just the chance to go on a hallucinogenic “trip.” Despite its popularity and natural occurrence, DMT as a drug is not without its fair share of risks.

How DMT Is Used And It’s Effects

DMT exists in a number of different forms. It is usually smoked, but can also be injected or ingested.

In general, DMT is considered to be a powerful hallucinogen, producing a much more intense effect than other popular hallucinogens, such as mushrooms or LSD. Generally, the “trip” only lasts from a few minutes to just over an hour, though lingering effects can last for some time afterwards.

Some of the most common effects include:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Respiratory irritation
  • Upset stomach/vomiting
  • Increased body temperature
  • Intense visuals/altered perception
  • Panic attacks/hysteria
  • Loss of consciousness

Dangers Of DMT

To date, it is very unclear whether high doses of DMT are toxic to the human system, and most deaths that are associated with this substance are due to existing health conditions or from mixing DMT with other drugs.

The dangers of DMT include:

Cardiac arrest in individuals with preexisting heart conditions

Mental or psychological episodes in users with mental health problems, such as anxiety, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

  • Heart failure, coma or death in users taking medication, especially antidepressants and opioid painkillers
  • Fatal asphyxiation from vomiting while unconscious
  • Nerve damage, coma or death from combining DMT with other drugs

DMT – A Shamanic Drug

Like peyote and mescaline, DMT is a traditional medicinal substance of spiritual value in some cultures in its tea form, which is most commonly known as “ayahuasca” (ai-ah-was-ka). In some South American cultures, it is brewed and ingested under the watchful eye of an experienced shaman, or spiritual leader. Recently, however, it has taken on more of an experimental and recreational purpose for many who attend ayahuasca retreats or even attempt to brew it on their own. It’s important to note that while this is a sacred drink for some cultures, it was traditionally taken by those who would have undergone years of preparation and meditation first, and who would have been under the supervision of a respected and well-known community spiritual leader.

One troubling trend seen in modern ayahuasca use is mixing it with other powerful, and more dangerous hallucinogens such as the plant called “toé.” This plant, a member of the poisonous nightshade family, is known by many names, including Brugmansia, Datura, Angel’s Trumpet and “loco weed.” It is becoming more popular, especially in places like Peru, to spike an ayahuasca brew with this potent and very dangerous substance. Many experts are blaming this practice for the deaths of tourists who participate in ayahuasca ceremonies.

Kyle’s Personal DMT-Ayahuasca Story

One such casualty was a teen named Kyle Joseph Nolan, 18, who had died during an ayahuasca ceremony in Peru. Kyle was an upstanding teen from central California who had just graduated from high school in 2011. After learning about ayahuasca ceremonies in Peru, he saved up his money and took a trip to the country as one of thousands of “drug tourists” seeking an enlightening hallucinogenic experience.

Sometime after drinking the ceremonial drug, however, something went terribly wrong. Kyle was found dead the next morning and his body was buried at the edge of the retreat’s property by the same “shaman” who was supposed to be watching him. It wasn’t until days later that Kyle’s devastated family, with the help of local law enforcement, found his body. The shaman who had lied and tried to cover the teen’s death has since been charged. While the cause of Kyle’s death remains unclear, his father strongly suspects the use of datura, which is often responsible for the deaths associated with ayahuasca.


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If you are sincere you can say this simple prayer to the Father (it doesn’t have to be word for word):

“God, I recognize that I have not lived my life for You up until now. I have been living for myself and that is wrong. Please forgive me of all of my sins just as I forgive others. I need You in my life; I want You in my life. I acknowledge the completed work of Your only begotten Son Jesus Christ in giving His life for me on the cross, I believe in my heart Jesus is Lord and was raised from the dead and I long to receive the forgiveness you have made freely available to me through this sacrifice. Come into my life now, Lord. Take up residence in my heart and be my king, my Lord, and my Savior. From this day forward, I will no longer be controlled by sin, or the desire to please myself, but I will follow You all the days of my life. Those days are in Your hands. I ask this in the Lord and GOD Jesus’ precious and holy name. Amen.”

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        This article has some truths and some really reaching asssumption.

        Ayahuacsa yage tea is a medicine, a very powerful medicine that one will ONLY come incontact with in life when they are truly ready for it. It can have strong effects and visuals and yes alot of purging, but it can also work within the body just cleansing with the purge no visuals. Its not about seeing visions its about healing. The truth is every experience is different for every person and the persons needs. The medicine does have a spirit and its one of love. It can be sweet and gentle or a little tough love but in the end it was all for the highest good.

        It is very true is that if the medicine is taken with a “DARK Shaman” it can open you up to dark entities. This is where the danger really comes from. Many now more than ever are getting into the wrong hand when they are looking for healing. Sadly we all know most of the time the dark will hide in the light. So its very important to go somewhere you know.

        I can tell you that the medicine is an incredible healer when taken with an intention to heal, only good intentions and with a good Shaman

        A connection back to your divine self to earth to the soul and the heart
        Purging all that holds you in your mind so you can live in your heart and walk the spiritual path towards the most high.

        Only when one is ready one is it will come into your path

        Jesus is said to have who worked with Psilocybin mushrooms
        It was one of the ways he stayed connected to the most high
        He also gave them to his followers
        You can research this if youd like

        Plant medicine is a gift from God to us for healing

        I pray that we all heal and come in contact with people of good intentions
        So we can get back to heaven on earth soon


  1. Anon

    I met Jesus and the father on DMT, I was a strict athiest and would have never became a Christian if it wasn’t for DMT, Psychedelics open doors for sure, and if used incorrectly can be used to open a door to the demonic but from my experiences they overwhelming open doors to the angelic.


  2. Anonymous

    I was actually Christian up to my early 20s. Left God and the church behind for 20 years… I did Ayahuasca for depression in 2017 and found my way back to God.. Granted… I actually did go through some demonic experiences… but also God spoke to me and let me know He was with me through out all my depression even when I didn’t think he was. So… as the above Anon poster said… I believe it opens portals… it can both be good and bad. DMT is created in the pineal gland naturally and science has found that it’s created in large amounts upon birth and death. Scientists also believe that DMT is created while fasting/praying/meditating for prolonged periods of time. When Jesus fasted for 40 days he was tempted by Satan (Demonic experience). God asked many people to fast… Moses fasted, Daniel fasted, Ezra fasted. Why do you think that is? Each time they fasted they would receive visions/dreams and commune with God/Angels. There’s more than meets the eye with DMT… much we don’t know and have lost through time me thinks…

    Did you know that the acacia tree has the most DMT in it of almost any plant? The acacia tree was the most sacred of all trees. Acacia wood was used for the poles of the ark, the ark itself, and many parts of the tabernacle. In fact, acacia wood is the only type of wood used in construction of aspects of the tabernacle. Also, acacia wood would have been the one used as coals for the most Holy place in the tabernacle. When the High Priest threw other incense among the coals it would fill the room with smoke… Could it be that this is how God would be able to communicate to the High Priest? We don’t really know.. but it could be worth investigating further…

    I just know it’s not all bad. There have been thousands of people that have gotten healing from it vs the few who have had very bad experiences. One of the big reasons I believe people have bad experiences/bad trips is that they have dark energies/demons surrounding them before they even do it… They are not aligned with God. I know this was my case. I felt/experienced the demons in my second session. It was an extremely tough battle but God was with me… and got me through it. I’m also one of those lucky few who went into psychosis… for 5 days after the ceremonies. But during this time I was led back into a relationship with God and Jesus. I returned to him on the Sabbath of Return in 2017. Shabbat Shuva. I also learned which demon had been plaguing me. Azazel. Yahuah is more powerful than any demon… just be safe… and trust in God ultimately.


  3. Mike

    Dmt made me believe in god and respect religions more. This article is full of ignorant stupidity and the spouting the kind of religious views I find difficult to respect.


  4. Lucas

    To whoever wrote this, thanks for the effort, but you have wrong information, this piece was full of over generalizing and scaremongering. Please be more objective and humble, it seems like you are assuming you know things without thoroughly investigating and analyzing, please only pass judgment after fully understanding.

    You are jumping to conclusions that have no statistically relevant evidence. Like for example you said, “the mind-altering tea has been linked with a string of suicides, murders, and cases of mental illness and insanity – often at the very first time of ingesting it”. This false, DMT is among the safest of drugs. Just read around or ask for a poll and see how many people have been helped by this healing plant, and how many have committed suicide, murdered someone, suffered from a mental illness, or gone insane. How do you know that the second group is the higher percentage? Let the evidence speak for itself instead of forcing people to take you at your word. There are many people that have overcome addictions, met Jesus, and had life-changing experiences that helped them to appreciate life more fully with DMT. Personally DMT has opened my eyes, drawn me closer to God, helped me face and deal with behavioral ruts and healed wounds, it helped me to realize the importance of love, peace, and joy in every area of life.

    I’m not attacking you, I’m pointing out what could improve. I respect your opinion but please use more logical reasoning. Giving answers and teaching are very serious topics in the Bible, they require work, careful thought, and discipline, they are not about blowing off steam, free-writing, or ranting. Appreciating the power of critical thinking, discernment, and wisdom is more important than hastily warning people about avoiding a potential danger.

    Why do some Christians think that only certain sins can cause demonic possession?, if some sins can cause it, why not allow the possibility that ANY sin can “open doors” to demonic possession, not just drugs. In the Bible, excess and addiction is what is condemned, not dreams and visions with the help of a “visual aid”, perhaps once a month, with mindfulness and self-control. Take the Bible’s teaching on alcohol or wine, a mind-altering drug, it says Jesus vowed to wait until the wedding feast of the lamb to once again drink wine with his bride. Why would he want to save that special substance, that drug, until it was time to celebrate? Are you going to say that Jesus only drinks wine to reinforce some symbolism but derives no enjoyment from it?

    Also you said that Rev. 21:8, “condemns drug use as sorcery”, when sorcery has other definitions besides drug use, why are you assuming that it refers primarily to drug use? The word sorcery can also mean asking for help, information, advice, or other types of power from evil spirits; the shamanistic rituals done with ayahuasca may indeed involve this, but using the drug outside of these indigenous roots does not have to involve any shaman or any ritual. It should however involve prayer and careful preparation though, of course.

    How can you be so sure that your understanding of “drug use” is accurate? A drug could be defined as anything that enters into the body and affects its functioning or some part of it in some way. In other words all food is technically a drug. Why are some drugs illegal? Because of man’s reasoning not God’s.

    Remember Genesis 1:29 where God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of the entire earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you.” Remember that DMT is a natural ingredient in many plants. Why are you telling people to obstain from consuming certain natural plants, when God has created them to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth?

    Jesus said that there is nothing outside a person that can defile them by going into them, such as food or drugs. Rather, it is what comes out of a person that defiles them. He also taught us to eat things that were strictly prohibited in the law of Moses, when he told Peter in a “trance” or “vision” to eat unclean animals as food. And Jesus promises us the reward of eating and drinking at his table, with pleasures forevermore.

    The Bible speaks so little on spiritual warfare because it is not the most important thing in Christian life, but some people have obsessed about everything being a demon, everything being the devil, and everything requiring a deliverance session and teaching others to be afraid of demons, afraid of being possessed, and afraid of “opening doors”. When there is no power that can keep you from receiving salvation, forgiveness, and deliverance if you diligently seek it. Rev. 21:8, the verse that mentions sorcery, starts off its list of sinners with a fiery lake as their final destination, with the fearful and the cowardly. It would be better to carefully try something, fail, learn, and improve than to never try it out of fear, to never leave your comfort zone out of fear, and never appreciate the amazing revelations that DMT has to offer because of fear.


    1. Hey Lucas,

      You are greatly, greatly deceived. It seems like DMT is your idol and idolaters will not inherit the kingdom of God.

      You typed out a whole apologetic treatise of the wicked practice of taking mind altering drugs shows to me you don’t know God. The Bible reads to be sober minded, you high on drugs keeps you from being sober minded, doesn’t it?

      Please repent and submit yourself to the Lord and God Jesus Christ to become born again. Otherwise, hellfire awaits you.


      1. Anonymous

        Hey J. Williams

        It seems like half-assed apologetics, gross misinterpretation and arrogance is your idol. Why don’t you read his well written rebuttal again and stop demonizing articulate people who have a different understanding of God’s creation than you and your tunnel vision?


        1. Juss♡

          the Lord Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of God who walked the earth in the flesh is the Light, and only Light. If you confess with your mouth and believe this in your heart and love him as your Lord and King and High Priest and Saviour, you will be saved by the grace of God through your faith ♡ I once explored consciousness with psychedelics and got rlly into sacred plant medicines and other mind and consciousness altering substances or “medicines”. Ive been praying a lot to the Lord about this. What I do know, and what I want to share, is this: The Lord God can take what the enemy (Satan, the devil) means or meant for evil, and work it for our good. He alone can heal us, renew us and restore us. If we have been afflicted by negative entities, which are easily accessed when entering other realms through drugs, and not through a miraclous event inspired directly by God such as a theophany, vision, trance, or angel like when Mary was told she was going to bear the Son of God…. (I use this example b/c all modern visitations of Jesus are infact wicked, and angel visits such as the Mormon church Moroni…all apocrphyal books which are not inspired and catholic doctrine such as mary worship is idolatry) so what I am saying is, when we use mind altering substances, we are opening portals or doors literally to the other realms of spirit, and it is not heaven where God lives….for no one has seen the Father except for the Son. We are infact entering solely the realm of the demonic. I would speak on this before I was born again heavily, and believed then that these ecperiences couldcbe helpful to “heal generational trauma” or used to cure addiction, abuse victims, or for those seekingna spiritual experience. However, I was deceived. Angel worship is idolatry. Naming demons in the extent people do today is not biblical its borderline obsession….we must as born again believers keep our eyes only on the Lord Jesus Christ, at all times. We must remain sober minded and vigilant. The enemy roars around like a lion ready to devour. Read scripture. Study it. Memorize it. Study the life of Jesus and how he fought the devil. The LORD Rebuke Satan! its a tricky slope with herbs and other medicines for mental illness or ADD etc, and even caffeine is a psychoactive. Truly. Ive been experimenting. As someone who has gone far enough into the realms of consciousness, and learned alot about the unseen realms and know they are true for I have seen them, when I became born again and repented, and my eyes are opening now just from even writing this, iron sharpens iron, do not be deceived, pray for discernment, and pray for your brothers and sisters to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. I understand it is difficult to leave behind your communities, friends, culture, beliefs, but lookcat what you will gain. It is nothing compared to what Jesus did for us on the cross. In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit I pray for all those who are blinded by the devil, that you may change theit hearts Lord and send them a messenger to preach your gospel to them and awaken them into your true light as the only true God of All, who created all, and who is coming back. In yout name I pray, Lord Jesus, Amen. God bless you.


    2. John Haggerty

      Any serious sin CAN open the door to demonic possession, but the ayahuasca and DMT cult is direct demonic activity, it is a counterfeit faith, brazenly occult, esoteric, promising knowledge of good and evil, as the fruit eaten by our primal parents.
      Its adherents, like the writer Graham Hancock, are under a satanic mind-control system, which can wear a mask of *love* and moral instruction.
      In other cases, it clearly leads to mental breakdown and suicide. But always the ayahuasca consumers are slaves to the powers of darkness which will lead to the ruin of souls and hell. The Devil can disguise himself as an angel of light, 2 Corinthians 11: 14.
      If Satan’s disguise was not so effective, nobody would be taken in by it. Christians must wage a holy war on this ayahuasca cult, unmasking Satan through the power of the Gospel.
      We are all brands plucked from the fire, saved by faith alone.

      Os Guinness wrote a prophetic book in 1973, *The Dust of Death*,
      a critique of the counter culture and New Left.
      He said that as Christian faith died in the West, the occult would take its place. The counter culture is now mainstream. The terrible apostasy has happened. The principal of the Moody Bible Institute said that the Word of God is no longer wanted in the public forum, and may never be again. Let us all pray for revival and support our street preachers. The blood of souls is on our conscience.

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    3. Steve

      Interesting read. I have never drank ayahuasca but have taken mushrooms numerous times and smoked changa (dmt). I grew up as an atheist/agnostic and it was mushrooms which made me discover the existence of God. I can see the dangers in taking these compounds and know they don’t always give you an experience you want. I have had my most frightening experiences taking psychedelics and each time have used them to question where weaknesses in my character and faith lie.
      They are nothing more than a spiritual tool but a dangerous one at that. A chainsaw can be used well or can create tragedy when not used properly. I think these compounds are very similar


  5. Eder Rosales

    This arrival is probably the most demonic shit out there about ayahuasca, some ayahuasca ceremonies are exorcisms . This is the light the healer of the planet and it connects us to the true God . This was probably used in real communion . It’s probably the blood of Christ. It freed me from worldly bondage and set my mind right, diet, spirit. This article is from the demons.

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  6. Eder Rosales

    This is the most demonic article about dmt lol Christians like this need to wake up , humans produce dmt … that “demonic“ portal they’re talking about is going to happen when you die. Some Ayahuasca ceremonies kinda look like real exorcisms not like the fake Catholic Church ones. I have some demonic friends who say they didn’t like, or blended well with DMt because it made them confront demons. And I’ve been on a real spiritual journey since I did it. This article can stay in hell where it’s from.


  7. Queen bee

    What about the high levels of dmt that are produced thru fasting and prayer?
    Are you giving satan credit for for creating something?
    Are you telling us that fasting and prayer are demon related?
    What about the visions the old testament prophets had during fasting and prayer?
    Why did jacob wrestle with the angel at the river pineal? The very gland that produces dmt?
    Why did jesus tell his disciples that some demons (boy with mental problems) will only be cast out thru fasting and prayer?
    Why does dmt work with our conciousness, how we feel and our emotional well being?
    Why ? Until you know about a subject, you might not want to write about it


    1. Jesus of Nazareth did not instruct his disciples to consume a halluciogenic plant, Queen Bee.
      Your reasoning is like Satan’s. Taste the fruit, it is good.
      Biochemistry is one thing. Ritual use of mind-altering plants is another. In everything we ask, *What saith the Scriptures?*
      A little wine is good for the stomach, Paul writes, but many Christians renounce alcohol, and drunkenness is serious sin.

      DMT and ayahuasca promise unique, occult knowledge, and some direct experience of divinity; it is like the mystery religions.
      As Christians we can never have direct knowledge of God, we have access to the Most High through Jesus Christ the only mediator.

      *Now we see through a glass darkly*: we will only see and enjoy God in fullness when our earthly life is over and we are in glory with Christ.

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  8. jo

    “Satan is styled the “accuser of the brethren” (Rev. 12:10. Comp.” “Job 1:6; Zech. 3:1), as seeking to uphold his influence among” “men by bringing false charges against Christians, with the view” of weakening their influence and injuring the cause with which they are identified. He was regarded by the Jews as the accuser “of men before God, laying to their charge the violations of the” “law of which they were guilty, and demanding their punishment.” “The same Greek word, rendered “accuser,” is found in John 8:10″ “(but omitted in the Revised Version); Acts 23:30, 35; 24:8;” “25:16, 18, in all of which places it is used of one who brings a” charge against another.

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  9. Boris

    One of my Christian friends told me taking Ayahuasca is against God.
    I have been feeling bad and unloved since many years, since I read of Ayahuasca I have hope again that something can really help me and change my life. I have prayed many times that God helps me to finally feel better, feel love and emotions in my life, but I haven’t been helped.

    I have applied for an Ayahuasca retreat at the end of this month and will definitely go if possible.
    I am looking forward to meet God during my trip, and I hope he is with me if I have to fight demons.


    1. If you want to fight your demons, Boris, repent in the name of Jesus Christ.
      Go to a Bible believing church in your neighbourhood, just check out Reformed churches online in your city or town.
      Through prayer and continual repentance you will receive the Holy Spirit who alone will heal you. And you will make friends in that church, and perhaps find the lady you will marry if you’re single.

      Ayahuasca is Satan’s plant, he will use it to take many souls with him to hell, because he knows his time is short.
      The Bible tells us that *even the demons believe and shudder*.
      They believe because they are in eternity and see the truth of Christ’s saving work on Calvary. And they shudder because they know they can never be a part of this great work of salvation.

      Come out of your sins, Boris, and get into Christ.

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    1. Kiro

      You have great informations but fake posts, you talk in jesus name but everything you wrote like i see is demonic, ill pray for you.


      1. None

        The entire article is a crock of shit. It’s easy to determine that the author has swallowed every drop of koolaid Christians have to offer. What we have here is a cult follower throwing water on a subject that they know nothing about.
        By the way Bible beaters, he’ll is currently empty. If you read the Bible you’d know that. He’ll won’t house house your devil until after the tribulation.
        I was a Christian until I came to the realization that religions older than Judaism or Christianity tell the real story without promising hell to unbelievers.


  10. Joseph Neigh

    If anyone finds “Jesus” or “God” through DMT or psychedelics, it certainly could not have been the true Son of God or the actual Father of the Holy Scriptures for many reasons. First, no man can approach God because He is an all-consuming fire (1 Tim 6:16, Heb 12:29), much less through a method that is condemned by God (reason #2)—because God forbids the use of drugs and practices like these, which the Scriptures condemn as “pharmakia” (sorcery – Rev 21:8). The Scriptures also tell us that even Satan can transform himself into an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14).

    As one who has had a visionary encounter with God without drugs and who has actually done DMT and other psychedelics before, I can most certainly say with authority and experience that DMT/psychedelics are NOT the way to access God. Ephesians 2 makes it plain—For through him (Jesus) we both have access by one Spirit unto the Father. Anything that DMT or psychedelics can give you is merely a counterfeit, and I would know because I have been in DMT hyperspace before, even with the knowledge of God that I have (and which I confess to my shame).

    This will put the final nail in the coffin for people struggling with the bondage known as pharmakia:

    Turn to Jesus!

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    1. Kelly K

      I have to admit, I am excited to easily tackle this nonsense fear mongering that could prevent someone from having the breakthrough of their life. I saw someones heroin addiction cured because of this miracle plant. Shame on you for making false accusations.
      God says HE. will bring the morning star. Lucifer WAS the morning star/light bringer. He lost that privilege when he was cast out of Heaven.
      Moses spoke to God through a burning bush—- do you really picture that as a child would-a literal bush on fire? Please.
      I was raised Catholic and it’s this closed-mindedness that turned me away. There are so many quotes in the bible that could go either way. St. John the cross wrote a poem called “the dark night of the soul” – this need for ego death which is where Ayahuasca has gotten it’s name “the vine of death” because it causes an ego death. Jesus also refers to us being in darkness and asleep. Ayahuasca wakes people to the true reality of life.

      Ayahuasca is not a drug. It is a plant. Many plants are medicine. That’s why God created them and he mentions MANY in the bible. It is an indigenous medicine.

      Now to end this debate—-

      Isaiah 41:19
      “I will put in the wilderness the cedar, the acacia, the myrtle, and the olive.”

      Proverbs 31: 6-7 “Give strong drink to the one who is perishing, and wine to those in bitter distress; let them drink and forget their poverty and remember their misery no more.”
      (Ayahuasca is a tea)


      I look forward to your reply as I cannot imagine you will have one that can argue this


      1. Dear Lucas and Kelly:
        Any recreational drug experimentation is a sin against the Holy Spirit. It is a rejection of the Gospel of grace, a rejection of Jesus’ perfect sacrifice for our sins on Calvary.
        Jesus and Jesus alone is our mediator: There is no other name under heaven through which men and women must be saved .
        We are not obsessing about demons, hallucinogenics are portals to the *other* and lead people into pagan mysticism and demonology.

        Watch writer Graham Hancock talking about his experiences on Ayahuasca (which is a plant AND a drug like opium grown in the poppy fields of Afghanistan) and how he is in touch with spiritual entities which are now governing his inner life. Hancock believes these entities are *good* but he has no foundation in Biblical truth, no knowledge that Satan can appear as an angel of light.

        You are twisting and manipulating Scriptures to suit your own argument, Lucas and Kelly.
        You need to worship in a church where you will find sound Biblical exegesis or watch Reformed preachers on YouTube such as David Pawson, John MacArthur, John Piper, James White, or the recorded sermons of the late Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.
        Also, listen to *The Nature of Apostasy 1 of 5* by Arthur W. Pink (YouTube) and read Michael Green’s book, *I Saw Satan Fall From Heaven* or any books by John Stott or J.M. Packer.

        We receive Christ in the Lord’s Supper, not by drinking tea brewed from a mind-altering plant.
        John of the Cross whom you quote, Kelly, would condemn this mind-altering plant in the strongest possible terms, and he would have rebuked you for perverting the Scriptures in justifying the plant’s evil.
        Ayahuasca is antichrist and so are all its adherents including those shamans who are leading souls to hell.
        *The narrowness of the Gospel is the narrowness of God,* as Martyn Lloyd-Jones preached.
        Christ’s narrow way leads to salvation (as opposed to the broad path that leads to destruction) and the narrow way prohibits ANY hallucinogenic as it prohibits drunkenness, sorcery, witchcraft, channelling, spiritualism, Tarot cards, the I-Ching, shamanism, Jungian spirituality, astrology, goddess worship, magic, or spiritual fornication.

        John Haggerty, Scotland.

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        1. Connor

          Ayahuasca is ritualistically used to make contact with God. I know several people who went into the hyper space and met the uniform consciences woman describe as God. I know several people who went into the hyper space and met the uniform consciences woman describe as God The spirit plain it’s full of all the evil spirits and dead that ever existed. The knowledge of The plant medicine itself has to be divine because if you know the story of it it comes from the Amazon where 100,000 or more species of plants exist. Everyone who does a retreat with a responsible shaman comes out lighter and more loving person. The fact you haven’t done any psychedelics says enough. Our all knowing and ever loving God put Psilocybin mushrooms on this planet which are molecularly very close to DMT the active component in Ayahuasca. Got himself in scripture said that all the birds and animals are ours as well as every tree that bear their seed and fruit. The problem is your misinterpretation of scripture because if pharmakei was bad. I guess God is going to punish all of us when we die for taking penicillin when were sick because that’s pharmakei. I guess Gail will be mad at all of the medical innovations we had three science that kept sick children his creation alive. Life is about intent and God knows your soul and your intent if you go into a ceremony for a selfish reason for your own self-worth and purpose you open your self up to disaster and evil spirits but if you keep love in your heart and Jesus in your eyes you can actually participate in a ceremony and meet angels. God wouldn’t put these molecules in plants to just to punish us for accidentally discovering therapeutic use. There’s a difference between medicinal plant use and using it as a medicine then taking that same plant and abusing its molecular structure as a drug. God is all knowing and I guarantee you he knows the difference. The coca leaf has alkaloids in it that improve your mood and increase your energy now if I’m living in the wild and I’ve never been exposed to religion especially any Christian base religion I could shoot those leaves because part of the Bible God left every plant here for us to use and to eat. The problem is where you abuse the natural form and the way that God gave it to you to make a drug. You cannot knock and disrespect peoples religion when it comes to shamanism because true practitioners genuinely are more connected with nature and humanity. Like on levels you’d never understand. There’s many examples of dmt in the Bible. Ezekiel‘s vision a wheel within a wheel. There’s also the list books of the Bible that you can argue or not are suppose to be used as scripture. Have the Christian community believes in those books as well as believing Jesus knew of them as well. The book of Enoch. The angel Enoch describes the dmt space were he met god. The fact you say satan is an angel of light and he can disguise himself. Sure yes. But the people who report this believe in there heart of hearts not a shred of malevolence coming from that omnipresent energy. People report feeling 100 feet from the central creation force of the universe. I use ayahuasca and ask god with the power of Jesus Christ to watch my spirit. I ask to feel love and to calm my spirit so I can be a good functioning father and person in life. When feeling confused. You can enter a journey so you can find out your purpose. Every human has one but through the devils work through humans we are conditioned to ignore that high self we all have which is more connected to god. As I walk through the Valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil. If you keep Jesus as your guide when you enter the space within your own consciousness you can protect your vessel. The reason people go crazy taking The tea is because they aren’t Doing it with somebody experienced. They drink it alone and dose too high. And also don’t have someone experienced being in hyper space ether. Psychedelic states are not to be frowned upon they are an action of God none of the devil. The devil definitely has his grip on actual reality but when you leave this reality and go outside of time he does not control that domain God does. Yes there are entities that can try to speak to you and give you information but your sole purpose is to connect with love and God himself. Beware of unlearned wisdom. So you don’t just communicate and SEEK out these things. People who cast spells over pots of brew and speak through books to conjure that’s what god didn’t want. Mushrooms are the most common thing. Can grow faster than the fruit god gave us and they pop up after god waters the earth. If he didn’t want us to eat them and use them to connect to something bigger than ourselves. He wouldn’t will then to pop out of the ground. Just like he wouldn’t make these plants with compounds we can benefit from. The problem is when we abuse these things for selfish self worth. It’s about connecting with god and being shown how you can impact others and live a positive living life. Not to talk to dead friends or conjure a demon. I speak with a priest close to me about the lost books and the use of dmt.


  11. Kelly K

    Great response lol 😂 I’ll be born again through which the same way the catholic priest was who used psychedelics. Silence is the same as surrendering. Your response was weak for argument. Therefore anyone who reads this, please do NOT BE SCARED OR FALL INTO THIS FEAR BS. J. Williams- you should seek God yourself for it is you who turn many away using the typical “I only have the bible” fear mongering tactics.


    1. Jasmine

      It allows you to see your demons so your able to break away from it. The same way that going to a church later makes you shake and cry in front of the alter.


  12. Nina

    I had a demonic experience with ayahuasca and now I am a born again Christian. The demons are still haunting me and I desperately need a real-deal deliverance practitioner, like an exorcism. Can anyone recommend someone to me? Thank you so much 🙏🏼 God bless. Sincerely, desperate.

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    1. Dear Nina:
      Your comment, which I have only just noticed, touched my heart.
      If you haven’t done so by now, join a Bible-believing church, and be baptised in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

      If these demonic entities are still pursuing you, ask to be prayed over and delivered from these last remnants of ayahuasca mind-control. In a loud clear voice, renounce the ayahuasca deception and all its empty lies and promises, and forgive everyone who ever hurt you, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
      Pray before going to sleep, sing aloud your favourite hymns (O For a Thousand Tongues by Charles Wesley: YouTube) and sleep with your Bible beside you. If these demons come near you, say aloud:
      *I abjure you in the name of Jesus Christ who washed me in his holy blood. I now belong to Jesus Christ, my Saviour, Lord, and King, my great High King of Heaven.*
      Sing aloud the Psalms of David, Satan cannot harm us whilst we are praising our Lord and Saviour.
      Hold up your Bible and tell the ayahuasca spirits to depart in Christ Jesus’ name. Pray constantly as Jesus told his disciples. Remember, Jesus told Peter that Satan demanded Peter’s soul, but Jesus prayed that Peter’s faith would not fail.

      The Ayahuasca Deception hates and fears the Gospel, Nina.
      I just put a comment on a YouTube vlog by Graham Hancock, who talks of his enslavement to ayahuasca and DMT which in his delusion he calls a spiritual journey.
      When I checked ten minutes ago, my comment had been taken off. These deluded people say they are spiritual seekers, but they cannot endure discourse with Christians. *This is the judgment, that the light came into the world but the darkness did not comprehend it.* They call their darkness light. We are in a spiritual battle.

      My comment that was taken down from the Graham Hancock interview was from 2 Corinthians 11: 14, that Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. This is the ayahuasca deception.

      Visit YouTube and listen to the preaching of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, David Pawson, John MacArthur, and John Piper, and The Nature of Apostasy 1 of 5 by Arthur W Pink.
      Join your local prayer group and Bible study group.
      I was not converted until the age of 57 (12 years ago) through reading the biography of Martin Lloyd-Jones by Ian H Murray.
      I was troubled by bad dreams before my conversion, all of which left me never to return.
      Watch *My Testimony for Jesus – Backsliders Repent*.
      YouTube. 2017.

      John Haggerty, Glasgow, Scotland.
      The motto of my city is:
      Lord, let Glasgow flourish, through the preaching of Thy Word and the praising of Thy Name.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Jose rosa

    That was the most ridiculous article I read from a fanatic again. Infact, ayahuasca and other pschedelics are base of how all religions shaped and for ed jn beginning. Do your research on how many people getting benefits from mother nature healing and stop sharing fake news and hatred. Is that what jesus teach you to judge and have hatred? You are an anti-christ with this mindset then.
    People who say using a fork is dangerous amd should not be used because one idiot person might use it to put it in someone eye instead of picking up food with it,; those people are no different than you for not seeing how this ancient medicine from our ancestors is helping humanity.
    May Jesus brighten your heart. You are clearly using him as a badge om your cloths only. He has not entered your heart which is full of this much judgement, hatred and darkness.


  14. controversialchristian1

    We don’t need drugs of any kind to find Jesus, just a willing heart. Get rid of your drugs, and get a Bible!!!

    The time is drawing near. We are assailed by falsehoods. The only truth, and all truth, is to be found in Jesus Christ, through Him and walking with Him. He will reveal all. Let them with ears hear. Don’t be deceived by new age guff or any other half-baked stuff.

    Follow Jesus Christ.


  15. David

    Hello Jose,
    why do you think of hatred? That must be a missunderstanding, but i can only speak for myself. These warnings go out to the people because god and the people who follow him love all humans and don‘t want them to die (in any way). Look for Hesekiel 18,32
    I‘m sorry, my english is not perfect. Hope you understand what i want to say.
    What also comes to my mind: remember 1 Mo 3,5-6
    best regards

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Giselle

    The church and religion came into the land of the indigenous and stripped them of their land and their spirituality. Then labeled it “demonic work”. Religion fears the growth and expansion that can occur when a person can confront the deepest parts of their psyche. Ayahuasca guides you into healing trauma, reclaiming yourself, and honoring the soil we live on. What is truly demonic is the catholic/ christian religions repression of sexuality, expression, and freedom. It makes me sad people still fall for this false interpretation of God you boast about. There is so much healing to be had when you step outside the lens of religion. If anyone is reading this, all I can do is share the profound healing experience I had from drinking ayahuasca. She is made from the plants of the earth, she could never be evil. All human beings have light and dark within them, “shadows” is what you call it from a Jungian psychological perspective. These shadows can show up during an ayahuasca journey to help you bring recognition to the parts of yourself you have suppressed and need healing. With compassionate awareness of your inner demons/shadows, you can nurture them and integrate them so that you are no longer acting out unhealthy patterns in your life. Since my ayahuaca journey, I have opened my heart, built stronger relationships, and allowed love into my heart.


  17. Bless Strickland

    You should repent for your blasphemous lies..you are commanded to not give false testimony and lead a soul with your false teachings..this is absurd! DMT is within every single living thing known to man. If we were created in God likeness he most definitely contains massive amounts of the substance. Why don’t you mention that the Acacia root bark contains more DMT than the mimosa root bark found in the forests? Why would the Israelites construct the the temple poles and the ARK OF THE COVENANT out of acacia and clad it in gold if it were evil? You people need to repent..this article is evil..false prophets and the age of people preaching things they have no knowledge of on the internet..you should be ashamed of this.


  18. Donnie Bartley

    One does not need to take drugs or sacred ancient plant medicines to be demonic, channel demonic energies, be possessed by demonic energies or do dark evil deeds to ones self and others. Writing an article like this one where indigenous culture is judged, persecuted and condemned in my view is demonic. The use of Ayahuasca for healing and spiritual life experience is much much older than all Wreligions, even Judaism. To use the name of Jesus Christ to condemn and persecute others, ancient cultures and religious practices – is an ironic blaspheme. If one considers ones self a ‘Christian’ then my advice is to remember that Christianity teaches that we all will come before Archangel Michael who holds the scales of Judgement and behind him is the ultimate Judge – who himself incarnated as a human being 2000 years ago and was persecuted and murdered by men who considered themselves as spiritual religions authorities. I believe that if one considers ones self as ‘Christian’ then one must consider things like this before they go around condemning and persecuting others.

    Plant Medicines have been used by human beings since Human Beings have existed. To condemn the use of Plant Medicines as demonic is sick and ignorant and also is a crime against humanity – a crime of persecution

    Donnie Bear Clan


  19. Anon

    DMT has been linked to near death experiences, dreams, and visions. The acacia plant contains high levels of DMT and is revered as a sacred plant throughout the bible. Also magic mushrooms were called flesh of the Gods and have been believed to be what the bread was that was eaten for communion until later on when the roman church started to suppress the spiritual teachings of the bible. The reason for this being referred to as bread was because of its texture when baked in the sun and dried out which resembled the texture of bread. Maybe study a little bit on what happens during meditation, fasting, and other spiritual experiences before making statements like this. Psychoactive substances are mentioned multiple times throughout the bible and are only condemned when used in excess.


  20. Kelli

    To the writer: have you ever in your lifetime tried Ayahuasca or DMT? It sounds like you haven’t.

    If DMT is so demonic then why do we produce it naturally?

    If DMT or Ayahuasca was so demonic then why did it change an entire family for the good. These people were drug addicts before they were changed.

    I know several people who have gotten off of drugs because of this stuff. Doesn’t sound very demonic to me.

    The people who committed suicide because of DMT obviously had a severe mental illness before using it. Or they were weak minded spiritually.

    Any hallucinogenic drug is open for Satan to enter. So is watching The Conjuring or using an Ouija board.

    I’ve smoked DMT once but since I didn’t know the people around me, I got stuck in hyperspace which wasn’t a pleasant trip but I do understand a lot more than I did before.

    We were created before the fall of Satan and since DMT is already within us then I promise you it’s not demonic.


  21. “When the Spaniards & Portugese first encountered indigenous South Americans using ayahuasca their earliest reports described it as the work of the devil.”

    —Oh, well I guess that settles it, eh?
    You are clearly implying here that the opinion of fifteenth-century Conquistadores is credible & relevant when those same people committed countless acts of rape, robbery & genocide in the name of God (as well as burning libraries which preserved the ancient history of the americas.) Their goal was nothing less than complete annihilation of the indigenous culture (and replacing it with a counterfeit form of christianity.)

    “The conquistadors were also convinced they would find giants, the devil, the lost kingdom of Prester John, or any number of other fantastic monsters and places.”

    15 Brutal Ways Conquistadors Killed Native People

    “I wonder, what would their Jesus Christ have thought of all the wanton acts of murder and violence committed for gold?”


    “Biblically, satan is represented as a serpent!”

    —So naturally the thinking man is given to wonder why the serpent’s punishment was to crawl on its belly when that’s what it already does… and if we are to take this literally, doesn’t it also mean that all serpents are manifestations of satan? It would make more sense if the punishment was the loss of its voice, so if you think you know what all of that means, then how about if you explain why serpents can no longer talk? —In other words, your religious “logic” is deeply flawed, and you act like this allegorical reference has proven a point about drugs when it actually does no such thing:
    The book of Genesis indicates that God gave the earth and everything in it to all mankind, and the herbs are intended for internal use (as medicine) by those who choose to use them. So I find it rather absurd when “bible-believing christians” who claim to represent God commit blasphemy against him by labeling “evil” the things which God said are “good.”

    Ayahuasca is associated with “purging” or “cleansing” rituals, but only the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ can cleanse and purge

    1. “Jesus or Psychedelics” is a false dichotomy: The imaginary choice between ritual & dogma that you present here is meaningless and irrelevant — it has no bearing on the subject whatsoever, as Jesus did not condemn God’s herbs.
    2. There was no person with the given name “Ye-Zeus Christ” — that is a nickname, like Sting or Madonna. He taught that “Ye are gods”, but did NOT say that anything could be ‘cleansed’ by a blood sacrifice. That is vampiric & demonic, and a dreadful corruption of his teachings. The reason you cannot do “greater things” (John 14:12) is that the bulk of those teachings have been confiscated & hidden by religious authorities who sought to enslave & defraud the general public.
    Religious fanatics & prohibitionists seek validation by invalidating others, and we see this dynamic in one of their old propaganda campaigns where they asserted that “drugs are for people who cannot handle reality”. But the reaction from responsible drug users was: “reality” is for people who can’t handle drugs. 😁 Jokes are funny when they contain an element of truth: if you cannot handle a different perception of reality for even a short time, that is your problem, and you should not be trying to impose your own fears & limitations on everyone else:
    The church was afraid of Galileo’s telescope because it demonstrated that religious dogma was wrong. Religious fanatics are afraid of the unknown, and things which they don’t truly comprehend — and they often project their fears onto others. So it is not surprising when they make no allowance for the millions of people who secretly use drugs or plant medicines in a responsible manner (and never took a trip which they regret.) But you need to leave your religious baggage behind if you really want that trip to be productive. The frame of mind, the setting and the intent has a lot to do with the outcome, and moderation is key: When you have a lack of education, quality control and common sense, of course there will be some problems. But widespread ignorance of correct practices would not exist if the topic was treated like any other science (and the superstitious would stop using threats of eternal damnation and theatrical hysterics in their attempts to win debates.)
    As Donnie points out, this is just another crime of persecution: Religious crusaders are the primary promoters of prohibition (which does more harm than good): there would be fewer problems with drugs if they were regulated (instead of prohibited and left to the black market —or cults that live in the jungle.) When Jesus said “let him without sin cast the first stone” he was trying to teach you that all men have equal rights [ i.e. “love thy neighbor as thyself” ] …but when we look at who has been punishing people for their personal lifestyle choices through anti-christ government policies, we always find the “disciples of Jesus” leading the lynch mob. Thus organized religion is the “apostate church.”
    Of course you have a right to criticize drugs (and those who boldly explore the limits of human perception), just as you have the right to criticize an astronaut or a sky-diver who likes to do things which you are afraid of. But when you use the state’s police power to dictate the personal choices of others, and hurt those who will not obey, then YOU are the thing that’s “demonic”:
    Truth be told, the religious frauds who cast the first stone along with their ballot have “lost their mind” more often than anyone else, for self-contradiction is a sign of insanity: You cannot sincerely claim to represent christ in word while opposing his most fundamental teachings in deed… and how can you reconcile the belief that something created by a “good” god is inherently evil?
    You are basically claiming that an omniscient God who opposes demons has consciously & deliberately created things which would facilitate demon possession. Where you told one of your readers to “stop posting nonsense on this blog” I think that is quite a lot of hypocrisy (which is something that Jesus condemned.) Your one redeeming quality is that you permit debate where the churches & false teachers do not, and thus there remains some hope for enlightenment even if you can only say “you are deceived” to anyone who points out the contradictions in your belief system.
    The fact that people have used drugs incorrectly due to ignorance or incompetence does not prove that they have no medicinal value: the same argument which you are using to condemn drugs could also be applied to power tools & automobiles. You tolerate those things because the benefits outweigh the risks, but will not apply the same standard to drugs because of your fear-based religious programming.
    I submit that your concept of what god is and what god wants is entirely wrong… and if you had been raised in a different culture, you would believe something entirely different just as passionately & fervently as you believe this nonsense. You are really no better than any of those whom you ridicule and invalidate here:
    Organized, dogmatic religion is a counterfeit spirituality which appeals to the ego by teaching that god needs your help (and that your membership in a club makes you superior to others.) An omnipotent creator would not need your money and would not need you to tell others what he wants… he would be perfectly capable of doing that himself, if this was his objective. Those who have obtained some benefit from psychedelics will naturally reject you as a self-appointed spiritual authority because they have been where you fear to go, and have intimate personal knowledge of things which you can only speculate about.
    The people who are most deserving of instruction & rebuke from the pulpit are not the drug users or the “un-saved”, but rather the phonies and fakes in the church who think they are closer to God than everyone else just because they heat a bench with their buttocks for an hour on Sundays. The most promiscuously-religious seem to be likewise obsessed with finding trivial faults in others but are never willing to address the greater faults in themselves… and that is what this blog is really about. These are the pharisees which christ condemned. Those people who see “demons” in everyone and everything are the people who have not confronted their own.

    The Marsh Chapel Experiment

    20 graduate degree divinity student volunteers from the Boston area were randomly divided into two groups. In a double-blind experiment, half of the students received psilocybin, while a control group received a large dose of niacin. Almost all of the members who consumed psilocybin reported profound religious experiences. In a follow-up study, over half of the participants rated the experience among the top five most meaningful spiritual experiences in their lives, and considered the experience to have increased their personal well-being and life satisfaction.


    The Secret History of Hallucinogens in Christianity


    Cannabis was a religious sacrament too

    Witch Hunt


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