Demonic Doorways and Signs or Symptoms of Demonization/Demonic Oppression


“He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him.” – Ecclesiastes 10:8

Demons are malevolent, evil personalities. They are spirit beings. They are the enemies of God and His angels, and man. Their objectives in people are to deceive, tempt, accuse, condemn, defile, pressure, resist, oppose, steal, control, harass, afflict, kill, and destroy. They also try to keep people in bondage to sin. The same demons the Lord Jesus Christ was casting out of people when He walked on the earth about 2,000 years ago are still around! Indeed, the scriptures read “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12).

Demons enter through “open doors.” They have to be given an opportunity to enter. Every person on the face of the earth is a target of satan’s kingdom. He devises a plan to ruin and destroy each person, there is no one who is exempt.

Normally, Christians are hedged about so that demons can’t enter into them (yes, despite what some would adamantly deny, Christians can be demonized, but not be possessed). Normally, non-Christians are also protected to a certain extent in that the Lord does not allow demons to violate their free wills. An opening in the protective hedge must be made before demons can get into a person’s body.

Sin (especially continual, habitual sin) breaks a hole in the protective hedge, many times allowing a demon or demons to actually enter into a person committing the sin. The scriptures are clear: any dealing with the works of satan opens a doorway in a person’s life for the inflow of demonic infestation. God told the Israelites: “Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God” (Leviticus 19:31). The scriptures are also clear that whatever a man sows that is what he will reap (Galatians 6:7), and to not give the devil a foothold in your life (Ephesians 4:17). If you have lived a life of blatant rebellion against God then you shouldn’t be surprised if you have issues with demons, whether you are a Christian or non-Christian.

That said, demons do not always automatically leave the body of a demonized person when converted to Christ. The convert may need to have prayer for deliverance.

But one may argue that there are many who live a life of blatant sin but their lives seem to be going well or even “blessed.” Yes, that is true for some people and it is possible the god of this world (satan) is “blessing” them. Satan doesn’t mind if a person has the “good life” as long as that person is on the broad road to destruction – to hellfire. The demons they may have in their life can lie low, but will get stirred up and will retaliate against the person if he or she repents and turns to the Lord Jesus Christ. I have experienced this in my life: once I totally repented and submitted my life to Jesus Christ, the host of hell tried to literally kill me. Why? Because once a person turns to Jesus the person becomes a threat to satan’s kingdom since the person can be used by the Holy Spirit for God’s kingdom.

The list is not exhaustive but here are some things that will possibly open a person up to demonic infestation. Some things are due to the person’s own sins and others due to other people’s sins.

demonic doorways

Possible demonic doorways:

  1. New Age meditation (such as Transcendental Meditation) and New Age visualization.
  2. Practicing yoga.
  3. Involved with kundalini or having a so-called kundalini awakening/arousal/activation.
  4. Laying on of hands from someone who is demonized (demons can transfer), or receiving a shaktipat. Involved in a Fire Tunnel.
  5. Chanting and mantras.
  6. Automatic writing, or any kind of channeling [link 2].
  7. Tattoos, especially if the tattoo is an evil figure or an occult symbol. Scarification.
  8. Making oaths or pledges (especially to sororities and fraternities).
  9. Making a blood pact or deal with the devil.
  10. Worship of false gods, deities, or idols (or was dedicated to one) such as Santa MuerteAncestor worship.
  11. Doing invocations, incantations, or allowing spirits to come inside your body.
  12. Being involved with any Christian cult (or any cult in general), or false religion that denies the deity of Jesus and the everlasting Gospel which includes Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, Scientology, Roman Catholicism, Islam, Black Hebrew Israelite, Freemasonry, Hinduism, Taoism, Satanism, etc.
  13. Mary idolatry.
  14. Crystal work or crystal healing, any kind of lucky charm, amulet, talisman or fetish, and anything “consecrated.”
  15. Indulging in certain Hip Hop or Rock music [link].
  16. Indulging in pornography.
  17. The practice of fornication [link 2], oral sex, sodomymasturbation. Involved in incest.
  18. Being unequally yoked with an unbeliever.
  19. Involved in divination (such as consulting a psychic), fortune tellingI Ching, numerology, astrologyhoroscopesdowsing (or water witching), tarot cards (or oracle cards, angel cards, etc.), palm reading, a pendulum, or contacting the “dead” as in a séance and divination games such as Charlie Charlie. Playing with an Ouija Board even on a smartphone.
  20. Anything that alters the consciousness especially drugs (this is a huge demonic door opener and a very common one) such as smoking marijuana, DMT, ayahuasca, crystal meth, LSD, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, etc.
  21. Drunkenness.
  22. Listening to binaural beats or New-Age frequency sounds [link 2].
  23. Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy.
  24. Reiki [link 2] (or energy healing), or anything to do with mystical energies (such as qi), or occult healing (a huge demonic door opener). Also being involved with Massage TherapyTherapeutic Touch, CranioSacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Network Spinal Analysis, or Reconnective Healing®. Being a “lightworker” or involved with “light language.”
  25.  New Age Medical practices such as muscle testing (applied kinesiology). Diagnosed by an occult practitioner such as an IridologistAcupuncture.
  26. QigongTai Chi, and the mystical side of Martial Arts.
  27. Opening the “third eye”.
  28. Involved in any kind of occult activity, spell or magic (whether black or white), charming,  witchcraft, spiritualism or spirituality such as Winti, Umbanda, Macumba, Candomblé, Santeria, Obeah, and Voodoo (this is a huge demonic door opener). Also involved with shamanism [link 2], a witch doctor (another huge demonic door opener), traditional healer (or sangoma), spiritual guru, medium, spiritualist, magician, soothsayer, seer, sorcerer, yogi or the like. Also involved with a psychic healer or psychic surgeon. Not to mention involved in any pagan ritual or “cleansing”.
  29. Watching horror movies.
  30. Being involved with abortion or shedding innocent blood. Involved in a blood sacrifice.
  31. Suicide attempts.
  32. Deliberately astral projecting, or remote viewing.
  33. Method acting.
  34. Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft, or similar games; certain video games.
  35. Calling upon spirit guides or ascended masters. Angel contact, consciousness, or work. Involvement with or praying to angels of the new age/occult.
  36. Involved in ghost hunting.
  37. Unwilling to forgive and having bitterness [link].
  38. Being a worker of iniquity (stripper or frequenting strip clubs, prostitution or fornicating with prostitutes, involved in gang activity, selling drugs, stealing, constantly lying, infidelity, direct rebellion against God or parents, etc.).
  39. Idle words.
  40. Involved with developing psychic or ESP abilities such as telepathy; involved with mind control.
  41. Cursing God.
  42. Giving in to irrational fits of rage or anger.
  43. Extreme pride.

Not necessarily open doorways for demons to be inside your body but possible demonic open doorways into your home:

  1. Cursed objects such as dream catchers, talisman, amulets, charms, a pentagram, etc.
  2. Any occult or New Age items such as ouija boards, a voodoo doll, etc. Certain occult and magic books can also have demonic attachments such as the 6th and 7th Book of Moses.
  3. Tribal objects such as masks or anything consecrated or used in false religions.
  4. Any idols such as Buddha, Hindu “gods”, or Mary statues.
  5. In or near an area where spiritualistic activity was performed (perhaps someone who lived in the home before you played with the ouija board).

Doorways the person may not have opened directly but someone else has opened:

  1. A victim of sexual abuse or molestation.
  2. Generational curses (perhaps one’s ancestors were involved with witchcraft or the occult).
  3. A victim of black magic – a witchcraft spell, curse or hex (such as eating cursed foods or drinks; or charmed). Word curses.
  4. Was dedicated to the demonic realm.

Or it can be none of the above:

I have come across people were there had been no apparent doorway for the enemy to afflict him or her. And there were no generational curses that we could identify. I believe in such cases God may be testing the person’s faith. Job was a man who was blameless before God but God allowed satan to afflict him with boils (Job 2:6). God allowed the apostle Paul to have a messenger (or angel) from satan in his flesh, which he called a thorn, to buffet him to keep him humble (Corinthians 12:7-9). The following scripture can apply to such people who are being afflicted:

Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy” (1 Peter 4:12). Yes, those who truly live for Jesus Christ will suffer persecution in some form or another (2 Timothy 3:12).

For many years I got attacked constantly by the enemy even though I wasn’t practicing any sins. The more I prayed or the more I did some good works for the Lord the more the enemy retaliated. It’s not an easy path to really live for Jesus Christ as the scriptures read “…Through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God” (Acts 14:22).

Possible signs or symptoms of demonization or demon possession:

  1. Feeling or sensing the demons moving on the inside of them; can feel the pains move around. Feeling pressure or tightness and movement in the head or eyes and stomach areas.
  2. Will have strong, inner compulsions to do bad things that are not in their normal behavior patterns like having bad thoughts of suicide, murder, or to molest. May also have very strong addictions to things like drugs, alcohol, pornography, and masturbation.
  3. Very manipulative and controlling (could be a Jezebel spirit).
  4. Can have multiple personalities or an “alternate ego“.
  5. Intense uncontrollable rage or anger; extremely violent.
  6. Very heavy, uncontrollable twitching type activity on certain parts of their bodies like their face and their arms.
  7. A compulsive desire to want to curse and blaspheme God and Jesus.
  8. The demons can sometimes control the vocal cords and speak right out of the person’s mouth. When this occurs, the tone of the person’s voice could change, like a woman speaking out in a man’s deep, husky voice. Demons can also emit animal-like sounds out of a person’s mouth and vocal cords like the hissing of a snake, the growling of a lion or tiger, or howl or snarl like a wolf. They can also let out very loud screams and yells, especially when being directly confronted by the deliverance minister during the actual deliverance itself.
  9. Various types of facial contortions which no longer look like the person, such as glazed eyes or a filmy look, slit eyes, blank stare type eyes, eyes rolling backward where all you see are the whites of the eyes, black eyes, and stretching the skin of the face into a contorted, hissing like expression.
  10. Various types of bodily contortions like people slithering across the floor like snakes, getting on all fours and barking like dogs, growling like lions, or howling like wolves. Strangely stretching out their spines, fingers, and hands locking up and going rigid, and demons grabbing a hold of a person’s throat to try to stop them from talking with a deliverance minister. The demons can also whip the head in a very rapid side-to-side type movement, stretch the neck out as far as it will go, along with jolting portions of the body causing those portions to move in a very rapid side-to-side type movement.
  11. Hearing voices or having tormenting thoughts in your head. Sometimes hear words accusing you, putting you down, blaspheming God, or compelling you to commit murder or other criminal acts; very intrusive thoughts (I would say there is almost a 100% certainty of having demons with this symptom).
  12. Extreme pride or arrogance. Have a mocking smile or laughter when praying for deliverance over the person. Demons are very proud (read about Leviathan).
  13. Engaging in self-harm acts such as self-mutilation or cutting.
  14. Perhaps most, if not all, mental illnesses or disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, neurosis, etc.
  15. Epileptic seizures.
  16. Many diseases and physical afflictions can be due to spirits of infirmity (See: Luke 13:11). I believe Morgellons disease and fibromyalgia are several examples. Blindness, deafness, and being mute can be demonically caused.
  17. Having a choking sensation; dizziness; blackouts.
  18. Have a very hard time praying and reading or hearing from their Bible. Aversion to worship.
  19. Inability to confess Christ.
  20. A feeling of heaviness or oppression. Strong depression. Melancholia.
  21. Uncontrollable or very powerful feelings of lust. Strong impulses of sexual perversity.
  22. Having psychic abilities or mediumistic abilities.
  23. Extreme hatred for a people group (e.g., Jews, the Church, etc.).
  24. Speaking in a foreign language that the person never learned before.
  25. In regard to children, extremely defiant, rebellious, out of control, violent and hateful towards parents.
  26. Terrifying doubt of one’s salvation even though one once knew the joy of this salvation.
  27. Hyperventilation and shortness of breath with no medical cause.
  28. Feel like you are being constricted much like a snake constricts its prey.
  29. Constant anxiety or terrifying panic attacks or other abnormal fears.
  30. Compulsive desire to tear other people down even if it means lying to do so. The vicious cutting use of the tongue may well be demonic.
  31. Dreams and nightmares that are of a horrific, recurring nature. Clairvoyant dreams– dreams that later come true– may be demonic. Frequent dreams of dead people or death; or dreams of a (horrid) sexual nature.
  32. Constantly seeing the same number groupings.
  33. Thinking you are being gang stalked without any substantial evidence or when it hasn’t been confirmed by another person. Scared all the time or paranoid.
  34. Superhuman strength.
  35. Kundalini symptoms.
  36. Scratches on the body that didn’t come from any natural source.
  37. Alien Hand Syndrome (a person’s hand involuntary tries to harm the person).
  38. Insomnia.
  39. Sicknesses that doctors can’t detect.
  40. Warped and distorted character: hard, egoistic persons; uncongenial, dark natures.
  41. Macabre imaginations; very dark, twisted fantasies.
  42. Tourette Syndrome – tics, vocal or physical repetitions such as grunts, hissing, swearing, blasphemy, and jerking part of the body.
  43. Symptoms of multiple sclerosis.
  44. Headaches without any medical cause; inability to concentrate.
  45. Issues with gluttony.
  46. Chronic memory or concentration deficits with no organic or traumatic cause.
  47. Having a messiah complex.
  48. Feelings of depersonalization and/or derealization.

Signs of demonic activity (may not necessarily be because of demonization): 

  1. Seeing orbs or strange lights.
  2. Catching shadows or streaks out of the corner of your eye or peripheral vision.
  3. Poltergeist activity: hearing knocking or footsteps; items being moved around the house.
  4. Hearing voices, breathing, growling, barking, pig-like noises, or hissing in your ear as you start to fall asleep.
  5. Strange smells like smoke, burnt moldy wood, badly burned pork, rotten eggs, sulfur, etc.
  6. Sleep Paralysis, hypnic jerk, being slapped, or touched while sleeping.
  7. Waking up and seeing gray, black, or pale greenish/gray clouds.
  8. Pets appear to see things that you can’t. In many cases, the animal will interact with something or appear fearful.
  9. You feel like you are constantly being watched.
  10. Electronics malfunction. Lights flicker, light bulbs blow, etc.
  11. Synchronicities keep occurring. You keep seeing specific numbers like 11:11 or 444 on the clock or other repeating numbers.
  12. Frequent or strange accidents.
  13. Sexually assaulted or tempted by evil spirits.
  14. People attacking you for no valid reason.

If you have any questions please then feel free to ask down below. If you want to correspond with me more directly or need prayer then feel free to contact me.

If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you can receive Him into your heart, and He can deliver you from darkness and sin and have your name written in His Book of Life.

If you are sincere you can say this simple prayer to the Father (it doesn’t have to be word for word):

“God, I recognize that I have not lived my life for You up until now. I have been living for myself and that is wrong. Please forgive me of all of my sins just as I forgive others. I need You in my life; I want You in my life. I acknowledge the completed work of Your only begotten Son Jesus Christ in giving His life for me on the cross, I believe in my heart Jesus is Lord and was raised from the dead and I long to receive the forgiveness you have made freely available to me through this sacrifice. Come into my life now, Lord. Take up residence in my heart and be my king, my Lord, and my Savior. From this day forward, I will no longer be controlled by sin, or the desire to please myself, but I will follow You all the days of my life. Those days are in Your hands. I ask this in the Lord and GOD Jesus’ precious and holy name. Amen.”

107 thoughts on “Demonic Doorways and Signs or Symptoms of Demonization/Demonic Oppression

  1. Yasmin robles

    Please help rid me of ciggerettes and prescription meds that have made me addicted. Please help me to get over heartache of losing my only son in a car crash aged 22. Will i go to. Hell if smoke? What about my loved ones can they need saved? Im so unworthy and can’t and want to do things i used to do, I want to work


    1. Did you receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? You have to repent of your sins. If it’s a real stronghold in your life and tried everything to quit maybe you need deliverance. And no one is worthy of Christ but He is merciful and full of grace and can forgive the worst of sinners.


      1. Tammy Taulbee

        I did get lost and my son to and we have a demon named Shibu in my apartment and down stairs at my sister’s apartment and I see them outside and we changed and I’am a sinner and my son also but I seen black shadows at my apartment we moved in it would growl in my ear and boyfriend died of over dose in the apartment and there was a lot death in that place and me and my son was heartbroken and it’s been since Oct.1st 2016 since my soulmate died and I’m having trouble moving on a soulmate is the most beautiful relationship on like any other your bond for each other is untouchable and I miss him and he raised my son and he is heartbroken but there was evil here to all over the surface I’m not scared of him I love God and pray well the time and the devil can’t defeat the Lord he is my only best friend that I have and has been my best friend all my life and I had a dream of Jesus but I only seen his hand on a border up window and I believe he was saying to me I been thru enough in my life with my husband and he brought me to my soulmate.


      2. Hannah

        I have a question. I’m an ex-newagers dealing with a battle of my own but surely becoming more and more assured as I read the Word of God.

        I know about strongholds and how sinning can open up doors.

        I came out of a 3-day water fasting. I tried not to eat too much but today I overate because I was stressing on whether or not going to a certain place was of God’s Will. ( My JW partner, who is open to hear the Word )

        On the way my mind was racing and being negative. I thought that it wasn’t in His will to go. I don’t want to open up any doors while I make this transition back to Christ. I felt some were open due to me having sex with my partner ( I commented about this ) and I repented of those sins.

        Would repenting close the doors those sins created? ( I asked God to close them, so I’ll have faith that) I won’t overeat again and I’m solid in my celibacy right now.


      3. I have been studying spiritual warfare past few years getting more into it then ever before this past year. I want to truly say Thank you! This information you have set up here is perfect! It’s my daily “go to” each morning. Or if I am trying to create my own Bible Study or blog page, I have your page bookmarked & turn back to it quite often as a reference! I know it was no coincidence that I even found your page. I thank God for the work you have done & are doing here! My ultimate goal is to one day have a page of my own, that reaches, and helps change so many people’s lives. I know that it truly takes self control, discipline, and time dedicated to actually having a page like this. Thank you so much for every hit if this information, the hard work, dedication, and time you have put into this. I just needed you to know that what your doing Is absolutely amazing! And it is not going unnoticed. God has called & used you in a very, very special way & you should be so proud! Again I can not begin to thank you enough! And I only pray God will use me in a similar way! God bless you for all the work you have done!

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Nic

      Love and prayers to you. I can’t imagine how hurt you must feel. If you are born again you won’t go to hell but you will struggle with things of the flesh such as smoking. I smoked and it took a while to stop but it is possible. I will pray x

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Sarah

      This was extremely helpful! I have lived alife of sin most of my life now! Recently accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior! For the last 3 years ive been going through severe spiritual warfare and even til this day i hear voices. I can speak with clear as day off of drugs every single day! At firstbbni thought they were trying to help guide me. I thought the hospital implanted me with some type of micro chip every time i use drugs i start to see these electric looking disfigured figures. Sometimes human shaped other times boogey manish. I used to be utterly terrified because i could feel them touching me and they would tell me not to tell anyone about there “program”. I would have crazy dreams that sometimes came true. I once woke after feeling something was having intercourse with me and i felt like i had been penetrated. I realized me believing in Christ and having faith are two diffrent things. Recently i relapsed of Meth and every timei relapse on meth im attacked the worse with sleep paralysis. And feeling a terrible energy around me. Even when im clean off drugs im awake throughout the night still but notice once 545 in the am or later i can sense the energy is lighter. but between 2am and 4am is when its the worse. I know in the past staying clean off drugs was easier. Jesus has blessed me and changed me so much and walks and moves with me daily. Butso do these demons. For some reason trying to stay clean has become harder this last 3 years then it ever has been. I can be fine for months and sometimes just weeks. But i feel im under attack. This last two weeks has been great since i repented for my sins AGAIN and accepted Jesus asmy savior. I’ve been able to sleepa little better like the weight is lifted. The voices still chat but say there devil worshippers. i also notice they do not invoke fear in me like they once did. I could go and on with my stories of craziness. But by the grace of God and the son!My children arenot affected!


    4. Christine samir

      I keep smelling in my bathroom a rotten egg smell and see black shadow figure and a witch one I her head ache and sinus infections a lot I know I had that jesabell spirit for last 27 years I see 9:11 11:11 2:11 well almost every hour 11 I have a very horrible past of card readings drunkenness drugs adultery pretty much every sin


    5. Anonymous

      Sorry for your loss. If you need the meds for a specific condition, continue to take them. If you already smoke cigarettes and need to focus more on grief rather than quitting, do that first, and then quit smoking cigarettes. There are reasons other than spirit why quitting smokes is good for you. Likewise if you are taking meds you no longer need, same story. See a counselor about grief and addiction issues either way.


    1. Hello Laura. If you want me to pray for you add me on Skype. Give me more details about the nature of the attacks and if you were involved in anything that would open doorways. Name is Jamaalw27 on Skype.


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  3. Nicholas yeboah

    Dear man of God I really need prayers my life is in danger, things are getting worse day in and out and don’t know why things are happening that way in my present life.


      1. Enddy ugo

        I am Enddy ugo,
        I have repented and have given my life to Christ Jesus, but am having troubles and attacks, and I always see strange lighs since 2003 tile now, or though my grand father served strange gods such as god of thunder god of the farm and the god of our village, I hardly get helped as am talking to you I don’t have anything in life am still depending on God help and blessings, no job to take care of my two children and wife, please i need your prayers any other help as God put in your heart is welcome by me, i need heaven after life here on earth but hardship is an issue,


    1. Gayle

      Confess and repent of your sins to our heavenly Father, then rebuke, reject, and renounce satan, and his evil spirits, then find a prayer of salvation like all about God Prayer of Salvation, and surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ and if you are received you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit…if you are not received immediately, keep trying…you will know you are saved and going to heaven when you can say “Christ Jesus is Lord”. Jesus loves you, then you can use the written word in the Bible as weapons against the enemy…right now I say a lot, Dear Heavenly Father please rebuke satan in the name of Jesus. Amen. It works…go to church..baptist, alliance…make sure it is Bible based teaching my friend. Please save your own soul. I have listened to Jesus talk to me..nice and loving…He loves you even when you are not yet his own.


  4. Roberto Rivero

    My second daughter is always angry, bitter and has the habit of telling us that “God is telling her to do that so and so…etc” to the point that she wants us to follow everything she heard from God accrdng to her. One time, I sold my old car and she advises me to give 100 percent of the proceed to the church. (We’re born again Christian). I did not follow her advise and instead gave only 30% and the rest for my family. Upon knowing it, she turned hysterical and shouted I might die for not doing what she said. Please help. I guess, she is being demonized. Thank you. God bless.


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  6. Jill Holcomb

    Jamal, I wish you would study Roman Catholicism…The Blessed Mother only wants to lead people to Jesus, her Son. Catholics do not worship Mary, but we do honor her as the Mother of God. We also ask her to pray to Jesus for us…just like we ask friends to pray for us…why would we not want to ask the Mother of Jesus…who is so close to Jesus…to pray for us? God Bless you for working on leading people to Jesus…but I really believe you should study a religion more closely…read the fathers of the church…the apostles and more! You will see the a Catholic is a Christian. We believe that Jesus Christ is King and wants all of us to be with Him in eternity. His Mother, Mary, also wants to see us in eternity. If God thought that she was so special to make her the Mother of Jesus…we should also give honor to her…who only wants to see us get to Jesus. I wear a miraculous medal every day…reminding me that Mary (human) imitated Jesus most perfectly. Jesus was mortal on earth and divine. She prostrated herself before her Son and her goal was to always do the will of God…Mary’s goal is to help lead us to Jesus who is our Savior. She loves us as no other mother can love. Read about the miraculous medal. Pictures and icons and statues of Jesus and saints…why not? Do you not put out pictures/photos of family members/grandparents? Why do we do that? To keep them in our thoughts…to remind us of them. Pictures/statues remind us of their love for us. I want to surround myself with pictures that make me think of Jesus and all that is Holy. Saints also want to see us get to heaven and are always praying for us too. We all have a guardian angel…thank God. Jesus loves us. Love everyone and lead by example.


    1. Carol


      Thank you for such a beautiful post! Roman Catholicism is widely misunderstood by many Christian denominations. Personally, I grew up Catholic but left the faith in college and self-identified as “agnostic” for most of my young adult life.

      About two years ago, I became born again after being lost for all those years. I thank Protestant Christians for that, as it was through them and their messages that I returned to Christ. As a babe in Christ, I struggled to understand a lot of the symbolism and rituals of the Catholic Church. I prayed to God and Jesus to lead me to in the right path. God heard my prayers and led me right back to the Catholic Church!

      I read and became acquainted with the works of Catholic apologists like Dr. Scott Hahn (a Presbyterian convert to Catholicism), Jeff Cavins (author of My Life on the Rock and former Baptist Minister), and Mother Miriam ( a Jewish born Catholic nun who, as a former Protestant, tried to “save Catholics”), she is now a strong defender of the Virgin Mary. Their individual stories show their amazing and unintentional journey into Roman Catholicism. After years of decrying Catholicism as “false religion” they have come to the conclusion that it is the purest form of Christianity and are now staunch apologists (defenders) of the faith.

      I highly recommend their books, which provide Biblical explanations for the practices and doctrines of the Catholic Church. I only wished I had known or someone had taught me these truths all the years I spent being lost. But, it’s never too late and I hope others can gain knowledge by studying the works of these incredible Catholic Christians.

      After everything i’ve been through, I cannot discount the wonderful works of many Protestants out there who love Jesus with all their hearts. It was, after all, Protestant Christians who led me back to Jesus and (eventually) to the Catholic Church.

      Christians must stop being divisive with each others and unite against our war with Satan, the real enemy. God bless ALL Christians!!

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      1. Fernando A.

        I agree! The catholic church is the church of lucifer, they even pray to that name i have heard it with my own 2 ears!


      2. Fernando A.

        edit, disagree! do not worship through the catholic church that dr scott will lead you to hell if you let him! please become educated, the catholic church believes in the Queen of Heaven and claim her name is Mary the one who birthed Jesus in the flesh. but the truth is they took Semiramis of Babylon AKA JEZEBEL THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN(AKA Diana of the Ephesians,Artemis of Ephesus, Cybele of the Phrygians, The Queen of heaven, Ashtaroth, many more etc) from several thousands of years before and renamed her Mary the queen of heaven! Do you not knopw the history of the Catholic Church?! and who decided to merge paganism with christianity? Constantine the great!! Read your history or atleast pick up an unbiased documentary or book!! Look at your catholic idols and the idols of the past and try to tell me with a straight face they are not 1 in the same!
        Dropped the mic!

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    2. Elizabeth Slaughter

      No dear friend – The Catholic Church can be very appealing because of the ritual involved but whether you realise it or not, praying to dead saints (even Mary) is necromancy & forbidden by God – there is one mediator between God &man – the man Christ Jesus (were it not so this verse wouldn’t have been included in Holy Scripture – it’s in the Catholic bible too but is simply not taught. – When God first led me out of the Catholic Church I still had a desire to return – I failed to recognise that I was in bondage – there was no sign at all, either to me or anyone else –
      However, after a Protestant Pastor prayed for me I felt something like a very heavy chain fall from my shoulders – At the same time the Church became very bright – as though someone had switched on a light! – That was seven years ago & I now see very clearly the wrong doctrines taught by Catholicism & cannot believe I once believed in them – Please pray to the Father through Jesus to grant you discernment & wisdom – He will answer!
      There are many well intentioned Catholics, but no idolater will ever see the Kingdom of Heaven! God bless you

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      1. Anonymous

        Protestants always say Catholics practice necromancy.
        To fully understand the criticisms concerning necromancy and Catholicism, we need to understand the basis for the criticism. What usually gets cited in these cases is Deuteronomy 18:9-14, which tells us:

        “There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his sons or daughters as an offering, anyone who practices divination, a soothsayer, or a charmer, or a medium, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord; and because of these abominable practices the Lord your God is driving them out before you. You shall be blameless before the Lord your God. For these nations, which you are about to dispossess, give heed to soothsayers and to diviners; but as for you, the Lord your God has not allowed you to do so.”

        Because necromancy means communicating with the dead, people accuse Catholics of doing that when we pray to the saints. The question is, does the above passage from Deuteronomy truly apply to Catholics praying to the saints? Let us examine the biblical quote in light of the context of that particular passage. As we can see, what is being condemned in Deuteronomy are the occult practices of the various Canaanite pagan cultures. In term of necromancy, the Canaanites believed that a person could communicate with the spirits of people who had died, and that these spirits could provide secret knowledge (“Where is buried treasure located?”, “How can I conjure a lightning bolt to kill my enemies?”, “Is my spouse cheating on me?”, “What exactly was the golden light in Lost?” – that sort of thing).

        The big concern in Deuteronomy was that the Jews were about to enter the Holy Land, and therefore they could be influenced by Canaanite occult practices (and end up replacing their traditional Jewish doctrines with pagan ones). In other words, the Jews may think that there was something to all this necromancy business because lots of pagans were doing it. Practicing necromancy involved many problems. First of all, instead of contacting the spirits of dead humans, you could end up contacting demons (who could deceive you and ruin your life). Plus there is the attitude of seeking guidance from dead spirits instead of seeking guidance from God and the Law of Moses. And there is also the prideful attitude of thinking that one is entitled to secret knowledge to begin with.

        Having said all this, we can now see why the ancient custom of necromancy is not the same thing that is involved with Catholics praying to the saints in heaven. The saints are not dead, but are more alive than they ever were on earth. We do not communicate with the saints in heaven to gain secret knowledge or to get guidance apart from God. We understand that any intercession they do is done in conjunction with God (i.e., they can ask God to help us, and God can help us through them).

        We have to also understand that there is a big difference between the concepts of practicing magic and practicing prayer. The magician decides what he wants in life and tries to do magic to make it happen. He believes that if he says the correct words and performs the correct rituals the spirits are forced to comply with his desires and fulfill his needs. A Christian, however, tells God what he wants through prayer, and then adopts the attitude of “God’s will be done.” And just as we can ask one another to pray for us, we can ask the saints in heaven to pray for us. The concept of Christian fellowship on earth is simply extended to include the saints in heaven, which makes sense if you consider that we are all one in the Body of Christ to begin with (heaven, earth and purgatory combined).

        To all this, we can point out that if people on earth should not communicate with saints in heaven, I doubt if Jesus would have spoken to Moses and Elijah during his Transfiguration in full view of Peter, James and John.

        And finally, the act of seeking the help of saints through prayer is a doctrine of our Faith, and therefore, as far as Catholics are concerned, it has a divine origin and likewise divine approval. To put this in a simpler way, we pray to the saints because God told us we can.
        From; Catholic Answers


    3. Fernando A.

      No Jesus gave each one of us the power to pray to Jesus directly! only possessed people who know nothing need deliverance through another who is saved and living! not the dead! Mary is dead! her spirit surely is with the Lord Jesus but she is not capable to meddle with the living! only the living are capable of this! like i told the other girl on this matter!

      do not worship through the catholic church that DR.Scott will lead you to hell if you let him! please become educated, the catholic church believes in the Queen of Heaven and claim her name is Mary the one who birthed Jesus in the flesh. but the truth is they took Semiramis of Babylon AKA JEZEBEL THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN(AKA Diana of the Ephesians,Artemis of Ephesus, Cybele of the Phrygians, The Queen of heaven, Ashtaroth, many more etc) from several thousands of years before and renamed her Mary the queen of heaven! Do you not know the history of the Catholic Church?! and who decided to merge paganism with Christianity? Constantine the great!! Read your history or at least pick up an unbiased documentary or book!! Look at your catholic idols and the idols of the past and try to tell me with a straight face they are not 1 in the same!


      1. Anonymous 2

        This is in response to what you wrote. I attend Catholic church. I am very Godly, I pray at home, church, in the car, wherever. I happen to love the rituals of the Catholic church, such as communion, the holy hour, etc. To me, it just feels holier unlike other churches that might have a rock band or neon lights. However, as much as I love the church, there is one thing I took notice of. The people in the church are vicious. They are not Godly people. Not all but some. They start up with me during prayer in church. I have been bullied and harassed during prayer (which we all know that is the Devil). They are nice when the priest is looking, but as soon as he turns his back the viciousness comes out. i am a very good person and have done nothing to them. That is not everyone there. The ones that are nice and welcomed me, they don’t seem to have the holy spirit running through them. For instance, when it comes time to singing hymns, I belt it out. I can’t help it, the holy spirit runs through me and I sing with such joy. Whereas the others look like dead fish. they sing but they don’t move and it looks forced. So it makes me wonder now. What are your thoughts?


      2. Sorry, for the late response.

        If I were you I wouldn’t go to any Catholic church. I would ask God to me to a Holy Spirit filled Protestant church that preaches from the Bible. Not all Protestant churches have a rock band and neon lights.


    4. Martin Ward

      The holy catholic faith is the faith founded by Jesus Christ.Petter was the Rock, and the first Pope.
      Catholics are the original christians, Mary the mother of God brings souls to her son,for his greater glory.


    1. Carol


      The word yoga means “yoked” to Hindu gods. Every “asana” or posture in yoga has a spiritual meaning to connect to a particular deity. Hindu priests will admit that there is no such thing as yoga without hinduism or hinduism without yoga.

      With each asana, people are (knowingly or unknowingly) worshipping these pagan deities. This can have deleterious spiritual effects, as it eventually results in open portals for demonic attacks.

      Here is the testimony of an ex Hindu and Yoga Guru from India. Her name is Purvi and she warns about the dangers of practicing Yoga.


      1. Anonymous

        Can you please send me the link to the u tube about yoga. It doesn’t seem to be available when you click on the


  7. braileebanbury

    When i get extremely angry i hit my head on the wall… is this a sign of possession? I’ve constantly thought of suicide and i always feel ill in some way. all i can think about now is just banging myself. It’s like
    Someone is pointing a gun at my head telling me to do it


  8. Anonymous

    I feel that I am being tormented by demons. I had a very hard life with childhood abuse and many of the other “door openers” listed above as well. Now I am following Jesus and love and believe in him with all my heart. But I’m tormented almost every day with horrible depression, anxiety, intrusive negative thoughts and voices, and terrifying nightmares. I pray and yell for any demons, negative sprits, and even Satan himself to be expelled from my body, in the name of Jesus Christ, but it seems that they just come back again the next day. I need the Holy Spirit to cast out and replace any bad spirits in my life. What should I do?


    1. It is important to stop sinning. Cut off all things that are displeasing to God. If you have done that then seen seek the Lord why they keep returning.

      Feel free to call me if you want me to pray for you.


  9. Anonymous

    Thank you. Yes I know I am not all the way out of sin yet. But I am going to a good bible-based church and praying a lot, so I am working on it. Thank you for caring! ❤

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    1. Anthony

      Please pray for me. I foolishly renounced the Lord during a period of extremely stressful life events, and now am suffering from horrible physical affliction. Satan takes advantage of those under duress, I know now he was threatened when I began reading the Bible, and soon after began an assault on my life and mental well-being. I was tricked into blaming The Lord for these circumstances and now my life has been turned upside down. I beg everyone reading this to always follow The Lord and praise The Lord and never to be fooled by Satans lies. Satan will lead you to hell if you let him.


  10. Thank you for posting this incredible information. I have suffered for years with sleep terrors. I see a dark shadowy shrouded being next to my bed, I scream and run. I have thought it was either ptsd or demonic, and this post has confirmed my suspicions. Like you, there are times, in the back of my mind, I know it will happen, and it does that night. Please pray for myself and my family.


    1. Waging warfare for my life

      My spouse has a sexual fantasy of bondage that I believe is demonic I myself was sexually abused as a child and have been freed of demonic things personally but am still attacked through my husband constantly do I have the authority as the wife to send these demons fleeing also their are issues in his childhood of neglect abondonment divorce he came upon this fetish in an emotional way initially at around 6-7 years old and says he cannot be happy secure or feel loved if I won’t do this for him he is leaving and filing for divorce he said but I don’t believe that it is another threat lie and manipulation so many things with him narcissistic abusive lying controlling rage etc


      1. I come across many other people who have a spouse that is being used by the enemy to harm them. The spouse is usually not walking with the Lord. That is part of the reason why God doesn’t believers to yoke up with unbelievers.

        Pray and fast for your spouse in Jesus name.


  11. Heather Rushing

    This is my third comment tonight. The second was to express that I disagreed with you about all tattoos and piercing being wrong. Now I just want to tell you that I do appreciate this site, I believe there is much helpful information here and I thank God for brothers like you.

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    1. Fernando A.

      Tatoos and piercing are from hell, read the bible and what it says about strange practices of strange nations under strange gods. we are born the image of Jesus Christ and if we defile it we are sinning as much as worshiping false gods and filling up with demons! we must be clean inwardly and outwardly.

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    2. bhrushing

      I forgot how I had last come to this website. Now, I have found my own comment made more than a year ago.
      I do not have any tattoos, nor will I ever do so. My son has tattoos. None of them are offensive to look at. One is of a cross and the Irish flag. Another is a Celtic design, a triquetra. He has another one that reads Brotherhood in Nordic. It is in honor of his closest friends. He professes to be a Christian but also admits to his struggle with addiction to nicotine. He vapes in place of smoking cigarettes. He occasionally has a drink but avoids becoming drunk. I have known many Christians who had no tattoos that had the same issues.
      I believe it is something to consider with caution either way.

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      1. bhrushing

        I do always pray for my son to overcome even a “minor” addiction and that he grow closer to the Lord. He says that what he desires too. I am very pleased with his very conservative stands on things like abortion.

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  12. Lollyta

    am really depressed feeling like lonely all alone, i sometimes feel like crying and shouting due to the pain i feel inside. i get angry really fast and when that happens i can provoke to anyone regardless his/her age, even my parents. i sometimes laugh at men of God while praying and also sometimes i hate prayers. help me please is it a sign of being possessed??


      1. Dusk Gecko

        You people are hysterical. This kinda shit is detrimental to vulnerable and struggling people. Blaming outside for your actions will never help you resolve them. I’d suggest anyone here to look seek professional help and not listen to someone who preaches their opinion as fact. The fact that yoga, an exercise known for improving mental and physical health is listed as demonic is absurd to say the least. You are keeping people from participating in practices that actively improve their wellbeing. Do you even have non-anecdotal evidence to back up any of these claims? I challenge you to prove your credibility and not delete this comment out of fearful censorship.


      2. Alan

        I’m getting the sense that you aren’t aware that common Christian beliefs and practices derive from paganism. You mention marriage in your posts as if the marriage ceremonies and putting the rings on the specific finger are not pagan traditions….have you actually studied the history of Christianity. Prayer is a fo of meditation. Communion is a ritual and sacrificial rite. Fasting puts you in a trance. All of these things are found in paganism. I just think that you’re pulling the trigger to quickly. These practices and happenings that you mention aren’t necessarily demonic. If you take modern medicine you are engaging witchcraft worst than if you were to drink alcohol or smoke. Big pharma is the worst witch doctor you will ever encounter they give you medicine that makes you vulnerable to demons just for money and power. But the Christians will normalize that and condemns using the god given herbs that are perfect for healing because they are so deceived as to think that it is evil to be an herbalist. This is foolishness to me. There is evident hypocrisy in alot of the things you are demonizing. Surgeries aren’t seen as demonic even though a person has a needle put in them and a person literally cutting away at their flesh,etc. But getting a tattoo is somehow demonic or evil. A lot of people get tattoos not for idolatry or rituals. Don’t say that surgery for health reasons are needed because they aren’t, you can choose to not get a surgery unless you are unconcious and I don’t see why spiritual healers have to be demonised for trying to heal a person when medical doctors rely on themselves to heal people and take the credit for it. You could call everything demonic depending on your perspective. Alot of the time it’s not a demon that is oppressing a person it’s simply that person oppressing themselves. I don’t think masturbation or having sex outside of marriage(love) in my opinion because in the Bible Adam and Eve were supposedly husband and wife even though there is no mention of a marriage ceremony or exchange of rings. And I understand a marriage under God as just a marriage in love. As well as other couples in the Bible. These modern marriage practices did not exist back then, it is a human made thing. I don’t think its smart to give yourself sexually to people that aren’t in love with you and whom you aren’t in love with. Sex is an exchange of spirits between people. It connects you to them. I don’t think it’s wise to connect yourself to just anybody. I don’t think drinking is a sin, communion is drinking but drunkness obviously is not good. I don’t think smoking certain herbs is bad unless it is obsessive and compulsive. I don’t think Yoga is bad as most positions we put are bodies in is some form of yoga. Laying flat down, criss crossing are legs,etc. It’s not that deep how else are you supposed to lay down or sit in different situations. I’m a person that has personally seen demons and different spirits and not all of them were bad some of them were just trapped or had not crossed over. I can tell when it’s a malicious spirit such as a demon or when it’s just a person. Demons attack, they can make the air thick, make me naseated, or will blantantly see them, etc and that my way of knowing oh this guy is not good. Regular spirits I come across or come across me are just there or trying to get attention. Those I will blatantly tell to leave me be. Now demons on the other hand you have to go into prayer, fast, etc
        They go away kicking and screaming. I’ve known demons were real from a young age. Personally my favorite genre of movies is horror because its humorous how exaggerated or false things are. Even the paranormal ones. I haven’t had the sleep paralysis you’ve experienced only have been attached by a demon in the spiritual realm that has tried to literally kill me in a dream as a child. God gave me directions while in my dream(the spirit world) I simply followed the directions and woke up before I died in real life. I’ve told this story in your YouTube comments so I’ll end it there. I was never afraid of demons or ghosts. I don’t like being bothered by ghosts but it’s whatever now demons on the other hand I will cast out. I think you should rethink and study these topics again, there are a lot of blank spaces in your theories.


  13. Dusk Gecko

    Grew up baptist and have a brother who runs a quite sizable church in Oklahoma and is devoted to his beliefs. I have all the information on Christianity I’d ever need and am quite versed in it. You didn’t refute any of my claims of how you harm vulnerable with bad advice. If you can’t even debate and refute claims why should anyone listen to you?


    1. Dusk Gecko

      Accidentally celebrated new comment instead of replying to the OP but I think you’ll see it anyways. I also noticed the link you suggested I read relays on fear to get people to believe, something that you are NOT to do when preaching the word of God. It is manipulative and deceitful. It makes someone follow religion out of fear of damnation not out of wishing to praise God for his goodness and improve themselves as a person. You go against the very book you preach about.


    2. The devil comes as an angel of light.Why do you want to argue about something that doesn’t mean a thing? I’m his proof. Someone did reiki on me. I thought reiki was harmless, but now i have a demon transferred to me, living inside of me and it even manifested itself to me one night. yoga is opening the door for demons to come in. You want to argue? I’ll argue with you. email me:

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  14. Alan

    Here you go, I know that God loves me. Everyone will eventually die unless you are speaking about condemnation. I’ve studied the Bible and I do mean studied not just read or glossed over it multiple times and various versions. I’m not a perfect person and when I do mess up I’m made aware of it and don’t make a habit out of it. I do not fear hellfire because of the life I live and I can tell the difference between the devil’s voice and god despite what it is you think. I am saved in that I’m not living my life out of fear or in hatred. What sins do I need to repent for in order to be saved? I would never worship a God that would use fear to get me to follow or punish me for basic human functions that don’t harm anybody. You and me do not have the same values or believe in the same God. The thing is I would not want to go to the version of heaven you probably believe in with the kind of people you think will get into heaven. That would be hell for me. The overly zealous and self-righteous. No thank you. I’m the type of person that believes in genourosity, charity, humility, empathy and compassion. The self rightous supposed followers of Jesus are some of the most snobbish, self-appointed/annointed,cruel, hypocritical, non genuine, fear mongering, secretly hateful people you will come across. I can respect someone being a jerk just cause rather than using Jesus or God to support their nonsense even if it’s hateful or cruel or showing a bias that is dangerous to mankind. That is not called being a Steward of the Lord or carrying the cross it’s called being ignorant and happily so. If I go to hell for being a decent helpful human then I will throw a party with the rest of my kind of people and we will roast marshmallows in the hell bonfire. If I had to live like you must expect it necessary just to go to heaven for an eternity and deal with those kind of people that’s not a reward to me. I don’t live how I live now because I want eternal paradise or to be rewarded. That seems selfish and self serving. I live like this because I have the ability, heart, mind to help people and speak life so why would I not. Please know that I’m not trying to convince you to throw your faith away but man you seem really brainwashed and I don’t think that’s healthy.


    1. You are self-righteous and trying to justify yourself. You are not a good person. The Bible reads only God is good. The Bible is clear we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and that the wrath of God abides on those who don’t believe in Jesus. It only takes one sin for one to be a sinner. All it takes is one lie.

      Yes, you should fear God. The Bible reads the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Jesus taught that you should fear God who can destroy both body and soul and hell. And He taught to His followers, not His enemies!

      Stop trying to debate with me. Call upon the Lord Jesus so He can give you His grace and mercy.

      Please read this

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    2. bhrushing

      I am always curious as to why someone like you even comes to a website like this. Is it on purpose just so you can get your kicks out of mocking this man’s ministry and all Christians?
      Maybe you are truly seeking the truth, then your comments go on and on with your excuses why everything we believe is false. I pray out of God’s love for you that you will be convicted, your eyes opened to how you have been deceived. Maybe in the months since you wrote this you have already done this. Then praise God! If not, I pray soon, because JESUS WILL (as all the other prophecies of his first coming at his birth came true) RETURN and every knee will bow and every tongue confess that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!

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  15. Anonymous

    I do believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and I love Him with all of my heart. I really do not appreciate that you are saying Roman Catholicism is a cult because it certainly is not. Also, the holy Mary Mother of God is not an idle since no demon can enter Her.


    1. jstanko1962gmailcom

      Mary was not nor will ever be the mother of God. Jesus Christ was 100% God, and 100% man. Jesus existed before she was born. She was the vessal God had chosen to bring Jesus the man into the world. She also had other children. God says you shall have no other God before me. She can’t pray to Jesus for you but you can pray directly to Him. Roman catholicism is a religion. God does not like or honor religion. God desires mercy not sacrifice. Roman catholicism is man’s attempt to reach God. Jesus death and ressurection is God’s mercy and grace. Mercy is: God not giving us what we do deserve. Grace is: God giving us what we don’t deserve. Roman catholicism is: Man trying to reach heaven by his own merits. Please read Ephesians 2


    2. Paul

      You must confess. Seek out family and ask for help. Love of your family can be a shield. Apologies for past behaviour. Build bridges. Repent of your sins.
      With regarding drugs. Your brain is the most sophisticated computer on the planet. Not another built comes close. Why would you want to damage that?
      The demon gains power from your sin. You gain power from your kindness an making moral choices.
      God and Jesus be with you.
      You must win your personal battle so Jesus can walk with us again.
      You can do it.


  16. elite

    Your completely incorrect. Maybe 1/3 of what your saying is demonic but you are a Jesus freak. You don’t know Jesus, you just pretend to. Please get a life. You are the one who is delusional.


    1. Paul

      I used to think exactly like you. Till about a week ago.
      Read Richard Dawkins, Darwin ect.
      A conversation with the devil himself has changed my mind. Seeing is believing. At the end all unbelievers feel foolish. I did. He will lead you up the garden path and claim your soul.
      Spiritual battle is happening now.
      End really is coming.
      But it’s not about the end. It’s about what you do right now.
      It’s all very real.


  17. mk

    hi..i am new.. i just came across this post few days ago..and i wanna say i found it very helpful thank you.makes me feel less crazy less alone to know i am not going through this experience alone..


  18. mk

    hi..i am new.. i just came across this post few days ago..and i wanna say i found it very helpful thank you.makes me feel less crazy less alone to know i am not going through this experience alone..


  19. Fernando A.

    Hi my name is Fernando and I need deliverance, I am addicted to heroin and i have a problem with lying for gain, also now that i live alone from my baby’s mother due to separation i seem to be tempted sexually towards young girls in lust, porn crosses my mind masturbation etc. LUST.
    I also get very depressed lonely and my 1st hunger in prayer in Jesus Christ seems to just dropped even though when i first believed for the 1st time though i was still an addict i at least was somewhat obsessed in Jesus and the bible. I feel i need deliverance from someone without a mote in there eyes or someone not fallen in a pit like myself. I need deliverance from someone who is saved because though i try to pray it seems i cant help myself in this state. i need deliverance in a big way. i have seen so much supernatural things since i 1st gave my life to jesus 3-4 years ago and i know for a fact Jesus is Lord and Savior yet im still stuck in this pit i dug myself in.
    i have many dreams more like nightmares! and when i do have em it involves demons portraying my loved ones of past and present and even the dead! when im dreaming and i breakthrough in remembering Jesus , that’s when the dream ends because they tremble at his name!
    please help me i know i can be valuable to the lords army of messengers but not in this state!
    Help me i beg you please


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  28. Anonymous

    I’m really scared. I’ve been seeing mirrored numbers like 12:12, 13:13 etc since I broke up with my ex last year. I’m not going to lie, my faith with God wasn’t the strongest and I got into tarot in some sort of guidance and now the numbers won’t stop. Every day I see them when I look at the clock. Now reading this I’m convinced I’ve got an evil spirit in me


  29. Anonymous

    Hi, I am in a serious mess. I was involved in sorcery until God drew me near. I tried opening my third eye, and did a lot of some other things. When I first accepted Christ, I felt a great joy within me. So huge, that I couldn’t keep inside of me. Now, I am tormented by succubus, I don’t remember my dreams (sometimes in part), I see mirrored numbers, I sense demonic presence, I can probably know people’s thoughts and feelings, I have compulsive blamphemous thoughts, I am not healthy, sinful, I don’t even have a regular Bible study. Sometime ago, I would wake up to being paralyzed, but while paralyzed I could see demons (with eyes closed), I see pure floating lines in the air. I pray, but no change. The succubus attack once stopped for about a week or two, sometimes a day or more intervals.

    I really need your help. I love God and I want to be a true follower of Christ.


    1. Carol

      You need to find a deliverance ministry ASAP. The demons are angry and retaliating that you’ve turned to Christ. They are legalistic beasts and won’t simply go away because you invited them in through the occult and sorcery that you used to practice. So, they’re “legitimate” guests and won’t depart until a very strong Christian who has been with the Lord commands them out. Since you are still a baby in Christ, I don’t recommend you try doing deliverance on yourself. Again, it is important that you find a good deliverance ministry and let them handle it. Of course, you need to renounce to the occult and never ever open that door, or others (drugs, adultery, pornography, non-Christian practices, such as feng shui, zen, shamanism, etc.) again.

      Also, purge your home of any occultic objects like tarot cards, potions, crystals, books, or anything else you used for sorcery or divination on your pre-Christian life. If possible, burn them. If that is not an option, cut them into pieces or destroy them so that no one else can use them. This is VERY important. As long as even one of those objects remain in your home, the demons have an invitation to remain there as rightful guests. However, if you destroy them, renounce to those practices and command them to leave in Jesus name and to go where Jesus tells them to go, the demons will leave your home.


  30. bhrushing

    I cannot agree that mental illness is a sign of demonization unless you mean that it is sometimes.
    This attitude has caused a lot of harm to Christians with mental illness. Medication is necessary for many. When they feel condemned by other Christians for taking medication it is hindering their healing. I believe that MI is sometimes a spiritual problem, sometimes it is both a chemical imbalance and a spiritual problem. God can work His healing through doctors and medication as well as deliverance from demonic oppression.


  31. Cherylyn Claire Owens

    I have a 51-year old daughter (an only child) who, off and on over the years, attacks me verbally, insisting I “constantly” berate her and make her feel like she cannot do or say anything right. This is the exact opposite of how I feel. I am also constantly trying my best to reassure her of my love for her but she thinks I attack her all the time. I pray for her daily but she still believes the exact opposite of my true feelings. I believe she is a Christian but her attacks are almost frightening – full of rage and fury toward me – and I sense there may be some kind of generational stronghold or curse involved. Please pray that we soon find out God’s remedy for this problem. I sense that satan wants to isolate us both from each other and others. We are both divorcees and have little to no family support. She has no children or husband at present and I live alone. Lots of so-called “curses” exist though God sustains us in many other ways. Please pray and thank you.


  32. Mrs Tucker

    Tourette’s syndrome isn’t not demon possession. It is a side effect of a vaccine. It is vaccine damage. I am a Christian and have been since I was 10. I serve God daily, he is frost in my life. I hate the devil and do not follow him. He is evil in every single way. Stop lying to people! Maybe to join the fight against vaccines and their ability to kill and maim. Jesus is the light. Satan is the father of lies. When you lie like this you serve Satan! He is your master. Stop lying to people!!


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