Beware of the Ancient Chinese Practice of Acupuncture

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Source: Can You Trust your Doctor by John Ankerberg and John Weldon

“Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment using needles to allegedly stimulate the flow of chi (mystical life energy) in the body. In order to diagnose the condition of the chi flowing through invisible body channels called meridians, the therapist will usually examine 12 major “pulse” points, 6 on each wrist. After allegedly learning where the flow of chi is blocked or deficient, he will stimulate the proper acupuncture points. This stimulation of the “acupoints” will restore the flow of chi and maintain inner balance in the body. This supposedly keeps the body healthy. Acupuncturists claim they can cure everything, from migraine headaches to depression. The traditional acupuncture (magical) text is called Nei Ching, it was inspired largely by the astrological and occultic (e.g., Taoist) religious concepts of the day. The Nei Ching claims that the acupuncturist should be trained in divination, such as astrology, which the Bible condemns. Essentially, acupuncture involves a medical/religious practice based upon an ancient Chinese philosophy known as Taoism, which stresses the idea that one must live in harmony with the universe and its forces. Taoist practices incorporate occult techniques and rituals. Acupuncture deals with energy, not human physiology; therefore, the acupuncturist need not have a particular concern with modern medical science or physiology. Acupuncture is based on an occult philosophy involving the manipulation of energies (interestingly the spirits and gods of Taoism can be considered energies), and is traditionally associated with magic, astrology, and the occult; many modern acupuncturists are psychics who operate through occult powers, no doubt some successes in acupuncture is due to demonic forces. Both traditional and modern applications teach the occult idea that chi is divine energy or God, and that man is also God. When you are laying on a table being treated by an acupuncturist, you are opening yourself to a practitioner who believes in an universal life force, which is akin to a god in many religions. Christians should not seek practitioners who offer metaphysical cures that manipulate mystical energies. Acupuncture theory is incompatible with both scientific evidence and diametrically opposed to the Christian worldview. The spirit world has encouraged its use through mediums such as the late Edgar Cayce. Acupuncture is widely practiced in New Age occultism, which is all the more for one to beware of it.”

The origins of acupuncture alone should raise red flags:

“The origin of acupuncture is unknown, but similar practices can be traced to ancient shamanism. Dr. Samuel Pfeifer, M.D., a consulting psychiatrist and head physician at a psychiatric clinic in Switzerland, observes:

‘Treatment with needles, later termed acupuncture (from the Latin acus-“needle” and punctus- “point”) in the west, goes back to the earliest doctors, probably spiritistic shamans. They performed rituals similar to those found in today’s voodoo-cults, that attempt to expel evil spirits by sticking needles into the body of the sick. Later scholars abandoned the demonic model and integrated the use of needles into their astrological theories.’

Another source indicates that in the third to first centuries B.C., acupuncture was used in occultic ritual as a form of bloodletting, also permitting the escape of the ‘evil spirits’ related to disease.

Acupuncture may have had a similar occultic origin in China…” (Can You Trust Your Doctor? pg. 113).

Evidence indicates the reason why it can work is because of demonic influence:

“Because acupuncture rejects science and claims to manipulate mystical or psychic energies, the door is left open to spiritistic operations performed under the names of these energies. As Dr. Pfeifer observes,

‘The acupuncturists’ failure to present scientific evidence has created a lush culture medium for occult therapies. Increasingly, authors are not even bothering to explain acupuncture scientifically. They would rather rely on cosmic, spiritistic and occult powers, that are adorned with pseudo scientific labels…’

Thus, an acupuncturist may be no more than a psychic/spiritistic healer who uses psychic abilities to diagnose or treat his patients under the concept of a universal life energy. When acupuncturists employ hand passes over alleged meridians to manipulate chi, the practice is indistinguishable from what many psychic healers do. Distinguishing a psychic or spiritistic invisible energies can be impossible. In acupuncture theory, every invisible power is traced back to chi. On what basis then can they be distinguished? Some acupuncturists have spirit guides and some claim to be able to manipulate the invisible chi energy merely by touch- again no different than what a psychic/spiritistic healer claims.” (Can You Trust Your Doctor?, pg. 140)

The following testimony comes from a Chinese doctor in Malaysia quoted in the book They Shall Expel Demons (Pgs. 135-136) by Derek Prince:

About eight years ago, at a retreat in Singapore, God spoke to me about the dangers of acupuncture and its link to the occult, especially its inseparable origin with traditional Chinese religion. I immediately renounced my practice of acupuncture- a skill I learned in Hong Kong and practiced successfully for five years.

As soon as I came back home, I announced to my startled staff of doctors, nurses and patients that acupuncture is dangerous and that I had renounced it and would not practice it anymore. I gathered all my machines, needles, books, diploma and charts and made a great bonfire of them publicly. The total cost of the items was about $15,000- but the blessings after that were priceless because:

  1. My wife, who had suffered from chronic migraine and had acupuncture, done by me many times before, was immediately healed without medicine or prayer.
  2. My unexplained fear of darkness immediately vanished.
  3. My medical practice, instead of suffering a loss, received a doublefold increase in blessings.

About three years ago we saw a very unusual case during  a healing rally in Kuching, East Malaysia. A Christian lady came forward for prayer regarding her rheumatism. As soon as we started, the Lord gave a word of knowledge that she had submitted herself to acupuncture treatment in the past. She confirmed it, but each time she tried to renounce it, she was thrown onto the floor screaming in severe pain.

We realized that she was being tormented by demons that had gained entry to her body through acupuncture. After we took authority over the demons and cast them out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, she was delivered and totally healed. She then told us that each time she had tried to renounce acupuncture, invisible needles began to pierce her over the parts of her body where she had previously submitted herself to treatment.

Let me end by relating a tragic case. The Christian brother who taught me acupuncture suffered from severe depression and committed suicide under mysterious circumstances. The world does not know the whole truth, because he had everything in life, but I think I know: He came under a curse and paid for it with his life.

资料来源:《你能够相信你的医生吗? 》(暂译)作者:约翰・安克伯与约翰・韦尔登

「针刺疗法是中国古老的医术,宣称能以针刺促进人体中『气』的流动(气是一种神秘的生命能量)。为了判断气在经络(不可见的流通管道)当中流动的情形,针灸师通常会检查十二个主要的穴点,左右手腕各六个。当他自称发现了气于何处堵塞后,便会以针刺激某些特定的穴位,借以恢复气的流动,进而促进身体的内在平衡。理论上,这样便能使得身体保持健康了。针灸师声称针灸什么都可以医,从偏头痛到忧郁症都可以。针刺疗法所依据的传统典籍叫作《内经》,当中有许多概念是与当时的占星与秘教(比如道家)有关。《内经》主张针灸师应当学习占卜,比如占星术,而这是《圣经》当中定为有罪的事。基本上,针刺疗法的在医疗、或说在信仰上的操作,是奠基于中国传统的道家哲学,强调人必须和宇宙及其中各种力量和谐共处,而道家的实践中则包含了秘教的手段与仪式。针刺疗法处理的是能量,而非人体的生理学;因此,针灸师不必太关心现代的医学科学或生理学。针刺疗法立基于此种秘教哲学,而此种哲学涉及能量的操控(有趣的是,道家中的鬼神也被视为一种能量),在传统上与魔法、占星与秘术有所关联;今日有许多针灸师实际上是通灵者,透过秘术的能力进行治疗,无疑地,某些成功的个案也与邪灵有关。当你躺在桌上,接受针刺疗法时,便是将自己向你的针灸师敞开,而他不但相信宇宙能量(在许多宗教中,此能量即类似于神),更是以针刺疗法将之付诸实践。基督徒不应该向这些操控神秘能量、来达成超自然医治方式的人寻求帮助。针刺疗法的理论与科学不符,且与基督徒的世界观背道而驰。无论是传统或者现代的教导,都说气是一种神圣的能量,甚至是神,且认为人也是神。灵异界人士透过灵媒来推广这种治疗方式,就晚近而论,有爱德嘉・凯西。此外,针刺疗法在新纪元运动中亦广为流传,我们当因此更加警惕。 」





在中国,针刺疗法可能也有类似于此的秘诀起源…… 」(《你能够相信你的医生吗? 》页113)



『这些针灸师既然无法提供科学上的依据,就使得秘术治疗得以由此蓬勃发展。 觉得针刺疗法不必提供科学化解释的人越来越多。他们情愿倚靠宇宙能量、灵界的力量和秘教的势力,而这些不过是贴上了一些伪科学标签的东西……

因此,针灸师与一个通灵治疗师其实没有差别,后者便是以通灵的能力诊断,并以一种宇宙能量的概念进行治疗。当针灸师以手循着根本无法被证实的经络来操控气的时候,这种方式与许多通灵治疗师采用的方式,其实已经无从区别了。可以说,针刺疗法的根本概念与通灵界里不可见的能量,也是无从区别的。在针刺理论中,所有看不见的能量都能追溯至’气’。所以说,不可见的能量和’气’有什么不同呢?某些针灸师是接受邪灵指引的,而另一些则自称只要用手接触,便可以操控不可见的气能量——再一次地,这与通灵治疗师所称的如出一辙。」(《你能够相信你的医生吗? 》页140)




  1. 我的太太先前长年偏头痛,接受过几次我与其他针灸师的针刺疗法。然而如今她却在没有吃药或祷告的情况下,忽然痊愈了。
  2. 从前在我心里无法解释的恐惧与幽暗立即消失。
  3. 我的行医之路不但没有损失,反倒祝福倍增。


我们意识到她是被鬼折磨,而那些鬼是通过针刺疗法进到她的身体里的。我们叫鬼服从、并奉耶稣的名把他们赶出之后,她就得到了释放,并且痊愈了。 那时她才告诉我们,每当她试图要宣布放弃继续接受针刺疗法时,隐形的针就开始戳进她先前让针灸师进针的地方。





Special thanks to Jannie Lai for the simplied Chinese translation















  1. 我的太太先前長年偏頭痛,接受過幾次我與其他針灸師的針刺療法。然而如今她卻在沒有吃藥或禱告的情況下,忽然痊癒了。
  2. 從前在我心裡無法解釋的恐懼與幽暗立即消失。
  3. 我的行醫之路不但沒有損失,反倒祝福倍增。







Special thanks to 賴慕潔 for the traditional Chinese translation.

If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you can receive Him into your heart and He can deliver you from darkness and sin and have your name written in His Book of Life.

If you are sincere you can say this simple prayer to the Father (it doesn’t have to be word for word):

“God, I recognize that I have not lived my life for You up until now. I have been living for myself and that is wrong. Please forgive me of all of my sins just as I forgive others. I need You in my life; I want You in my life. I acknowledge the completed work of Your only begotten Son Jesus Christ in giving His life for me on the cross, I believe in my heart Jesus is Lord and was raised from the dead and I long to receive the forgiveness you have made freely available to me through this sacrifice. Come into my life now, Lord. Take up residence in my heart and be my king, my Lord, and my Savior. From this day forward, I will no longer be controlled by sin, or the desire to please myself, but I will follow You all the days of my life. Those days are in Your hands. I ask this in the Lord and GOD Jesus’ precious and holy name. Amen.”

20 thoughts on “Beware of the Ancient Chinese Practice of Acupuncture

  1. Tina

    There is a lot of science behind acupuncture. Just because we don’t understand it with our Western minds does not mean we should dismiss it. My husband is getting his graduate degree in acupuncture and is able to scientifically explain what the “energy pathways” are. Maybe you should go and study it for 4-6 years like he has to before dismissing it. Also the Mayo clinic and WHO are endorsing it because it’s a better alternative to Opiods.


    1. Else Hunt

      Oh dear! Just because u study something for a few years doesn’t mean its not demonic! Sadly, there are lots of well meaning but seriously deluded people like you in the church. If we ask and pray for discernment God will give it to us

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Amee

        The terms traditionally used in the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine is ancient but they are correlated with terms and phenomena found in modern medicine. Both approaches use different language but the core physiology is the same.


    2. Anonymous

      Hi, I have been trained as an acupuncturist in NZ. I understand what you are talking about. Also, I witnessed exactly what this article is talking about. I grew up in a home that is mixed with Taoism, Confucius, Buddhism, and some other beliefs. That was the reason I was attracted to gain a degree to be an acupuncturist.

      In fact, Chinese medicine is WITCHCRAFT. I have practised it previously, and I know how spiritual that is. It normally could be so subtle to the point that I tried to convince that God is not real.

      Obviously, I am against practising or receiving anything is from Chinese Medicine principle now as I have come to the truth, Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord.

      Some people might think that you have your view and I have mine. However, no matter what we think, we need to be open and have more understanding of things that other people have experienced. We need to always ask, “where is the source of the power coming from?”

      God bless you all,
      Emily from NZ

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    3. Bobby

      You have to choose God and His word over the occult new age practices from the devil. It does not matter if you study something for 10 years, God is everlasting and His judgments are always correct and right for us.

      Acupuncture is demonic and is a subtle way to create ungodly soul ties between the person and the evil spirits which will indirectly harm you in other areas in your life.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. controversialchristian1

        Anything which takes us away from Christ is potentially false or dangerous, or at the very least unhelpful.

        Pray, read the Bible, be around practising Christians, and call on Jesus always!


  2. Emily

    Hi, I have been trained as an acupuncturist. Also, I witnessed exactly what this article is talking about. I grew up in a home that is mixed with Taoism, Confucius, Buddhism, and some other beliefs. That was the reason I was attracted to gain a degree to be an acupuncturist.

    In fact, Chinese medicine is WITCHCRAFT. I have practised it previously, and I know how spiritual that is. It normally could be so subtle to the point that I tried to convince that God is not real.

    Obviously, I am against practising or receiving anything is from Chinese Medicine principle now as I have come to the truth, Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord.

    Some people might think that you have your view and I have mine. However, no matter what we think, we need to be open and have more understanding of things that other people have experienced. We need to always ask, “where is the source of the power coming from?”

    God bless you all,
    Emily from NZ

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  3. Vanessa

    I am so upset at what I have read … the ignorance of the word and the infection it spreads into the souls of all . This article is bathed in instealing fear. For god made the world and all was good . I have made the heaven and the earth and the big light to cover the day and the small to cover the night the shall be used for signs and to mark the seasons . In jobs god asked jobs if he knows the stars and can he call them by name . Orion and the pleadian and acturus which are constellations are in the Bible the moon and the stars mark holy days of feast and jet u talk about the works of the father as evil … did you not hear Jesus when the people accused him of which craft and he told them if evil drive out evil the kingdom will not stand … and thing in creation that has a good effect on a soul is of god not of the devil the merl used to carve the needle is gods not the devils … seek into the heart of the word and not the eyes of man … for even Jesus himself called his favorite decile Satan when he truer to stop him from healing Lazaro because of fear of death . For all which is light is light and no evil come from it … P.S if u don’t like to move energy then don’t take any medications for it manipulates energy … infact the original word for which craft in the true origins from the Bible is pharmakeia which is written in the Bible to discribe sorcery today it’s pharmacy … so if acupuncture is evil so is the vitamin u take …..

    My name is zia and i come from the light and blesse that Jesus and not man is my teacher May his truth brake the chains of fear and ignorance and may the true light shine upon all again


      1. Maria

        20 yrs ago i was in a bad place in my life. I had attempted suicide, was a drug addict, depressed and wanted out so bad in my life. My parents suggested i attempt acupuncture as a last resort. My doctor had put me on depression and anxiety meds which made me a walking zombie. I had nothing to lose! On that table woth all those needles i cried out to my God and promised if he got me out of this mess i would give him my forever. Within 6 mos i was clean and sober he kept his promise and i kept mine. On this bad place you say i talked to my maker it was my church. And he called me to my church in a dream there i learned inner healing. He cleaned my body from an herbal detox and the church from an extensive on life going on pursue of CHRIST. My Jesus can use anything and i have no doubt in my mind he uses my acupuncturist which i have seen for 21 years. It’s sad how people really can’t see the acupuncture health is a practice of needles of knowledge of anatomy and medical treatment to heal organs tied to by nerves and a flow of energy which if the flow is not moving can cause a block once that block is removed our whole body can become whole. I don’t do meds but herbal treatments. I caught covid this year. Doctors told me i had colitis and wanted to cut out a chunck of my colen. I saw my acupuncturist did prayer 1st, teas, and acupuncture, along with a strict diet. My colen is intact and i will never be subject to any sickness. I didn’t receive it. I continue to use her even at this moment. Jesus is the answer and my source and my acupuncturist no doubt is the hands my God uses to bring healing instead of the doctors. I am on a prayer team. I also study inner healing and work daily on my spiritual growth. Sorry but i have been clean and sobber, depression free, happy and live in complete healing by the blood of Jesus CHRIST! Herbal and acupuncture is a source i use to treat my body and Jesus is my way of life! Don’t confuse the two..

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Luke

    My ex wife and I began praying together and were talking about reuniting. Two weeks later she announced she was in a relationship with her acupuncture doctor. She became a totally different woman she referred to me as a dark force in her life and when I showed her the code of ethics associated with acupuncture I was cut out of her life completely. He has totally destroyed our relationship and surgically removed me from her life. I had noticed her referencing occult language and distancing herself from Christianity. The differences in her are to many to list. He completely manipulated he mind and body. I’m at a total loss but continue to pray for her daily.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. K

    What about Traditional Chinese Medicine, like herbs? Is taking that not biblical?
    I am of asian decent and it is very common for Asians to take different herbs or to see a TCM doctor for an herbal concoction for different ailments. Is this all based on invisible “energies” as well?


  6. Anonymous

    Hello I am from Thailand, and I tell you that this practice is very spiritual, but don’t be so focused to just acupuncture as demonic, if you go that route, then what about drugs, the western prescription drugs, these are mind altering hallucination stuff, what about western stuff that has penetrated in the church today, Halloween, Christmas and Easter which has nothing to do with Christ. More family and lives are destroyed by western drugs and alcohol than acupuncture. Dont get me started on western television and video games, what we all to bring into our home everyday… a lot of witchcraft fairly tails harry potter stuff… i will stop here, because this is just a food for thoughts not a book.


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